Often Eat These 5 Kinds Of Food Prevent High Blood Fat

Hyperlipidemia is indeed a serious and widespread problem today.the level of blood lipids is closely related to physical health.the high blood lipids cause great harm to the body.

Prevent High Blood Fat

For blood lipids, it mainly contains three substances: cholesterol, phospholipids and triglycerides. For cholesterol that more concerned.it mainly divided into two kinds of “high-density lipoprotein cholesterol” and “low-density lipoprotein”. low-density lipoprotein cholesterol has long called “bad cholesterol“. If the content of this substance rises, it will cause a greater threat in the body.the rise of “bad cholesterol” is more likely to cause blood vessels. Plaques formed inside.the incidence of diseases such as myocardial ischemia, angina pectoris, and myocardial infarction increased due to the increase of plaque.

Hyperlipidemia – How To Eat?

What kind of food to choose?

For some patients with high blood lipids.it recommended that you adjust your diet properly in your life. Foods with higher cholesterol should be eaten less. Fat, chicken, duck skin, animal offal and other foods are not eaten for one month. Recommended more than 2 times.Eat less barbecue food made from fire pit tables.

In addition, the intake of fresh vegetables and soy products increased in life.especially some green leafy vegetables with high water content.for meat, it recommended to eat fish and shrimp seafood and meat from the epidermis.

In addition, eating small meals is a high-lipid patient should be strictly done.eat less meals, appropriate exercise to ensure a reasonable and healthy weight.so that will not exacerbate your condition.

High Blood Fat

Under the premise of abandoning the dose.such foods suggest that patients with hyperlipidemia can eat as appropriate:


Apple is a very civilian food.it is also a fruit that you are advised to eat.apples are rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber.which has a certain retarding effect on elevated blood lipids. It recommended to take it daily. The “main force” in the middle.


A too common vegetable.which contains a certain amount of calcium pectate.That has a certain effect on the cholesterol level.it recommended to eat often.



A staple food that you can often eat.whether it is mineral phosphorus or mineral selenium.

that is “remarkable” and has a certain effect on serum cholesterol.


Oyster is an animal food that suggests that you can taste it properly. It contains taurine and mineral zinc.which can also promote cholesterol decomposition.


As a healthy snack, nuts are a type of food that you have always recommended. When it comes to specific, Badanmu is a good choice. It recommended to eat about 20 grams a day.

In addition to these foods, foods such as soybeans, cucumbers, yam, and peanuts recommended for regular consumption. However,there is no magic food. These are just suggestions that you appropriately biased.

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