Scientists Are Terrified By Violation Experiments !

What is consciousness? This problem has puzzled people’s lack of clear answers for centuries.but one thing is certain. Consciousness is not involved in the formation of matter and the change of results.that is to say, the result of material production does not change with the change of consciousness. This is the materialism which is also very recognized by us. But idealism says that the result of matter changes with the consciousness. It is obviously wrong to have consciousness first and then material. However, with the gradual deepening of quantum theory.people have to re-examine this issue. The participation of consciousness can really change the outcome.

Violation Experiments

In an experiment in the quantum field.this experiment can be expressed in panic. because the process of the experiment completely refreshes the view of the scientists present.which is impossible! This is totally contrary to common sense! However, it is such a real happening!

quantum field

The double-slit interference experiment was originally used to illustrate the experiment of light volatility. A beam of light passing through two plates with small crevices will leave light and dark stripes behind.That just like the interference fringes where two water waves meet. So physicists think that since a beam of light that is made up of a single photon.what happens when a photon is shot through a slit to the detection screen. but the result is very unscientific. when a photon is taken, It is also an interference pattern after the transmitter has passed through the double slit. It is like saying that the photon passes through two slits at the same time and interferes with itself to produce interference fringes.

double-slit interference experiment

Prove how ridiculous this is by sports camera principles, a particle can go through two places at the same time? So in order to figure out, the scientist installed the detector next to the double.which slit to see if it passed through two seams at the same time.but even more strange things happened. Many experiments showed that when you observe which slit the photon passes through. The interference fringes disappeared. The interference fringes existed when not observed. The observation and non-observation determine the different results of the matter. How incredible this is. the result of the matter do not changed with the participation of consciousness. so why is this? This is completely contrary to the existence of common sense. For the factual event that has already formed. the observer can only observe the passage of the event and cannot change the outcome.


With the gradual deepening of quantum theory. people have found that effect of particles is ubiquitous. Particles can be in multiple locations at the same time. They can have different states at the same time. They called superposition states. Once observed, the superposition states disappear. To clarify the single nature, it is the observations that lead to a variety of outcomes. Which tend to be clear and single results. So what constitutes the macroscopic matter that we see as basic particles? It is true that there are many animals and human beings.that we see the world completely different. Is it because of our observations that one of the different states of matter is present?

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