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Best 3D Pen

3d pen is new technology. Please note that 3d pen technology may surprise you. Do you know that there is a technology called 3D pen now? Yes, it exists, and this new technology is quickly gaining popularity among artists or others who seek to express their creativity by creating 3D drawings or art. Before starting the top 5 best 3D pens, Bestlife4us wants you to understand the purpose of this new technology.

Top 5 3D Pen

Model NameLCD ScreenPrice
1.Dikale 3D PenTemperature indicatorCheck Info
2.Tecboss 3D Smart PenYesCheck Info
3.Ksera Pen 3D Doodle PenYesCheck Info
4. Canbor Smart 3D PenYesCheck Info
5.AdroitOne Inc 3D PenYesCheck Info
A 3D pen is actually something that looks like a larger version of an ordinary pen or pencil. However, instead of using traditional ink or a graphite mine that is used in a pen or pencils, the 3D printing pen works with plastic. Yes, you read correctly, plastic.Ahh now you have to ask even more questions on the subject! Perfect. For example, is a 3D pen difficult to handle? Or does a 3D child’s pen exist? Or is it even just a good thing? Well yes. First, the use of the 3D printing pen is not so different from using a normal pen or pencil, just hold the same way. But if not, yes, you will see, there are many ways to use a 3D pen.

1. Intelligent 3D – The 3D pen all-round champion

Intelligent 3D Pen
Everyone was surprised when it announced its 3D pen. It is now the finest and most advanced 3D pen available on the market today.

Dikale’s 3D pen proved to be a marvel of technology for both consumers and critics, who welcomed him with open arms. The pen made the buzz and its funding came through its campaign Kickstarter that walked the fire of god. But that was before, the project is well funded, and now this 3d pen is finally available! We had the chance to get our hands on a test version of this 3D printing pen. Let’s go to the test!

The 3d pen can be written in 3d pen on any surface using ABS plastic. It is even possible to draw 3d pen directly in the air. The 3d pen is very compact and the 3d pen does not require computer or computer software support. Just plug in the 3d pen and wait for the 3d pen to start your wonderful creation. If you can imagine 3d pen and you dance your fingers in the air, you will not have a 3D printing pen. The 3d pen is based on 3d printing to extrude hot melt plastic. Then the color of the 3d pen cools rapidly in the air. The last 3d pen is solidified into a stable state. 3d pen gives you endless creativity. Just a few hours of 3d pen practice. You can paint amazingly gorgeous.

What we like
  • Lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Outstanding manufacturing quality, a very detailed style
  • A plastic heating and cooling speed very fast
  • Usable on virtually any type of surface.
What we regret
  • Really nothing.

2. Tecboss Smart 3D Pen – The Number 1 of Sales on Amazon

Tecboss Smart 3D Pen
The second on the list is the smart Tecboss 3D pen, this pen has been on the market for some time and takes people by surprise. Perhaps one of the best features of this pen is the incredible build quality and perfect ergonomics which make this pen a pleasure and a wonder to use. All this allows him to be the number one seller on Amazon. That said, let’s see some details on what makes the quality of this pen.
Tecboss-intelligent To begin, the pen is available in different colors, but do not worry, you can actually of course use plastic filaments of different colors with this pen. At the moment, this 3D pen is available in a total of 2 colors, the available colors are blue, and white.

The length of the entire 3d pen is to meet your requirements. The 3d pen diameter is also required to be ergonomic. That 3d pen weighs less than 200 grams. The 3d pen can work at 110v or 240v. 3d pen is not a children’s toy. 3d pen is not suitable for children under 12 years old. The 3d pen ABS plastic will be heated to 270 ° C (may be Fahrenheit, about 132 ° C). Use 3d pen process to decline touch. For ordinary 3d pen these are the requirements. If it is a biological 3d pen. then the function of 3d pen must be more powerful.

What we like
  • Incredibly light.
  • Extremely precise and handy
  • The pen has a small LED screen that improves the use.
  • There is an included aluminum spatula that protects your fingers from the hot nozzle.
  • It can be used on virtually any surface.
What we regret
  • This pen may look a bit bulky once in hand.

3. Ksera 3D Pen – A cheap 3D pen and a safe bet

Ksera 3D Pen
In fact, 3d pen has shown excellent 3D printing pen works on many occasions. 3d pen has helped many college students achieve 3D design. For example, using 3d pen to print clothing. 3d pen depicting graffiti creativity. 3d pen design space creative decoration. After the completion of the design of the first 3d pen in 2013, the 3d pen will increase in this market every year with a double-digit 3d pen. The price of the 3D printing pen has also been gradually reduced from a thousand yuan luxury goods to a price of about 300 yuan. And the performance of 3d pen has been greatly improved. The price of 3d pen consumables has gradually decreased.


The next one in our top is the Ksera 3D printing pen. This specific 3D pen has been designed with one purpose in mind: Ease of use, and maximum ergonomics. The company behind this incredible 3D pen has assured us that the product has an incredibly quiet operation. On top of that, the pen also comes with several features that make this 3D printing pen one of the best we’ve seen. Let’s see more about it.

Ksera The 3D Ksera pen has advanced features that are welcome complements. For example, this 3D pen comes with one of the best thermal controls. On top of that, the 3D pen will also let you know when a plastic filament gets stuck in the camera. Finally, in case you hate the extrusion (when the plastic melted out of the pen) ultra-fast or super slow many 3D pens.

What we like
  • Very easy to use, both for amateur artists and for experienced artists.
  • The pen is light and rather thin, it is always a welcome asset.
  • The Ksera 3D pen also comes with a declogging system that prevents the filament from clogging and clogging the pen after cooling.
  • There is an included aluminum spatula that protects your fingers from the hot nozzle.
  • The 1 year warranty is a small additional bonus.
What we regret
  • The operating temperature can become unbearable.
  • This pen is not so easy to use.
  • The plastic filaments provided are not enough.

4. Canbor Smart 3D Pen – Pro Precision

Canbor 3D Pen
High-end 3d pen products are about 39 grams. Good technology companies let 3D printing pens even achieve 37 grams of ultra-light weight. The most criticized part of the past 3d pen is the blockage of material nozzles. At that time, the 3d pen experience was poor. The current 3d pen.PCL type low temperature printing pen solves this 3d pen problem. However, the cost of 3d pen is higher than that of the PLA (polylactic acid) material type 3d pen product. According to the 3d pen experience, the added price and value of the 3d pen is still very worthwhile. I believe that with the further expansion of the 3D printing pen market, the cost of 3d pen will gradually decline in the future.


The 4th of our list is the Intelligent Canbor and before going into detail, you should know that this pen is also sold under a different name, the Joyluxy Intelligent 3D. That said, the Smart 3D pen is one of the best 3D pens 2017 we had the pleasure to test. Speaking of functionality and feature, this 3D pen is pretty basic and has all the features that anyone would want in a 3D pen. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at Joyluxy’s 3D Canbor pen.

Canbor The pen comes in an elegant box that is not bigger than your usual phone box
smartphone. Inside the box, you find the usual electric block as well as 2 plastic filaments for 3D pen. Know that you can always buy separate filaments of your choice. The manufacturer also had the good idea to include a stand of rest, to put the pen when you do not use it.This 3d pen makes it easy to draw a three-dimensional feeling of the flocked christmas tree.

What we like
  • The sleek and ergonomic design makes the pen really easy to use.
  • Unlike most 3D pens, this one looks really good and dynamic.
  • The included 3D pen holder is an amazing addition to the slightly clumsy people with this kind of object.
  • The pen is actually quite easy to repair as long as the problems are tangible.
What we regret
  • Nothing at all

5. AdroitOne Inc 3D – Best 3D pen for kids

AdroitOne Inc 3D Pen
We soon arrived at the end of this top 5 best 3D pen, and the next product on our list is the AdroitOne pen. Before saying anything about the name, try to think of the proverb “do not judge a book by its cover”. The AdroitOne pen surprised us because we were not expecting something so incredible. But how incredible? There is only one way to know it, soon afterwards!

AdroitOne Because of the other 3D printing pens that we have used and tested, the AdroitOne 3D pen is rather big, but as big as it may seem, this 3D pen proved to be extremely manipulable and not heavy at all.

What we like
  • Really easy to use.
  • Many interesting features.
  • High quality construction.
  • Delivered with a one year warranty.
What we regret
  • A notice in English
  • One temperature, which can cause some problems when drawing

3D Pen Additional features

The 3d pen has a natural three-dimensional advantage. 3d pen can transform the child’s drawing graffiti perspective from a flat pattern to a body pattern. In the process of children’s use of 3d pen. Parents generally reflect that 3d pen is very helpful for children’s concentration improvement. 3d pen makes children’s spatial stereoscopic imagination enhanced. 3d pen is also very important in the medical field. The “bone brush” is the prototype of the 3d pen cover.

The principle is similar to 3D printer. Just like the principle of 3d pen, the active cells are first printed layer by layer. Sodium alginate or seaweed extract. Covered with gel. The two layers of material are mixed and flowed out by the 3d pen tip. The doctor can use this special 3d pen to “fill and fill” the damaged bone. The 3d pen mixture was absorbed by the bones and dried with UV light. The doctor then used 3d pen to help build a layer of cells called “bone scaffolding.” The nerves and muscles grew. Researchers say that bone painting 3d pen helps accelerate bone and cartilage regeneration.

Understanding and learning the details of this technology can be very easy. Indeed the evolution of this technology can be explained quickly just by comparing the plastic 3D pens, to the 3D pen with photosensitive ink.(Other products need to be connected to the lightning cable .)

Reviews will be the first-hand information you need before deciding whether the product would work for you or not. Many 3D printing pen models have made promises that have never kept. More information is available with test videos on YouTube. In this way, you can see for yourself how these pens work.You can also view the principle of wireless charger.

The 3D Pen For Kids?

“Want to draw what to paint, to educate young children to grow up, to make children happy, and to make mothers feel at ease.” Nowadays, various types of 3D printing pens appear on the market, because the price is low, easy to operate and easy to get started, attracting the attention of schools and parents. Then walk into the school and family.

But are these 3D printing pens safe? 3D printing pens and printing supplies sold on the online shopping platform are varied. Our testers found that many products are “three no products”, which are rough in work and easy to burn children during use. For parents, it is necessary to have multiple minds. I originally thought that buying a 3D printing pen would make the child a creator. But the child was injured.

Today’s education is not just as simple as ABCDEFG. The number 1234567. It is necessary to be moral, artistic, and artistic. The child’s ability to think and innovate is especially important in the current high-tech era. Education has its drawbacks and is too rigid. In the United States and Japan, the child’s ability to think and innovate has long been incorporated into daily teaching. The future of technology is based on concepts. Today’s social employment is also more focused on ability. High education and high ability are the way out for the future.

Focus on growth

As a new concept of 3D printing pen, children can get rid of old-fashioned crayon and draw on paper. Our baby can turn any piece of paper that he thinks of into a real object. None of this is a dream. A child with a wide open brain, thinking jumps, maybe like Einstein, can invent more new things.

Any physical matching Lego toy printed in 3D can make more interesting things, the new concept car, the Lego, maybe the future new concept car. They can draw new types of military weapons… Everything is unknown and everything will become possible.

The 3d pen we are talking about integrates this printing technique in a 3d printer on its nib, so the user can write a 3D object model on any object or space. But we should note that the things drawn with this 3d pen are definitely not as realistic and accurate as those printed by 3D printers.

However, the advantage of this 3D pen is that it allows the user to understand the supply and demand requirements of this 3D printing technology. Professionals here also said that the ink used in 3d pens is mainly ABS and this PLA plastic. This kind of 3d pen can draw red or draw something, it may be a word, it may be the outline of an object, and so on. The painting can be taken off the paper. For example, if you draw a square, when you finish painting, you can take the square directly.

About 3D Pen Security

“Is the 3D printing pen safe, one is to look at the temperature, the other is to look at the consumables.” The tester dedicated to 3D printing said that in 2014, he launched a 3D printer for children. Because children are accidentally being six or seventy degrees The heating platform burned, even if he apologized again and again. The prototype was smashed by angry parents. Therefore, the tester and the designer subsequently launched a child-friendly 3D printer without a heating platform.

“There is no heating platform that means the printer can’t continue working after the power is turned off. Unfinished works will be abandoned, but the primary consideration for the products used by children is safety.” The tester said. The most common 3D printing consumables are ABS resin (printing temperature 210-240 ° C) and PLA (printing temperature 180-200 ° C). ABS resin prints fast and elastic, can be made into wearables, but it will produce strong Odor, while PLA is made from starch raw materials, but it is easy to block the hot end.

The process of making PLA requires the addition of plasticizers and pigments. Toys and materials for children under 14 years of age should eliminate the safety “dead spots”. Six plasticizers such as dibutyl phthalate (DBP) are listed as restricted substances, and the limit requirements are the same as those in the EU. However, according to industry insiders, the current use of plastics for children’s 3D printing, the addition of plasticizers is not strictly enforced according to the standard. Moreover, according to industry insiders, in the 3D printing products used by children, there are some manufacturers adding irritating chemicals.

Develop 3D Pen Standards And Specifications

Is 3D printing a technology electronic product or a children’s toy? It is difficult for practitioners to give an answer. For them, this is still an extensive industry. Manufacturers design products based on their respective market positioning and audience positioning. They are not subject to regulatory pressure. Although some manufacturers have introduced low-temperature printing pens, the temperature of the pen tip is controlled at about 25 degrees. But whether the consumables are safe or not. According to the safety technical specifications.

it is still a question mark. 3D printing a high-speed tester of a well-known brand manager. Now the new 3D printing pen has the patented technology of intelligent temperature-sensitive anti-scalding. However, 95% of 3D printing pens are exported and not retail. Cheap 3D printing pens work rough. The technology is still in the first generation. Such pens have been eliminated by brand owners. “The 3D printing pen is technical in content and the price is not too low. The current market size is too small and has not received much attention. When children use 3D printing pens, it is recommended to be accompanied by an adult,” the manager said.

Industry development

Our testers have been invited to participate in the 3D printing industry standards development seminar. In his view, 3D printing will eventually fall to various subdivisions. Simple industry standards can not effectively promote the development of 3D printing. “Children use 3D printers, in order to reduce security risks. Most use a tablet, mobile phone remote control. Reduce the number of times children touch the printer. But the industry standard is required to have a button on the printer. In addition, the child uses The App should also be secure in terms of security. There are many problems with 3D printing, but the big standards of the entire industry will not mention these.”

“The concept of 3D printing in the past two years is very hot, and it is gradually cooling down. The foam is being squeezed out. At present, the whole industry is still in its infancy. There is no standard and is no relatively uniform standard. There is no industry standard. Incompatibility between products and service is difficult to coordinate.” A president of the manufacturing association told our testers. The large industry standards and the specifications of the industry are being discussed and developed. The follow-up will be launched and they have been actively involved in the additive manufacturing technical committee. Activities and in-depth discussions with Alliance members. The standards that I hope to develop are more extensive and representative.

The Practical Application Of 3D Pen In The Future

With the maturity of 3D printing technology, technology applications are increasingly moving toward miniaturization. So the lightweight and convenient 3D printing pen came into being, and its size is similar to the writing pen we use every day. In the case of hand-held operation, through various gestures.

you can sketch a three-dimensional work with a sense of space according to your own artistic concept. Looking into the future, it has broad application prospects. It can be flexibly applied in many fields. that can be used as a professional design tool. It is also convenient to enter the ordinary family as an entertainment hobby to show personal talent. In the prior art, the 3D printing pen has a complicated structure and is expensive to manufacture. The size is too large, it is not convenient to hold and control. It is very unfavorable to popularize and promote the application in adult or youth groups.

According to reports

Ford recently explored a new process that will be customer-centric in car design, helping to shorten car manufacturing time. Designers at Ford Design Studio can enter the virtual space. Draw a 3D sketch. Design a virtual car. Constantly adjust the characteristics of the virtual car to best suit the driver.

Ford is the first car manufacturer to use 3D virtual reality tool Gravity Sketch. This tool allows car designers to create more people-oriented designs. The designer will replace the artboard with the head display and controller. Immerse yourself in virtual reality. I mimic the interaction between gestures through motion tracking. Reproduce the process of drawing with pens and paper.

Traditional car designs first draw 2D sketches and then scan the sketches to produce high quality illustrations. Once the renderings are evaluated, some of them will be converted to data. Then a 3D model is created using computer-aided design software. The model was then transferred to a virtual reality environment to further evaluate and determine the feasibility of the design. And it all takes a few weeks, and designers need to make a rigorous selection of designs that can enter the 3D modeling phase.

Virtual And Reality

The 3D virtual reality tool Gravity Sketch can shorten the process from a few weeks to a few hours, skip the 2D stage, and use the 3D model directly from the beginning. The designer can be centered around the driver and create a 3D design around the driver to create a retractable vehicle around the driver. In addition, the designer can even enter the car sketches. Quickly adjust the design properties to best suit the occupants. Gravity Sketch allows Ford designers to always place customers at the center of car design when sketching.

In Ford’s five design studios around the world, dozens of automotive interior and exterior designers are using Gravity Sketch. to test the feasibility of their workflow and the potential for real-time co-creation and collaboration. Designing and evaluating automotive models in virtual reality can significantly reduce vehicle development time and enable more 3D forms in the vehicle model evaluation phase.

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