Top 13 Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse
Choosing and buying a best gaming mouse is a decision. That can prove to be very personal. That did not really help us write this list of the 13 best gaming mouse available in 2019. But after hours of research and testing, Bestlife4us did it anyway! Let’s discover this one together.

For starters, a gaming mouse looks different from a simple computer mouse. Because its useing is different. The difference between a standard computer mouse and a gaming mouse is huge. If you use a casual mouse with a latest-day gaming laptop, you make no sense. it’s just a heresy ! you shame all your fellow amateur online games.

Whether playing Overwatch, Counter Strike, League Of Legends or even Hearthstone (tmtc missclicks possible). The gaming mouse will prove to be much more useful than a simple Logitech bought at Carrefour. Especially after investing in a gaming headset. Read this article to find out more about best gaming headsets.

A special gaming keyboard, and all the stuff that goes with it. Using a standard computer mouse makes no sense. No matter your set-up for geeker. If you do not have the mouse, it will be incomplete.

There are many factors that come into play to support it. From the grip of the gamer mouse to the DPI sensitivity of this one. Everything varies between a gaming mouse and a standard mouse. And even within gaming mouse, a mouse can be specialized in a genre of games.

Top 13 Best Gaming Mouse In 2019

1. VicTsingWired
2. TeckNetWired
3. MicrosoftWireless
4. LOGICOOLWireless
5. LogitechWired
6. RazerWireless
7. Mad Catz R.A.T.7Wired
9. SwiftpointWired
10. ASUSWireless
11. RoccatWired
12. GigabyteWireless
13. ElecomWired

First of all, the response lag is almost non-existent with a gaming mouse. A standard mouse will give you an offset of 10-20ms. But the offset does not exceed 2-8ms with a gaming mouse.

It can make a huge difference on games. Such as Counter Strike that can ask for some actions incredible reaction times. A good gaming mouse will appreciate the importance of these extra milliseconds.

We explain in detail at the bottom of the article different notions about gaming mouse, if you want to know more. The gaming mouse have different characteristics. This is what is shown and explained ! For speed, a professional mouse must be paired with a professional game monitor. Learn more about Top 10 Gaming Monitor to enhance your gaming experience.

1.6-Button Wired Gaming Mouse with Colorful LED Backlit

6-Button Wired Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse from the VicTsing surprises. It have a pretty VicTsing design, which denotes with the usual gaming mouse. In any case, once connected. The sensations offered by this mouse model are up to expectations.

Aside from this particular style. This gaming mouse has very good qualities. We quickly feel that it is intended for professional players. Fans of online competition and wild tournaments have been developed by a team of players. They know the expectations of E-Sport practitioners in particular.

Indeed, on this mouse. We can adjust the DPI (from 500 DPI to 7000 DPI). Thanks to a special driver provided by the brand VicTsing. On it, you can also customize all the mouse settings: effects, flashing colors, or buttons. Usually their settings are as simple as the gps watch settings. Click here to learn more about the settings of best gps watch. It depend on the game you play, and create your macros or change the sensitivity. Namely that this driver only works on Windows (but the mouse still works without a driver, no problem).

It also has a very precise optical sensor. Latest generation, which allows a flawless responsiveness. Not once, during our games. It did’t fail us! It is also thanks to the grip of the mouse. That allows you an almost perfect hold in hand.

Thus, the mouse allows to perform rapid arm movements without it picks up. We used it on different types of games.

It has adapted to all categories without difficulty.

Regarding its size, there is a mouse still quite heavy (235g). But it improves the grip. It measures 4.9 x 3.4 x 1.6 inches. That is connected via a braided USB cable of good size, which ensures a long service life.

“It has a very good ergonomics, a bit heavy. But you get used to it quickly. I use it for internet browsing and play on pc. Software allows you to change the colors of the mouse, adjust the DPI, make the macros and all that a high-end mouse is possible to do. I recommend the product for its quality, design, and the care provided.”

Finally, its RGB backlight system will allow you to play day and night. This mouse is ambidextrous. Rare enough to report it, it will fit your fingers even if you’re left-handed! All gamers will find their account with this model that is dedicated to them.

For us, it may be the best gaming mouse of the moment. The plus of this model comes from its quality manufacture. It allows to have available a customer service of first quality. That responds quickly and well to all requests.

What we like
  • Hyper accurate
  • It’s a very reactive mouse
  • The configuration is thorough and easy
What we regret
  • A bit heavy

2.Programmable Wired Optical Computer Gaming Mouse

Programmable Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

This impressive gamer mouse with its aggressive and robotic design, is a visually very successful model. It’s probably our favorite on this point! Whether in well-lit playrooms or in a room at night, it remains visible and very manageable. But the appearance is not everything.

It should be known that this mouse is designed specifically for the practice of FPS. Players of Counter-strike or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you will appreciate the precision of this model which has a fast double-click system dedicated to shooting, and which allows to Fragger at any time without dead time. The mouse is just a strategic tool. The key to winning the game is to look at the performance of the cpu. See our article on Best Cpu For Gaming that will help you solve performance problems.

If you have the reflexes, the mouse will do the rest. In this type of games where accuracy and speed are everything, it is essential to have on hand or mouse that responds instantly, without lag, to your orders. This is the case with this model of Zelotes.

Its adjustable DPI goes up to 5500 DPI, going through phases at 1000 DPI, 1600 DPI, 2400DPI or 3200 DPI. You will see the LED lights change according to the chosen DPI rate. To modify it, just press the corresponding button for a few seconds, even in the middle of the game! This is very useful when the sensitivity of a game is poorly calibrated.

In a few seconds, you will be able to do the right adjustment and score effectively.

Too bad we can not program it for the different games: the settings will have to be done again each time, at the beginning of the game. It’s a bit of a bind when you always use the same game, but it only takes a few seconds.

This Gamer Mouse is a wired Plug and Play so compatible with most operating systems. Be careful though, because on IOS, the side buttons can not be used. If you have a Mac, you will not be able to use the forward / back navigation buttons.

With 5 million possible clicks and 1.5 meter braided wire, this low priced gamer mouse should last over time despite frequent use. Its wheel seems resistant, and allows a very precise gradual scrolling.

What we like
  • High quality
  • DPI up to 7000
  • Very precise, ideal for FPS
What we regret
  • A little big

3.Rechargeable Wireless Mini Bluetooth Mouse

Rechargeable Wireless Mini Gaming Mouse

The third superb gaming mouse. It has a design very similar to the previous one. That also has angular curves. It should appeal to those who love cutting-edge technology and gamer-typed gaming equipment.

This Microsoft brand gaming mouse allows you to perform many actions in 1 click: advance or page return, access to menus. While ensuring optimal user comfort. Touch, it is rather nice. Even if we feel that the materials used are a little cheap. This could shorten the life of the product if used intensively.

Very accurate, with a voting rate of 500 Hz. This gaming mouse model is good for players. They can appreciate the fine adjustments and the speed of action. In use, it responds to the finger and eyes. Its function allows it to be used on almost all surfaces. We played different types of games (League of Legend, Stracraft, Fornite, or Counter Strike). The mouse did not cause us any problems.

However, its lightness could bother some. When movements too abrupt, it happens to pick up a little. If you are a nervous gamer, you could find yourself wrong in intense shooting phases. It tends to annoy! So, this is particularly recommended for strategy games. That rather than for FPS for which other models will be more suitable.

In the end, this is a cheap bluetooth mobile mouse. Its easy to configure and delivered with a mousepad gaming. That is an interesting model ! But not suitable for all players. For competitions or the practice of restless games (type FPS), it could disappoint.

However, for a practice of games in leisure. It’s a very good gaming mouse with a quality / price ratio more than reasonable. Remember to pick a suitable computer table to give you the perfect gaming experience. Click here for more information on Best Glass Computer Desk.

What we like
  • Ultra precise
  • Efficient design
  • Its minimal price
What we regret
  • Lightweight design materials

4.Rechargeable Gaming Mouse G700s 

Rechargeable G700s Gaming Mouse

The LOGICOOL is one of the most sought after gaming mouse on the net today. And there are reasons! The LOGICOOL fulfills all the most wanted features for a gamer mouse.

For left-handed people. Do not worry ! LOGICOOL has everything planned. It can set a left-handed control for this gaming mouse. Left handed players can not have a better gaming mouse than this one. In addition, Its hyper-sensitive buttons are designed to capture rapid pressure on them (like you click fast. The mouse will react even if the click was very fast and light). It is very easy to use and has a very ergonomic design.

Do not let the 5.3 ounces of LOGICOOL fool you. It is very light when traveling. Its scroll wheel is just perfect. It has small notches that make it pleasant to the touch and very precise.

To summarize, although his style is not unique. You can not neglect its charm. You will appreciate its features. That make this gaming mouse a very good quality. It has attracted many e-sports players professionals. Thanks to its ergonomic shape. For a total comfort of your hand, and offers unequaled precision for this price.

Our final verdict

This gaming mouse has a lot of positive opinion about it. We just regret the lack of adjustable weights. But nothing very disturbing for this price.

Otherwise, LOGICOOL’s gaming mouse has just a hell of a look. And as for its performance, they are as great and efficient as his look.

What we like
  • Excellent grip
  • Adjustable height
  • High-performance calibration
What we regret
  • Absence of adjustable weight

5.Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex Performance

Logitech G303 Gaming Mouse

When we see the Logitech G303, we can safely say. It has a much more unique style than any other gamer mouse.

The level of customization of this gaming mouse is just amazing. We can see that Logitech clearly understood that each player was different. It shows with G303 gaming mouse. The optical sensor is universal. Because it is possible to operate and adjust to any surface. You can imagine (please still use a mouse pad, not a sheet of paper). The dual scroll mode allows precise navigation. For example, It allows a document to change page without effort.

In addition, Do not worry about losing weight. Because they are in a secure case. Other than that, most of the reviews that we have read and studied. Consider this Logitech gaming mouse as the best gaming mouse of all time.

Its very angular design. That makes it possible to identify it as a gaming mouse at first glance. The mini-scroll wheel and its rubbery sides play a lot in its comfortable grip. Moreover with its colors. The ergonomic design of this gaming mouse is modern and visually appealing.

Our final verdict

The programmable buttons tell you a lot about the control. You would get as a player. Its aesthetic is efficient and pleasant. There are still opportunities for improvement. Such as the scroll wheel which could be rubber, or else its excessive weight. Its 12,000 original DPIs are widely disputed. If they are native, the G303 should easily be among the best gaming mouse of 2019.

What we like
  • Ergonomic design
  • Sensitivity sensor very precise
  • A lot of programmable buttons
What we regret
  • Cable a little disturbing

6.Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse

The Razer is one of the best gaming mouse to play MMOs. Thanks to the fact that is a wireless mouse and has 11 buttons.

It can be customized as you wish. Although it has a sleek design, the grip level is a bit big. If your hands are small, you will surely not be able to cover all of this gaming mouse.

Fortunately the size ! It’s perfect suitable for all sizes of hands. However, this new Razer gaming mouse surpasses its previous 2014 version in terms of performance. Even the ergonomic grip is much more balanced with this version.

It is more comfortable. Thanks to its concave shape. In terms of features, it features a 50G acceleration, a 8200 DPI 4G laser sensor, and a 2 meter fiber cable. It make it to be the one of the best wireless gaming mouse available in 2019.

In addition, the wireless mode offers an Ultra-Polling of 1000Hz.

Our final verdict

The spearhead head logo is visually very cool. There is a multitude of lighting color options for the scroll wheel. The fingers have immediate access to the programmable keys. You can not ask for a better grip at the palm level. Thanks in large part to the right side. Fans and MMOs players will greatly appreciate the in-game MMOs Touch Configurator. Plus, its performance makes this wireless gamer mouse an irresistible choice.

What we like
  • Perfect weight
  • Excellent Polling Rate
  • The best wireless gamer mouse
What we regret
  • Limited features

7.Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse for PC and Mac 

Mad Catz R.A.T.7 Gaming Mouse

When you mix 6400 DPI with an ergonomic and comfortable grip with an optical sensor. You get the Mad Catz R.A.T.7 gaming mouse.

With 6 programmable buttons. You have a truly flexible and powerful gaming mouse. It is tested to be at least 5 million times clicked and even more.

The brand has a very good reputation in the US market. Unfortunately little known in UK. This gaming mouse is perfect for the lovers of good products. It has the good budget that also can play more comfortably. It has excellent rubber grips. That are interchangeable ! It can chang at your leisure.

Our final verdict

Of course, you can expect an improvement in your gaming experience with this Mad Catz R.A.T.7 gaming mouse. Nevertheless, the performance of this gaming mouse does not only shine in game. Its movements and precise response time will make you appreciate every moment or you will use it. This will help you both in the game and working to stay productive.

What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable stall height
  • Sensitivity levels are perfect
What we regret
  • Prediction levels can be annoying

8.SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Sensei Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries mouse is located in the high end of gaming mouse.

However, it does not have so many features to justify its price. However, the level of customization options makes him sincerely fair. But do you want to pay a few extra dollar for only the customization options, this is the big question.

However this gaming mouse still has tons of interesting features. That any player would dream to have on his gaming mouse. Thanks to the software, you can re-program your mouse according to each game.

For example, more or less sensitivity of mouse in game. I imagine that you do not use the same sensitivity on Counter Strike as on Candy Crush. So you have a flexible and customizable weapon in the form of this gaming mouse. Its 8200 CPI ensures sensitivity and precise control on all games.

Plus, let’s trust SteelSeries when it comes to understanding and delivering quality gaming products, and unparalleled performance.

Our final verdict

With all its customization options. It’s the pioneering mouse in the gaming mouse industry. It has all the customization options that you can imagine. You have the option to use most of your own buttons as well as to program them for specific purposes. All in all, it’s the most flexible gaming mouse that you can buy in 2019. All this deserves to have a place in our list of “the best gaming mouse available in 2019”.

What we like
  • Double sensor system
  • Ambidextrous ergonomics
What we regret
  • A funky hair design

9.Voted Gaming Innovation of The Year

Voted Gaming Mouse

The lift-off distance is very low basic, like all gaming mouse from Swiftpoint. The lift-off distance can be changed, just like DPI. It depends on personal preference. A good number of e-sports pros use this mouse. Notably thanks to its ultra-sophisticated optical sensor. Its buttons are very easy to click compared to the previous Swiftpoint gaming mouse. Moreover, its weight is ridiculously light. unheard of for a gaming mouse of this type.

The cables are really flexible. They are in the form of a rubber cord. Its use is very comfortable.

Our final verdict

For an FPS player who prefers a high level of tracking and zero acceleration. This is the perfect gaming mouse. A must for all Counter Strike players. Issues such as click latency and a bad scroll wheel. They are persistent in previous releases. No longer exist in this 2019 release.

What we like
  • Perfect weight
  • Very powerful sensor
  • Gaming mouse for right-handed and left-handed
What we regret
  • Limited customization

10.ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Wireless/Wired Laser Gaming Mouse

ASUS ROG Spatha RGB Gaming Mouse

The ASUS can be used as a wired gameing mouse. Its minimalist design that is all you will get. Behind the scroll buttons, left and right. You have the DPI switcher with two additional programmable buttons.

The ASUS is the main software of this gaming mouse. It allows to adjust the lighting and sensitivity. Macros can be set on the 4 programmable buttons. The Windows and Mac versions of the software are both available. Since the mouse typically includes acceleration. It is able to predict future motions. This can have negative side effects such as loss of accuracy.

Our final verdict

Indisputably this gaming mouse bring more comfort to the game. But extra comfort has a cost. First of all, the mouse is limited in its software and firmware. Especially on the software side. It’s a bit dated. The option to use and connect this gaming mouse in wired mode rather useful. To put it simply, there is no reason why you should not add this mouse to your collection.

What we like
  • Very good build quality
  • Reaction / response time of the adjustable gamer
What we regret
  • Limited installation software

11.Roccat Tyon R3 Sensor Laser USB Gaming Mouse

Roccat Tyon R3 Gaming Mouse

Its skeletal and asymmetrical appearance makes this mouse a rather unique.

The metallic tone of its appearance is a first in the market of gaming mice. Roccat chose the originality when they worked on the design of this gaming mouse. It works pretty well. Its style and personalization pushed to the extreme. We put it in the lead of sales.

This gaming mouse have the high level of customization possible. At first glance, this gaming mouse looks like a prototype straight out of the mind of a crazy designer. Roccat gamer mouse has a precise and modern look. It is reflected in satisfactory performance. On the side of the installation and use software, it allows great customization. You can create unlimited custom profiles. Each profile has 3 defined modes.

Our final verdict

With what it offers, this gamer mouse does not have a lot of direct competitors. There is just its extreme personalization that can make it a little daunting at first glance. But do not worry, this gaming mouse has many advantages. Because they favor a low sensitivity with a high speed of movement. This Roccat mouse offers this optimal level of precision and movement.

This gaming mouse is a high-end option. Your budget would be the only factor that could make you think twice before buying it. From its visual style to its quality of construction, performance. The Roccat gaming mouse excels in all areas. These factors make this mouse a serious candidate for the best gaming mouse available in 2019.

What we like
  • Adjustable
  • Customizable
  • Famous in e-sports competition games
What we regret
  • A special design

12.Gigabyte Aivia Uranium Wireless Gaming Mouse

Gigabyte Aivia Gaming Mouse

Its unique side comes from the lack of design frills. Its design is still very modern with a futuristic side. The black version of this gaming mouse from Gigabyte is beautiful. With certain parts of the mouse that are painted black. It’s visually powerful and effective. Moreover, this gaming mouse offers an excellent grip. You will feel that control a cockpit when you play with this Gigabyte mouse.

This mouse is mainly made for MMOs and RTS players. It has a precise and powerful tracking. Thanks to its DPI laser sensor which is really one of its strong points. In addition, it has a combination of 10 macro keys. That can be set in a few clicks more than fifteen keys. In terms of installation and usage software, opinions are shared. Some will find it confused. Others will find it on the contrary clear and very complete.

Our final verdict

Do not let the software confusion influence your purchase. It’s the gaming that mouse you want. Especially if you consider the number of configuration options and hallucinating features it offers us. It must a gaming mouse to use every day.

But it remains in our top 12. It has reasons to stay there! Notably thanks to its 10 buttons cleverly placed on the sides, or DPI laser sensor. That makes it extremely precise and maneuverable.

What we like
  • Quality sensors
  • High-end performance
  • Programmable buttons in detail
What we regret
  • No adjustable weights

13.Elecom gaming mouse M-DUX70BK wired 19 button

Elecom Gaming Mouse

The Elecom gaming mouse is truly universal. From FPS to MMO to RTS to MOBA. It is suitable for any type of game.

Indeed, this mouse is very versatile. It is a small gaming mouse that can hardly cover all of your palm. It was designed to provide a firm and effective grip. Your whole hand will cover it. That will have perfect control of this gaming mouse.

You may doubt his performance after looking at his specs. Its ambidextrous form is a bonus at your fingertips. It has an option to disable the prediction. It offers an improved grip for a style of play in scanning (like on LoL when you move) to matter the map. Or on CS the ptits flicks of AWP).

Bonus point, it is mega light when weight is removed.

Our final verdict

The Elecom is a multi-purpose gaming mouse. Its design surpasses performance by little. However, it still lacks a bit of trump for its price range. It should not be considered as working as a high end gaming mouse. Yet, its price is approaching.

That must have advantages. Its competitors offer the same features for relatively cheaper. However, it has high-end features. Such as a very high rate of polling rate, a DPI switch, etc. Its design is elegant and brilliant. It can not be removed. It’s a basic gaming mouse. Elecom offers it on the market. This gaming mouse is sold as a “return to basics” of gaming mouse.

What we like
  • Very light
  • Sensitivity levels very good
  • It can be used with any type of game
What we regret
  • The firmware is very limited

Things you need to know before choosing your gaming mouse

Our selection of 13 gaming mouse is based on what we like. This may not be suitable for you. So, we prefer you read all the details below. This will help you choose your gaming mouse.

A different gamer mouse for different games

There are several big brands coming out every day of new gaming hardware concepts.

These big brands include Logitech, Razer, Mad Catz, CM, and more. These brands are the list of the best gaming mouse in 2019. While making your choice you will have to face the problem of the abundance of proposals. Too many choices kill the choice.

It’s cool to have a wide variety of choices. But it still makes the stuff a little trickier too. Video game enthusiasts, must learn about their choice and in-game preferences (in-game) before buying a gaming mouse. To summarize, the most played games that require a gaming mouse are classified into five genres:

  • Real Time Strategy (RTS)
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO)
  • First Person Shooter (FPS)
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: MOBA
  • Battle Royal / Survival Games (PUBG / Fortnite / etc)

Most players prefer one or two of these five types games. But some more seasoned players might like to play all these genres. For example a gamer mouse like the Logitech G303 is perfect for all types of games. On the contrary the Logitech G303 is very good for geeking at MMOs.

First person shooter (FPS)

This is one of the games that we absolutely want to gain in milliseconds of latency. Especially when we play online with possible lags of connections. Polling rate aka Refresh rate in good French is simply the speed of communication between the mouse and the computer. With a gaming mouse of this rate is only 1ms while with a standard mouse the rate is 2-3ms.

Different types of shot according to the gaming mouse

Each player has a different way of holding his mouse where he will be comfortable. So, when you choose a gaming mouse. Remember that you must choose something. It must fit your favorite type of grip. There are three types of take positions, which are generally preferred depending on the players.

Taken with the palm

In this hold, your hand is entirely resting on the mouse. If you like to feel your palms rested and comfortable, then this is probably your favorite outlet.

“Claw” socket

It is a variant of the grip with the palm and some variation. The index finger and middle finger are arched backwards. It makes a perpendicular angle to click.

Fingertip grip

Only two fingers and the thumb will touch the mouse in this type of grip. Your hand stays in the air.

Different Notions Surrounding Gaming mouse


The gaming mouse must have to be smart to meet all the player needs. Modern mouse are able to avoid recording erratic hand movements. The correction of the mouse is not always useful. Because the accuracy is largely compromised during the game.


The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in DPI (Dots per inch) or PPP(Points Per Inch). A gaming mouse may have a number of DPIs. That can range from a hundred to a dozen thousand. The higher the DPI, the faster the mouse will move on the screen. The sensitivity of the gaming mouse are very variable. There is something for all tastes in our list.


The DPI (Dots Per Inch) aka PPP (Point Per Inch) is a unit that tells us the sensitivity of an optical mouse. These are significantly higher in a gamer than basic mouse. Again, something necessary for FPS or MOBA in terms of shooting accuracy.

DPI adjustable

In addition, a gaming mouse has an DPI modifier (a wholesale switch). This DPI modifier allows you to control the sensitivity of the mouse as real (You can make your mouse more or less precise / sensitive at the moment when you use the switch). In addition, it is only with the gaming mouse. That you will see that the weight of a mouse is important. Indeed, most of the mouse on our best gaming mouse in 2019. They are delivered with small cartridges of adjustable weights to your preference.


There are two types of sensors in a mouse: optics and lasers. The optical sensor is suitable for even rough surfaces. However, works best on reflective surfaces. A laser sensor, usually returns an excellent DPI.


The ratio of the pointer speed to the speed of the hand movement defines the acceleration on a mouse. It is able to force G, where G is equal to 9.8 meters per second. Low sensitivity players have to come to terms with acceleration. That often as they require more hand movement.

Polling Rate

Polling rate refers to the rate of transfer and response between the mouse and the computer. It is measured in hertz. That varies substantially between 250-1000Hz on a gaming mouse. Since the mouse is peripheral. The data sent is processed first before acting on the screen.

Programmable buttons

Programmable buttons make mouse and keyboards more exciting. Gaming mouse usually have buttons that can be turned into hotkeys (shortcuts / macros) to perform actions much faster. For example, you can see the sniper buttons present on a specific FPS mouse.


With programmable buttons, a mouse can have a set of profile parameters. You can even specify different actions for the buttons while changing the characters in a game. With the same mouse, you can easily switch between genres and games.

Lift-Off Distance

The lift-off distance is the height. The mouse can be lifted off the surface before moving movements become unresponsive. Mouse software can be useful for adjusting take-off distances. In an e-sport type game, the take-off distance plays an important role.


And last but not least, the weight of a mouse. Few players care about it. But weight determines the level of sensation during play. Adjustable weights are a trendy concept in mouse. Fine weight adjustment helps to make predictions easier and increases accuracy.

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