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Digital technology products have occupied all aspects of life. For young people in the new era, the pursuit of personality is always the same topic. Under this demand, there will naturally be a lot of featureful Bluetooth Printer products. Today, we have to say this is such a “Bluetooth Printer” that is worth playing! It combines the needs of the era of mobile Internet,using traditional thermal printing in everyday life.It can print the effect of 3D Spartan Helmet and creating interesting play.

We are familiar with office printing. No matter if it is a company with hundreds of thousands of companies or a working group of 3-5 people, there will always be such a printing device, but for some judicial, banking, insurance, retail For those who often need to go out and document and contract need to print anytime and anywhere, they also want to have a printer that can be taken away. Many manufacturers introduce portable printers for such users, from Bluetooth to wireless direct connection, so that mobile office is not.Even if you ride a mountain bike, you can easily take them out.

bluetooth printer

As smart mobile devices become more and more popular, people’s ways of acquiring and storing information are no longer limited to the PC side, but to smart phones and tablet computers, which are more portable and use more fragmented devices. The print link in the traditional office is still indispensable for meetings, reports, presentations, and exchanges. So is there an “affordable and affordable” printer that can meet the application needs of these scenarios? The answer is yes.

Top 10 Bluetooth Printer list:

NameRecommended Score(10)ValuePrice
1.S8 Tattoo Stencils Windows Android Compatible - Bluetooth Printer
10BestCheck Price
2.Square and Shopify Register Hardware Bundle Compact- Bluetooth Receipt Printer
10BestCheck Price
3.Star Micronics TSP650II BTi 39449871 Bluetooth Desktop Receipt Printer
10BestCheck Price
4.Canon IVY Wireless Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer (Rose Gold)
10BestCheck Price
5.Scangle Newest White Wireless Bluetooth Thermal
9BetterCheck Price
6.Woosim Systems Mobile Bluetooth Printer
8BetterCheck Price
7.Bluetooth Wifi Thermal Printer Symcode with Cutter
9GoodCheck Price
8.Canon TS9120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier
7BetterCheck Price
9.HP ENVY Photo 7155 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing
8GoodCheck Price
10.ZKTeco Mini Wireless Bluetooth Printe - Portable Personal Printer
7BetterCheck Price

1.S8 Tattoo Stencils Windows Android Compatible Bluetooth Printer


printer test page

This time I was fortunate enough to get the new product introduced by this merchant: GT1, the packaging box is very small and fresh, and the simple design can make one fall in love. The back of the box is a description of some parameters, of course, there are bright illustrations on this product. This product can be used to connect mobile phones via Bluetooth. In addition to printing some designs, it can also deliver “voice notes”. It can be said to be full of creative ideas and is very suitable as a gift for female tickets.

Open the package, you can see this business is not a big volume, compact body can easily go out to carry. The front is cute and this business logo, others don’t have much redundant content. The accessories are also very simple, with a roll of printing paper and a mini power cord. This type of product is generally not equipped with a charging head, because there is no need for much, this business can be charged directly with the mobile phone charging head, can also be inserted into the computer to charge.

What is interesting is that this merchant has specially designed the “replaceable panel” function in order to satisfy everyone’s pursuit of individuality! The panel and body are removable and can be removed with one touch. Friends who like other panels can go to the official website to purchase different versions. It is also good to change the mood one day.

The design on the back is not complicated either. You can open the rear paper storage bin by toggling the paddle (I just thought that it was a battery compartment, and the result was later discovered not to be…). The factory is built a roll of printing paper, if used directly after the purchase of the official website on it. The supplies of this business can be said to be very cheap! This “small cost” can bring a lot of fun, and I personally feel that it is very valuable.

This business has a built-in lithium battery that can print 8 rolls of paper in 2 hours! And charging treasure can be charged for it, so life does not become a problem. Even if you travel with it, it will not make you worry because there is no electricity. The charging interface adopts a micro USB interface, which is compatible with most of the current Android mobile phones and can be used without a dedicated charging cable.

As a portable printer, this business still needs to connect to a mobile phone before it can be used. This merchant provides a professional APP, open this business after downloading, and then open the mobile phone Bluetooth, scan this merchant’s exclusive QR code can achieve a direct Bluetooth connection. The mobile phone and the merchant can realize data transmission without using the network, and the use is more convenient without the limitation of the network. Both photos and text can be quickly printed.

The APP’s UI design style is very cute and suitable for beauty-conscious girls. The cartoon style with a small, fresh main tone makes this app look great. Moreover, the operation logic is also relatively good, and the user does not need to deliberately register. As long as the user can log in directly through the social software, it is very easy to use.

In fact, this merchant app has a powerful editor built-in, which can insert symbols, pictures, text, and some preset templates, etc., which gives this merchant more possibilities. You can use it to print photos, use it to print QR codes, and use it to express yourself!

Of course, some of the templates built into this business are very good and can add a lot of fun to everyday life.

Do not think that this business is just an entertainment tool, in fact, you can also use it to learn, work, you can use it to print lists, print notes or used to bookkeeping, etc., can also use the phone to take pictures to search for problems, directly print the puzzle, Improve learning efficiency. For a young user group, this business is indeed a very useful gadget.

Of course, there are more functions in the APP waiting to be discovered, even pay attention to the subscription number in the APP, get knowledge, read chicken soup, see Mito is no problem, have to say this software is simply a social function should Equipped with artifacts. There is also an interesting way to play is “voice note”, after the recording of the two-dimensional code printed on the paper, and then scan the two-dimensional code can hear your message.

In general, the little guy like this business still has quite a lot of usefulness in daily life and can add a lot of fun to boring life. If you are a person who loves life, then you can use this business to decorate your life and make life more colorful. The portable design and powerful features make this merchant able to meet a wide range of usage scenarios, whether it is traveling or staying at home, can use it.

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2.Square and Shopify Register Hardware Bundle Compact Bluetooth Receipt Printer

vinyl printer

When I got this product and opened it for photography, my colleagues saw it all and asked what it was. As a printing division I am very proud of telling them, “This is of course a printer.” In fact, it is normal for them to issue such questions. After all, what we usually see is a relatively large-sized printing device. For law enforcement officers, insurance salesmen, etc., who often go out, they need a formal and lightweight portable printing device. , A4 waist stuff, dutiful!

The portable printer of this product adopts business black all over, and the overall shape is square, and the corners are slightly rounded to make the whole device look smarter. The size of this product is: 364x186x69mm, which is almost the same as the previous generation.

After weighing, the bare metal weight of this product is about 2.1kg, the weight of bare metal and consumables is about 2.2kg, the weight of the battery is about 0.1kg, and the total weight adds up to about 2.3kg, which is more than the previous generation of 2.6kg. Lightweight, and it is worth mentioning that this product’s battery design is built-in removable, to a certain extent, reduced the space, increased portability.

This product’s battery can support 500 pages of document printing. Inevitably there will be an emergency situation when you need to go out, but found that the printer power is low, it really can be described as “although every night rain,” and this product can easily ease the embarrassment, just charge 5 minutes, you can guarantee 20 pages The print volume should be good for emergency situations.

This product uses standard original ink cartridges to achieve higher print yields. In addition to the amazing amount of printing, it can also support the printing of single ink cartridges. When you go out to work, you suddenly encounter cartridges with insufficient ink, and other printers need to replace the ink cartridges before they can print. Where do you want to buy ink cartridges in your office? The product portable printer takes into account the particularity of the mobile office, and specifically designed the function of a single ink cartridge to print, that is, in the case of a cartridge without ink, the other cartridge can continue to print, so as not to affect the use of the printer, more comfortable Deal with emergencies.

There is also an operation panel in place of the previous generation upgrade. This product is equipped with a tiltable operation panel and has a 2-inch black and white screen, which is more convenient for setting operations.

This product also has a paper feed port with a capacity of 50 sheets of plain paper. The output tray removes the design of the paper baffle, and it takes up less space. There is a USB socket on the right side of the fuselage, which can directly print the U disk. Pre-saved JPG images.

In addition to direct U disk printing, this product adds wireless printing and wireless direct connection. With the help of 2-inch black and white screens, it can make wireless mobile office more convenient. Going out of the office without a network is the biggest obstacle, even if the printing equipment is lightweight, no It is also fatal to print when you are in a network state. This product is a series of portable printers that support Wi-Fi Direct function. Even if there is no network, printing can still be completed and the office can be truly moved.

How to complete wireless direct connection setup? Select “Wi-Fi Direct” on the operation panel of this product. Details will appear to indicate whether Wi-Fi Direct is off or on, and there will be a wireless direct connection name and password.

Select “Settings” to open Wi-Fi Direct, and then in the “Wireless LAN” settings of the mobile (or mobile smart device), find the Wi-Fi Direct name of this product, enter the password to connect, the process is the same as connecting to your own WiFi. Afterwards, the documents and photos in the mobile phone (or mobile smart device) can be directly printed by Air Print (the print service plug-in for Android 4.4 or later).

In addition to the wireless direct connection function, this product also supports wireless printing, which means that when you are in a LAN, mobile smart phones and other mobile devices connected to the same LAN, you can print without using the USB cable jobs.

Select “Wireless” on the menu, and then “Wireless Settings”. Turn on Wireless will search for the SSID address near you, select the same SSID as the mobile phone access, enter the password to connect, and then complete the wireless printing job.

Above are all demonstrations based on iOS system devices. Here we have to explain that Android phones can also be wirelessly connected and wirelessly connected (the same operation steps), but some Android phones without a printing plug-in need to install HP ePrint or Aio Remote has two APPs for printing Office documents and PDF documents and photos.

Whether it is law enforcement personnel or industries such as banks, insurance, and retail that often need to go out to work, printing documents and contracts at any time and anywhere is a common thing. We cannot change uncontrollable external conditions and we must strengthen our own work equipment. The product is wirelessly connected, allowing it to go out

Office becomes a little easier.

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3.Star Micronics TSP650II BTi 39449871 Bluetooth Desktop Receipt Printer 

dell printer drivers

Creating a high-quality thermal ticket printer is the company’s best at this product. As a newly-launched Bluetooth wireless portable printer, this product has a beautiful and stylish body and amazing printing performance. The company’s R&D engineers have finished the final evaluation of the product and the pros look at the evaluation results of this printer.

This product core portable printer is a portable ticket printer with excellent performance. In particular, its battery has a long standby function of seven days, you can not always plug in the power supply, 7.4V/2000MAh voltage output, can effectively maintain long-term power supply. Bring convenience to you.

Because this product comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery, to travel for you, carry around to print, is your ideal ticket printing partner.

This product is only 111X88X41mm (length X width X height), has a small space, a comprehensive function, clear print, easy loading paper, can be widely used in policing, tobacco, postal services, transportation, distribution and other industries.

This product has 80mm/s high speed printing. Support a variety of one-dimensional bar code printing, QRCODE, PDF417 two-dimensional bar code printing. Supports Windows, Android, and IOS systems. Support automatic sleep function; support automatic shutdown protection; Bluetooth operating frequency band 2.4GH, transmission rate 115200bps, Bluetooth dual-mode 4.0 best transmission distance can reach 10 meters.

Through the actual inspection, the engineers believe that this product is a high-quality, cost-effective portable printer, especially the maturity of its wireless Bluetooth printing technology, which can leave a deep impression on the user community. Can only say that only personally experienced before we know the excellent printing effect of this machine. Really good! To have an appearance, a low budget, and stable performance, this portable printer is very worth recommending to everyone!

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4.Canon IVY Wireless Bluetooth Mini Photo Printer (Rose Gold)

bluetooth printer adapter

Users who have used this factory printer are familiar with this familiar printer. The familiar printer black-and-white laser printer is a member of the brothers “Xin Yue Province” series, and the products listed in 2013 are positioned at the entry level.

After more than a year, familiar printers still use consistent toner separation supplies. And the TN-1035 toner cartridge with a nominal print volume of 1,500 pages and the DR-1035 toner cartridge with a nominal life of 10,000 pages still maintain the fine tradition of the past – enough print, long life, durability, and relatively low cost.

The familiar printer has the same toner cartridge and cartridge model as the old model, which means that the consumables for both are universal. Users who have supplies in stock also feel that there is a need to use wireless network printing, then updating the familiar printer supplies is completely universal and will not be wasted.

In addition to black and white just the opposite color, the biggest change in the familiar printer is the WIFI button identification on the body. The familiar printer black-and-white laser printer supports joining an existing wireless network or establishing a printer connection with a wireless AP in WPS mode.

The familiar printer black-and-white laser printer has a nominal print speed of 20 ppm and uses a U-shaped paper path that goes in and out. The capacity of the lower input tray is 150 pages, and the capacity of the upper output tray is 50 pages, which is suitable for office printing applications for individuals or small groups.

The familiar printer black-and-white laser printer power cord is inseparable from the body. A USB 2.0 port is left on the back to communicate with the host computer. Of course, the familiar printer with wireless function can even save the USB cable in actual use. This facilitates the shared use of several people; for the home user, it is more free to place, for example, in a scattered space such as a bookshelf or a closet, and to make full use of it.

And, the familiar printer black-and-white laser printer has a smaller body size of 340×238×189mm, which is more convenient for the user to flexibly select the placement position.

Install a familiar printer with a black and white laser printer driver, you can choose USB connection or wireless network connection. Our recommendation is that users who use a desktop computer choose a USB connection; users who use laptops choose a wireless network connection.

Here you can choose USB or wireless network connection to install the driver. There is no need to worry about the installation sequence here. Even if you want to change the connection method later, you can re-run the driver to select the appropriate connection method without affecting the previous connection method.

The familiar printer monochrome laser printer has a nominal 20 ppm print speed. Compared with the previous generation of products, the hardware upgrade is to increase the memory capacity from 1MB to 32MB, which in theory can improve the printing speed, especially for large files. What is the print speed in practical applications? Let’s take a look at the test results.

The familiar printer black-and-white laser printer prints Excel, PPT, and Word. The first page printing time is 12 seconds, 23 seconds, 12 seconds, 92 seconds, and 13 seconds, respectively. When all these files are used, the converted speed after the first page printing time is removed is 20.8ppm, 20.4ppm and

20.6ppm, both exceeding the nominal value of 20ppm, has a good performance.

In addition, familiar printer monochrome laser printers, including PDF files and notebook files, can be printed quickly and efficiently. From the measured speed, familiar printer black-and-white laser printers can easily cope with the printing needs of an office or a family of five or less.

What is the print quality of a familiar printer monochrome laser printer? We analyze the judgement by actually printing proofs. To print the effect of different fonts and font size test pages, we can see that the number 5 and above are more easily recognized, and that small 5th and lower fonts are slightly subdued and some strokes are interrupted; the smallest 8th Songs The text is more difficult to identify.

In the white-and-black inverted English alphabet printing test, we saw the same small characters, such as 4p and 5p, which are not easy to identify. In the black proofs, the white part of the letter 9p and above was not dyed with black toner, and the printing effect was unsatisfactory.

Finally, look at the partial effect of Excel’s printout. The ink separating the lines is slightly lighter, and the text, decimal point, and symbols are clearer and will not cause misreading or missing reading.

In general, the familiar printer black-and-white laser printers have similar print quality to the previous generation’s products. According to the drum model and model information, the print engine of the familiar printer is the same as in the past; our conclusion on the print speed and print quality test is also consistent with the previous – familiar printer can meet the office or family within five people The printing needs can be handled well in printing daily office documents, PDFs, emails and other text files.

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5.Scangle Newest White Wireless Bluetooth Thermal

bluetooth laser printer

In order to better serve the industry users, as a leader in the field of bar code/label printing, the company has introduced a commercial bar code label printer – this product. This product uses thermal transfer printing, desktop printer “inherent push-pull” external paper holder design. Can load paper rolls with a maximum outer diameter of 8 inches at one time, and install a 300-meter roll of ribbon at the same time. This was not possible with previous desktop products. The user saves space and reduces replacement during use. The frequency of consumables (paper and ribbon) is quick and easy, improving work efficiency.

With the accelerating pace of industries such as warehousing, logistics, and retailing, the industry needs more stability, high durability, and high-speed printers to meet the needs of the industry. Can this product stand the test? Please see the author for your comprehensive evaluation.

Different from the old industrial design, this product’s body design is simple atmosphere, slightly shiny cool black body with silver glossy metal LOGO, thickness of body fuselage pattern, highlighting the product texture, giving Refined simplicity, high-tech sense.

The structure of the product design, this product is a desktop printer, but it uses industrial-grade product design —- left and right structure and convection cooling design, print control area and user operating area in accordance with the left and right independent Arrangement, the left side is the main heating area – print control area, cooling holes are designed on the side and bottom, increase thermal convection inside the printer, improve heat dissipation. The heat generated in the printer’s work is rapidly dissipated, ensuring the stability of the printer’s operation.

Compared with printers with “upper and lower structure” (the control area is below, and the above is the user operation area), the advantage of the left and right type is that the heat generated in the work can be quickly and effectively distributed, ensuring the stability of the printing work and the durability of the product. General Commercial (Desktop) Printers

Basically, the upper and lower structures are adopted. This design can reduce the size of the product and save space; however, the design of this product adopts the left and right structure, which is more stable and durable, and the product is designed to be compact and refined, which solves the problem of the user’s use of space. .

On the control panel, this product is set with 3 indicator lights, 3 buttons, namely pause/self test, paper feed/calibration, cancel/reset. The clear and concise indicator and key design make the user’s operation more convenient and easy to use.

Many friends are confused about the initial installation of bar code label printers, but when you come into contact with this product, you will find that the original is very simple. Thanks to the left-right structure, push-pull retractable external paper holder design, the design of this product has become unique and simple and practical.

In addition, this product comes with a CD-ROM containing a series of drive, tag editing software and other information, the user can also understand the product accessories through the paper quick installation guide, according to the illustrations to install the ribbon, paper roll, paper positioning , Prepare for printing before finishing.

This product uses a print head and a series of components with outstanding quality, a fine work of a product, the printing effect is pleasing.

In addition to using this company’s patented “convection cooling,” this product also has a wealth of interface options, including Wi-Fi, RFID, Bluetooth, and other expansion capabilities. Let’s take a look at these configurations of the company.

This product is equipped with a large number of cooling holes on the side and bottom of the fuselage. This design not only helps to disperse the heat in the printing state, but also guarantees the stability and high efficiency of the printing. This is also the durability of the machine for long-term use. Very critical.

The standard configuration of this product is a USB 2.0 interface. However, users can choose the following interfaces at the time of purchase according to their needs: network port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even RFID printing. If the user needs the serial port function, the dealer can also contact the company’s manufacturer for customization. The adoption of multiple connection printing methods not only satisfies the needs of applications in different industries, but also expands the application environment of the model. In the increasingly fierce competition, this product is enough to stand out.

The printer comes with a CD-ROM of the driver software. Place the CD into the CD-ROM drive. According to the prompts of the pop-up window, install it step-by-step or log on to the company’s official website to download and install it. At the same time with the genuine BarTender software, this world-renowned software developers for the company’s printer custom label editing software, continuation of the generic product’s simple interface, user-friendly and powerful. When users use this company’s printer, they not only experience the exquisite design and stability of the hardware, but also can feel the simplicity and convenience of the software, and fully meet the daily label production needs.

This software provides some templates for creating labels. Users can modify them on the template as needed. They can also define their own label size and content design. After actual operation, we find that, according to the navigation bar prompts, we define the size of the label. Content design is also quite simple and fast, and small white users can easily get started.

This product has 203dpi resolution, 101.6mm / s print speed, for commercial printing users, print finesse and speed can meet the demand. In addition, the compatibility of the supplies of the barcode label printers is very important. There are various brands, materials, and quality labels available on the market. A printer can achieve better printing results for numerous complicated consumables and can be regarded as a superior quality printer. .

What about the print quality of this product? I use this product’s own BarTender software to simulate the express label for printing. In terms of text printing, the printer has five types of dot matrix western characters and 24 dot matrix Chinese characters, supports TrueType fonts, and supports a variety of two-dimensional codes and bar code printing, which is sufficient to meet the printing requirements of electronic face sheets, one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes.
After actual printing test, we found that this product has a good print quality. First of all, it is clear and sharp, the font density is better, especially small-size fonts can also be clearly expressed. Secondly, the two-dimensional code and bar code can be clearly identified, especially the lattice is also clearly visible.

Print speed is fast enough, print quality is cleaned, users are better served, and service quality and work efficiency are improved. From these points of view, the outstanding performance of this product was also satisfied by the editors.

This product is a label bar code printer specially designed for fixed asset management, retail merchandise, warehouse logistics, medical care, and service industries. Regardless of the shape design, internal structure, hardware and software configuration, this product has been outstanding. Particularly worth mentioning is that this product has achieved a 300-meter ribbon and an 8-inch roll of paper on a small-scale commercial printer through a disruptive and innovative design, continuing the left-right structure design and convection cooling design, which saves users space. , And show the product’s stable and durable performance.

From the quality point of view, the performance of this product is remarkable, the handwriting is clear, the QR code/bar code can be clearly identified, and the quality is superior. Together with the low price, this product shows a very high price/performance ratio.

Summary: In an increasingly competitive market environment, this company will further meet the needs of industry users and provide better services to the industry users with an ultra-high price/performance ratio. For a commercial printer, users are generally satisfied with the small, stable, durable, compatibility of supplies and print quality, this product can meet all.

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6.Woosim Systems Mobile Bluetooth Printer

bluetooth label printer

From the ecological chain’s Hantu Technology, this mobile phone photo printer successfully captures the hearts of many young friends thanks to its high cost-effectiveness, photo color reproduction, portability, and ease of operation. Here we will Let’s talk about this printer. In terms of packaging, this mobile phone photo printer has continued the simple packaging style of Mijia products. The packaging box is based on gray and white colors, and the surface is printed with “Ye Pin” and “XPRINT” logo. Open the box, you can see the random accessories: a host, a power line, a manual, in addition, in this trial activity also gave a gift box of paper.

The mobile phone photo printer’s exterior design is extremely simple, the color is mainly white, the front of the fuselage has only a “XPRINT” logo, a simple pure flat design, and the back of the edge part is added to the arc design, improve grip . The 133×76×24mm compact body is as big as a mobile phone, bringing great portability. Whether it’s traveling with family or friends, putting it into our backpack won’t add much to our backpack. The burden.

As a portable product, this mobile phone photo printer is extremely easy to use and operate. In the side of the camera body, only one power button is mainly used for the on/off operation of this mobile phone photo printer, and other photos are printed. The option is set by connecting the mobile phone APP.

There is also a Bluetooth logo and Bluetooth indicator on the side of the power button. This phone photo printer supports Bluetooth and NFC connection. No need for WIFI or data cable, you can print wonderful photos in your phone anytime anywhere.

In terms of battery life, this mobile phone photo printer has a built-in 650mAh capacity battery. It can print 20 photos in a row with full charge, and uses the same Micro USB charging interface as the mobile phone charger. When you go out, you can use the mobile power supply to directly increase the charge. Endurance, minus

Less to go out carrying the trouble of not working due to power problems, in addition, there is a charge indicator and Reset reset button hole next to the Micro USB charging interface.

The other side of the Micro USB charging interface is the photo print outlet. The photo print size is 54 x 86mm (2.1 x 3.4 inches in reality). This size photo is more suitable for purse, compared to the 46x printed by Polaroid. 62mm size photo is bigger.

The opposite side of the power button is the photo paper compartment door. After opening, the integrated photo paper box can be extracted and replaced. It is worth mentioning that the integrated paper box of this mobile phone photo printer includes the color After the photo paper is used, we only need to replace the paper box one at a time to make the whole replacement process easier. This phone photo printer needs to install the APP in the mobile phone before printing the mobile phone photos, and make a Bluetooth connection with this mobile photo printer.

Open the “Printer this” APP can see the home page interface is quite simple, currently supports AR photos, photo album photos and passport photos in three modes, click the appropriate options, and then follow the prompts to print.

First of all, let’s print “album photos” as an example. This is more common and is the most commonly used function. Clicking on “album photos” will prompt us to select the photos that need to be printed in the mobile photo album, and then we can enlarge and rotate the photos. Adjust and add filters with different effects to further optimize the effect of the photo.

After the “Print Preview” is satisfied, click “Start Printing” and the phone photo printer will start working. This phone photo printer is mainly sublimation printing technology, with 256 color display capabilities, relying on red, yellow, blue The three primary colors, to adjust the color of photos to be printed, do not worry about the problem of photo color distortion.

The printing process is divided into five steps: take photo paper, print yellow, print red, print blue, and then perform a film coating. After five rounds of printing, a final photo is printed. Repeated printing ensures that the photo is full and accurate. At the same time, the last coating also increases the texture of the photo, allowing the photo to be stored for a long time without fading.

From the printed photos, we can see that the print colors are basically consistent, the colors of the photos are very real, the transition of the gradation on the photo paper is very smooth, and the color gradation is richer and more delicate.

The passport photo printing can be said to be very practical. The printer has built in the app a small size, an inch, a big inch, a small two inch, a two inch and other sizes of passport ID templates, as well as the United States, Japan and many more. A template for a country visa photo. When printing, select the size to print, select the appropriate photo, and adjust the photo based on the template. Then click Start Printing.
The AR photo is a popular photographing method. The principle is mainly to add a short video of 15 seconds to the photo. After the shooting is completed, the video is reproduced through the AR sweep function.

Before taking an AR photo, you first need to select a short video, and control the video within 15 seconds by editing. You can then use the video capture or select the corresponding photo to print.

After taking a picture of an AR, it looks no different from an ordinary photo, but when you use the AR scan in the printer’s app to scan the photo, you will find that the picture is moving and the sound can be restored. .

This function is equivalent to the video seal in the photo, much fun than a simple video shooting, for home users, whether it is to record the happiness of life, or the child’s growth experience, are of great significance.

Overall, this mobile photo printer is not only simple and stylish in appearance, but also very powerful in function. AR photo printing makes it seem more common for ordinary photos. The photo ID printing is practical, easy to use, and most importantly. Its imaging performance is excellent. In the case of consumables, 40 sheets of photo paper, each picture costs very little, but in the provincial time, photos can be edited and beautified, also known as conscience, to record the child’s growth experience Every unforgettable moment is worth a try.

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7.Bluetooth Wifi Thermal Printer Symcode with Cutter

bluetooth adapter for printer

The appearance of this printer is not the same as other traditional label printers. There is no keyboard button. The overall appearance looks like a gray square box with rounded corners. In addition, there is only one power adapter connector on the printer. It looks very simple. In addition to the printer and an external power cord, 3 boxes of expression print ribbons are placed in the package. The printed labels require the user to unpack and place the print ribbons into the label printer.

This printer can be opened on both sides of the fuselage, one side is installed as a ribbon, and the other is the location of the installed battery, if you can not use the power cord to provide power, you can also install here on the 6th 7th battery Electricity, allowing users to use the label printer anytime, anywhere.

Since the printer design does not have a keyboard button, the design of the label typing can not use the smart phone’s App, we need to download the App named Desing & Print on the mobile phone to input the content of the label. In fact, designing tag words on mobile phones will only be more convenient. After all, there are many tag printers whose keyboard input does not support Chinese input, and the typing on mobile phones is more convenient than the printer’s keyboard input. After clicking to enter the app, the interface will prompt to ask to open the printer switch and mobile phone Bluetooth switch and Bluetooth

After the pairing is successful, the App can be used normally. After successfully connecting the App, you can see that there are multiple printing templates in the App to provide the selection, and you can customize the printing template and content according to your own needs.

The buttons to the right of the home page are the created labels and print logs. Tags that have been used or saved can be found and called here.

The third gear graphic is the settings button that shows the app’s connection settings and device settings. The icon button in the lower right corner of the shopping cart will automatically jump to the official page of Brother Printer, where you can order your desired print product.

Go back to the homepage, click on the existing printing template, you can make fine adjustments to the content of the printing label according to your actual situation in the printing template.

After creating your own label, you can directly enter the interface for entering print content. There is no content in the print template. In the print content, not only text can be input but also emoticons can be added.
Let’s do the actual label printing test. After designing the content to be printed in the editing section, click the print button to start printing labels. The font, style, appearance, etc. of the print label can be adjusted to different parameters.

This printer has a 180DPI print accuracy and can achieve 20mm/s print speed, this print efficiency is still very good, the printing paper out of the speed is quite fast, after printing paper comes out, because the printer uses manual cutting In the way, a clipping function key is set above the label outlet on the body, and the label can be easily cut off after pressing. After cutting off the printed label, even if it is done on the vase, the entire printing process is quite convenient.

You can also change the ribbon at any time when printing, according to different needs, select the appropriate color ribbon installation, print the label you most need. After changing the print ribbon, click on the media in the print settings to check the media and return to print editing after the media is detected.

At the print editor, we can see that after the media was detected, the color of the content printed at the editor changed, and the color of the ribbon remained the same. In addition to printing ordinary labels, the printer can also present ribbons of gifts and write their own blessings on the gift ribbons. Those who receive them will also be especially warmhearted.

The appearance of this printer, a label printer for family life, is also a new direction for the company’s development. It has made people realize that the label machine is not only limited to use in the office, but also can give us very much in daily life. Big help, if you like your own life in order, everything in life can be seen at a glance, try to experience such a label printer, with it, life will become better

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8.Canon TS9120 Wireless All-In-One Printer with Scanner and Copier

canon bluetooth printer

As the name suggests, this product is a mini photo printer. If you haven’t known this type of product before, you may find it hard to relate it to the “printer” by looking at the appearance alone. Because Sprocket looks like a “soap” with a logo, regardless of appearance or size.

The Sprocket I got got a black glossy plastic as a whole, with a very simple front logo and the product’s logo. Through the curvature of the edge, plus the glossy effect of black plastic, it gives a good first impression.

The gray “divide line” around the circle precisely distinguishes the front and the back (this is not actually a decoration), and it does not lose its sense of unity. Of course, black glossy materials will inevitably be contaminated with fingerprints. Nowadays, many mobile phones also have such problems. Therefore, obsessive-compulsive disorder like me always takes paper to clean up.

From the side we can see its switch button, and, at this time, we can find that circle of silver “dividing lines”, in fact, is the internal structure of the machine, and an arc to the bottom represents the exit of the photo printing. Because of the difference in color, the opening position of the machine can be quickly found, which is a good deal of both aesthetics and functionality.

At the bottom of the machine, it includes a slot for easy opening of the machine, and a Micro-USB port for charging. Since the direction of opening and closing of the machine can be easily seen from the side, it is very easy when you want to open the shell.

Open the cover and you can see the slot where the photo paper is placed. The printer’s photo paper is 2*3 inches (5.0*7.6 cm). Place the photo paper directly and close the cover to start using it.

This product is simple in appearance, as far as possible to achieve a compact and easy to carry, its size is smaller than an iPhone 6, a little feel good in his hand, 250g weight makes it quite portable, you can almost not Effortlessly bring it anywhere. Outside

Views, black and silver classic color effect is very good, the official also provides a white + gold, red + silver combination, so whether you are male or female, you should have a choice.

This product is very difficult to get started, first download the dedicated app on the phone, open, follow the prompts to connect Bluetooth, then you can see the main interface provides several options.

In the main interface, you can see a variety of different printing methods. The main ones are direct photo printing, mobile photo album printing, and popular Facebook and Instagram photo printing. You can see that the localization service is doing very well.

While opening the sidebar, you can actually see some features including the purchase of photo papers, help with operations, and more. In addition, you can edit the photo twice within the app. Whether it’s adding text to the photo or adding various filters to Emoji’s expression, you can choose to complete it in this app. This seems very convenient to me. The keying solution eliminates the need to open other app retouching procedures.
Actually speaking, the biggest advantage of such a printer compared to Polaroid is that it can be retouched. This, with the improvement of the level of repairs, has become an “uncomfortable” idea. Obviously, it is convenient for people’s daily use.

Another convenient feature is that you do not need to wait too long when using good prints. During the process of my experience, each photo is printed from the beginning to the end. It usually takes about 10 seconds to do this. Time can still be received, but here is

Note that if multiple photos are printed consecutively, there is a chance that the machine will heat up. Normally, after 5-6 prints have been printed, it will stop and wait for cooling for more than ten seconds before continuing to print.

What I like most is that the photo printed by Sprocket can be used as a sticker on the wall. This “sticker photo” that can be further completed at the same time gives me a feeling of childhood “sticker” and can be considered A good sense of nostalgia and ritual. You can even post some photos on postcards and send them to distant friends. I believe it will be a very warm one.

Today, if you have a good-looking mobile phone in your hand, and face a not very harsh light environment, I believe most people are not willing to carry a big SLR or take a camera to take pictures. So from a whole point of view, this product can be printed and shared with others immediately after you use your mobile phone to take photos and carefully repair the pictures. This is a pleasant surprise.

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9.HP ENVY Photo 7155 All in One Photo Printer with Wireless Printing

square bluetooth printer

This product is the company’s latest compact photo printer based on the original Polaroid camera film, using a linear scan to make a photo film sensitive, so that digital photos can also get this company’s Polaroid’s fun screen effect . The emergence of this product can be said to be the combination of traditional analog technology and modern digital technology.

Maybe everyone will ask this question. The original company had Polaroid cameras. You can directly shoot Polaroid photos. Why do you have to make a printer? In fact, many times, the effectiveness of Polaroid cameras may not be able to meet the needs of users, and many photos worth printing are often not shot by the Polaroid camera (who will rely on re-shot only one photo only equipment?). Turning digital photographs into photo-realistic photos through Polaroid film is what this product means.

This product itself does not have an operating interface. All operations are carried out by the mobile phone APP. There are indicators on the camera body to indicate the remaining number of films and battery power. There are two buttons for the master switch and reprint. The latter is used for quick reprinting. An identical photo for sharing with a few friends.

This product is the use of the company’s instax Qiqi film (Crady photo paper) for many years, this box of photo paper is all the consumables of this product, into the body can be used.
Open the cover to see the inside of the product. The printed (imaging) original looks a bit like a scanner. The linear light emitting element exposes the surface of the film in steps with different light levels. This printing principle determines that the print definition of this product is certainly not high, but with a slightly overexposed color style, it touches the feeling of a Polaroid camera.

Relatively potted is the battery design, in order to achieve a balance between body size and operating voltage, this product uses two CR2 batteries (series 6V voltage, with the CR2 is a one-time battery), in fact, built-in lithium battery will not be very Is it difficult? To know that the rechargeable CR2 and the charger can be purchased separately.

Use the phone’s Wi-Fi to connect to this product’s Wi-Fi hotspot, and then you can print it with the special app “instax SHARE”. Of course, this app also comes with a variety of photo frames, icons, and other accompanying functions to enhance printing. Interesting.

Obviously, the company is clearly aware of Polaroid Photo Paper’s printing (imaging) technology, which is suitable for its size and cost. It is impossible to find other technologies on small photo printers. The advantage of this product is obvious, that is, with a strong company Polaroid style, the process of developing the photo slowly after printing is also quite romantic (first-class sister). However, the disadvantages are quite prominent, such as high cost of use (in fact, not much feeling when not printing in large quantities), unclear image quality, and the like. Obviously, if you like this company Polaroid camera, it will be no resistance to this product.

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10.ZKTeco Mini Wireless Bluetooth Printe Portable Personal Printer

printer bluetooth

The latest product of the company’s recently introduced compact photo printer CP series – this product, this product not only continues the unique design of the series, incorporating a portable barrel appearance, and an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, for the first time Increased the fun of “creative printing” and added a two-chip processor to enhance photo print quality. I believe this new product will provide home users and fashion people with a richer creative experience and a high quality image printing life.

This product uses the company’s signature barrel-shaped appearance, oval printer into the keg, compared with the previous generation of products, this product also adds an additional creative print unit and dual-chip system, not only can be used to write photos Diary, add photo frames, print photo calendar, also effectively increase the speed of start and print, make the printed photos more delicate and beautiful colors. At the same time, the CP790 also expanded the former 2.5-inch screen to a clearer 3.0-inch screen. Let’s take a look at the appearance of this product.

Sublimation printing technology is the use of sublimation – from the gaseous state to the solid state and the solid state to the gas state does not require an intermediate state, mutual conversion process to achieve photo printing, that is, the solid pigment used in the printer is directly heated to the vapor phase by the thermal recording head, and then transferred Printed on photo paper to generate images. Thermal sublimation printing utilizes heat-sensing technology to print YMCO (yellow/product/blue/protective film) three-tone dyes and a protective film on the special photographic paper after thermal evaporation in sequence. The source of color dyes is ribbons, which are generally divided into yellow, blue and green ribbons and protective films or

Yellow, product, blue and black ribbons. The ribbon is set on a rotating drum that has tens of thousands of semiconductor heating elements and the printheads are composed of these heating elements. At a certain temperature, when the ribbon passes through the thermal print head, it is directly sublimated into a gaseous state and then ejected onto the print medium to form a color.

Each heating head can be adjusted to 256 different temperatures, then the degree of color sublimation also has a 256-level difference, because it uses the color pigment is divided into yellow, cyan, magenta three, can be combined into The color is also 256 yellow × 256 cyan × 256 magenta = 16.70 million kinds, so the performance can achieve three colors of 256 color levels of 16.77 million colors continuous tone. The color is lively and distinct, and can involve the details showing the difference between the adjacent subtle colors; its special color band contains a unique protective film that can achieve the performance of continuous color scales.

Compared with inkjet halftones, thermal sublimation technology is a printing technology that truly achieves photo quality; in terms of photo storage, sublimation is better than other printing technologies in terms of waterproofing, UV protection, and protection due to a protective layer. Fingerprints have a greater advantage in their performance.

This company’s product uses a lime green look, gives people a feeling of fresh and lovely, storage bucket shape, use the buckles on both sides of the buckle to prevent movement, the bucket side of the handle can be lifted, easy to move.

The 3.0-inch display has been upgraded, and the arrow keys have been changed to the common pulsator design on the ES series. This helps the menu to operate quickly and is more convenient than the CP770. The round, petal, and bean-shaped key shapes are paired with a variety of pink colors to create a cute cartoon style. Even the kids will love this easy-to-use photo printer.

Open the paper tray cover, paper tray interface and memory card slot will be revealed, this product supports SD, MMC, MS Duo and CF memory card, in addition this product also supports “IrSimple” high-speed infrared communication protocol, as long as the output device With the infrared connection function, you can easily connect with SELPHY CP790 and truly experience the fun of creative sharing when you shoot.

Careful friends may find that this product is not equipped with TF and XD card slots, but TF cards can be read using adapter cards, and the XD memory card has a low level of audience and has little impact.

There is an unlocking button on the back of this product. After pushing away, the battery protection cover can be removed and the NB-CP2L battery can be installed for outdoor use.

For sublimation printing technology products, the print quality naturally does not have to question, from the test sample can be seen on the map above, this company this product printing accuracy is higher, the screen is delicate, the color transition is natural, the details of the character part is in place .

The company’s Hyun-fei series has become a well-known brand of portable printers with its exquisite appearance, convenient usability and practical performance close to the users. The company’s lime green appearance gives this product a fresh and lovely look. Add power adapters, cassettes, and other accessories

When it comes to storage bins, it enhances its portability. I believe this new product will provide home users and fashion people with richer creative fun experiences and high-quality image printing lives.

This company’s products can also be used in the price of consumables, 36 L-size photo paper is very cheap, 36 card-size photo papers are also very cheap, the average one photo supplies is more than 1 yuan , Compared to the price of the printing shop more expensive, but after all, anytime, anywhere can print photos, there is a need to print photos, then you can easily complete. This company dazzled and took prints of its own. I believe you can do it too. This company CP790 printing mode dye sublimation printing print speed postcard size: about 47 seconds; L size: about 39 seconds; card size:

About 24 seconds Resolution 300*300dpi wireless printing High-speed infrared transmission printing; Mobile phone Bluetooth printing (need adapter) Print size Postcard size (without border): 100*148mm; Postcard size (with border): 91.3*121.2mm; L size ( No border): 89*119mm; L size (with side

Box): 78.6*104.6mm; Card size (without border) (including card size sticker): 54*86mm; Card size (with border) (including card size sticker): 49.5*66.2mm PictBridge protocol support Support memory card type 4 kinds Card slot, support for memory card type: direct print storage

Cards: SD Card, SDHC Card, MMC Card, miniSD Card, miniSDHC Card, MMCplus Card, HC MMCplus Card, MMCmobile Card, RS-MMC Card, CF Card, Micro Hard Disk, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO ,Memory stick

Requires Adapter for Memory Cards: microSD Card, microSDHC Card, MMCmicro Card, xD Card, Memory Stick Micro LCD Display 3.0 Inch Media Type Special Printing Paper: Postcard Size, L Size, Card Size, Card Size 8 Sticker Levels Each Color 256 (maximum) connection

Port Type USB Interface Consumables Performance Special Ink Cartridge (Y/M/C/laminated) Environmental Standard Operating Temperature: 5 to 40°C, Operating Humidity: 20 to 80% (in Runtime) Power Supply Parameters via CA-CP200 (White) Small Power Supply Adapter provides 24V DC, or uses NB-CP2L battery (optional)

(22.2V) product shape only body without storage box: 246.9 * 178.0 * 86.4 mm; with body and storage box: 276.8 * 198.0 * 211.6mm product weight fuselage about: 1.1Kg; storage box about: 0.4g

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Article summary:

Nowadays, more and more people like to take photos with their mobile phones. With better photographic effects and more powerful social sharing features, mobile phone photography has become more and more mainstream, and the photos in our albums are getting more and more.

Of course, many photos are also a kind of “happy distress”, although you can classify different photos to find out which ones you like and put them into a collection. You can also share social networks and feel joy with friends. But you may have discovered that today’s digital photos are less of the joy we used to take pictures with the camera and wash photos.

This kind of joy sometimes represents a kind of ritual. It is an intangible real perception of the physical world. It is like an e-book and a paper book. There is always an irreplaceable relationship. So, if there is a way to get back the rituals of the physical photos, it may be fun.

Lying on the comfortable floor chair at home (read more: Top 10 Floor Chair Of 2018), watching these nice photos is even more feeling good.

Each child’s growth experience will always have some unforgettable moments. At this time, we will use mobile phones to capture these wonderful moments. Now that the replacement cycle of the mobile phone is getting shorter and shorter, the electronic photo is lost and lost. How can we make it? Wonderful photos from your phone are better preserved? Some people may say that each child’s growth experience on the Internet will have some unforgettable moments. At this time, we will use mobile phones to capture these wonderful moments. In this mobile phone replacement cycle is getting shorter and shorter, the electronic photo is lost. Losing it, how can you get better photos from your phone? Some people may say that they sent it to online cloud storage! However, in the network security, people always worry about hurry, electronic photographs are stolen to make it hard to prevent. At this time, mobile photo printers can come in handy. Compared with electronic photos, a real photo is even more commemorative. Shelf life is also relatively longer.

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