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For the choice of external battery. The external battery for the most important criterion is mAh (milliampere hours). Portable external battery devices are now part of our way of travel. Our modern appliances are often not power efficient. But which portable battery charger is best? Our smartphones, camera, e-cigarettes, gps tracker, batteries for connecting watches and other portable batteries are all available in the same model. Micro USB and lithium power supply. However, due to the use of external batteries, it is not inevitable to optimize nighttime puzzles for multiple connections.

Top 10 External Battery

NamePowerNumber of Usb Ports 
Poweradd Pilot 2GS10000 mAh2
iMuto10000 mAh2
RAVPower22000 mAh3
Poweradd Slim25000 mAh1
Anker PowerCore 20100 mAh1/2 according to the model
EC Technology22400 mAh3
Soluser24000 mAh3
AUKEY20000 mAh2
KAPPET20000 mAhWireless Charger
Hokonui20000 mAh3

Evaluate your next portable battery charger is not rocket science. Recommend some small and simple devices with extra power. You can load it ahead of time and keep it whenever you need it. Of course the price brings you our comprehensive list of the best external battery chargers

But be careful, don’t just be anything. Since it is not too technical in terms of capacity, mAh is the time the device is operating at a specific current. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life. The choice of the best external battery for ergonomics and strength is very important and it fits your needs perfectly. We decided to provide this comparison and purchase guide at Bestlife4us.

Here are the best external battery you can buy

1.Poweradd Pilot 2GS



4.Poweradd Slim2

5.Anker PowerCore

6.EC Technology





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1.Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10000mAh


Portable Poweradd Pilot 2GS
  • Little price
  • Solid construction
  • Power: 10000 mAh
  • Very good autonomy
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • Limited amperage for double-charging
  • Lithium Polymer battery, less efficient in conversion

The Poweradd Pilot is one of the most powerful pocket chargers. The competition for miniaturizing external batteries won’t break. It’s a solid choice for any technical heavy traveler or digital nomad who needs to get the job done. This is because the compactness of the equipment is one of the main criteria of choice. Small external batteries with strong autonomy are more valuable than their competitors. One of the best battery packs from one of the most trusted names in the industry’s external battery pack. That’s why this small business model is easy to climb to the top of our comparison. It is located at the highest end of the pocket portability. The output ensures fast charging.

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2.iMuto 10000mah

IMuto 10000mAh
  • Little price
  • Solid construction
  • Correct amperage
  • Double USB charge
  • Conversion too weak when connecting two devices
  • No fast-charge

This external battery is a direct main battery. The capacity of iMuto uses the elements of success for most premium external batteries. This is a digital nomadic external battery pack, but it is far from normal. The best budget chargers are also often the lightest chargers, so I don’t want to double recommend this category. Under its classic look, it hides very good performance and undeniable assets. One input, one output, one charge. Portability, simplicity and full charge are expected more than other external battery chargers.

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3.RAVPower 22000mAh

RAVPower 22000 mAh
  • Little price
  • Security options
  • 22000 mAh
  • Three USB charging port
  • 18,000mAh in actual capacity
  • Fast charge
  • Shell composed only of plastic
  • Quite heavy

Another external battery for heavy user choices, when we exceed 10,000mAh. We certainly hope that it is not so compact, with an extra charging port. But it’s better to pass it with more interesting features. This bad boy is a great choice for mobile gamers. Of course, this battery is powerful and affordable. It provides the products you need when you need it. But this is the last point that makes him a place in our comparison. Seriously, this is the ultimate free battery charger for getting rid of prison.

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4.Poweradd  Slim

Poweradd Slim 2
  • Everything, very small price
  • Comfortable amperage
  • 3,700mAh of actual capacity
  • Solid overall
  • Small cylindrical format
  • No Quick Charge

This external battery has a very thin body and is relatively loose. Even better, the battery has a built-in charging cable! All major brands of external batteries have mini models. Ideal for weekend trips, long-haul flights, or just take them with you in an emergency. We don’t all need to connect multiple devices, and some people are looking for backup batteries or small auxiliary devices for low-power phones or e-cigarettes. In this area, we chose Poweradd. And there are many similar specifications, including weight and port output.

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5.Anker  20100 mAh

Anker Powercore
  • Comfortable amperage
  • Two ports at 2.4mAh
  • Solid overall
  • Smart and comfortable format
  • Conversion rate a bit low (14,874mAh of actual capacity)
  • No Quick Charge

We finally came to talk about Anker, the stylish design and super-pleasing feel of this charger is worth the price alone. It is one of the world’s leading connections. With military-grade drop protection, double-layer chassis. This is one of the best external batteries on the market. The waterproof battery charger is ideal for long walks and river trips. Everything about this charger has been carefully designed to the wool felt bag.

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6.EC Technology

EC Technology
  • High capacity
  • fast charging
  • Still very heavy
EC Technology

This is one of Amazon’s best-selling portable battery chargers, with three USB outputs and fast charging technology. EC Technology is probably one of the best all-round mobile power supplies you can buy now. Although I don’t recommend it for large-scale travel abroad, this has nothing to do with the brand of the watch that has expired. This portable charger features 2.1A output (ie fast charging) and sliding and rocking design, which can be viewed in the package. The remaining battery power. Because of its curved edge design. The smooth metal surface and streamlined practicality make this charger one of my recommended daily carrying items.

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7.Soluser Ultra 

Soluser Ultra
  • Slim design
  • Very portable
  • There is no cable in the box

We like this little guy. Mobile power may be the most portable option on this list, allowing you to have your phone fully charged at least twice in the back pocket.

The thickness is only 209g and 1.5cm, you can carry it with you. The Bluetooth function of this charger is a bit confusing. No stress, and 10,000mAh of extra power for any of your devices. In addition, it comes with BERNET’s own fast charging technology, which means you won’t be plugging it in for a long time. You can monitor battery life through the app, but it only consumes more battery power.

Like many chargers on this list, it’s waterproof and sturdy, and even has external lighting to make it visible on the road. It doesn’t have a cable, so you need to carry your own stuff with you.

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  • Very powerful
  • Easy to see display
  • Not particularly portable
This small portable battery charger is slightly lower at the end of the juice. This is the cheapest option for the charger in our list, but this option for AUKEY should be suitable for charging your phone on the go.

Also, the last thing I want to travel on the river is my cell phone. It has a capacity of 6,700 mAh and can charge a regular smartphone at least once or twice. Still, it has a built-in flashlight and different modes. There are three color options, from pink to bright blue or silver.

The LEDs on the side of the unit also show the remaining charge and built-in fast charging technology. It can charge your equipment for a few days in the wild.

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9.KAPPET Portable

  • Cables not included are convenient
  • Not so flashy
  • Pocket charger is a bit big

This KAPPET is sturdy and full of beans. Don’t you hate it when you have to pull the cord to the side of the battery? Become a hero and charge every device in the entire dorm. So you don’t need to use a power cord.

Unfortunately, this means that the latest Android phones that are charged via USB-C will not be available for any use from Bolt. This is not so crazy for the price. This is an extreme portable battery charging option. But it has a decent battery, which is good for charging one or two full smartphones, depending on your device. The edge of actual portability, so I suspect that I have used this beast, but I am happy to know that it is there.

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10.Hokonui Black

Hokonui Black
  • AC output
  • Capacity is 20,100mAh
  • Big design

But it makes up for it in terms of portability, durability and direct style. If you need a device that can charge your laptop and mobile phone, Hokonui’s portable charger is a good choice. This amazing versatile portable battery charger is the perfect emergency charging device for your next camping weekend. It has USB-C and normal USB output as well as AC output. Not all portable battery packs must look like discarded robot blocks. So you can plug in the laptop charger directly.

There is also a battery with a capacity of 20,100 mAh. It reaches the point where I almost expect my phone to keep up with this supercharged beast. This way you can squeeze your phone or tablet multiple times before you need to recharge it. If you only have an external battery pack to charge your phone, cut off the middleman and take a battery case.

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