Best Bluetooth Printer

Best Bluetooth Printer

About Bluetooth Printer.

Our engineers spent a lot of time testing the details of the Bluetooth Printer.

The newer Bluetooth Printer provides mobile printing support.

Identify the top inkjet Bluetooth Printer and laser Bluetooth Printer you can purchase.

Line Bluetooth Printer and all-in-ones (AIOs) have become commonplace in homes.

Our favorite overall Bluetooth Printer is Top1 on our list.

He can easily print out Spartan Helmet.

Top 10 Bluetooth Printer

NameRecommended Score(10)Price
Star Micronics TSP650II10Check Info
MUNBYN Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Receipt Printer10Check Info
Epson Workforce Pro WF-372010Check Info
Brother Compact Monochrome10Check Info
Kodak HD Portable9Check Info
HP HP4650-RB-AMZ8Check Info
HP DeskJet 37559Check Info
HP OfficeJet 38309Check Info
Canon TS31208 Check Info
Canon MX492 BLACK7 Check Info

1.Star Micronics TSP650II

portable bluetooth printer

Star Micronics TSP650II Bluetooth Printer
The Bluetooth Printer prints well whether it’s a document or a glossy photo.

It’s easier than mountain bike to cross the bad road.

For this type of Bluetooth Printers.

we recommend the TSP650II Bluetooth Printer.

The TSP650II Bluetooth Printer is color inkjet and Bluetooth enabled.

But not much in the price range of this Bluetooth Printers. Suitable for small businesses and photo printing.

All-In-One is the fastest inkjet Bluetooth printer we test when printing text or mixing text and graphics.

  • High-yield toner cartridge
  • However,Excellent quality
  • high speed
  • Highly scalable
  • But High operating costs

The Price

2.MUNBYN Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Receipt Printer

bluetooth receipt printer

MUNBYN Bluetooth Mobile Thermal Receipt Printer
The MUNBYN Multifunction Bluetooth Printer features fast print tickets.

It is a great portable ticket Bluetooth Printers.

that supports 20ppm white and black print and color print yields.

It even makes duplex printing faster than some models of Bluetooth Printer printing single-sided documents.

Users can copy, scan and print double-sided copies.

With its low-capacity toner cartridge

the MUNBYN Bluetooth Printer has a very low cost per page.

This is the lowest cost we see in the Bluetooth Printers category.

  • high speed
  • However,Low price
  • Good text quality
  • Ethernet and USB connection
  • But Portability needs to be increased

The Price

3.Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720

bluetooth photo printer

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3720 Bluetooth Printer
The Epson WF-3720 is a Bluetooth Printer.

The last and the Bluetooth Printer cost far more than the purchase price.

The Bluetooth Printer is equipped with an oversized cartridge

that is expected to supply ink to the cartridge every year.

The Epson WF-3720 Bluetooth Printers prints at 11.9 ppm

that 9.1 ppm for black and white and color prints, respectively.

The maximum copy speed in black and white is 11 copies per minute.

the color copy speed is 9 cpp.

  • Relatively fast
  • However,Good print quality
  • Support NFC
  • Mobile device connection options
  • But high cost

The Price

4.Brother Compact Monochrome

best bluetooth printer

Brother Compact Monochrome Bluetooth Printer
Brother Bluetooth Printer can work at home.

We were impressed with the images generated by this inkjet Bluetooth Printer.

Small business and photo printing provide faster printing speeds.

The black and white printing rate is 35 ppm and the color printing rate is 27.

We found the saturated color of the prints of this Bluetooth Printers to be pleasing.

The maximum output capacity is 50 sheets and the total paper capacity is 551 sheets.

The reason for recommending this Bluetooth Printers is that both graphics and photos have a powerful feature set.

  • Good print quality
  • However,Lightweight and compact
  • SD card slot
  • Ethernet support
  • But Sometimes card

The Price

5.Kodak HD Portable

bluetooth printer for phone

Kodak HD Portable
Kodak is a Bluetooth Printer brand.

It is also one of the best Bluetooth Printers with high print quality and speed.

If you are printing a large number of text documents with the Bluetooth Printer every day.

it is highly recommended to use this Bluetooth Printers.

That supports 35ppm black and white printing speed.

It offers one of the best costs per page in its class of Bluetooth Printer products.

The print amount for color printing is 27 ppm.

You will find this is a very fast Bluetooth Printers.

  • Great output quality
  • However,Media suitable for tabloid size
  • Input tray is great
  • Strong connectivity
  • But No automatic duplex scanning

The Price

6.HP HP4650-RB-AMZ

bluetooth portable printer

HP HP4650-RB-AMZ Bluetooth Printer

This is another affordable integrated Bluetooth Printer solution.

that can be printed on both sides.

If you want to provide a first-class all-in-one Bluetooth Printers for your small business.

Like our other Bluetooth Printers choices.

It has wireless networking capabilities.

This is a dying technique.

Therefore, multiple users can perform this Bluetooth Printers operation at home or anywhere in the office.

  • Excellent photo quality
  • However,Borderless image
  • Great ink
  • Small and light
  • But Slower print speed

The Price

7.HP DeskJet 3755

hp bluetooth printer

HP DeskJet 3755 Bluetooth Printer
As one of the most affordable Bluetooth Printers in this guide.

This Bluetooth Printers has bright, colorful prints.

Although this Bluetooth Printer does not look as impressive as its contemporaries.

But the inkjet nozzle uses a patented printhead that prints with tiny droplets.

Use eight dye inks.

Supports almost all mid-range business-centric inkjet features.

Use the best comfortable floor chair at home.

Watching this products print these beautiful photos is even better.

  • Excellent quality
  • However,However,Double-sided ADF
  • Low cost operation
  • Quick Links
  • But No multi-purpose tray

The Price

8.HP OfficeJet 3830

bluetooth laser printer

HP OfficeJet 3830 Bluetooth Printer
Affordable for a wide range of applications and easy to use.

This compact printer is an all-in-one solution for home office.

Although it is easy to put on a wallet.

it can handle a variety of print jobs.

Such as your fax, print, copy and scan needs.

It includes a 1.8-inch color display for easy management of settings.

You can print directly from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

  • The price is very good
  • However,Ink quickly
  • Multiple connection options
  • Double-sided ADF
  • But High cost

The Price

9.Canon TS3120

canon bluetooth printer

Canon TS3120 Bluetooth Printer
If you’re looking for a simple printer that can only handle black ink.

the Canon TS3120 uses NFC technology.

It’s the only monochrome unit in our batch.

It includes automatic two-sided printing.

A tray input tray to prevent dust on the paper.

Use this print application to print directly from mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Support Android and iOS devices.

  • Impressive print quality
  • However,lower price
  • Expressive color
  • There are many new features
  • But Some connection features are not open

The Price

10.Canon MX492 BLACK

wireless bluetooth printer

Canon MX492 BLACK Bluetooth Printer
Maybe your office is a non-traditional office.

This kind of environment will make this printer stand out.

Our test engineers have carefully tested many of his unique technologies.

Not only does this mean that if your mobile device contains NFC components.

However,Although the LCD screen is small.

it can still be easily set up and used.

No matter what your situation.

  • Small and beautiful
  • However,Support smart home
  • Extended intelligence
  • Support smartphone printing
  • But Single sheet of small paper input

The Price

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