Top 3 Best GPS Tracker For Pet New Arrival – Comparative & amp; Review

Pet tracker

Pet tracker allows you to monitor your pets in real time. Some innovations in pet tracker can save the lives of your pets. BestLife4us now evaluates the pet tracker device. We finally selected the three best pet trackers. We compared different GPS collars (navigation assistants) that appeared on the market. Everything else was defeated.

Top 3 Pet Tracker

Brand NameAverage battery lifeScore(Total 5)Price
Review of the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker.4 days5Check Info
new loc8tor Pet Tracker
5 days4.9Check Info
Link AKC GPS Tracking4 days5Check Info
In the absence of a Pet tracker.One-third of pets will lose at least once in their lifetime. Nothing is more terrible than finding yourself in this situation, especially if you think your cat is so much amember of your family. Whether you live in a city or a rural area, sometimes just not paying attention, a dog or a group of children is enough to make your cat escape from home and lose its way. Today, we finally have the opportunity to avoid endless neighboring rounds with photos and a tape: you can use your GPS collar to track your pet’s movements.This device is the same as gps watch equipped with an integrated chip that can be used as a beacon to track your cat’s movements and find it without difficulty.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Compatible GPS cat collar for Android and Iphone Gps Tracker

pet gps tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker offers an impressive number of options. This device, equipped with a GPS tag, is one of the only ones designed specifically for cats. With its weight of only 27 grams, it is suitable for animals already used to the idea of wearing a necklace. The Weenect is about 5 centimeters long: if this size is not a problem for dogs, it must be ensured that it does not interfere with kittens and smaller animals.

It allows to find his cat without difficulty wherever he is. The pet tracker is connected to an Android application (4.1 or higher) and IOS (7.0 or higher). If your cat is outside, it’s easy to find it with Google Maps, the compass and the radar.

These three pet tracker options are available via the application which is intuitive and pretty well thought out. It is important to note that unlike other pet tracker tracking technologies. there is no distance limitation. You can monitor your cat’s movements from your vacation destination, or locate it even if it has traveled several miles. If it is somewhere in the house – often at the top of a cabinet or in a dryer still warm – it is possible to ring the necklace.

  • Light device.
  • Location without limit of distance via smartphone.
  • Intuitive application and pleasant to use.
  • Effective ringing function for a reduced search circle.
  • Ability to call your cat as on a mobile phone.
  • The size that can interfere with the smallest cats
  • The low autonomy of the tag when you use it regularly.

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NEW Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder Locator Cat Gps Tracker

gps pet tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker
We talked about these pet tracker that offer many options for interacting with your pet. We also said they were often more expensive – and that sounds normal And then there is Loc8tor. pet tracker Let’s see what this pet tracker is for cat!

Loc8tor pet tracker is the result of the research of the Veterinary Faculty of Bologna who made a point of honor to develop a pet tracker for animals that respects his freedom. We immediately appreciate that pet tracker has been designed by professionals who will have in mind the problems and needs of teachers.

From a technical point of view, it’s communication system looks efficient, although energy-hungry. The designers of Loc8tor pet tracker have made the choice to go through the cell phone network, with the advantages and disadvantages that we imagine. So we have two systems integrated in the same product: GPS and LBS.

  • Tracking the behavior of the animal.
  • A great freedom of configuration (territory, etc …).
  • Connectivity with PC, Android and iOS.
  • Double geolocation system.
  • Waterproof and solid.
  • The purchase price.
  • The indispensable “services” billed as supplements.
  • The low battery life.
  • The lack of optimization between the GPS and the LBS.

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Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS Full Options

best pet gps tracker

Link AKC Pet Tracker
It’s been two years since Link AKC pet tracker entered the GPS cat market. As for the Loc8tor pet tracker.that took the challenge to win the race by opting for more complete devices.

They offer a wide range of options that truly complement the relationship between the master and the animal. but also guarantee increased safety.Link AKC GPS tracking is their flagship product, and we will see if it keeps its promises.

The hardware aspect of the product has already been greatly modified with a second version of the pet tracker device. It is at the level of the software advantages that there is something new with the addition to their mobile application of many functionalities. It is regularly update and has a cloud service that allows you to export the data.

  • The weight (35g).
  • The features of the application.
  • Live monitoring.
  • The correct autonomy.
  • The travel history.
  • The fixing system really weak.

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The sizes of the pet tracker for animal can vary enormously. Just like different juicers have different properties.If you are interested in the juicer, you can check out this article:Juicer.The smallest gps presented on this page weighs only 4.5 grams (Motorola Scout Tracks), while the largest weighs 50 grams. Most cats will not be bothered by 50 grams but if your cat is particularly small or young.the 50 grams gps will hinder his freedom of movement. A small GPS will always be better for a cat, but the problem with small gps collars is that the life of the battery tends to decrease rapidly with size. As well as it is worthwhile to opt for a slightly larger collar to reduce the number of battery recharges you will need to make.

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