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Best 3D Pen
The market for 3D Pen is an eternal evolution, which is normal. because 3d pen is still a young product.

Every year, new manufacturers appear in the 3D printing market and bring new technologies.

Therefore, we are updating the 2019 3d pen comparative article to showcase the latest 3D pen models!

If you know how to paint and want your painting to be embossed, then the 3D pen will be a perfect ally.

But technology is growing fast, so Bestlife4us has reviewed the 7 products that help you make the right choice. For you and your child, 3D pens will be a great gift!

Top 7 3D Pen

We chose the best 7 3D pens in 2019

For the sake of convenience, we selected 7 best 3D pens which reviewed each pen in detail, and commented on its use and function. All of detail can help you to buy 3d pen.You will see more best 3d pen buyer guides after browsing 7 3d pens.

Model NameLCD ScreenPrice
1.Dikale 3D PenTemperature indicatorCheck Info
2.Tecboss 3D Smart PenYesCheck Info
3.Ksera Pen 3D Doodle PenYesCheck Info
4. Canbor Smart 3D PenYesCheck Info
5.AdroitOne Inc 3D PenYesCheck Info
6.Merlion Adults UpgradedYesCheck Info
7.Nulaxy First RobotYesCheck Info

What is a 3D pen?

A 3D pen actually looks like a larger version of a regular pen or pencil. However, the 3D printing pen does not use graphite ore used in conventional ink or pencil, but uses plastic. Yes, you read correctly, plastic!

Ah, now you have to ask yourself more questions about 3d pen! perfect! For example, is a 3D pen difficult to handle? Or does the 3D children’s pen exist? Or is it even just a good thing? Ok, yes ! First of all, using a 3D printing pen is not much different from using a normal pen or pencil, just operate in the same way. But if not, you will see that there are many ways to use a 3D pen.

1. Intelligent 3D – The 3D pen all-round champion

3d printing pen

Intelligent 3D Pen
One of the main advantages of the dikale 3D Pen is to develop the creativity of the child. In addition to painting, your little one can use his pen to create a figurine or a small object. The dikale brand has understood and provided a complete 3D pen, and all the necessary accessories are ready for you!

In addition to white and black 3D pens and their LCD screens that display plastic temperatures, there are many items in this package. First, it contains PLA multi-color plastic filaments that can be used to shape drawings from the start. These filaments have a special brilliance in the dark that creates amazing objects.

When you touch molten plastic, there is also a silicone finger guard that prevents material from sticking and a useful 3D pen holder when you need to place the tool for a while. Very stable, the base is three feet and perfectly fits the pen. It is therefore easy to use, especially very safe, which makes it perfect for kids (beginning at age 5). However, adults are advised to supervise their use.

I bought this product out of curiosity and didn’t know what would happen. But this object surprised me!

In fact, it is a very good quality and easy to use object. The pen has a small screen that can be adjusted for plastic. Flow (write more or less thick) and visual pen temperature (melted plastic).

3d pen is equipped with a reusable storage box, very convenient. There is also a booklet explaining how to fix it and how to use it. I suggest you Use this 3D pen, which will allow you to spend time making good work. Be careful not to burn yourself!

If we introduce the 3D Pen and its functions in more detail, we notice that its temperature is adjustable and easy to use.

We choose the heating rate and the type of filament inserted (PLA or ABS). In 30 seconds, it will be ready to use! It is also possible to set the plastic flow to better control the amount. In addition, we appreciate its almost instantaneous cooling system to avoid any risk of burns!

It’s a 3D pen that can be easily loaded, provides USB input and cable(But not compatible with wireless charger), and has a sleep mode that automatically turns off after 3 minutes of inactivity. The user manual gives you a quick overview of how to use it, and the PVC graphics card gives your child some ideas. If an adult wants to use it, of course there is no problem!

This 3D pen is a complete model, perfect, in addition to excellent quality / price ratio, there are advantages. Once received, it can be used directly, because the package contains the essentials, and the time spent with creative children will be perfect!

What we like
  • Its temperature regulator
  • Very good price/quality ratio
  • A complete package ready for immediate use
What we regret
  • Initially, children need adult supervision to use it

2. Tecboss Smart 3D Pen – The Number 1 of Sales on Amazon

3d printer pen

Tecboss Smart 3D Pen
The Tecboss brand offers a low-cost 3D pen for children and adults who like to create. If you are a graphic designer and you have the soul of a designer, this 3D printing pen may be an interesting choice.

It has a very light weight. This makes it very comfortable to use and does not get bored. It is small enough for adults and children (17.7 x 2.6 x 3.5 cm), making it easy for the most creative people to express their talents.

This 3D pen is connected to the tool’s 220V AC adapter via a USB cable for charging. Just plug it in to see the red glow, and when the pen is ready to use, it will turn green. The power indicator shows if reloading is required. It can also be connected directly to any external battery via a USB cable, which allows you to use it anywhere!

This pen is awesome. The power cord is flat to avoid knotting and packaging is very good. Tecboss product is very easy to use, and I have learned the skills of special text in some tests . Super 3D pen!
It has an LCD screen that shows the temperature of the plastic filaments and the extrusion speed of the material.

Therefore, you can easily control the speed of PLA plastic (odorless and non-toxic) to improve the accuracy of creation. The important thing is that when a person makes a small object, this feature is very important!

When it is very hot, simply insert the filaments of the selected color and let them melt one by one in the 3D pen. With a single touch, when the material is exhausted, you will activate the melting of the next filament. In addition, it should be known that the initial package already includes randomly sent filaments, each of which is long enough to meet your needs, which makes it possible to start making its first 3D model very quickly.

Use the 3D pen sold by Tecboss, and when you don’t use it, or when the nozzle cools slightly, you have a base to place the pen. For the accompanying instruction manual, use it to understand how to use it (if this is your first time using 3d pen is not so intuitive).

Those with 3D printers will be able to make some modifications to the machine’s prints using this small and practical 3D pen. Please note that to use it, you must connect, and the length of the cable is designed without any flaws!(but ,Its cable is not the same as lightning usb cable)

For small budgets and those who want to learn to use 3D pens, this product may be the best!

What we like
  • Its low price
  • It is suitable for external battery charger
  • We can control the export speed of plastics
What we regret
  • It is only used to connect

3. Ksera 3D Pen – A cheap 3D pen and a safe bet

best 3d pen

Ksera 3D Pen
With this special children’s beginner’s suit, the Ksera brand offers a complete package for the youngest creators!

In addition to the 3D children’s pen, you can also find a complete colored filament. Start and freely play with your imagination, with almost no limits, and a guide that allows novices to become familiar with this object. But that’s not all!

The Ksera 3D pen is charged via the USB cable and can be used without problems when connected. But once completed, it has an hour of autonomy, which allowing 6-year-olds to have fun freely in outdoors.

It is designed for children and is displayed in the finish. Its nozzles are safe to contact, plastics can be cooled quickly and are very intuitive. A child will be able to draw in the air without any constraints!

It uses non-toxic plastics and BPA-free at low temperatures, which is harmless to children and pets (its curiosity sometimes causes them to eat …).

it is easy to adjust heating rate and melting The output speed of the plastic will help the children quickly build something quite good.
This pen surprised us! I really recommend an original gift to develop his creativity. Impressive is everything you can do with it, there are many models on the guide. It is easy to use and very interesting.

The Ksera brand offers a kit, a mold that can create a specific object in the blink of an eye: rockets, robots, monuments… we can see that all this 3D pen is very creative for children.

It’s lightweight and fits the child’s hand, which makes it very easy to manage. Kids design through their minds will be happy to give life to everything. For those who are not inspired, templates and practical guides will help you get started.

This 3D pen has a very good ergonomic design and colorful design, which is very suitable for children! Adults will become a less childlike model because it is designed to awaken the child’s creative instinct. With this in mind, it is the best 3D pen!

What we like
  • The design will satisfy the youngest
  • Protection measures that are harmless to children
  • Starter pack, everything you need to get started
What we regret
  • Refill must be provided because the filament leaves quickly

4. Canbor Smart 3D Pen – Pro Precision

3d doodle pen

Canbor 3D Pen
If you’re looking for a cheap 3D pen on Amazon, you might turn to this. You will be able to get a complete package for both adults and children.

This 3D printing pen from Canbor is a very classic 3D printing pen, but the effect is relatively good. It is very thin (1.3 x 7 x 1.8 inches) that easy to operate, but a bit long for kids. However, its light weight is a good advantage.

It is sold with a 220 volt adapter and you can also charge it with a portable battery or USB cable. But be careful because it can only be used when plugged in! It has an indicator to indicate its temperature, and a button combines all possible actions: loading plastic, activating and stopping. Exercise! Please note that the heating time may be slightly longer than the other models offered here, but there is nothing disturbing.

Regarding plastic filaments, it only accepts PLA. You will find filaments of different colors in the package.

Therefore, you can use it when you receive the goods as long as you respect the PLA material. which can insert a standard refill.
Super 3D pen, with a matching pen holder, a cable and a 220v power supply and plug in the box. This pen perfectly performs its function, so I highly recommend it, which has a charger with a multi-function plug.

In more innovative products, we use a scraper to remove the created object. For example, when making a small plastic animal, cart or replica of the flocked christmas tree, the plastic can be attached to the paper or cardboard you work on. Thanks to the scraper, you can undo it without the risk of damaging it!

In addition to the user manual, there is a 3D pen mode guide that allows beginners who have never used this tool to make their first work without difficulty. It must be said that the pen is easy to get in the hand, we can easily make small touches on plastic objects, or freely play the desire to make a variety of things.

It is reported that plastics sometimes flow a little faster, so it is recommended that adults use a 3D pen to notice this. But apart from that, it is a complete 3D pen pack with a very good price/quality ratio. we recommend!

What we like
  • This is very easy to manage
  • Very good price/quality ratio
  • Scraper can easily move objects
What we regret
  • The nozzle maintains enough heat

5. AdroitOne Inc 3D – Best 3D pen for kids

3d pen for kids

AdroitOne Inc 3D Pen
The brand’s 3D print pen is also used by children over 6 years old, who can wake up creation and design. Adults who find the ideal tool to have fun can create or repair something. In addition to 3D printers, it’s great!

It is sold with a 12-color PLA plastic 1.75 mm. However, it also accepts ABS plastic wire. In the package, there is also an AC adapter, a notification (English) and several gadgets.

This 3D pen has a liquid crystal display that tells you the heating temperature, the output speed of the plastic and the type of plastic that can be inserted. Everything is adjustable, and we especially appreciate the fact that plastics have three temperature adjustments that prevent the end of the accumulated material from freezing. For those who have children and want to introduce them, this is an asset that cannot be ignored.

It’s a smart product that automatically goes to sleep when not in use. This will avoid unnecessarily melting the plastic!

On the LCD, you will see a word prompt that you can reactivate by simply pressing a button.

After hesitating between several products and consulting an expert, the comments led me to use this 3D pen. I don’t regret making this choice.

It’s very easy to use (my 9-year-old daughter also use it in 10 minutes) The plastic works very fast and can really make 3D. At a very reasonable price, see the creative time!

Hand holding is simple because its ergonomics are well thought out. It is not too big (8.3 x 4.1 x 2.8 inches ) but a bit heavy (309 g). However, once you master the craftsmanship, it won’t bother you when you start writing in the air from a piece of paper or a hand. There are also online 3D mode and very good tutorials to learn how to create the most beautiful objects!

What is his only shortcoming? When you don’t use it, we can also blame him for being a bit noisy, which will disturb the peace of the people who use it. Compared to other products, this product has reliable performance and is one of the best 3D pens on Amazon.

What we like
  • Very good grip
  • Its speed adjustment possibility
  • Automatic sleep mode after 3 minutes
What we regret
  • A bit noisy

6.Merlion Adults Upgraded3D Drawing Pen

3D Drawing Pen
The Merlion brand offers 3D pens here, which are designed to be exceptional and easy to operate. If we don’t really like its design, we must realize that it handles it very well!

This low temperature 3D pen can accept two types of plastic: PLA can be heated to 170°, successful artistic creation or small retouching on 3D printed plastic objects, and only heated PCL at 90°. It will freeze faster! All you have to do is press the material change button to make changes without having to adjust the temperature.

In use, there are two possibilities: either you press a button that allows the plastic to exit the melt (in the long run it is practical for meticulous but boring work), or you can continue by pressing twice in the same row. Therefore, you can really control the speed of your creation!

For us, don’t miss this 3d pen! The receipt is very fast, very satisfied with this purchase. Even children can adapt to this size design, this 3d pen is very convenient to charge! The first time you can use it Make a lot of sculptures!

It will heat up quickly and the LED will tell you when you can use it. Then, put it into the creation. Unfortunately, his nozzle is still hot, because the child’s curiosity may touch it.

In this case, we recommend purchasing finger guards for supervision when using this small pen.

It comes with 12 PLA reels, perfect for quick start, but it runs out quickly. Remember to buy one or more 3D refills! In the box, there is also a user manual that can be creative and equipped with a miniature charging cable. Note that this model does not have a power outlet!

It is light and comfortable, and that can satisfy the children’s design of various shapes. So this is a successful 3D pen type and will be a great gift!

What we like
  • Fast heating, ready to use
  • Choose the type of plastic flow
  • Two recognized material formats
What we regret
  • Its special design…

7.Nulaxy First Robot – 3D Pen Review With Voice Prompt

3D Pen Review

This is the first 3D printing pen to talk! This model is designed for children with a very friendly robot shape and is equipped with a voice guidance system that helps children create while having fun. On the other hand, the transmitted message is only available in English for the time being!

In addition to this innovative aspect, we pay tribute to the original design of this 3D pen and its good grip. It must be connected to a USB power source to work, but the wires will not interfere. It can be used with just 2 buttons, which provides great convenience for children. In addition, the safety aspect is enhanced by the finger guard provided with the model, which will avoid any risk of burns.

The Nulaxy 3D pen supports two main types of plastic (ABS and PLA), and you can start creating with just the 6-color scroll available. After receiving the materials, he will have a fun time.Thanks to the charging position on the small robot skull, So replacing the plastic wire is easy.

You can change the flow rate of the plastic by simply clicking on the main button a few times..

This pen was quickly received. I tested that is consistent with the photo and description. It looks good to me.

Precise, it doesn’t have a built-in battery, so we have to connect it to the USB cable to work (no need to be on time) Charging……).

It’s not very embarrassing to say it. I think all 3D pens are like this, different from what we see in the photos. I don’t regret buying, I think my niece will play very much. Happy !

It is sold with many accessories to bring more personalized options! Its support allows it to be stored and kept straight, and the blade is very useful for removing small objects that sometimes freeze on the worksheet, and the well-made 3D pen pattern will help beginners complete their first work. Starting at age 5 (but accompanied by an adult), this 3D pen will awaken your child to artistic talent.

We appreciate its smart sleep feature, which automatically turns off after 1 minute and 30 seconds, and its LED system will notify you when it is ready to use. It’s a bit heavy, it’s 399 grams, but the size (18.4 x 15.2 x 6.6 cm) makes it a user-friendly product.

This is a real success, ensuring you have a good time with your family!

What we like
  • Many accessories
  • Plastic filaments are easy to match
  • Its robot design and voice function
What we regret
  • A bit heavy

Discover 3D pens!

If you are new to 3D Pen, this information can be used to make the best choice!

How does the 3D pen work?

The 3D pen is a tool in the form of a pen in which a plastic filament is inserted. These will be heated by the internal mechanism, and once the plastic is melted, it can be diffused through the nozzle of the pen.

Just as you draw with a simple pencil, you can create something in your head. In addition to classic inks (flat and embossed), you also have a plastic material that allows you to make objects in 3D.

How to draw with 3D pen

Once you get your hand, using a 3D pen is easy.

First, it’s easier to use patterns, representing the objects you want to model. By pressing the plastic flow button on the pen, you only need to follow the lines of the drawing to determine its shape and volume. Depending on the complexity of the object, you may need to make several parts separately (such as the head, legs, tail… for plastic cats) before bonding them together.

After mastering, you can design a freehand 3D structure! All you have to do is draw an object in the space, the base, and give it life. Jewelry, toys, decorations… Have fun!

Where can I buy a 3D pen?

Faced with the success of these innovative objects, 3D pens have entered the market among children and adults. But this tool is not mainstream, because people often mistakenly think that it is expensive, only in the professional store of plastic art can find it.

The easiest solution to buy at the most attractive price is still to order online from a certified Amazon reseller.

Guide to buying 3D pens: Should I buy cheap or expensive?

Before buying a 3D pen, you must be familiar with its operation and use. The “how” of each brand is different. Whether it is a plastic filament type or design, there are many variables and differences. For example, the new 3D pen model is different from the design and form of the world’s first 3Doodler model. For example, 3Doodler uses plastic filaments, which makes 3D drawing easier. Creating real-time 3D graphics at a steady rate is a real goal. The history of 3D pens is still recent.

The first project of this type was funded by Dikale. Therefore, in order to master the art and technology of 3D pens, it is not necessary. The success of 3Doodler inspired the birth of the Tecboss brand. With the emergence of a large number of 3d pen manufacturers, Tecboss is still able to provide a 6-month warranty and return policy. If you are not sure how to choose a 3D pen, this is normal, it can be tricky, it is a fairly complete market.

Whether in movies, video games or in certain events, 3D technology is growing rapidly. However, with regard to 3D pens, there is not much to learn compared to other home electronics. It’s easy to understand and learn the details of this technology. In fact, simply comparing a plastic 3D pen with a 3D pen with photosensitive ink can quickly explain the development of this technology.

3D pen and 3D pen with photosensitive ink

The 3Doodler and Tecboss brands represent the majority of 3D pen products in the early stages of the 3D pen market. All use plastic to make 3D drawings. There is now a 3D pen with photographic ink, which is very cold. In fact, the Canbor brand has come up with a solution that makes the ink strong. The possibility of turning on 3D drawing without heating the plastic. The brand has managed to get rid of all the heating parts of the pen and it is a more reliable and safe alternative.

The difference between a classic 3D plastic pen and a 3D color pen is the evolution of the 3D pen. They make 3D drawings as much as possible, just like plastic pens.

3D Pen Additional features

The first major function of a 3D pen is to make 3D drawings, 3D art or objects. Operation and design will aid in the loading of plastic filaments, filament extrusion and 3D stretching. In addition, some extra features may be useful. For example, sleep mode will be a classic example of other useful features. Or a large LCD screen can make the product better than the competition. Some products even have a filament lock detection system. Smart 3D pens have very advanced options such as thermal management, LED indications, etc…

Control type

The quality of the 3D pen can be improved by giving the user a little extra control. For example, the temperature can be controlled in some 3D pens. You can also use some models to control the drawing speed. Adjustable feed helps to adjust the flow rate and speed of the draw. Continuous speed control adds comfort and ease of drawing. Adjustable temperature helps to refine the drawing to unimaginable points. This changed the entire 3D drawing experience. All of these smart controls are needed for the new 3D pens that are emerging today to create greater appeal than the competition.


The ergonomic design is a must-have for the latest 3D pens. Many promises are not retained, including the first recommended sales pen. The best 3D pen is the preferred 3D pen on the market today. The best products are ultra-small and can even be charged via USB. Once the 3D pen is in the hand, the design plays a huge role in controlling the way it feels. Ergonomics should make it easy to access different controls (the position of the button on the pen). Lightweight and ergonomically designed to improve the quality of 3D pens.

Filament type

The filament type is played in 3D drawing style. It determines how and where you hold the pen. The filament contains plastic and can be used for 3D drawing. Today, there are more than a dozen different plastic filaments on the market. In general, the easier it is to replace it, the better it will be used. In the long run, the easy to replace filament type can be very helpful. It allows your 3D pen to last longer. There are 4 main categories of filaments – standard, flexible, composite and special.


Brand names are undoubtedly important in this emerging technology. 3Doodler invented the world’s first 3D printing pen. Tecboss offers a luxury with a 6 month warranty. Compare brands and models based on available quality and functionality. You will see common fake ads in such products. It is your responsibility to understand the brand and understand the products you are looking for.

Please refer to the 2019 3D pens comparison, test and comments

Word of mouth does not apply to 3D pens. Every artist and individual who uses a 3D pen is a first generation user. Then you must trust the criticism on the Internet and the standards proposed by the designer. Read reviews and customer reviews on Amazon. Beware of critics especially when things look too good to be true. This is the easiest way to determine the quality and value of your product. Comments will be your first-hand knowledge before determining if the product is right for you. Many 3D printed pens models have made an unprecedented commitment. The test video on YouTube provides more information. This way, you can see for yourself how these pens work.

Customer review

You must read other customer reviews before purchasing a 3D pen. These comments will give you a real understanding of the use of this.

In addition, you can watch test videos at any time to get ideas.

In conclusion

Currently, buying a 3D printer is synonymous with spending a lot of money. Yes, 3D printers make sense if you want to do large projects that 3D pens can’t.

However, whether you want a 3D printed pen for a small 3D art exhibition, a school project, to keep your child busy, or even just try this concept, the 3D pen is a good reason to choose.

In addition, there are many inferior products in the market, but the choice is very difficult, which is why making this top shopping guide to help consumers choose the best 3D pens.

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