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Nowadays, of course, it is very difficult for cars to actually be abandoned. However, we must have a low-carbon awareness of environmental protection. Moreover, from the exercise point of view, cycling is also a good choice. As a good citizen of bicycle control and worried about the city’s congestion, I decided to combine the experience with everyone to choose the “mountain bike” guide!

nishiki mountain bike

Mountain bikes are actually the most used car. You can ride in the city, or you can use it in the countryside or on long-distance rides. The variable speed system allows the MTB to adapt to a variety of road conditions and slopes, as well as make it easier to ride. Therefore, more and more people now choose mountain bikes. And mountain bike conversions and upgrades are more convenient, and you can even adjust your car for yourself.

Top 10 Mountain Bike Table:

NameScore(Total 5)Satisfaction levelPrice
Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike
5ACheck Price
Raleigh Mountain Bike
5ACheck Price
Schwinn Mountain Bike
5ACheck Price
Kent Mountain Bike
4.9ACheck Price
Folding Mountain Bike
4.8BCheck Price
Rigid Mountain Bike
4.9ACheck Price
Girls Mountain Bike
4.8BCheck Price
Pacific Mountain Bike
4.8BCheck Price
Magna Mountain Bike
4.9BCheck Price
Huffy Mountain Bike
4.8CCheck Price

1.29 Hardtail Mountain Bike, Black Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike

specialized hardrock mountain bike

Have to sigh, now the entry-level frame is used to effectively enhance the rigidity of the head tube, so that when the downhill more stable, more upright when the car cone when the response of the cone head design.

When we first opened the car out of the car, everyone said how it was painted in black, white, and red (over the same period in the editorial department, black and red and white painted more cars…). However, when we look closely, we find that the main body is extinction black with bright black and light. The red accents give the frame a direct rise in texture. The bright, red, and intensive stripe coating on the head part of the tube appears to be very delicate. The 27.5 words on the upper and lower tubes indicate that this is not an “ordinary 26” mountain bike.

The polygonal shape of the lower frame of the frame is clear and angular, and we can’t help but wonder if hydraulic forming technology is used. It looks full of movement. The optimized polygonal tube can effectively improve the rigidity of the frame, and does not give up the pursuit of performance and aesthetics because of its entry status. The lower tube Missile LOGO has also been redesigned, more rounded.

The forkless bridge design of the upper fork indicates that Missile has full confidence in the design and materials of the frame and does not require additional fork bridges for reinforcement. Studies have shown that the forkless bridge can increase the vertical deformation of the fork to a certain extent, thereby improving comfort. Taking into account the need for entry riders may have the need to install shelves, Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike still retains the shelf hole, but Xiao Bian felt that in the beautiful frame still left the shelf hole a bit ambiguous.

The sharp-eyed friend may have just discovered that there is no solder joint in the frame, and the aluminum alloy frame creates a carbon fiber frame shape. The overall feeling and texture of the frame are grade-shifting performances (remembering Xiao Bian’s brand introduction to the mountain The welding spot of the car is really a tear.) The axis system is BSA screw center axis, simple and reliable, easy to maintain, away from all kinds of abnormal noise troubles.

In the cabling, all the cabling in the transmission line was used, and the lower tubing under the tubing was designed to keep the transmission cord core away from environmental pollution, prolong the cycle of maintenance and replacement, and it is also very beautiful (although the overall maintenance period is long, it slightly affects the entire cabling. Variable speed feel). The three outlets of the cable outlets are all fixed with cable ties. It can be seen that the manufacturer’s assembly is still attentive.

The entire vehicle is equipped with a Shimano Deore M610 transmission kit and it is just an entry-level mountain bike. The Deore suite is known for its reliability, performance and price, and you can experience the outstanding performance of Shimano without spending too much money. Perhaps due to the consideration of control costs, the sprocket wheel was not equipped with Deore, but was equipped with a three-disc one-piece sprocket wheel.

The brakes were equipped with Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes (we sigh once again that the current riders are really happy, when the small series of a certain entry mountain bike is still only V brake …), although it is entry-level, but Shimano hydraulic disc brake superb reliability And the brake feel is not lacking linear everything, due to the characteristics of its mineral oil, basically can be regarded as “maintenance-free”, so Xiao Bian’s on-duty scooter is also the choice of this brake.

The wheel set is Missile’s own product, and we cannot obtain more information (rest assured that it is a bearing). Here is a small highlight, the base of the largest flywheel is red anode, very boring show, quite the flavor of the Sram PG 990-9 flywheel that anode red base. Assembled on the wheel set is built K1153 27.5*1.95 tires, small block continuous tread pattern indicates that this is a low roll resistance tire biased on pavement and dry sandy road surface.

Nowadays, all major brands are integrating parts of their own vehicles as much as possible. Naturally they have to keep up with the big brands. Specialized Hardrock Mountain Bike‘s control components are 3-piece seat cushions, and even the wheels are owned by Missile. SID lightweight series (this is not really a brand fork).

Considering that the front of a 29-inch mountain bike will be taller than 26-inch, a 7-degree 90-mm long stem is used for the entire vehicle, which helps to hold the front when climbing a steep slope, and does not turn backwards to “fight the plane”. The 680mm wide handlebar has a certain back-floating angle and meets the handling requirements of the 27.5-inch mountain bike. The 31.6 caliber SID seatpost uses a Ritchey-like double-nail lock design that is easy to adjust.

Since it is a mountain bike, we must of course take it in the mountains. Although it is an entry-level, the weight of its 13KG does not appear to be very heavy, and with the fork lock function, it is not very hard to climb a rocker. In the continuous bumpy road, the comfortable-oriented frame is not as shock-absorbing as the carbon fiber frame, but it is also much better than the frame of the beryllium alloy, and the tire pressure does not make people feel bad when the tire pressure is correct.

On the XC roads with branches and small gravel, the advantage of the 29-inch wheel diameter is reflected. It is no longer like the traditional 26-inch or so hide the stones and branches, directly rolling just fine, the vibration will not be like 26-inch So big; in the face of low-speed technology, it is not as dull as the 29-inch wheels. Many riders say that the 29-inch wheel diameter is less than two shores, but we think the biggest advantage of 27.5-inch is this “moderate” ( Xiao Bian 3 types of wheeled vehicles have owned, or feel that 27.5 is most suitable for their own).

Although the Shimano M315 is very durable and reliable, it is still an entry-level positioning after all. In the face of rapid downhill, it is inevitable that there will be some insufficient braking force. In addition, the continuous small tread pattern of the Jianda K1153 tire is relatively ineffective under complex road conditions. When the slope is still to slow down more carefully downhill.

The popularity of air pressure forks, We have not used the oil spring fork for a long time, riding on this equipped with an oil spring fork in the mountains and the shuttle back to the feeling of return.

Although not as lightweight as the air fork and easy adjustment, the unique linearity of the oil spring fork is not found in the low-end air fork. Although the body weight is relatively large, it does not affect the pleasure of riding on the forest road.


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2.Tokul 1 Mountain BikeRaleigh Mountain Bike

raleigh mountain bike

It has been more than twenty years since the steel frame retired from the competition stage. However, the charm of the steel frame has been increasingly precipitated with time. Today, it is Raleigh Mountain Bike.

Like a car, a header is a symbol of a bicycle body (ge). This craftsman’s breathy headline adds a lot to the vehicle.

The main frame of the frame adopts 520 steel pipe, and the strength is first-class. The drawing surface shows warm blue light at sunset, which makes it particularly noble and elegant. In the indoor environment, the frame is titanium grey, and the metal texture of steel shows a kind of Cool and beautiful, people can not stop.

The logo on the tube 520 pipe, Renyou, 520, 853 are synonymous with quality for car enthusiasts interested in steel frame.

Unlike aluminum frames, steel frames rarely “disguise” welding marks, and simplicity is naturally one of the reasons why many riders like steel frames. However, simple and natural is not equal to “rough and beautiful.” Raleigh Mountain Bike is obviously a contractor. The solder joints and headers are as exquisite as they are beautiful.

The entire vehicle adopts a traditional outside line design, which is convenient for later maintenance, and the welding of the over-line seat is also fine.

When the original alignment has penetrated rubber anti-collision particles to avoid collision with the metal wire core during daily use, the we believes that it will choose steel frame, must be a car and a taste of the riders, such protection is essential .

In the evaluation, it is rare to give a close-up of the screw hole of the bottle cage, but Xiao Bian can’t help but press it against it. The reason is also two words: exquisite. However, the vehicle only has one installation hole. For a rider with a large drinking capacity like Xiao Bian, a bottle cage is definitely not enough.

There is a small tilt angle before dialing the wire seat, which can avoid friction between the gear shift wire core and the threading seat, improving the sense of shifting hand

Speaking of shifting feel, then come talk to the Raleigh Mountain Bike. The entire vehicle is paired with the new Shimano ACERA M3000 27-speed kit. Thanks to Shimano’s “generous” technical decentralization, riders can enjoy a higher-grade shifting experience of the “year” at a lower price.

With the newly upgraded Shimano M3000 shadow dial, the ultra-narrow profile can reduce the chance of damage after rearing on the mountain. However, in appearance, the M3000 was too strong to dial plastic. Under the strong metal texture of the steel frame, no matter if it is color or texture, it is not very harmonious.

We tried to build a purely brushed silver steel frame and later discovered that it was “very good” to spicy eyes. The handlebars of the handlebars are blackened to match the colors of the tires, the forks, the brakes, the fingers, and the sleeves. The vehicle looks both simple and deep.

MISSILE FORCE SID 26-inch aluminum alloy hydraulic lock front fork, with 100mm shock stroke, black fork shoulder, outer tube and silver inner tube and the vehicle’s main body color match very well. The left fork of the fork can adjust the soft and hard of the suspension spring, and the right hydraulic structure can control the locking and opening of the fork suspension. When riding on paved roads, locking the fork can reduce unnecessary tread loss, improve climbing and cruising ability, and when riding off or downhill, open the front fork locking mechanism to allow the front fork to absorb from the road surface Shock shock. The front fork is simple, easy to set up and suitable for use by entry bikers. However, Xiao Bian found a problem in daily use.

The tilt angle of the lower frame of the frame was a little slanted. When the handlebars were oversteered, for example, the handlebars would need to be strung when removing the front wheel into the rear trunk of the car. The adjustment knob on the upper part of the frame will trip to the lower part of the frame. Although there is little impact on daily riding, it is necessary to pay attention to the protective work during daily use, especially when the car is being packed and removed.

MISSILE two Palin 26 inch (wheel diameter) mountain wheel set, round and durable leather, drums smooth degree of good, but personally speaking, Xiao Bian prefer to build it into a delicate vintage steel wagon, not Rough mountain bike.

Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brake, stable performance. The frame adopts the traditional B-pillar brake seat, which is visually simple and natural. The debugging clamp is also simple and convenient, and it conforms to the “professional quality” of a steel frame.

Five-pass welding is slightly more complex than head-pipe, but MISSILE still handles it well. The original full-vehicle transmission line is reserved for too long. When the speed is changed, the frame will be framed. After the picture is taken, Xiao Bian has properly cut it in half.

Many steel fans are also long-distance travel enthusiasts, Xiao Bian is one of them, a seemingly worn steel frame is often cherished with many beautiful memories of the journey, as the owner of the treasure. The MISSILE STEEL 3000 has a shelf hole in the rear triangle, which seems to be calling you for a walk-and-go trip.

Exquisite header
The fork bridge also needs to be polished more carefully
Supports installation of V-brake, providing more modifications possible

In general, this exquisite head-piece meets the temperament of a steel frame: glamorous metal appearance, gentle and comfortable road feeling, and stable and stable control.

If you are a steel frame fan and you are looking for a beautiful, refined and practical steel frame as a bicycle journey companion, this exquisite header is worth considering!

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3.Men‘s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels, Red)Schwinn Mountain Bike

schwinn mountain bike

Schwinn mountain bike mountain bike entry level mountain entertainment entry level, vehicle with SHIMANO M315 hydraulic brake system, double air chamber sectional lock suspension fork, Shimano ALTUS M370 transmission system, Hao Meng teeth plate, NOVATEC dual Palin hub, CST is a new lightweight aluminum alloy frame for triple tires and does not contain 12.1kg of solid weight.

The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy and processed through three suction pipes. According to the force conditions of each part, a pipe of equal wall thickness is molded into three different thicknesses, and the excess frame is removed under the premise of ensuring the strength. weight.

In terms of appearance, the vehicle uses a matte black background and is embellished with a large blue four-pointed star pattern, which is a bold painting scheme with a sword-walking front.

The paint surface is smooth and free from “wave marks”. The combination of the film-free light labeling and the matte matte texture is simple and natural. In addition to the matte black-blue painting of this evaluation, manufacturers also provide matte black and red, matte green purple, matte black green white, matte gray green blue paint for riders choose.

Despite the low price of the schwinn mountain bike as an entry car, Trinidad has not lowered the standard. The welding position of the frame head tube and the rear fork is handled in a very fine manner, giving a firm and reliable feel.

Cone-shaped head tube is used to improve handling stability and smoothness. The fully concealed bowl set reduces the number of components and is more convenient for maintenance.

Vehicle alignment adopts the popular “front-to-back-out” mode of the current entry car, namely, the front triangle inside the frame and the rear triangle outside, which not only preserves the aesthetics of the inner cabling, but also reduces the complexity of the cabling. degree. The rear brake adopts the bottom outer cabling method to facilitate the later maintenance upgrade

Remove the brakes.

The flat curved upper tube and the upper fork are theoretically more favorable for absorbing vertical vibrations

The rear triangle abandons the rear fork bridge to obtain further lighter weight and better comfort. The flat X1 rear fork also eliminates the rear shelf mounting holes. The rear triangle is designed to be extremely compact and lean. The rear stay stays only 420mm long. , to enhance the sensitivity of the back-end speed.

Shimano ALTUS M370 dial and front and rear dial, Shimano CS-M2009 11-32T flywheel, KMC Z99 chain, PROWHEEL FLINT square hole tooth plate (number of teeth: 22/32/44T), a combination of a 27-speed transmission system.

The touchpad is light and touchy, and the window design allows the entry rider to have a specific impression of the gear shift and develop good shifting habits. The fly in the ointment is that the Shimano m370 reared at high speeds and the chain was not stable. Occasionally, it bumped into the frame after bumpy roads.

Shimano M315 hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano brakes have always been known for their excellent stability, longer maintenance intervals, and good brake feel, making them suitable for entry riders. The rear brake clamp mount is designed to be positioned between the fork and the fork. This will increase the brake force feedback and reduce

Less brake resonance, and reduce the probability of the clip being collided.

In terms of wheelset, the Trinidad X1 chose NOVATEC (Jiuyu) D471/472 Shuang Pailin hub with TRINX aluminum alloy double rims, while the spokes adopt the conventional 3X knitting method, which is reliable and durable.

The new CST JACK RABBIT 26*1.95 tire is a standard gravel gravel road tire. The circular tread has lower rolling resistance and lower rolling resistance. Less riders also use it as a “mountain horse”. But it does not have deep teeth in wet dirt roads.

Become a “shaved head”, if the rider intends to go from casual to off-road, it is recommended to change the pair of more “rough” tire.

Magnesium alloy double-chamber hydraulic lock front fork is the best place for this Trinidad X1. Unlike other brands that hold a high price-to-price ratio, schwinn mountain bike is configured with the same price as the whole vehicle. Lightweight gas fork not only achieves tempting weight data, but also makes the vehicle publicity have outstanding highlights.

Can make the whole vehicle publicity have outstanding highlights.

The familiar blue valve cover and red ABS+ lock knob make people think about it. The ABS+ knob on the right side provides ten-stage locking adjustment. Unscrew the blue valve cover on the left to inflate the front fork chamber and adjust the pre-pressure. The following figure is the pressure reference table of the fork found by the author.

It is suggested that the manufacturer can print on the front fork some of the precautions of the form and daily use to facilitate the entry of the rider.

Front fork scale 1920g, compared with the same price of the entire vehicle with the hydraulic spring mechanical lock fork save nearly 500g of weight, the whole fork in addition to sectional lock and pre-pressure adjustment, there is no too much complicated adjustment The setting meets the simple, worry-free and durable needs of entry riders.

Coating is fashionable
Discard shelf mounting holes and mudguard installation positions, which is not convenient for riders who have such needs.
Body is lightweight
Price is good

Overall, the schwinn mountain bike has a modern appearance and a modern aesthetic.The overall design of the frame is compact, the back triangle stepped directly on the feedback, the flat upper fork and the rear fork bridge were canceled, which has a positive effect on the comfort of the vehicle.

The twin air chamber forks of the schwinn mountain bike are sensitive to small vibrations. The sectional locking knobs have a clear feel. The loud and clear buzzing sound can be heard for each rotating grid. After the lock is locked, the firm feel is still a “mountain horse”. The favorite of riders.In mountain bikes, Schwinn Mountain Bike is a very competitive model, both in terms of configuration and weight.

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4.Excalibur Men’s Mountain Bike, 29″ Kent Mountain Bike

kent mountain bike

Kent Mountain Bike over 8.0 mountain bike design positioning is an entry-level model. The models are equipped with SHIMANO hydraulic brake system, remote-controlled locking shock absorber front fork, SHIMANO entry-level 27-speed transmission system, UNO handlebar riser, WTB tires, Hao Meng hollow tooth plate and lightweight aluminum frame, which is At present, the mainstream of the domestic equipment.

The frame material is made of 6061 lightweight aluminum alloy, and with T6 heat treatment, Weihua (VIVA) gives users great confidence in quality. The overall painting of the vehicle mainly uses black as the main color scheme. Through the coordination of orange and white, the overall appearance is both coordinated and beautiful. The lacquer finish is dominated by conventional matte finishes, with a lined texture. The 1-1/8 to 1.5-inch head tube is an internationally popular mountain bike cone-shaped head tube, and the fitting between parts has also become very easy, and the rigidity has been improved, and the car’s playability is very wide.

Careful observation shows that the welding process between the tubes is very beautiful. The general frame welding is a conventional flat welding. In the welding position, a weld bead like “fish scale” is seen. Although it looks like metal, it is not very attractive to cover the color of the coating. The CROSSING 3500 frame is machined and smoothed at the welding position, which makes the connection between the pipes smoother and natural. It has the feeling of a carbon fiber frame. It requires careful observation to know that the frame is made of aluminum alloy.

The brake system uses the SHIMANOM 355 hydraulic disc brake. The SHIMANO brake, which has always used mineral oil as the brake oil, has a very good stability. It has a longer maintenance cycle and is suitable for use by “lazy people”. And the brake feel is good, it is also very suitable for general entry players to use. The transmission uses the SHIMANO Alivio Kit. The shift dial has a window design that shows the gear at that time. The handlebars also use aluminum alloy clips to lock the sleeves, and the sleeves are equipped with non-slip rubber particles.

The color of the washers in the bowl set is rather bright. It is not a conventional aluminum alloy but plastic. This location is not considered to be the main force. The material of the plastic gasket is exactly the same as that of a car headlight. It can ensure the strength and the color of the gasket can be more abundant.

The vehicle is using the new SHIMANO Olivio gearbox, a total of 3×9 gears, a total of 27 gear shifts. Both the beginners and the advanced riders can satisfy the tooth ratio and use a wide range of applications, and the transmission performance of SHIMANO is relatively stable, which is easy to use and saves. The biggest benefit is the design of the rear derailleur. The classic and easy-to-use hidden rear dial mechanism technology of SHIMANO has been decentralized to the Alivio shifting kit. This means that when you ride in the wild, the probability of a rear dial being damaged by collision will be Will be greatly reduced.

Can not fail to mention is the location of the welding on the body, the treatment process compared to other brands with the price of most of the need to be fine and fine, when we most concerned about the welding texture, has now been handled quite tidy, visual integration is very good. In fact, it is the use of flat welding soil processing technology to build, the original frame of the weld bead to make up and then painted, the overall visual and carbon fiber frame is almost the same.

The frame has a wide range of uses. It can be used as a light off-road vehicle or as a station wagon. Some mounting holes are already provided on the frame to allow riders to add something like a luggage rack without worrying about how Problems with installation.

A closer look at the five-passenger location reveals that the original CROSSING 3500 was an aluminum alloy frame, and that only this position did not do a flat-weld earth-filling process, revealing a “failure.” At the bottom of the position where the chainstays are connected, a perforated mounting platform is provided. Both the fenders and general footrests can be installed. The range of use of the vehicle is very wide, and the requirements of most players are taken into account in terms of details. .

The frame rear brake mount is a built-in mount and is located between the upper and lower forks. The advantage of this is that the feedback of the brake’s power is increased, the braking resonance is reduced, and the chance of collision is also reduced. The position of the upper fork end is also provided with a screw mounting hole, which facilitates the installation of conventional fenders, shelves, and the like by riders. The function of the car is greatly improved.

The front fork uses the RSTOMEGA-RL shock absorber, which has a 100mm suspension stroke, a black fork shoulder and an orange barrel, and the frame’s paintings are reflected and coordinated. The right side of the fork is a hydraulic structure with a remote, remote-controlled device mounted on the handlebars. When riding on a regular road, the front fork can be locked, and the ability to climb and cruising is greatly improved, which can save a lot of physical strength. In off-road riding, the front fork can be controlled by a remote controller to open the locking mechanism, so that the front fork can freely absorb shock from the road surface. And the structure is simple and convenient operation, daily maintenance is also very easy, suitable for entry riders use.

Riding in a light-weight off-road forest road gives us the feeling that it is solid. The quality of the bodywork can be made. The feeling of the frame gives a very real feeling. It belongs to a durable and durable type. The original black low-key painting of the vehicle was mixed and matched with white and orange colors, adding a bit of cool color, especially the paint on the front fork, and the car looked good.

The weight measured by the Kent Mountain Bike is 13.4 Kg (without foot pedal), which is equivalent to the weight of other parts, within the acceptable range. A solid vehicle is not a fragile item in general. As a player, of course, you want to get a good car with a good ride. However, the Kent Mountain Bike is such a car.

In the entry-level vehicle, the hydraulic lock front fork, 27-speed SHIMANO transmission system, 6061 aluminum alloy frame and T6 treatment, SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes, this is a good and durable representative. In the framework of the use of configuration details, but also consider the player’s multi-purpose use of the direction, in some obscure places to increase the useful features.


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5.Xspec 26″ 21-Speed Bicycle Black/White/Yellow Folding Mountain Bike

folding mountain bike

The frame weld bead was not over-polished, showing the appearance of a metal frame. There aren’t any sluts on the man. How beautiful are you when you are a soft sister?

The hydroformed diamond lower tube not only improves the visual grade, but more importantly, the diamond tube has greater moment of inertia and section modulus than the round tube. Torsion resistance while also reducing structural weight.

The rear triangle only reserved a pair of shelf mounting holes, which means that after the purchase of the shelf can only consider the clip ring type, riding on it is obviously not a good idea.

Rear brake tubing is routed for easy daily use while reducing the chance of abnormal sound

Bow-type disc brake seat, smooth tubing alignment, easy installation and adjustment of brake clips

In the front triangle, the transmission line uses the inner cabling and the rear triangle cabling. The “open” lower tubing means that the inner cabling only takes two steps: first, the core is pulled in from the entry hole, and then the five links Pulling out the core underneath is so simple and straightforward. At the same time, this “mouth” can also assume the function of the drainage hole, but what’s worse is that the length of the extension of the bottom wire seat at the bottom of this evaluation prototype is not enough, which causes the front shifting of the transmission line and the speed of the frame at the high-speed position. Feel and service life of the shift core.

Shimano SLX M7000 small set (dial, rear dial, front dial M7025 hem), Prowheel Hao Meng CLAW 26/36T sprocket wheel, KMC X11 chain, Rihui 11-40T card flywheel … … to see the manufacturers for this set of transmission system The force of the pre-recession has been used, but sometimes it is easy to use excessive force to get out of trouble. This Hao Meng tooth plate in the coating design is very accent, treading rigidity is also good, the original Rihui flywheel can really retire directly, although there is no obstacle in the compatibility, but can not be equivalent to easy to use.

The appearance of each flywheel is similar, but the distribution, materials, processing methods and accuracy of the flywheel tooth profile, upper and lower chain teeth will directly affect the variable speed efficiency and transmission efficiency. As far as the measured results are concerned, the mashup system is slightly slower and slower, and we also notice that the 26/36T sprocket wheel is matched with the 11-40T flywheel. This tooth ratio setting also declares this glory 9.1 and the high speed mountain horse. The party missed. For we, the 36-sprocket with 11-40T flywheel is sufficient to cope with most of the XC road conditions. The usage of the 26T-cranked disc is almost zero. There is no need for changing the speed. If we change it to a single-disc system, it will not only increase the practicality and increase the efficiency of transmission, but also avoid the collapse of the front frame and the weight of the vehicle. I see the Folding Mountain Bike official website found that another carbon fiber vehicle God of War 1.1 is 11 speed, indicating that Folding Mountain Bike has a clear and accurate product positioning in the market.

Good steel used in the blade, the new Shimano SLX M7000 kit can add a lot of points for the vehicle, the new SLX suite is subdivided into two systems of 10 speed and 11 speed, two systems of rear dial cable than different, not It is recommended to mix and match. After M7000 dial with a chain stabilizer, which is what we usually call the rear dial lock switch. To know that Shimano’s technology has never been feisty, we used to be the user of the old SLX M663, and in the same period of continuous rocky road downhill, the stable performance of the new M7000 rearranged interpretation of what is called technological innovation, era. Alternately, if those rocks are like ecstasy, then M7000 is a sedative for the chain. For this Folding Mountain Bike, entering the mountain is not a problem. It depends on how you play.

Shimano SLX M7000 refers to the brakes and Shimano M315 brakes together. Although it is a family, the seniority is still a bit bizarre. Is there any extravagance? In all fairness, M315 braking force and feel and post-maintenance are conscience products, but in the face of the endless stream of high-end products manufacturers and consumers continue to increase spending power and performance needs, M315 will be eclipsed. When you think that this brake has been thrown away, it can only explain two things: First, the technology has grown; second, the boss has to pay for it.

Luce F3 magnesium alloy air pressure fork, black coating, 32mm thick inner tube, 100mm suspension stroke, rear fork bridge, meet multiple wishes at once.

The left side of the fork is the air chamber structure. Unscrew the blue air nozzle cover and adjust the proper pressure according to the body weight (and riding weight) according to the air pressure reference table marked on the outer tube of the fork. If the air pressure is too high, it will As a result, the stroke of the suspension is wasted, and if the pressure is too low, the front fork will not be able to provide effective support and it will be easy to hit the bottom. The knob on the right controls the locking and opening of the front fork suspension. There are six stages of damping adjustments. When the knob is adjusted to the maximum, the front fork locks and the operation is simple and easy to use. The knobs and caps are anodized, bright colors and strong metal texture.

This Folding Mountain Bike has a total of four colors on the official website. The other three kinds of painted spokes are black, while the blue-orange and orange use a silver spoke. The manufacturer may want to show the light and beautiful visual effects. The wheel set used Fastace Fast DN619 Double Palin anode drums, running smoother and more durable than regular loose beads.

Drum Tower’s structure is rather special. We do not think that this structure has any breakthrough advantages. On the contrary, it will increase the burden of post-maintenance. Fast has already abandoned this structure on its own high-end products. If a rider removes the flywheel, he will find that there is a 2mm washer on the tower base. The washer is marked with “FOR 8S 9S 10S”. According to common sense, installing an 11-speed mountain flywheel does not require the use of washers. We remove the washers and find that the flywheel cannot be properly locked. However, if the flywheel is installed on other hubs, everything is normal. After measurement, it is found that the depth of this drum tower card slot It is about 2mm deeper than the general hub and the gasket just fills this gap.

The WTB RIDDLER is a not-so-rich carcass. The square small pellets in the middle provide good grip and mud discharge. The large beaded teeth on the sides help to increase the stability of cornering. .

Soft and comfortable rubber grip, easy to clean

The cushion is 28cm in total length and 15cm in width at the back. The effective seating space is large, and the overall cushion tends to be flat, which imposes certain requirements on the rider’s flexibility and muscle strength. The main surface of the cushion matte texture, comfortable and breathable, the bottom shell material has a good elasticity, in the bumpy road can give a hint of comfort to the hips.

Painting beautiful
lthough for cost considerations, the mix and match of the kit is understandable, but the flywheel shrinks too much and pulls down the entire vehicle grade.
The overall design is simple and generous
Late maintenance is simple
Good stability of vehicle handling, tires have good grip and mud

This is a mountain bike that can experience mountain fun. The vehicle’s real weighing scale is 12.3kg, and the frame is overall sturdy. Although the front fork function is relatively basic, both the smoothness and rigidity are worthy of recognition. As long as the proper pressure value is set, the front fork reaction is still quite sensitive, and the absorption of small shocks is also significant.

It is in place. The 22-speed transmission kit is the highlight of the vehicle. Especially the use of the Shimano SLX M7000 enhances the overall vehicle configuration. There are no problems such as dropped chains and skipped gears during actual testing. It’s a bit awkward to mix and match, but as long as you change the flywheel, or as we said, change it to a single-disc system, you can play more happily. Simple, direct, and stable is the impression that this Camp glorious 9.1 has left for you. If you are looking for a mountain bike that is cost-effective, has off-road capability, and has potential for retrofitting and upgrading later, you may wish to pay attention to this Folding Mountain Bike.



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6.26 inch Wheels, 18 inch Frame Black, Blue, Red, White – Rigid Mountain Bike

rigid mountain bike

Rigid Mountain Bike uses popular 1-1/8~1-1/5 inch speci?ed conical head tubes, tapered head tubes and ISS shock absorbers. These two technologies have been used on UCC’s high-end models before being decentralized to Dynamite3 vehicles. Above the rack is enough to reflect the sincerity of UCC, narrow and wide under the diameter of the design to make the head tube has a better rigidity, now on the market are using this conventional cone-shaped fork specifications, tapered head tube fork upgrade and reserve Space. The full-vehicle cabling design can effectively prevent rain or sediment from contaminating the core. The UCC, which is in contact with the head pipe, carefully puts on the cable protection cover to protect your car from the risk of “disfigurement”.

According to reports, the Rigid Mountain Bike frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. The use of DB suction tube technology to use axial tubes to stretch or push the tube can create tubes with different thicknesses as the tube lengthens, effectively reducing Weight, while increasing the intensity of 30%.

Semi-circular lower tube type, semi-circular structure Benefit Any part of the force, the force can be evenly spread around, so the semi-circular is more sturdy and can withstand greater pressure. The prominent logo of the lower tube is highlighted by the black coating. A few letters do not use the general paint finish. UCC’s new bicycle coating upgrade technology, PORT particle optical reflective technology, can effectively improve the nighttime ride. Security.

When PORT particle optical reflective technology rides at night, the reflective coating will reflect the light from the motor vehicle to improve the visibility of the car in the dark environment. This high-tech PORT particle reflective coating application in the head tube, It can be used in places such as down pipes and risers, and its reflective effect is remarkable.

The five-pass is a place where trampling rigidity is experienced. UCC’s treatment at this location is not the least lax and sloppy. It is not the same as the welding process of the head pipe after grinding. There is no excessive modification of the welding mouth to keep the fish scales tidy. Welding lines, five-step pedaling force output is very straightforward and does not drag mud and water feeling, stepping on a very solid step uphill to give riders greater confidence.

The outlet of the inner cabling passes through the five-way “abdomen” and is fixed by the clips. The firmness of the wire is not easy to loosen. In this “hard-hit area” in which rain and cement and soil are contaminated, the use of a full-line design of the clips can prevent muddy rain from attacking to a certain extent, and using the principle of gravitational force, the rainwater will flow along the curved pipe and will not remain in the pipeline. Above, the design is very clever.

After we talked about the five links, we took a look at the upper part of the upper fork. After the fork took advantage of the UCC patented ISS shock-absorbing upper fork technology, the upper fork used an elliptical pipe, and the small flat tube effectively utilized the elasticity and deformation of the metal itself. Vibration, high-speed through some rugged road conditions can experience the benefits of this design, the fork bump significantly reduced a lot.

Standpipe mounting holes are reserved at the junction of the riser and the fork, and a shelf can be added to convert it into a long-distance tourer. Adaptability is greatly increased and not limited to mountain cross-country use.

The vehicle is equipped with SR XCR32 AIR remote locking front fork, 32mm diameter 100mm shock stroke, oil and gas structure, manual lock, rebound speed function, and 11 grid rebound speed is adjustable, the player will soon Can find the right rebound speed. SR XCR32 air pressure front fork upgrade configuration, in the performance has been improved, the first half slightly linear, to the mid-range has improved a lot of flexibility, the back end is also a good support, the overall performance is remarkable, is a Get started with a good fork. The 70.5 degree combat head pipe angle makes U look overbearing.

The SR remote control installation is simple and reasonable, and the front fork locking operation can be completed quickly without climbing the body when climbing, and the remote control button is marked with an unlocking and locking pattern to effectively reduce the occurrence of misoperation. The line control feels light and smooth and the resistance is small. The thumb can be pressed to complete the locking operation.

Dynamite 3.0 uses the Shimano Deore M610 30-speed middle cover. The Deore package is a representation of durability, performance, and price. Its excellent performance and low price have already penetrated the hearts of the people.

With Shimano M355 hydraulic brakes, Shimano M355 brakes with mineral oil have a very stable working cycle. During the test, we let the M355 use violence and remain committed to the job. The stability is second to none and the long standby time (maintenance period). , so that riders can rest assured that use, eliminating the trouble of regular maintenance.

The front of the vehicle is occupied by all kinds of wire tubes and it seems to be messy. In the later period, it can be considered to be simplified through the integration of the ring, and further improve the appearance and neatness of the front end. 80mm 31.8 large diameter handlebar and 6061 aluminum alloy straight, constitute a standard XC riding angle, 620mm length straight to make the shoulders can be a good stretch, direct and flexible when you go down the mountain, use straight handle is also conducive to climbing hair Force, in line with XC to climb the main riding style.

UCC custom ergonomic grip, the front end uses a diamond array pattern to increase the friction between the finger and the cover, the back end use UCC embossed LOGO can buffer the handlebar bring vibration to improve the palm grip comfort, segmented pattern Both wear resistance and non-slip design can be taken into account. From this it can be seen that UCC spends a lot of time on the details.

Selle Royal SETA sports seats are affixed with the UCC trademark. Selle Royal SETA seat cushions are common in many vehicles in the market, and they still maintain the same level of performance as Selle Royal. The elastic tail is very supportive to the ischium, and the middle of the seat cushion is specialized. A pressure relief groove is provided for the sensitive area, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the sciatic nerve and improve riding comfort.

In terms of wheelset, Dynamite3 used NOVETEC 24-hole Jiuyu finished wheel set with straight-pull adjustable flat wind-breaking spokes to combine low wind resistance with high strength. Straight-pull spokes are more direct than ordinary curved spokes, and the wheels are more rigid. The NOVETEC trademark uses a laser engraving process.

When off-road, the rims have no fear of “attack” by splashing stones. The appearance of the rims remains as bright as ever. The six-pin disc mount is compatible with all the same-size discs on the market. Players can choose their favorite discs to reserve more upgrade space for the later stage.

KENDA K-1109 26×2.0 tires, texture design and 1047 “small eight” is almost the same, the tire is horizontally arranged by the connection of eight square blocks, providing low drag and high rolling potential of riding performance, suitable for mild Off-road or “mountain horse” use. Off-road performance, to deal with the dry topography of soft-hard soil is K-1109 strength, as there are some complex road surface K-1109 with larger stones and roots will appear when the grip is insufficient slip, of course, a light off-road positioning Tire, we let it run too complicated road also does a little out of the “use range”, for the less difficult XC road conditions, KENDA K-1109 can still handle it.

Vehicle use Deore middle cover
In addition to the off-road use of the 40T market is not high, it is recommended to be more perfect
SR XCR32 AIR Front Fork
NOVETEC straight pull drum wheel set
Configure balanced components

Selling point: Although it is now 27.5 rounds of the world, but for 26-inch mountain bikers, the 26-inch wheel diameter is flexible, mature and comfortable. Therefore, the 26-inch wheel mountain bike still has its existence value. It has not been replaced since 27.5, and it is still deeply favored by entry players.

Suitable for mountain bike entry users, 26-inch loyal fans, high balance of configuration and playability


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7.Full Suspension Bicycle (24-Inch) Girls Mountain Bike

girls mountain bikeIt’s really cool for girls to put on hot pants with drug rug to ride a mountain bike.

So,Girls Mountain Bike With the popular pop head tube design, the surface of the solder joint at the head tube joint is artificially polished, and it feels silky and smooth. It is thought that it is a carbon fiber frame. The upper and lower head pipes are directly welded together to reinforce the effect, further increasing the strength of the head pipe and adapting to the increasing cruel riding style.

The frame pipe is treated by a special suction pipe. The pipe shape gradually changes from an inverted triangle to an ellipse and extends all the way to the rear fork. The line gives a beautiful feeling. The frame gives a feeling of rigidity and softness. The thick square lower pipe is also Providing good rigidity for the vehicle, the power transmission is more direct. If you want to score for the appearance of BGirls Mountain Bike, I will score 8 points for 10 points.

The table marked with metal elements in the upper tube is very similar to the M5 frame of the year.

At the junction of the upper tube and the riser, BATTLE uses a cylindrical tube to reinforce it, making this place a reinforced inverted triangle, which increases the strength of the upper tube and can withstand greater impact forces.

“Y” type rear fork, any subtle vibration can be fed back to the driver directly in the first time, so that drivers can make adjustments according to changes in road conditions.

The “fish scale” type solder joints on the five links are plump and tidy. The solder joints here have not undergone special treatment. There is a strong contrast with the smooth welding of the head pipe. Individuals still tend to five links and should keep the “fish scale” solder joints. The “fish scale” solder joint looks more solid. The use of the BSA screw mounting method in the middle axle reduces the difficulty of player maintenance compared to the press-in axle, and the rider can easily maintain it at home.

The rear mounting bracket of the rear frame of the frame is disposed at the inner position of the upper and lower forks, and the caliper can be directly installed, saves the weight of the conversion seat, effectively reduces the resonance noise generated during braking, provides direct feedback of the braking force, and reduces the caliper. The chance of accidental collision.

ROCK SHOX 30G 27.5 Pneumatic fork, 28.6mm pipe diameter provides good rigidity for the front fork, 100mm stroke is enough to cope with most XC road conditions, and the front keeps attacking angle.

This 30G fork is a shoulder-lock version. When you need to lock it, you can use the blue knob on the fork and shoulder to complete the locking action. The operation is very convenient. There is an official barometer attached to the left fork leg, allowing riders to quickly set the front fork pressure according to their weight. This should be praised for the humanized design of ROCK SHOX.

German lineage MAGURA MT2 brakes, brakes using CARBOTECTURE high-tech carbon fiber composite materials, compared to aluminum alloy, it has a lighter weight advantage, but also to ensure the use of strength, the use of Royal mineral oil to make the disc brake maintenance cycle longer, not Need regular maintenance and maintenance. The braking force is very clear with the soft tipping point, and the brakes will not feel tired when the brakes are applied frequently for a long time.

The XT M8000 11S and PROWHEEL 36T monocoque mashups allow riders to fully experience the fun of riding in the 11S, the 11-42T flywheel provides a fine and wide range of tooth ratios, and optimized tooth ratio can maintain a uniform ride while climbing steep slopes. Frequency rhythm, 42T tooth ratio allows a small series of legs can easily climb, saving a lot of energy to fully experience the fun of climbing.

The M8000 has a lot of small round grooves at the shift lever. With the help of these grooves, the friction force is greatly increased, and the thumb slipping situation is reduced in harsh environments. The new XT M8000 has a noticeable improvement in the shifting speed, and bid farewell to the previous “soft” problems. After dialing with a chain stabilization system, increase the rear dial damping to reduce the chain jump.

Its own three-piece set, 660mm horizontal to 100mm angle attack full, is conducive to climbing and cradles force

The middle part of VELO cushion is provided with a groove to reduce the pressure of the sensitive part. The large tail can support the ischium and there will be no soreness when riding for a long time. The tail has a large area of ​​non-slip lines, and even if the legs are swung in the legs, the hips can still fit tightly against the seat cushion.

The wheelset uses a special balanced 2X code, similar to the crankbrothers wheelset method, with a higher intensity at the same location, and a fancy appearance in line with the style of individuality and style. The 27.5-inch passability has a good experience on this BATTLE 8350. Some roots or small gaps can be easily passed during cycling without slowing down. This provides enough for the driver to pass through complex road sections. confidence.

The tire uses Continental RACE KING 2.0. The exaggerated triangular tread provides low roll resistance while maintaining grip. High-speed cornering provides sufficient grip to allow the tire to grip the soft soil and is not slippery. The wide spacing of the tread pattern makes it difficult for dirt to accumulate on the surface of tires and improves the mud discharge in bad conditions. As a XC tire horse brand, it also has a good reputation among car lovers.


Riding experience

Girls Mountain Bike frame exaggerated reinforcement and excellent frame work, in appearance is very flattering, in addition with XT M8000 11S transmission system is also a major bright spot, with 42T powerful big flywheel let Xiaobian dishes Legs can also be easily climbed and climbed, making cart uphill history.

In terms of downhill performance, Girls Mountain Bike has a high degree of flexibility and passability. Facing some roots and small gaps, the body can easily experience 27.5 good passability.

Girls Mountain Bike configuration with all aspects of balance, ROCK SHOX air pressure front fork, Shimano XT M8000 11-speed transmission system, Xin Yuan Hong wheel group, Continental RACE KING 2.0, etc., the overall price is superior.



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8.Derby Mountain Bike, 18-Inch/Medium Pacific Mountain Bike

pacific mountain bike

Pacific Mountain Bike adopts the current fashion cone head pipe and built-in wiring design. The profile of the head pipe and the upper pipe joints are full of special shapes. The paint water glitters under the light reflection and it is very high-end, which makes people have a pleasant feeling.

The frame is made of TC 2.0 carbon fiber material. In combination with Gale’s unique ERG Ultra Responsive Geometry, the head pipe angle is optimized to make the control more sensitive. The interior of the frame uses carbon fiber wall and PU inner mold. Polyurethane molding technology, we can not see the frame inside the gale is also full of material without any sloppy, diamond-shaped tube on the tube seems to be stout and domineering.

Since it is the gale of the wind, how can we lack the signature of Uncle Martin of the Gale-sponsored driver? Placing the driver’s signature on the shelf is the most conspicuous place. This shows that the gale has attached great importance to him.

From another point of view, I would like to admire the signature of this extremely forcible rider. Under the black primer, the white lettering is no longer an adjective, but the signature of the rider on the frame is also worth showing off. Can satisfy some riders signature vanity

The lower tube is equipped with two bottle cage mounting positions. For those who prefer to go to the XC party, they can put the kettle here to reduce the burden on the backpack. The kettle rack is also very convenient to pick up during riding and can be thirsty at any time. Supply replenishment anywhere.

At the bottom of the pipe, there are over-line seats for the oil pipes. The frame provides both external and internal cabling for everyone to choose from. Players can choose the cabling method according to their preferences and provide a “double route” design concept. The market is rare, so we can see that the gale is humane on the details of the frame. It is praiseworthy to truly consider things from the player’s point of view rather than blindly following the trend.

The transition between the frame standpipe and the rear fork uses a flat tube shape to make the transition, fully utilizing the carbon fiber characteristics to absorb the vibrations transmitted from the rear fork, and using the “work” shaped reinforcing bar to effectively enhance the rigidity of the fork. In the actual test, Xiao Bian deliberately selected some of the board road conditions for testing. As a result, the shock absorption of the rear fork was satisfactory, and the rear fork vibration forks were able to be fully received, providing good stability for the vehicle and avoiding unnecessary beating. Drivers can concentrate more on handling complex road conditions.

As one of the important parts of rigidity, the five-pass has a direct impact on the pedaling efficiency. The Pacific Mountain Bike five-way thickness reaches 73mm, which effectively ensures that the rigid pedaling output and the pedaling power of each foot can be transmitted to the transmission without any reservation. In the system, this is particularly important for pedaling XC shelves.

The asymmetrical fork design is compatible with rigidity and strength, and the rear dialing position is just right, and the simple and straight line is reasonable.

Non-drive side rear fork reserve tubing outlet position, select the outside or inside the line to choose from, get this car Martin T+ uses a simple direct external line design, Xiaobian that the use of external lines is more conducive to The brake routine maintenance is more popular than the tedious installation method of the inner cabling, and the brake oil tubing is completely sealed, and there is no fear of the pollution of rain and mud, so the outer cabling has little effect.

The direct-mounted disc brake seats, which are nowadays liked by the XC frame, save the weight of the conversion seat and transmit the braking force more directly and evenly. The hidden design can also effectively reduce the risk of the caliper accidentally being impacted.

MAGURA MT2 brakes use royal mineral oil, which is stable and eliminates the trouble of frequent maintenance. The brake feel is clear with a soft tipping point and the brake control accuracy is high.

Pacific Mountain Bike uses a Shimano M8000 2*11 conventional system, with 28-38T teeth and 11-40T flywheel teeth ratios. In this age of all-people single-disc, dual-disc is a bit of a burden; originally 26-inch wheels with the largest flywheel 40T and sprocket 38T discs have been able to meet the needs of steep slopes and teeth ratios. In the era of 11-speed mountain bikes, the double-disc sprocket wheel is extraordinarily useless. At the same time, the heavy gear is also inconvenient in off-road use. .

We suggest that players can remove the small disk and the front dial and convert it into a 1X single-disc system at a later stage. When the weight is reduced, other low-usage gears can be removed.

This generation of Deore XT M8000 kit, after a period of use experience, the dial shift feel and rear dial response speed is better than the previous series, a change in pointing the feeling of weakness, and also follow the use of the previous retraction continuous release Function, when the thumb is adapted to the strength and timing of the retracting mechanism, combined with stamping to cooperate, the continuous retraction function can exert the greatest power. When the special chain is still in the low-speed flywheel position, it needs continuous retraction to accelerate. The thumb only needs to press the bottom retracting motion to quickly shift across the two gears instead of pressing the back-shift dial twice. This greatly speeds up the speed of the quick reverse shift, shortens the shift time, and effectively improves the shift efficiency.

In the shock absorber system, Pacific Mountain Bike uses VAXA aluminum-magnesium alloy fork 100mm shock stroke, the left fork shoulder soft and hard adjustment knob, the front fork knob for the non-polar adjustment, a total of a semi-adjustable range, the knob turned to feel Slightly dry and more laborious. Clockwise direction makes the fork rear end richly supportable, and the front fork reacts positively in the counterclockwise direction to be more sensitive to small shocks. Players can adjust the damping conditions according to the road conditions and the soft and hard demands.

In addition, the front fork uses the wire-controlled lock button, the player’s finger does not need to leave the handle bar, and the front fork can be locked or opened, and the operation is very convenient.
M8000 transmission system
There is a lot of room for improvement in vehicle weight
MAGURA MT2 brake
Players with performance requirements can upgrade the fork
Carbon fiber frame
Double disk sprocket, it is recommended to later remove the small disk to retain the market to convert to a single disk system

Selling point:

As the XC positioning Pacific Mountain Bike vehicle, it uses accessories such as the Jiuyu Palin hub, Mavic319 rims, Maxxis Pace tires XC riders familiar accessories, the use of self-produced wheel repair later than the finished wheel group has more advantages. Maxxis Pace’s tread pattern is similar to that of the Jianda 1010 “Little Eight” pattern. It has characteristics such as low rolling resistance and light weight. However, because the tread pattern is dense and shallow, the sludge and grip are slightly poorer, and some sludge and floating road sections can be dealt with. There are some things that cannot be done.

The Pacific Mountain Bike “Cockpit” uses a UNO 90mm handle with a 630mm straight handle. The anti-mounted handle tilts the nose downwards, which helps to distribute the center of gravity when climbing and reduce the upward tilt of the car. Gold size, flexible control for entry-level players, full carbon fiber frame, late gameplay, rich in playability.



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9.Silver Canyon 24″ 18-Speed Bicycle Magna Mountain Bike

magna mountain bike

Magna Mountain Bike uses a 1.5-in. cone head pipe on 1 1/8 lower. The tapered head pipe provides excellent head stiffness for the SWOOP PRO. The appearance of the tapered head pipe quickly becomes the standard for mountain bikes.

The Magna Mountain Bike frame uses T800 high modulus carbon fiber material and applies the exclusive patented NJW inner wall wrinkleless molding process to reduce the impact of stress concentration on the frame and to achieve the best balance of rigidity and durability.

Thick, thick, diamond-shaped lower tube type provides good support for the frame

At the junction of the upper tube and the riser, a flattened tube design was applied and cushioned with carbon fiber deformation. The tilting angle of the rear fork directly connected to the riser is not adjusted excessively, and the sense of the road is more directly conveyed, thereby reducing the attenuation of power transmission in the stepping process. Benefits of integrated connection processing can give the player a clear and direct feedback on the rear wheels, allowing them to master the dynamics of the rear wheels and adjust the center of gravity immediately. However, this design also has the disadvantage that the rear fork and the standpipe are directly connected and cause the rear fork to be too bumpy. Affects the downhill stability of the vehicle.

In the “hard-tailed mountain bike”, the fork rigidity and bumping buffer are never the same for fish and bear’s paws, requiring the player to take extra care and time to adapt.

The Magna Mountain Bike frame reserves a straight-mounted front derailleur over the five-way installation. The front derailleur passes through the right side of the frame head tube and enters the five-pass position. The internal route design can extend the service life of the line tube. Feel. Personal advice is to add a rubber stopper at this place to prevent rain and cement from entering the interior of the frame and causing contamination.

In this single-disk era, even if you do not plan to install forward dialing, it is better to leave the installation space before dialing than before. Even if you do not need to dial, you can install a small chain linker here to reduce the chance of dropping the chain.

The detachable front dial installation module is perfectly compatible with the straight-mounted front dial and the traditional clip ring front dial, fully taking into account the different needs of the players, this ergonomic design is not common in other frames

The huge square five-pass can directly and quickly transfer the trampling power. As a five-pass vehicle for positioning the competition level, the five-way must have a hard treading feedback. In order to test its five-rigidity, we specially chose the stove hill climbing section for testing. From the toll station to the summit platform, the total length is 2.4KM. The elevation climbs more than 200 meters. In the continuous curve, the Magna Mountain Bike five-way provides excellent for us. With stepping efficiency, no matter how hard it is to crank or sit in the car and use cadence climbing, each pedaling force can be quickly transmitted to the wheel set through five links and then converted into forward kinetic energy. The treading efficiency is quite satisfactory.

The frame rear fork and claws use an integral design to increase the strength and rigidity of the rear triangle while reducing the weight

The brake pipe alignment leads to the caliper installation position on the non-drive side through the rear fork. The length of the pipe control is appropriate to reduce the impact of the long pipe feel and keep the appearance clean. The hidden disc brake seat is directly integrated into the frame. Make the braking force more direct and even.

Shimano XT M8000 1X transmission system, 34T wide and narrow tooth technology disk and hollow integrated crankset with 11-40T flywheel, rich tooth ratio can adapt to a variety of road conditions. The rear dial is equipped with a damper switch. When the switch is lowered, the switch can effectively reduce the amount of bouncing and then jump to achieve a stable chain entry. However, when the damper switch is turned on, it also makes the shift feel too hard. The use of the function also depends on the bumpy condition of the road surface.

XT M8000 refers to the addition of a number of anti-slip grooves at the shift lever. The actual test proved that it is easy to shift gears without wearing gloves or sweating on the fingers, effectively reducing the occurrence of slipping when the thumb shifts. Shimano is dialing The improvement on the pole is full of sincerity.

Stable performance Shimano Deore brakes are cheap and outstanding performance, have a good reputation in professional entry-level brakes. The brakes are powerful and powerful.

The critical points are clearly and well controlled. If you insist on picking up the bones above the brakes, you can say that replacing the XT series brakes will make the configuration more integrated and look more harmonious (the reduction in weight and feel Change is really insignificant…).

For Shimano Deore XC positioning models, the braking force is enough to cope with daily cycling and competition intensity. Because XC riding does not require high front brake force, it is sufficient to use a 6-inch disc, but this is SWOOP PRO. The XC is accompanied by a 7-inch front disc to increase the front brake force, and gently pinching the front brake force is not conducive to the control of the car before the downturn, so it is recommended to replace the 6-inch disc is more reasonable.

In terms of shock absorber system, Magna Mountain Bike is equipped with FOX F100 CTD fork, classic FOX white fork color, climbing style, forest mode, downhill mode three damping settings and rebound speed adjustment, players can according to riding road conditions To set the front fork damping hard and soft.

The F100 CTD uses a 15mm barrel quick-release lever to significantly improve the stiffness of the traditional 9mm quick-release lever front fork. This is especially true when the front-wheel-guidance and the rigidity of the front drop are significantly improved, allowing the player to feel confident in the downhill slope.

The 27.5-inch wheel diameter SWOOP PRO wheel set consists of a 26-mm wide Cass aluminum alloy rim, a Dokas hub and 2.0 diameter spokes. The strength and weight of the 2X cross weaving method are well balanced. It is worth mentioning that the Cass rear hub uses a high-density ratchet design. When the flywheel is stepped on, the engagement between the ratchets is very tight, and the phenomenon of “empty riding” caused by the excessive engagement angle of the ratchet wheel does not occur.

The drum shell body adopts the CNC cutting process, and the laser engraving of the Doss logo, the use of CNC cutting and a large number of hollow weight reduction between the hub flange and the spoke hole, it can be seen that this hub spent a lot of thought on the workmanship.

In addition to the excellent wheel set, the tire uses a 27.5-inch wide-ranging Marquis CROSSMARK 2.1 tire. This tire is known by the riders as a “cross-feet” because of its unique tread pattern.

The middle “cross-shaped” tread pattern is in the sand. Or a relatively complex terrain can provide a good grip, in the face of forcing a transformation line or rough rolling through it can be competent, is a rare XC good tires, is also the way the mountain players on the XC track select.

FUNN 90mm handle, 690mm small angle Yan corresponding to the appropriate width of the shoulder width of the right, the small angle Yan to use in the sharp bend in high-speed bending and easy to use, 690mm to reduce the horizontal length of the shoulder can be effectively stretched to increase the stability of the upper body , get better balance when rubbing terrain with tree roots.

Italian Selle Royal SETA ergonomic cushions, the use of wear-resistant and tensile PU fabrics can increase the life of cushions, FLEX elastic foaming fillers provide the most comprehensive support for players.

Overall vehicle configuration is fairly balanced for competition use
Front brake uses 7-inch discs resulting in excessive braking force
The vehicle can be put into use right away
Downhill front brake control requires special attention to avoid light
No later changes or upgrades are required
The frame rear fork off-road bombs skipped in a direct sense of bad for controlling the bumpy feeling of the car

The Magna Mountain Bike vehicle has become a fierce racing machine with its excellent five-way rigidity and a series of high performance components such as the FOX F100 CTD and the Shimano XT M8000.

Magna Mountain Bike’s competitive positioning is clearly defined and balanced. If you are a player who does not compromise on the car’s performance, congratulations on finding the organization.



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10.Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mg Alloy Huffy Mountain Bike

huffy mountain bike

Huffy Mountain Bike is an entry-level mountain bike with twin-tube lightweight frame, in-body cabling, SHIMANO hydraulic disc brake system and SHIMANO 27-speed transmission, SUNTOUR XCM hydraulic lock fork, official suggested retail price In 1998, the value of this car is not worth starting with? Let’s take a closer look.

6061 aluminum alloy double suction pipe lightweight frame, to ensure strength while subtracting excess weight. In terms of welding strength and cost considerations, the weld bead is not overly crafted. The overall appearance is smooth, and it can be seen that the designer is actually human. In addition to mention a detail, bestlife4us received after the car found that after the brake and transmission system has been debugged, I do not know the manufacturers are each car will be fine-tuned and then packaged, or for the delivery of test vehicles specially care?

The frame adopts the current popular standard cone head tube, which has high strength and stable operation. After the maintenance of the bowl, it is not difficult to find repair parts

The body coating is extinction-treated and no glare is caused by sunlight. The paint design is low-key and reserved, and the classic black and gray color scheme is not the oldest at any time. The flat upper tube has the advantage: When you are tired, the ass can rest comfortably on it, provided you don’t want the sun to burn the frame too hot. The connection between the lower tube and the head tube is unusually thick and the tube section is triangular in shape. Everything is for strength and safety.

The back triangle adopts a large number of rugged aluminum alloy pipes to ensure that each driving force can be accurately conveyed. After the fork hits the flat and the fork bends, it can improve the comfort of the aluminum frame to some extent. Taking into account that there may be various needs for entry riders, there are shelf mounting holes reserved for the rear triangle of the frame, and occasional exits do not require modification of the week. Here to the manufacturer to make a small proposal, for the riders who do not install shelves on weekdays, manufacturers can attach a pair of rubber plugs in the original car, usually plug the shelf installation hole with a plug, both beautiful and can prevent the infiltration of rain and sand.

The traditional threaded five-way, stable performance, is not easy to produce abnormal sound, and future maintenance and upgrading is also more simple. In contrast, the way the rear brake tubing is routed is more complicated: the tubing is routed in the front triangle section of the frame, and then passes through the bottom of the lower tube, and the outer cabling is connected to the rear clamp; Concise.

But considering that this car is for beginner riders, if you want to upgrade the brakes and dispose of the original brakes, you need to repeatedly disassemble and fill the tubing, so that not only can maintain the good relationship between the riders and the car shop , You can also create income for the car shop … Well, just a little, it is recommended that manufacturers use the outside line in the factory settings, set aside inside the alignment hole, both inside and outside will be more friendly?

Three sets of handlebars use their own products, color coordination. Three sets are made of 6061 aluminum alloy forged, the strength is guaranteed. The use of cross-cuts can improve handling stability, and is very useful for entry riders, especially those who are not very skilled riders.

The aluminum alloy clip ring locks the handle, and the gripping area uses stripe rubber. The handle is quite comfortable, and the daily cleaning and maintenance becomes simple. The stopper is made of aluminum alloy material, which is resistant to falling, scraping, and durability. It reminds you of those badly worn handles. Xiao Bian can not help but burst into tears. Glazes does not cut corners on the details because it is an entry model. This shows that the attitude of manufacturers to treat products must be liked here.

SUNTOUR Santo XCM spring fork, once a standard entry for riders, the new XCM front fork feel and rigidity and durability have a qualitative leap. 30mm diameter, 100mm stroke, comes with hydraulic lock function, the left knob can be adjusted according to the weight of the driver preload, the right knob to control the shock opening and locking, the structure is simple and easy to use, there is no bells and whistles, stable performance, reliable quality The only regret is that the weight of 2600g is a bit too solid.

For the transmission system, the Huffy Mountain Bike uses the SHIMANO ALTUS’ 27-speed transmission kit with a Haun BURNER integrated tooth plate. Pointing to a window with numbers is very useful for entry riders. At least there will be no white riders to ask: There are nine flywheels, but why can only eight? In the actual off-road test, the SHIMANO ALTUS kit did not have the phenomenon of chaotic chain stalls due to jitter.

Occasionally there was not enough rear dial tension, and the chain hit the back fork. It was only occasionally. The three-disc setting brings a wide tooth ratio, and the food leg can find its own rhythm. Although the test for a period of time does not show durability, Xiao Bian used this kit to go long distance. It crossed the Dabie Mountain and challenged the Sichuan-Tibet line. Now it is at home and the coffin commutes. The speed change is still It’s easy to use, as long as it is carefully maintained, I have confidence in it in terms of durability!

Working on the brakes to cut corners and materials is tantamount to seeking financial harm. Huffy Mountain Bike uses the SHIMANO M315 hydraulic disc brakes with SHIMANO original locking discs to provide a stable braking force, although the original SHIMANO discs are used for light weight and price Can be described as thankless, but there are always some brands are so “willful.”

The installation position of the rear brake is set on the rear fork of the frame. It is a direct-mounted design. The brake seat is integrally formed with the rear fork and the two ends are welded directly to the rear fork and the rear fork. This design reduces welding. It is theoretically possible to increase the overall strength of the brake seat, the responsiveness of the brakes, and the braking effect. The Huffy Mountain Bike is just an entry point for use on the frame of those heavy duty children.

The designer is kind but not too rigid. The back of the brake seat is hollowed out to reduce some of the weight that can be reduced

MAXXIS Maggies PACE tires with fine teeth, suitable for mixed roads, slippery mud roads or forested roads with dead leaves

The rims are dual-star OEMs, and they have been spoke for a long time. The factory has compiled SHIMANO 32-hole locking hubs. Although the performance of the wheel sets is not excellent, but it is durable and waterproof, it is already very good. As an entry-level mountain vehicle, if I was paired with a pair of “CNC cutting rims, breaking wind spokes, ultra-light ultra-super-super-calibrated Palin wheel set,” I absolutely did not dare to enter the mountain.

The characteristics of Huffy Mountain Bike are mainly embodied in the handling. In the downhill of the gravel road, the stability of the front is much better than expected. The body of the Huffy Mountain Bike does not experience severe jitter during braking. For beginners, this is This means that the choice of route can be more relaxed, with more confidence and more fun for a mountain bike.

The actual weight of the vehicle is 14.5kg. The pedaling feels tough, but it is limited by the greater weight. It still seems a bit difficult to handle in the face of a long climb. Large scales for eating scales are mainly forks and wheel sets. They are places where riders will sooner or later move after reaching a certain level. Manufacturers do not steal light in these two areas, but choose more solid parts and accessories so that riders can enjoy themselves in the mountains. Refreshing for a while and then considering upgrading, so bestlife4us call it “into the mountains of the entry mountain bike.”

Good quality
Rear brake pipe alignment, inconvenient for maintenance and upgrading
Focus on strength and safety
To be properly lightweight
Reasonable configuration
Solid and durable
Steady control
Excellent braking performance

In general, the Huffy Mountain Bike mountain bike will enable the entry rider to experience off-road fun, and will positively guide riders to the pure mountain bike route. High quality, durable and durable are the reasons for choosing it.

If we can further optimize the alignment and weight, it is believed that it will be more easily accepted by the public riders.

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