Top 5 Best Sports Camera (2018) – Reviews & Comparison

You are a lover of thrills and beautiful images? So you need the best sports camera to reconcile these two elements. Indeed, the sport camera is an object that can accompany you everywhere, and capture the most beautiful images in photo or video. It is a more practical object than a video camera or a camera, more resistant than a best graphics tablet and can be easily transported anywhere.

The best 2018 sports camera will be able to go under water, follow you in the mountains or in the cold and so capture your finest sporting achievements! Surfers, divers, skiers, snowboarders, and practicing any sport combining sensations and paradise like climbing, you will be delighted to have a model of action cam worthy of the name to share your most beautiful moments with the greatest number .

For travelers, sports cameras democratized by Go Pro brand are also a great way to record their best excursions to share them on different social networks.

With an ever more impressive image quality and an ever-improving handling, the sports cameras of the moment will be able to meet your expectations, and without costing you a fortune! Contrary to popular belief, we find very good models for less than 100!

Discover the best sports cameras Bestlife4us has chosen for you, as well as a final shopping guide that will allow you to find the model that suits you.

Comparison of 5 Camera Sport (2018)

NameScreen SizeHousing - WaterproofVideo ResolutionPhoto resolution (maximum)
Campark ACT742 inchYes4K / 2,7K / 2,1K / 1080p / 720p16MP
WiMiUS Q12 inchYes, up to 40 m4K / 2,7K / 2,1K / 1080p / 720p16MP
Crosstour2 inchYes, up to 30 m4K / 2,7K / 2,1K / 1080p / 720p16MP
GooBangDoo2 inchYes, up to 30 m4K / 2,7K / 2,1K / 1080p / 720p12MP
Muson2 inchYes, up to 30 m4K / 2,7K / 2,1K / 1080p / 720p12MP

The 5 best sports cameras

Campark ACT74 – The best sports camera (2018)

Our opinion on the Campark ACT74 Sport Camera
  • 4k video resolution and up to 16 megapixels for photos
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • The free application Xprocam to manage the camera remotely
  • The many accessories provided
  • The stabilizer
  • No video editing software provided
  • No external charger for the battery, which remains a little weak
This model of sports camera of the French brand Campark to all of a great, and we realize it as soon as we put the hand on the object. Small and light, it comes with a whole lot of accessories that allow a varied use.

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WiMiUS Q1 – The best Chinese sports camera

Our opinion on the WiMiUS Q1 Sport Camera
  • Very good value for money
  • 2 batteries provided
  • Supports SD cards up to 64 GB
  • It is very resistant and its protective case is practical
  • Less powerful at night
  • The translation of the record
  • The location to change the battery is difficult to open without a fingernail!
This small Action Cam WiMiUS is offered at a very small price, which caught our attention. And despite this small price, she managed to offer excellent benefits, which is not so surprising when we know the Chinese brand that produces these models.

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Crosstour – The best waterproof sports camera

Our opinion on the Crosstour sports camera
  • The bracelet remote control
  • The optimal image quality
  • The small price of this sport camera
  • The application well thought out and practical
  • SD card only up to 32 GB
  • The 4x zoom that pixilates images
For the most athletic among you, and especially those who love aquatic activities, here is surely the best waterproof sport camera of this selection!

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GooBangDoo from Bopower – The best sports camera

Our Review of Bopower's GooBangDoo Sport Camera
  • A very complete pack with many accessories and 2 batteries
  • An excellent quality / price ratio
  • Many parameters and modes of view, to adapt to the creativity of each
  • The thoughtful application
  • Compatible with a 64 GB SD card
  • Remote control bracelet not waterproof
  • The notice is in English
The model that we present here is the GooBang Bopower, an ultra-complete sports camera proposed for less than 100 . It comes with a set of accessories worthy of what offers packs Go Pro (bike bindings, helmets, surf …), and GO Pro brand accessories are also compatible with this model!

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Muson – The best 4K HD sports camera in this range

Our opinion on the sport camera Muson
  • The complete pack contains all the necessary
  • The good quality of recorded images
  • Its tightness, up to 30 meters
  • 2 batteries provided
  • Only 32 GB of storage accepted
  • The connection between the camera and the smartphone can take a few long seconds
Among the entry-level sports cameras, some models are doing well and this is the case of this camera brand Muson.

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Buying Guide: How to choose the best 2018 sports camera

To choose the best HD sports camera, there are different settings that you will need to consider. On the one hand, its use, because the best waterproof camera will not necessarily be the best HD sports camera. Standard can refer to electric toothbrush for its waterproof standard.Performance varies by use, but some criteria can be applied to all sports cameras.

Here are the essentials for choosing the best sports camera!

Video resolution

If the first use you make of your sports camera is to film your sporting achievements, then the resolution of the chosen model is paramount.

The maximum is the 4K, which offers the most impressive rendering at the moment. We talk about HD for 1080p and 720P, for which the quality of videos is less but remains quite acceptable!

Everything will depend on your goals: for videos to share with family or friends, the 4K is not necessarily essential. However, if you want to get the best video possible, and / or use your images for business purposes (or for a site, a blog …), then choose the highest resolutions.

The photo resolution

It’s the same if you take photos with your sports camera! We talk in megapixel when it comes to evoke the resolution of cameras, and the same goes for the models that equip the cameras.

If the maximum here is 18 million pixels, which offers a striking rendering on any screen, we can easily be content with 12 million pixels for this type of camera. Once again, everything will depend on the purpose of using your images.

The quality of your images will be significantly impacted on you go under the bar of 8 million pixels.

The life of the battery

Since these sports cameras are meant to follow you in your adventures, it is important that the battery follows. This is often the big black spot of these cameras!

With a battery life of about 2 hours, you can be satisfied with the battery of your camera. But it is a rare performance, which is however mitigated in some packs, with sports cameras sold with 2 batteries.

This helps to avoid falling into the harbor while you are capturing the most beautiful images of your life!

The accessories provided in the pack

The best hd sports camera will adapt to all activities and all your needs. Therefore, we appreciate when the pack contains all the necessary accessories to vary the activities.

Among these practical accessories, it is important to find bike, helmet, tripod, body mount and stabilizer attachments for perfect video rendering.

In addition, the protective cover of the camera must be provided as it may cause rapid damage to your small devices.


It is important to look at what capacity your camera can accept in memory. Those who like to shoot long videos will have to choose accounting cameras with SD cards of 64 GB!

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Waterproof or not?

The protective shell may or may not be waterproof.The principle of galaxy s7 edge case introduced earlier is basically the same. This point is important depending on the sports you practice and the images you want to capture, but we would tend to advise you to prefer the cameras with a waterproof shell.

Indeed, in almost all sports, there will be a risk of splashing, whether snow, sweat, or immersion under water, and it is therefore more prudent to provide the right accessory .

Remote control systems

It’s nice to be able to control your remote port camera. This can be done via Bluetooth remote controls (including the ingenious remote control wristbands equipped on some of the models reviewed), or by Wifi.

Practical, these remote controls allow you to take pictures of groups, but also to make more creative shots, by triggering the camera while it is attached to a drone or an animal!

Let your imagination speak, because these sports cameras allow to innovate in terms of films and photos!

The application and its features

The best sports cameras of 2018 are often related to applications, of varying qualities. These last ones make it possible to parameterize the camera, to modify the photos or the videos and especially to share it on different screens or on sites and other social networks.

These applications are important, and although most are compatible with all phones and tablets, remember to check this point when you buy.

Your budget

You will find in our selection of discounted models, including the best sports camera for less than 100 . This allows all budgets to be equipped with powerful models, because it is not necessarily necessary to spend more than 400 (these are the prices of some GO pro) to have models of quality!

There are very good models for less than 100 , and you will access almost pro equipment by doubling this price.

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