Top 5 Best 3D Pen 2018 – Reviews

For the majority of people, be aware that this might surprise you, do you know that there is nowadays a technology known as a 3D pen?

Yep, it exists and this new technology is rapidly gaining popularity among artists or others who seek to express their creativity by creating 3D drawings or art.

Before starting the top 5 best 3D pen in 2018, Bestlife4us wants you to know what this new technology is.

What is a 3D pen?

A 3D pen is actually something that looks like a larger version of an ordinary pen or pencil. However, instead of using traditional ink or a graphite mine that is used in a pen or pencils, the 3D printing pen works with plastic. Yes, you read correctly, plastic.

Ahh now you have to ask even more questions on the subject! Perfect. For example, is a 3D pen difficult to handle? Or does a 3D child’s pen exist? Or is it even just a good thing? Well yes. First, the use of the 3D printing pen is not so different from using a normal pen or pencil, just hold the same way. But if not, yes, you will see, there are many ways to use a 3D pen.

How does a 3D pen work?

Before we begin to discover and explore more 3D pens, we’ll just clarify one thing: These objects are nowhere associated with 3D printers. It is very different.

A 3D pen uses mostly plastic instead of ink. Just insert a filament into the pen. Once inside the pen, it is melted using some kind of indoor heating technique. When the heat is strong enough to melt the plastic and turn it into liquid plastic, you can start using the 3D pen to write on virtually anything you want. To you drawings in 3D! And the good thing about the 3D pen is that it works on almost any surface.

If you are in awe, then do not worry. We have already seen a technology similar to this one, known as the glue gun: D, which works on almost the same principle as a 3D pen. The 3D pen plastic filaments are available in many different colors to really bring out the artist inside you.

If you’re wondering what you can do with a 3D pen, to be honest the possibilities are endless. The drawings you can usually do with a regular pen and a pencil are in 2D. With a 3D pen you can add another dimension and make your 2D drawings a 3D drawing! Adding to these a realistic side. Unfortunately, even though these 3D pens are relatively new on the market, the market is already saturated. This means that there are hundreds of models already available. If you are someone who is relatively inexperienced in the field of 3D pen, you are going to have really hard to find the best 3D pen.

The best 3D printing pens 2018

So, we have written a top 5 practice that contains the best 3D pens on the market, taking into account their prices, whether it’s a cheap 3D pen, or whatever. For your convenience, we have chosen the 5 best 3D pens, plus a detailed test, and comments on their uses and features. All this to help you have a better understanding of what you are about to buy.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our top 5 of the best 2018 3D pens.

Model NameLCD ScreenAvailabilities
1.LIX PENTemperature indicatorSee on Amazon
2.Tecboss 3D Smart PenYesSee on Amazon
3.Ksera Pen 3D Doodle PenYesSee on Amazon
4. Canbor Smart 3D PenYesSee on Amazon
5.AdroitOne Inc 3D PenYesSee on Amazon

1. LIX PEN Intelligent 3D – The 3D pen all-round champion

lixpen Everyone was surprised when LIX announced its 3D pen. It is now the finest and most advanced 3D pen available on the market today. Lix’s 3D pen proved to be a marvel of technology for both consumers and critics, who welcomed him with open arms. The pen made the buzz and its funding came through its campaign Kickstarter that walked the fire of god. But that was before, the project is well funded, and now this 3d pen is finally available! We had the chance to get our hands on a test version of this 3D printing pen. Let’s go to the test!

As we said above, the finest 3D Lix and small 3D printing pen available on the market. But the question is whether he is performing? Well, be surprised, but the pen turned out to be of incredible quality. He passed all our tests. We did various tests, one of these tests was to use this pen in a quiet room, because one of the concerns of all the 3D pens is the noise that the engine and the plastic heater can make. . Well, to our surprise, the test was brilliantly successful. It’s one of the quietest 3D pens out there. In addition, its manufacturing quality is really top, and it works perfectly on all the surfaces we tested.

Another big advantage of this 3D pen is that it is powered via a USB cable, which is really a big advantage considering how most of the 3D pen we tested, needed to be plugged into a plug. Fortunately, you can use the 3D Lix 3D pen without all these worries, it works as long as it has a power source to power it, you can even use a portable battery. Super simple.

If you are wondering whether or not this pen has any drawbacks, then you would be surprised to know that during our tests, we did not even manage to find even a small one. The only thing we have to say about the Lix 3D pen is how good it is. On everything we can expect from him, be it the plastic heating speed, the handling, its design, its comfort, and others. If you are looking for a 3D pen with a sleek and classy style, industrial quality and professional performance, the LIX 3D pen seems to be your choice.

What we like
  • Lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Outstanding manufacturing quality, a very detailed style
  • A plastic heating and cooling speed very fast
  • Usable on virtually any type of surface.
What we regret
  • Really nothing.

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2. Tecboss Smart 3D Pen – The Number 1 of Sales on Amazon

The second on the list is the smart Tecboss 3D pen, this pen has been on the market for some time and takes people by surprise. Perhaps one of the best features of this pen is the incredible build quality and perfect ergonomics, which make this pen a pleasure and a wonder to use. All this allows him to be the number one seller on Amazon. That said, let’s see some details on what makes the quality of this pen.
Tecboss-intelligent To begin, the pen is available in different colors, but do not worry, you can actually of course use plastic filaments of different colors with this pen. At the moment, this 3D pen is available in a total of 2 colors, the available colors are blue, and white.

In our tests, it was revealed that the pen is extremely lightweight (55 grams) and very easy to use. And if you think that changing the plastic filament is difficult, then do not worry. This 3D pen works in an easy and friendly way, it is very ergonomic. This allows you to use it without any hassle.

You see how to make 3D drawings can be great with the 3D Tecboss pen!

To be very honest, the 3D Tecboss pen does not really have any major drawbacks, all our tests were passed by hand. However, it is good to note that for people who are used to drawing in 2D using a simple pen or pencil, may encounter some drawing problems with this pen at first. Indeed, because like all 3D pens, it takes a certain time of adaptation and learning, the drawings in 3D is not innate! . Be reassured, it is without a shadow of a doubt, a fantastic 3D pen, and not expensive.

Discover the test of the pen in video, with the complete and detailed presentation presented by the Youtubeur InterGalac’Geek, specialist of the tests and other technological tutorials. He realizes a 3D drawing construction of a very successful little bird, to show the creative potential of 3D pens. It explains all the advantages and disadvantages listed below the pen. To see absolutely before any purchase.

What we like
  • Incredibly light.
  • Extremely precise and handy
  • The pen has a small LED screen that improves the use.
  • There is an included aluminum spatula that protects your fingers from the hot nozzle.
  • It can be used on virtually any surface.
What we regret
  • This pen may look a bit bulky once in hand.

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3. Ksera 3D Pen – A cheap 3D pen and a safe bet

The next one in our top is the Ksera 3D printing pen. This specific 3D pen has been designed with one purpose in mind: Ease of use, and maximum ergonomics. The company behind this incredible 3D pen has assured us that the product has an incredibly quiet operation. On top of that, the pen also comes with several features that make this 3D printing pen one of the best we’ve seen. Let’s see more about it.
Ksera The 3D Ksera pen has advanced features that are welcome complements. For example, this 3D pen comes with one of the best thermal controls. On top of that, the 3D pen will also let you know when a plastic filament gets stuck in the camera. Finally, in case you hate the extrusion (when the plastic melted out of the pen) ultra-fast or super slow many 3D pens, here you do not have to worry about this one with this pen, because indeed it lets you control it according to your preferences, via a small wheel on the side of the pen.

The only two problems we encountered during our review and testing were the lack of plastic filaments provided and the way the pen can heat while it is running. Keep in mind that while you are using the pen, the temperature inside this pen may be extremely high. And in misuse it can cause damage to your skin. In addition we also found the amount of plastic filament provided was not enough, but again, companies put in, just to try the device, you have to buy next. With this in mind, the Ksera 3D Printing Pen is one of the finest 3D pens we’ve ever used and is certainly one of the best 3D pens.
What we like
  • Very easy to use, both for amateur artists and for experienced artists.
  • The pen is light and rather thin, it is always a welcome asset.
  • The Ksera 3D pen also comes with a declogging system that prevents the filament from clogging and clogging the pen after cooling.
  • There is an included aluminum spatula that protects your fingers from the hot nozzle.
  • The 1 year warranty is a small additional bonus.
What we regret
  • The operating temperature can become unbearable.
  • This pen is not so easy to use.
  • The plastic filaments provided are not enough.

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4. Canbor Smart 3D Pen – Pro Precision

The third of our list is the Intelligent Canbor and before going into detail, you should know that this pen is also sold under a different name, the Joyluxy Intelligent 3D. That said, the Smart 3D pen is one of the best 3D pens 2017 we had the pleasure to test. Speaking of functionality and feature, this 3D pen is pretty basic and has all the features that anyone would want in a 3D pen. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Joyluxy’s 3D Canbor pen.

Canbor The pen comes in an elegant box that is not bigger than your usual phone box
smartphone. Inside the box, you find the usual electric block as well as 2 plastic filaments for 3D pen. Know that you can always buy separate filaments of your choice. The manufacturer also had the good idea to include a stand of rest, to put the pen when you do not use it. This 3D pen is quite easy to use for both new users and seasoned users. The test also revealed that we can use the pen on almost all major materials with great ease and has consistently given us brilliant results. The pen features a mini LED display, which has a small status indicator that tells you when the filament is heated and ready to use. To be honest, this is a very interesting asset, which makes the use even more enjoyable.

The extensive testing did not really reveal any major issues, however, we might have liked a slightly more detailed instructional guide. Especially for people who are a little reluctant to use this kind of material, without having a detailed explanation not to make mistakes. Apart from that, the pen has managed to pass excellently in all tests.

To conclude, Joyluxy’s Canbor Intelligent 3D pen is probably one of our favorite 3D pens we’ve used so far. This is a definite recommendation for someone looking for the best 3D pen for this price.

What we like
  • The sleek and ergonomic design makes the pen really easy to use.
  • Unlike most 3D pens, this one looks really good and dynamic.
  • The included 3D pen holder is an amazing addition to the slightly clumsy people with this kind of object.
  • The pen is actually quite easy to repair as long as the problems are tangible.
What we regret
  • Nothing at all

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5. AdroitOne Inc 3D – Best 3D pen for kids

We soon arrived at the end of this top 5 best 3D pen, and the next product on our list is the AdroitOne pen. Before saying anything about the name, try to think of the proverb “do not judge a book by its cover”. The AdroitOne pen surprised us because we were not expecting something so incredible. But how incredible? There is only one way to know it, soon afterwards!

AdroitOne Because of the other 3D printing pens that we have used and tested, the AdroitOne 3D pen is rather big, but as big as it may seem, this 3D pen proved to be extremely manipulable and not heavy at all.

Another advantage of the AdroitOne 3D pen is that it is really easy to use. With proper advice, a 10 year old can use this pen without worries. And what’s really cool about this 3D pen is that no matter the user, be it a kid, an adult who wants to try, or a seasoned artist, this pen is extremely easy to handle, no matter the age and the skill level!

The pen comes with an automatic shutdown feature that turns off the pen when not in use.

As for the disadvantages, the only one that really exists is maybe the size of the pen, but again, considering the way the super ergonomic shape of the 3D pen, the size can be justified. To conclude, this is THE 3D pen for children, who can easily and safely learn 3D drawing and 3D pen.

What we like
  • Really easy to use.
  • Many interesting features.
  • High quality construction.
  • Delivered with a one year warranty.
What we regret
  • A notice in English
  • One temperature, which can cause some problems when drawing

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Guide to buying a 3D pen: Should we buy a cheap or expensive?

Before you buy a 3D pen, you must become familiar with its operation and use. The “modus operandi” is different for each brand. Whether with the type of plastic filament or the design, there can be a lot of variables and differences. For example, the new 3D pen models do not share the same design and form as the world’s first 3Doodler model. 3Doodler, for example, uses plastic filaments, which makes drawing in 3D easier. Creating real-time 3D drawing at a steady pace is a real goal. The history of the 3D pen is still very recent.

The very first project of this type was funded in a Kickstarter campaign. So, no need for much in order to master the art and technology of the 3D pen. The success of the 3Doodler inspired another jewel from the brand Scribbler. With productions in China, Scribbler was still able to deliver with 6 months warranty and in addition to the return policy. If you’re not sure how to choose a 3D pen, it’s perfectly normal, it can be tricky, it’s a rather complete market.

3D technology is advancing at a fast pace, whether in the cinema, in video games, and in certain activities. Nevertheless, regarding the 3D pen, there is not much to learn compared to other home electronics. Understanding and learning the details of this technology can be very easy. Indeed the evolution of this technology can be explained quickly just by comparing the plastic 3D pens, to the 3D pen with photosensitive ink.(Other products need to be connected to the lightning cable .)

3D pen vs 3D pen with photosensitive ink

The 3Doodler and Scribbler brands represented most of the 3D pen products in the initial phase of the 3D pen market. All used plastic to make 3D drawings. There is now a 3D pen with photosensitive ink, cold. Indeed, the CreoPop brand has developed a solution, making the ink solid. Opening the possibility of drawing in 3D without heating plastic. The brand has managed to get rid of all the heated parts of the pen, it is an even more reliable and secure alternative.

The difference between classic 3D plastic pens and 3D photosensitive pens is a summary of the evolution of 3D pens. They made 3D drawing as possible as it was in the case of plastic pens.

Additional features

The first and main function of 3D pens is to make 3D drawings, 3D art or objects. The operation and design would facilitate the loading of the plastic filament, extrusion of the filament and 3D drawing. In addition, some additional features may be useful. For example, a sleep mode would be a classic example of an additional useful feature. Or large LCD screens that can give the product an edge over competitors. Some products even have a filament lock detection system. The smart 3D pens have very advanced options like thermal management, LED multiple indications etc …

Type of control: The quality of a 3D pen can be boosted with a little extra control that it gives to the user. For example, the temperature can be controlled in some 3D pens. You can also control the speed of drawing with some models. Adjustable feeding can help regulate flow and speed of drawing. Continuous speed control increases comfort and ease of drawing. Adjustable temperature can help refine your drawings to unimaginable points. This changes the entire 3D drawing experience. All these smart controls are what the new 3D pens that come out now need, to create a greater attraction than their competitors.

Design: An ergonomic design is THE necessity when it comes to recent 3D pens. Many promises have not been kept, including with the number 1 Tecboss’s number 3 sales pen. The finest 3D pens are those that are preferred in today’s market. The best products are super small and can even be recharged by USB. Design plays a huge role in the way controls are felt once the 3D pen is in hand. Ergonomics should allow easy access to different controls (placement of buttons on the pen). Light weight and ergonomic design improves the quality of the 3D pen.

Filament type: The type of filament plays in your 3D drawing style. It determines how you hold the pen and with what force. A filament contains plastic, which makes 3D drawing possible. Today, there are more than a dozen types of different plastic filaments available on the market. As a rule, the easier it is to replace it, the better for use. Easily replaceable filament types help a lot in the long run. It makes your 3D pen usable for a longer period. There are 4 main categories of filaments – Standard, Flexible, Composite and Specialty.

Brand: The brand name is certainly important in this emerging technology. 3Doodler invented the world’s first 3D printing pen. Scribbler offers the luxury of a 6-month warranty. Compare brands and models based on the quality and features available. You will see commonly in this category of products, false advertisements. It’s your responsibility to look at the brand and know what to expect.

Look at the comparative, test and opinion of 3D pens in 2017: Word of mouth does not really work for 3D pens. Every artist and person using a 3D printing pen are first-generation users. You must then trust the criticisms on the Internet and the criteria put forward by the designers. Read reviews and customer reviews on Amazon for example. Beware of critics made especially when things seem too good to be true. This is the easiest way to determine the quality and value of your product. Reviews will be the first-hand information you need before deciding whether the product would work for you or not. Many 3D printing pen models have made promises that have never been kept. More information is available with test videos on YouTube. In this way, you can see for yourself how these pens work.You can also view the principle of wireless charger.

Customer Reviews

You have to read other customer reviews before buying a 3D pen. These reviews will give you a real idea of the use of this one. Click here to see the best sales and customer reviews.

Plus, you can always watch test videos to get ideas. As for example this one, presented by Youlex, a young youtubeur full of humor who presents you the 3D pen of at LV3D (not present in our top car recently released). It explains in a detailed and precise way the operation of this one.

To conclude

At the moment, buying a 3D printer rhymes with spending a lot of money. Yes, a 3D printer makes sense if you want to undertake big projects that are simply not possible with a 3D pen.

However, if you want a 3D printing pen to do a small 3D art show, school projects, to keep your kids busy, or even just to try the concept, then the 3D pen is more than a choice adequate.

In addition, the market is relatively new, but the choices are already multiple, that’s why this top was made. To help consumers interested in choosing the best 3D pen possible.

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