6 Major Trends In The US Outdoor Products Industry

Salt Lake City Convention Center on the Outdoor Retailer show.you can see a variety of outdoor equipment:Marmot, Osprey, Columbia, The North Face and Keen brands. There are several hottest trends in the outdoor goods industry at this year’s show:

outdoor goods show

Trend 1: Environmentally friendly products

At the show, every outdoor supply company seems to be manufacturing sustainable environmentally friendly products.In some cases,they are making shirts, packaging and other products from recycled waste.For example, Adidas is launching the Parley range of products.that using recycled plastic waste from the ocean to make textiles and outdoor gear.

Cotopaxi,a backpack and outdoor equipment manufacturer.not only uses a certain percentage of sales to help the country eradicate poverty,but also reuses excess materials to make a range of products.These brands are not the only that promote and sell environmentally friendly products.

These brands may have done the same market research and found that consumers like to buy such products.Almost all products are sustainable, recyclable or green.

Companies like PrAna claim that it has been a sustainable environmental product until this trend has become popular.

Environmentally friendly products

From the price of most of these outdoor gear.these products should last a long time.Major companies in the outdoor goods industry are investing in such products.while also allowing consumers to contribute to reducing global waste.

Trend 2: Outdoor products move towards comfort

Whether it’s hiking, camping, kayaking or sitting down to watch a football game.

Almost every major brand is taking advantage of the consumer lifestyle.Tents, sleeping bags, clothes and other essential equipment are bringing the comfort of home to casual and hardcore outdoor users.

Outdoor products move towards comfort

This part may be because outdoor products are much lighter than before.so backpackers can bring more equipment and camping families can also put more outdoor products on minivans.

For example, in a six-foot-tall tent.you can see double sleeping bags and camping mats.as well as instant water-burning tools. Users can also have a wild kitchen,dining room, living room, bedroom and all the comforts of home can be outdoors.

dining room

Trend 3: Outdoor products can also be used in everyday life.the appearance is very trendy

Outdoor retailers are now also producing outdoor products that can be used in everyday life.Admit that there are business opportunities for outdoor products.that users can use before and after the adventure,rather than the products that are relevant to the adventure itself.

For example, Kelty, headquartered in Boulder, designed most of the new products.high-end backpacks and camping gear with technology and functionality.these products can also be used in daily life.

Outdoor products can also be used in everyday life

Most of Kelty’s new equipment combines everyday life with urban camping gear. British clothing and rain boots manufacturer Joules set off a wave of rain boots.raincoats and children’s shoes in colorful patterns. All products are waterproof, have perfect functions, cute and can be worn everyday. There are still many such retailers.

these products can also be used in daily life

Mountain Khakis outdoor products retailer said:it started with the sale of three types of trousers in 2003.Now,It has grown to sell women’s and children’s products. Which has more than 160 sturdy and durable fashion casual clothes.that are also for riding or climbing.This is a huge emerging market for many retailers.

Trend 4: Outdoor gear designed specifically for women

At this year’s show,the information revealed by major brands shows.

that outdoor gear designed specifically for women is also a hot trend.At the show, women’s climbing.

sports photos were almost marketed by every retailer,including Cortez, a Colorado-based backpacking travel product manufacturer.

Outdoor gear designed specifically for women

These outdoor gear designs are not only suitable for women,but also designed by women.

that already on the shelves, making it easier for female consumers to carry out activities.

such as rock climbing, backpacking and kayaking.

Many booths showcase products specifically designed for women.

Women’s outdoor products are more fashionable than before.

they specially designed for female body.

Trend 5: Emphasize Color And Style

Outdoor gear can also used as “out-of-the-way” equipment.

which is why many retailers’ clothing, backpacks, shoes and even tents.

other equipment reinforced in color and graphic design.

Emphasize Color And Style

Retailers who used to only manufacture technology outdoor equipment.Now,they are trying to produce more women and outdoor gear for everyday life.that make the colors and patterns of these products more interesting.

Trend 6: Development towards versatility and technology

There are so many brands and products on the market.the function is still “iron law.”

At this year’s outdoor retail show,all the products are versatile.

the products are doing very well.

The backpack can also use as a tote bag.

any product with less than 7 functions is basically useless.

The competition between retailers is to incorporate the best technology into the equipment.

not just the electronic equipment, but also the fabric, zipper and design of the equipment.

Development towards versatility and technology

There are some new things at the show.you will see these small things sell well.

that including battery-powered hot water bottles, hydraulic lights, dive bags, watches, etc.

they are all versatile products.

many of these products have even started crowdfunding!

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