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Officially announced the latest Star Wars PosterThe Force Awakens“.the world’s most famous and successful series in the history of science fiction movies.It is about to go on the big screen again:

Star Wars Poster

With this poster, we may wish to review all the posters in the history of Star Wars.This series has appeared in the early stage of repeated re-release of new posters.It’s really a bad result.Now it’s hard to see such popularity.The film is gone.

1.A New Hope

The first film of the series,a legendary beginning.In 1977,the film first published a small-sized poster.There was no map.

It is worth noting that in the first poster of “Star Wars”.the logo used for production is not the one we are very familiar with in the future.but another sign that is quickly abandoned.

star wars the last jedi poster

This logo and this poster soon became a past tense. Also on the eve of the 1977 movie release, Lucas Studios launched the first official big poster of Star Wars, which was drawn by Tom Jung:

star wars movie poster

Just as comics have variant covers.the first “Star Wars” movie has another poster:

star wars last jedi poster

In May 1978,after the first anniversary of “Star Wars”.this super-popular movie returned to the theater again.the publisher released a new poster.

It can be seen that “Don’t be too’s useless” (May the Force be with You) This classic line has become a household name at the time and can be used for publicity:

original star wars poster

In 1979, “Star Wars: New Hope” was released again. a new poster was created in this way:

solo a star wars story poster

2.Empire Strikes Back

The second film in the series was an empire counterattack.The film was released in 1980,it was promoted in 1979.In the early propaganda,a poster was born:

star wars a new hope poster

Perhaps the Dak Vader villain role is a bit embarrassing in the propaganda.the official also launched two variant posters,Roger Kastel’s big poster:

star wars original poster

A small poster by Tom Jung:

star wars episode 9 poster

A year later,the equally popular “Empire Strikes Back” was also successfully re-enacted.This supporting poster re-enacted Tom Jung’s one:

star wars episode 8 poster

3.Return of the Jedi

In 1982,the third film of the series.”The Return of the Jedi” was released. The name of the movie originally booked, not the one we saw.but the “Revenge of the Jedi” in the first related poster.You can still see this:

star wars the force awakens poster

After the film renamed,Tim Reamer painted a variant poster for “The Return of the Jedi”:

star wars poster 1977

Kazuhiko Sano has painted a variant poster B.which is one of the most iconic works in the series and one of the most representative posters in the history of the world’s cinema:

new star wars poster

As in the previous two,”The Return of the Jedi” returned to the theater in 1985 and re-screened (the Star Wars series is too popular with the American people!) The new posters at the time are as follows:

star wars 8 poster

4.1995 video tape cover

The cover of the commemorative trilogy videotape in 1995 is strictly not a poster, but after all, it is one of the audio-visual products. Let us appreciate it:

star wars rogue one poster

5.1997 reprinted version

In such a popular series,Lucas Studios used the previous trilogy to spend money.In 1997, after 20 years of “Star Wars”.the trilogy took the big screen again.which is still very popular.The screening also brought a new poster:

star wars propaganda poster

Drew Struzan painted a variant poster for this re-enactment:

star wars the last jedi movie poster

star wars poster art

star wars 9 poster

6.The Phantom Menace

After the main story trilogy, “The Phantom Menace” is the first work of the prequel trilogy. The Star Wars which returned a few decades later.

naturally attaches great importance to this the posters are also enough,although the number is small.the first poster style of the work is quite unique:

star wars last jedi movie poster

The poster above predicts Anakin’s future.but this is not a poster when it officially released.The official please return to Drew Struzan to draw a cinema version of the poster for the film:

star wars episode 4 poster

7.Attack of the Clones

Time is already in the 21st century.

In 2002, the poster style of “Clone Man Attack” gradually became “spoiled”.

In the first poster, Anakin’s emotional life revealed:

star wars minimalist poster

At this time Drew Struzan is already the most trusted painter of the film issuer.

he once again painted a poster for the Star Wars movie:

star wars empire strikes back poster

Although the 21st century no longer has the grandeur of the trilogy that re-enacted.

before the year, there are always ways to make money in good movies.

After a while, Clone Attack has launched the IMAX version.

it is a new poster:

star wars poster episode 7

8.Revenge of the Sith

The last work of the prequel trilogy,the launch of two posters.

the first and the two previous films reveal the fate of Anakin’s future:

star wars episode 1 poster

The official poster is the old style.

star wars 1977 poster

9.The Clone Wars

The film is the only animated film of Star Wars.

the only one released by Warner in the Star Wars series (after all, comics copyright belongs to Marvel).

Animated film posters also animated.

the expected revenue of the animation is far less than the movie.

the second poster is not available for budget and promotion.

This work has only one poster below:

solo a star wars story movie poster

10.The Force Awakens

The “The Force Awakens” released in December this year will be the latest work on the big screen of the Star Wars series.

it will be the tenth (although we calculated the videotape and re-enacted version).

Earlier, Drew Struzan on D23 returned to the river and made a first poster for the film:

star wars return of the jedi poster

Yes, we will usher in the first Star Wars movie featuring women

(Princess Leia has a very unique hoodie and personality)!

As for the poster we saw at the beginning, it is the latest poster of the Star Wars series of movies.

which carries the glory of the most popular series of science fiction films.

star wars force awakens poster

2015.12.18, Star Wars Returned to the screen.

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