Top 3 Best GPS Tracker For Pet New Arrival – Comparative & amp; Review

Pet tracker

Best pet gps tracker objects can save the lives of loved ones. Especially as many people consider your cat/dog as a member of your family. Whether you live in an urban or rural area. Sometimes, Your pet can escape the house and lose its way just a moment of inattention.

Authoritative report said: when gps pet tracker did not appear, One in three pets will be lost at least once in a lifetime. Losing your own pet in this situation is a very bad thing.

Which people need to configure gps pet tracker for their pets?

If you often like to bring your pet out to travel, then the gps tacker is a welfare product for you.These products allow you to track their trajectories in real time by gps connecting them. No matter how far your pet is from you, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

Today, we finally have the opportunity to track the movements of your pet with a GPS tracker. That is suitable for your pets. Equipped with a built-in chip, the pet gps tracker works as a beacon. That tracks your pet’s movements without difficulty.

Now, Bestlife4us is interested in pet tracker devices, which offer a whole range of products. We compared the different GPS collars (navigation assistant) on the market.Of course, Usually gps watch also have the function of gps tracker. To find out more, read this article about Gps wach tracking function.

GPS collars are without a doubt the new accessory of the pet! It’s to prevent incidents or to see your pet’s route.

If the practice was still marginal a few years ago.Now, there is a range of best pet gps tracker on the market. That will be more or less adapted to your needs. Some offer peripheral services: tracker connected to your phone via an Iphone or Android application. Alarm system can subscription for more extensive monitoring and exclusive options.

Top 3 Pet Tracker

You will find gps tracker buyer guides after reading the product recommendations. These will further make you an expert in the gps tracker industry. Choosing a gps tracker for your pet is just as important as choosing the best juicer for your family. To make your family’s healthy by making nutritious juices. You can read this article about best juicer to choose.

Brand NameAverage battery lifeScore(Total 5)Price
Review of the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker.4 days5Check Info
New Findster Pet Tracker
5 days4.9Check Info
Link AKC GPS Tracking4 days5Check Info

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Compatible GPS cat collar for Android and Iphone Gps Tracker

pet gps tracker

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker
The Whistle pet tracker offers an impressive number of options. This device equipped with a GPS tag. It is specifically designed for pets. With its weight of only 0.96 ounces . Whistle is suitable for animals already used to the idea of ​​wearing a collar. The Weenect is about 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches: if this size is not a problem for dogs, it must be ensured that it does not interfere with kittens and smaller animals.

It allows to find your pets without difficulty wherever you are. The tracker is connected to an Android application (4.1 or higher) and IOS (7.0 or higher). If your cat is outside, it’s easy to find it with Google Maps. The application which is intuitive and pretty well thought out.

However, It is important to note that unlike other tracking technologies. There is no distance limitation. You can monitor your cat’s movements from your vacation destination. Even it has traveled several miles, you also can locate your pet . If your pet is somewhere in the house – often at the top of a cabinet or in a dryer

It is possible to ring the necklace.

Whistle is both a device and service. The subscription plan covers our connection to AT&T to track and monitor your pet – no new phone contract required. Plans start as low as $6.95/MO.

This option rather unusual, It is the one of the pet’s main assets. The app is regularly updated with new features. A little vibrator causes your pet to come back on its own.

“Our little cat loves freedom … but it’s stress for us ! you can locate it with this pet gps trackerat any time. it works very well and the application is simple and well designed. I urge those who are afraid of losing their little hairy”

A number of alerts allow you to be aware of changes to the beacon. If it leaves the usual territory, if the battery is low … You can easily prevent all dangers. That can react quickly in case of problems.

As for the battery, it lasts about 7 days in standby mode, and recharges in about three hours. This is the consequence of such a number of features. With many models of this type. where particular care has been given to monitoring, an annual subscription is required. In this case, Plans start as low as $6.95/MO.

All these options make the Whistle not only guarantees the safety of your pets, but also brings you closer to your pets. Whistle gps pet tracker offers new forms of interaction with him.

  • Light device.
  • Location without limit of distance via smartphone.
  • Intuitive application and pleasant to use.
  • Effective ringing function for a reduced search circle.
  • Ability to call your cat as on a mobile phone.
  • The size that can interfere with the smallest cats
  • The low autonomy of the tag when you use it regularly.

NEW Findster Pet Handheld Finder Locator Cat Gps Tracker

gps pet tracker

Loc8tor Pet Tracker
We talked about cat gps. That offer many options for interacting with your pet. We also said they were often more expensive – and that sounds normal.

And then there is Findster. Let’s see what this GPS is for cat!

Technical characteristics

The Findster Pet has been an award winning product. That made a point of honor to develop a GPS for animals. We immediately appreciate that it has been designed by professionals. The Findster will have in mind the problems and needs of teachers.

The geolocation system

From a technical point of view, it’s communication system looks efficient. The designers of Findster have made the choice to go through the cell phone network. That can solve many problem. So we have gps systems integrated in the same product.On one side, the coverage is quite ideal. Geo-location is quite effective. It works without distance limit. That can be viewed from your phone.

Findster pet gps tracker

Of course, Findster Duo+ is the first GPS pet tracker that doesn’t require a subscription. Thanks to MAZE technology, no SIM card or cell coverage are needed! And if you lose your dog in a rural area where the network coverage is not ideal. The GPS becomes somewhat obsolete !

“Great product that works very well. Even abroad you can connect to your pet. So we always know where it is. I recommend !”
Mobile app

The monitoring of your pet is via an Android and iOS application. The least we can say that it is complete. Almost more for the playfulness of the device than its primary purpose. The options are pretty dizzying.

You can already passively record the movements of your cat or dog. Its itineraries will be indicated on a chronological map. This is especially useful for cats, independent companions who tend to return. A glance at the application, you will see that like many felines. its territory can reach several hectares.

By analyzing the movements of the animal. Findster guesses whether it is running, walking, playing or sleeping. It establishes a statistical chart and allows you to control the health of your pet. If it does not move for a while. That you can communicate to a specialist with the data.

And this is the main interest of this application. Thought by veterinarians, Findster is invaluable that can monitor of your pet’s health.

Weight, size, design: is it suitable for your pet?

Another good point for Findster: it is one of the smallest pet GPS on the market, so it is quite suitable for cats. If it remains relatively large, it is that miniaturization has yet to make progress. With only 0.5 x 2 x 2 inches and 0.8 ounces. it remains one of the most ergonomic on the market.

The fixing system is correct. It will be enough for cats and dogs that are not too restless. And for good reason: the finish is really impeccable. With its sleek design that limits the catch possible. It is found that the device has no physical weaknesses. That is prepared for all the weather of nature that your pet will. It is thanks to the ABS type shell that completely isolates the electronic components of the GPS unit.

  • Tracking the behavior of the animal.
  • A great freedom of configuration (territory, etc …).
  • Connectivity with PC, Android and iOS.
  • The indispensable “services” billed as supplements

Link AKC Smart Collar with GPS Full Options

best pet gps tracker

Link AKC Pet Tracker
It’s been two years since Link AKC entered the GPS pet market. As for the Link AKC, it took the bet to win the race by opting for more complete devices. They offer a wide range of options. That truly complement the relationship between the master and the animal, but also guarantee increased safety.

Tractive GPS Tracking is their flagship product. We will see if it keeps its promises.

Technical characteristics

The hardware aspect of the product has already been greatly modified with a second version of the device. With the addition to their mobile application of many features. There is some new software advantages. It is regularly updated. That has a cloud service that allows you to export the data.

The geolocation system

As for the Link AKC, it is a GPS / mobile network combo. That allows passive and active tracking. There are many advantages, such as more precise location and availability over short / long distances.

The geo-location system seems better than on Whistle. As with all products of this type, good network coverage is needed for a more rigorous result.

“I equipped my professional vader with this GPS. To be able to locate it every time. It works perfectly in the areas where we walk. There is sometimes a slight shift. A few minutes between the display and the actual position. But it does not matter as I know what direction to take to join. It’s funny to draw it and to see how fast it is going. Because there is its speed of movement displayed. So, I can see when it comes back to me at the bottom of the car when I whistle it .”
The mobile application

The application is available on Android and iOS. One of the features we like the most is the LIVE tracking function. Whether lost or not, you can view the movements of animal. Since Link AKC provides a battery life of at least two days thanks to its lithium battery. In the field of GPS cat as complete. it’s a pretty good score nowadays.

The Safe Zone option allows you to define a precise perimeter. Garden of the neighbors, border of highway, end of the territory … It is up to you to evaluate. To define which parts of the territory of your pet is potentially dangerous. Then you will be able to intervene in time.

Of course, the Link AKC is a GPS for very complete pet. You can track the battery level remotely, and you receive an alert when it reaches 20%. Charging takes two to three hours. Enjoy the nap of your companion to connect!

We kept the best for last with Link AKC. You have access to your chat history for life. This means that you can compile and export your pet’s movement data. That can see on the map its favorite places.

Weight, size, design: is it suitable for your pet?

Link AKC is not the smallest GPS on the market. Since it is slightly larger than the Findster . However, it has 4.8 ounces !

Like all products of this type. Link AKC is more suitable for dogs. Indeed they are often less upset by the presence of a necklace. However, it is discreet enough for your cat to do it. It all depends on its character!

It is of course waterproof and resistant to shocks! That is a rather central design element: if the animal loses it, the object becomes perfectly useless.

  • The weight
  • The features of the application
  • Live monitoring
  • The correct autonomy
  • The travel history
  • The fixing system really weak.

The different types of trackers and tags available

Also known as “smart collars”. Sales of animal trackers have increased significantly in recent years. For good reason: on average, a European spends 50$ on accessories for his animal every year. And that’s without counting the products of first necessity!

GPS trackers replace the subcutaneous chip

Before the advent of companion apps. The tracking tools were rather the exclusivity of the veterinary world. As you may know, tracking your pet in its wildlife was less easy. It was necessary to ask a RFID chip under the skin by a professional.

But A visit to the vet is never a pleasure for either the master or the animal. Intrusive operation is not a more than comfortable option.

The development of GPS tracker technologies for pets not only eliminates this option, but also offers unique tools that bring us closer to them.

Simple tag or real Social App?

The wide range of features offered. That makes it possible to better understand the price. How to choose between a product at 20-30 dollars and another about 100 dollars? GPS beacons often offer innovations that go beyond simple geolocation. It is well known, our everyday objects record more and more our habits. That allow us to better profile our needs. In the case of animals, these features give us the opportunity to better understand our animal.

Some devices are equipped with microphones, cameras that can be activated remotely or stored on an SD card. They allow you to apprehend your companion for what it is: an animal that has kept its wild instinct and that you can observe hunting. Surveying its territory, or defend against intruders!

Therefore, The price you are willing to put. That will also depend on your interest in these options. A device dedicated above all to the safety of your cat can become a real social application.

If you are more interested in a passive product that you will only consult in case of danger. The simplest models, equipped with an RFID chip or a radio signal. It will be able to remedy emergencies. They are more adapted to smaller grants.

But if these new features appeal to you, it will require a budget more substantial. Consider maintenance of the device more attentive (battery, good condition …).

The gps shopping guide for pets

There are a number of important features to consider when planning to buy a gps for pet. We listed below these characteristics from the most important to the least important.

GPS or Radio Frequency?

Tracers using radio frequencies are much simpler. Therefore, It do not require subscription (unlike most gps tracers). However, they are limited in the fact that they do not provide any data of positions or hours. That the GPS record in abundance and constantly.

The chating gps offer you the possibility to record all activity and movements of your cat. You’re not a curious person. That feel like you are encroaching on your cat’s private life. You can see where it’s lying around. Then radio frequency plotters are the perfect choice for you. If you are someone curious, funny and who loves technology. A cat gps will give you a ton of data to satisfy you. They will allow you to know the course and movements of your cat throughout the day.

The life of the battery

There are big differences with the battery life of different chartplotters. Especially with GPS plotters that record a lot of data. Some of the smaller tracers have a hard time spending a day without the need to recharge. While the larger devices (presumably with larger batteries) will last up to 10 days. If you do not want to get bored of having to reload the plotter every day, make sure to choose a model of gps for cat that has a long battery life.

The features of the application

Most GPS trackers make them easier to use with moblie. However, some applications offer very basic functions. Such as refreshing the position only every two minutes and nothing else!

While more advanced applications such as the Findster GPS have a wide range of functions. That including virtual fencing, calorie tracking, distance traveled, maximum speed and more. Do not make the mistake of assuming just because the plotter you bought has an app. It will do everything you want.

Do your research first and make sure the app has everything what you need. Most apps can be downloaded from the app store or Google Play. So before buying a gps device for your feline. It’s a good idea to see what the applications offer before investing. Especially to give you an idea of ​​the features and usability of the device .

The price range

You can expect to pay between 70 and 180 $ for a very good gps. Depending on what you are looking for. However, it is important to remember that most GPS trackers will also charge a monthly or annual subscription for the use of mobile data. This can easily be between 40 and 70 $ per year at the initial cost.

Size and Weight of the GPS

The sizes of the gps for animal can vary enormously. The smallest gps presented on this page weighs only 4.5 grams. While the largest weighs 50 grams. Most cats will not be bothered by 50 grams. But if your cat is particularly small or young, the 50 grams gps will hinder his freedom of movement.

A small GPS will always be better for a cat. But the problem with small gps collars is that the life of the battery tends to decrease rapidly with size. As well as it is worthwhile to opt for a slightly larger collar to reduce the number of battery recharges you will have to make.

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