Top 5 Best HDMI Cable Of This Year – Comparison & Reviews

How to navigate in HDMI cables? Just like choosing External Battery,Too many choices! With prices that can vary from the 1 dollar to the hundreds of dollars, we quickly regret a purchase. Do not panic, discover a real guide to buying hdmi cables in this Bestlife4us article. In the first part, comparisons of the best HDMI cables on the market in 2018.

Reviews and photos will be given for these. In the second part find the guide, to read absolutely above all. A few lines to read to become a true HDMI cable expert and proceed to the best choice.

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Comparative of the best HDMI cable of  this Year

Name(Price Info)Several size available4K compatibleEthernet compatible

AmazonBasics – The Best Cheap HDMI Cable

Our opinion on the Hdmi Amazon Basics cable
  • Full lengths available
  • High-performance and quality product
  • Supports 4K
  • Cheap
  • Its quality
  • Simple design
  • Not bent at 90 °
  • A performance not top beyond 7 meters

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In most cases, the price is far more important than anything else with HDMI cables. And that, Amazon has understood very well, offering the cable AmazonBasics for a ridiculous price and a performance at the top. This is the best-selling cable, with at the time of writing the article more than 30,000 reviews left by buyers. But why is it so popular? Well because this hdmi cable is cheap and offers you the level of performance all that can offer you a much more expensive cable. For short, this quality cable works, and believe us, that’s all you need with the HDMI connection.

It will be hard for you to find an HDMI cable with a better price / performance ratio than AmazonBasics. Thanks to its very low price, the quality of its components and its availability in full length, this cable is really one of the most appreciated and recommended by the Net surfers.

This quality cable is Ethernet-compatible, which means it is compatible with some devices that can connect to the internet via an HDMI cable, without the need for an Ethernet cable. Less cable to hang out everywhere is very often an advantage to have a clean and friendly home cinema installation. At the moment there is not much of a device that can take advantage of this feature of HDMI with Ethernet, but however, it’s only a matter of a few months before it becomes mainstream.

You can buy the AmazonBasics cable in several lengths. Generally, you will need the shortest cable suitable for your installation. That way, you will not have extra cables that will take up space for nothing. Whether you need a 90cm or 7.5m cable, Amazon sells it to you! If you need a 5m hdmi cable, you may need to buy your cable from another seller. The longer the hdmi cable is, the higher the quality (for bandwidth). For any cable longer than 7 meters, we advise you to put a little more of your pocket, to ensure optimal performance.

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Shopping Guide – All About HDMI Cables

How to choose an HDMI cable

In the era of media content and HD video, High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables are the most popular type of cable. Old connectors, VGA or RCA cable type does not support the quality of movies and video games in high definition. They were never created at the base to broadcast HD content. The direct competitor of the HDMI cable is the standard DisplayPort connection. Some people sometimes prefer the DisplayPort, often Mac users, but the standard is just not the same as HDMI. Nowadays, one can find HDMI ports on just about any electronic devices, even if they are rare on smartphones and tablets, you will need HDMI cables to connect its ports.

You will have a lot of trouble finding a home theater installation, which does not require HDMI cables. TVs, Blu-ray players, internet boxes, video game consoles, they all adopt the HDMI standard as a standard for their video and audio ports. If you compare the old connection methods, the HDMI is super simple and easy: There is just need to connect the cable and you with the audio and video! No need to be bored with lots of different cables, you remember yellow and white red cables? You will also find a lot of computer screens that use HDMI cables, but the HDMI standard is a little less common for computer screens than for TVs and flat screens.

Quality HDMI Cable – What to look for before buying?

From the birth and introduction of the standard and the HDMI port, there is a staggering number of cable manufacturers on the market. To be sold as an HDMI cable, each manufacturer must first send their cables to test, if they do not pass the official standards testing, the cable may not be legally sold under the name HDMI. So how can we tell the difference if all these cables respect the minimum characteristics, what really differentiates them? Let’s first look at how these cables work, then we can do some sorting and start comparing the best HDMI cables.

The best HDMI cable has only one purpose: to transmit video and audio data from one device to another, like your Blu-ray player on your TV. The fact that audio is included with video in an HDMI cable is one of the reasons that HDMI is the connecting standard. With old VGA and RCA style connections, you’ll have different types of connectors, for both audio and video, which can quickly become very annoying, especially with modern devices.

So, an HDMI cable behaves a bit like a pipe, in which passes for example the data of your Blu-ray player. When the data comes out of this pipe, for example, your LED TV will decide what it will do with this data. That means it will be the HDMI controllers of your Blu-Ray player and your TV that will have more impact on your audio and visual experience than your HDMI cable. The cable is just a pipe, and the controllers are brains. It is for this reason that there is no HDMI 1.4 cable, as indicated by all manufacturers, but rather devices supporting an HDMI 1.4.

As HDMI is a digital signal, you will have either a perfect transmission or nothing at all. What he means is that there is no difference between the quality of an image given by the cheapest HDMI cable that you can find, and the most expensive. They will both give 100% perfect pictures. There are some opinions saying that better construction means less data loss during transmissions, which could produce a better picture. But really, it will not make any difference, not to the naked eye. If your television detects any loss of data during transmission from your Blu-ray player, it asks the latter to return lost data, and that at very high speed. Most people do not see any difference in this case.

Wire gauge

Speaking of the construction of HDMI cables, it is important to note that they do not use all the same wires. Some cables use 22 AWG wire, others use 30 AWG wire. But what is AWG and why 22 gauge and thicker than 30? It’s a little contradictory. AWG stands for American Wire Gauge, and it tells you the thickness of any cable in question. The thickness is determined by the number of times a cable needs to be cut to reach its size. So, 22 steps of cutting gives a cable thicker than 28 steps. It’s important to note that the longer a cable is, the more bandwidth it can handle.

Cable bandwidth & 4K content

Regarding the bandwidth, there are two types of HDMI cable. Standard HDMI cable and High Speed HDMI cable. Standard cables will have enough bandwidth to pass video and audio signals of 720p and 1080i. Note that it is 1080i and not 1080p. To access 1080p and 4K content, you will need High Speed HDMI Cable. Cable manufacturers should indicate whether their HDMI cables are standard or high speed, the difference being, how much bandwidth each cable can support. Any high speed HDMI cable can transmit 4K content from the source to your TV.

HDMI switch & bandwidth

Several factors can reduce the total bandwidth of your HDMI cable, even if it is sold as a high-speed cable. The first factor is the length of the cable. We will be interested in more detail later.
A second factor is the distance between the source and your television. For example, many TVs do not have enough HDMI cable or HDMI port to connect all your devices to this one. The simplest solution is to buy an HDMI switch. This will allow you to choose the source you want to display on your TV, without the need to disconnect and reconnect cables. The only problem you may have is that it adds one more step to the signal path. The switch will increase the amount of resistance the transmission will experience and may affect the total amount of cable bandwidth. It can be a major problem with long HDMI cables.

Differences between HDMI cables

The most obvious difference between different HDMI cables is what they look like. The design of a cable can really vary among manufacturers, which can of course vary their resistance and their life. A good quality HDMI cable will be stronger and will have less chance of breaking than a cheap HDMI cable. But is it really important? Most HDMI cables do not suffer wear and the quality of their components often have little impact on their performance. As mentioned above, a cheap or expensive HDMI cable, of good quality or not, transmits a perfect signal, or not.

The only situation where quality matters a lot is with long HDMI cables. If you plan to install HDMI cables in your wall, wherever your devices are far away, you will surely see an advantage in taking good quality cables. While the video signal passes through the HDMI cable, it will encounter resistance that will weaken or slow it down. The longer the cable, the more resistance there will be. The resistors will then weaken the total amount of bandwidth of the cable. High quality cables have thicker wires and better protection to reduce the number of resistance and keep the amount of bandwidth high. If on the cable box it is indicated “High Speed” or “High / High Speed” so no worries to have, no matter how big, then the cable can transmit 4k signals without worries.

A huge difference that we can appreciate with HDMI cables is their price. The price of some HDMI cables are ridiculously high, especially as they exist for a few euros. Because as already mentioned, either you will have a perfect signal, or you will have nothing and the cable does not work. So it’s always better to buy cheap HDMI cables. Except of course, as we said, for long cables.

RedMere Technology

You’ll hear about RedMere technology about HDMI cables, and it’s very interesting. Conventional HDMI cables require thicker wires to transmit data over long distances in more rigorous and safe ways. Thick cables can be cumbersome and difficult to use, to bend and hold in place. RedMere technology places small integrated circuits along HDMI cables and equalizes the data that is transmitted. This allows manufacturers to produce much thinner cables and even longer than before.

One annoying little thing about RedMere HDMI cables is that they have a sense of connection. You will have to plug it in the right direction, otherwise nothing will work! Conventional HDMI cables can work in any direction, but RedMere technology allows cables to run in one direction only.

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HDMI Cable: What we discovered

As mentioned above, with an HDMI cable you get a perfect signal or nothing. The question now is, which of these HDMI cables is the most reliable and the best. We took into account several factors that helped us determine which HDMI cables are the best. The biggest factors of differences between the cables, is the quality of their composition, what they are made of, and what durability they have, and of course their price. It is interesting to note that all HDMI cables will be either Category 2 or High Speed.Can be used for vlog camera

All high speed HDMI cables will offer similar performance, with the exception of very long cables. In this case, a better build quality will be needed to keep the bandwidth level optimal. But with cables less than 5 meters long, you do not have to worry about the resistance that could lower the bandwidth. .

A cable of excellent quality will avoid any feeling of frustration. If you do not want to bother with the guarantees to return a cable that does not work, and opt for cables a little more expensive and better, you will see it really worth it.

All about the different HDMI adapter

There is a lot of HDMI adapter to turn your source into HDMI. If your equipment requires a scart socket, you can find HDMI cables to peritel. There are hdmi usb adapters such as for example for use on Macbooks or the Chromebook Pixel. For all that is console, you will need cable adapter hdmi vga, to enjoy the HD quality that offers your console on your screen. If you need a hdmi dvi cable adapter for your Blu-ray, Amazon has it!

HDMI Cable: Verdict and Avis

Monoprice is well known for offering products at competitive prices, and HDMI cables are no exception. The HDMI cable that Monoprice sells gives you everything you can ask for a HDMI cable, and it does it at a great price. Most of the time, it’s the best hdmi cable you can have. It can support 1080p signals, 4K, and even 3D content. Its wire is not braided, and visually it does not look perfected but it level performance it will perfectly manage your home theater and other.

AudioQuest cables are a bit more expensive than the rest of our top 5 best HDMI cable. Which is mainly, by the additional research work during its design. These are fantastic HDMI cables, but it’s often overkill for what you’re looking for, except if you need more than 4 meters of cable. In this case, the AudioQuest is the best hdmi cable you can buy. This research work during its design allowed the cable to be able to keep all of its bandwidth during its use, and that over long distances.

Most people want their devices to work properly. AmazonBasics High Speed ​​HDMI Cable works great, what else do you need? Okay ok, they are not very attractive visually, but do the job. They are available for a very low price and can support any video signal. If you have a new 4K TV, the AmazonBasics High Speed ​​HDMI Cable will work fine. You can also use it to transmit 3D video content. The cable is available in several different sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you the most.

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