Orange Juicer – Comparison And Tests Of The Best Orange Juicers

Do You Need An Orange Juicer?

The orange juicer is ideally suited for people who like to drink good fruit juice from time to time. However, it is important to point out that some orange juicers are multifunctional. For this purpose, they are used to prepare sorbets, spaghetti and even some milk drinks.

Moreover, the most common models of orange juicer can be used to obtain the juice of certain vegetables. These copies are therefore essential for parents who want to feed their children vegetables they would not eat in normal times. In addition, they remain useful for patients who have difficulty digesting solid food.

For those who are looking for an orange juicer to fill a specific need, it should be known that these devices cost between 10 and a few thousand euros. The price varies depending on the type of device you are interested in. Manual models remain the most affordable while automatic variants are the most expensive.

Anyway, it’s an interesting investment. A good fruit juice is priceless. Moreover, do not forget that nectars sold in pack are full of chemicals that could harm the health of consumers in the long run.

Selection of orange juicer

Although we have already proposed these 3 references, some may still hesitate on which model to choose. To obtain the ideal specimen, it is necessary to take into account certain points, mainly the expected frequency of use.

If you plan to use it every morning to get one or two glasses of juice, a manual or electric orange juicer will do the trick. If you are a restaurateur looking for equipment that will give your customers a quality beverage, an automatic orange juicer model seems ideal. Finally, if your family enjoys drinking orangeade at every meal, investing in an orange juice extractor is more appropriate.

Before stopping your choice, do not forget the practical side of the device. Go to the simplest models to use and also the easiest to maintain. In addition, take into account the noise that the use of the device may cause.

Selection And Tests Of  The 10 Best Orange Juicers

Those who have already visited several hypermarkets to find an orange juicer already know that it is not so easy to identify a suitable model. Indeed, there are on the market a multitude of models whose characteristics are not always easy to decrypt. For those who are on their first purchase, this is very confusing.

To help them find the ideal specimen, the editorial team reviewed several orange juicers. We have decided to list below the 3 most popular orange juicer currently on the market.

1.Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor

Under a futuristic design, the Breville JE98XL orange juicer is equipped with a universal cone for maximum efficiency and juice extraction. Added to this is a power of 115 W to make this task even easier and faster. With its detachable handle and soft touch, its use will be very comfortable.

In addition, the 3-function selector will also allow you to use your juicer in the traditional way. Finally, its stainless steel filter as well as its drawer harvesting gout will facilitate you daily cleaning. All done, the service will be done directly by the glass for more freshness and speed. What start your day energies with this quality orange juicer.

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2.Slow Masticating Juicer by Tiluxury

The Tiluxury is an automatic orange juicer dedicated to the general public. The juicer gives the opportunity to use the juice easily without having to squeeze manually. It will put the fruit in the fireplace and turn on the device to get a tasty orangeade. This centrifuge model stands out from other specimens by its charming design. It is indeed like a food processor that will go perfectly to a contemporary kitchen.

By using this automatic orange juicer, you get juice on one side and pulp on the other. So you can drink the nectar and recover the pulp for other preparations if necessary. The product also stands out for its versatility. It is suitable for grinding different vegetables. With a laceration speed of 13,000 rpm, it is close to some entry level mixers.

That said, the designers have not necessarily taken the time to think carefully about the diameter of the chimney. It does not allow to introduce large fruit, which is a pity. But we stay on a centrifuge of excellent quality.

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3.AICOK Juicer Juice Extractor

For a wholesome and nutritious breakfast, you need to eat naturally extracted juice. On the many models of juicers that exist on the market, we have selected for you a model that we particularly liked: the AICOK Juicer.

Its first assets lie in its sleek and elegant design that will be a very nice effect in your kitchen. It has an articulated arm that allows you to extract very good quality juices with nutritional values.

In addition, the orange juicer is very easy to use thanks to its integrated spout that will allow you to enjoy your drink right after juicering it. You will also have no trouble cleaning especially thanks to its compatibility with the dishwasher. Among the best orange juicer this particularly silent product, you can start squeezing your juice very early in the morning without risking waking your entire family.

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4.Omega J8006 Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

  • High juice yield with very dry pulp
  • Automatic on-off function
  • Double direction of rotation of the cone
  • Protection cover
  • Cord storage

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5.Hamilton Beach (67601A) Juicer

The Beach (67601A) is one of the most sought-after orange electric juicer models. It differs from other orange juicer by its power of 60 W. Said like that, it seems negligible, but do not forget that the PC120870 has only 25 W. Due to this difference, this copy fills its function much faster.

Its brushed stainless steel finish also remains one of the major advantages of the product. This choice of the manufacturer reassures buyers as to the quality of the device. The device actually looks solid and is elegant. The material used also guarantees a fairly long life since it has been treated so as not to rust. The 2-year warranty offered by the brand adds to these characteristics that show its good bill.

Despite all the efforts of the designers, this orange juicer is slightly noisy at work. Moreover, cleaning it is not as easy as it seems. It will almost disassemble the device to carry out this task. This puts users at risk for failing to properly deliver certain components.

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6.Argus Le Masticating Juicer

Accessory become indispensable in every home, the electric orange juicer does not cease seducing. In this particular model, there is an electric gadget that will help you to make a large amount of fresh orange juice with tremendous speed and ease.

Indeed, this machine is equipped with a double orange juicer with a space where to place your fruit to be cut in half. You will save valuable time by allowing you to cut and squeeze your citrus fruits with a single device, and without splashing thanks to the cover that integrates it.

The powerful 2-in-1 90-watt juicer cuts fruits in half without having to take out a knife and cutting board. Moreover, as he performs the cutting, the device does not lose any drop of juice. The latter freshly squeezed is then harvested in a common container. In short, all that is most practical.

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7.Aicook Wide Mouth Juicer Machine BPA-Free

With this Aicook brand product, you can expect a well-designed orange juicer that fulfills its functions perfectly.

Not only is it easy to use, but it is especially fast. You can even squeeze 20 to 22 oranges per minute or 4 to 7 glasses of fresh juice and no chemical inputs. All thanks to its power displaying the 120 W.

The design of the orange juicer is made of stainless steel to ensure long-term use without the risk of rust or corrosion. To prove it, the brand does not hesitate to grant it a one-year warranty. Another undeniable advantage, the Aicook can be easily cleaned since it is dishwasher safe.

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8.Vitamix 5200 Blender Professional-Grade

One of the best orange juicer on the market, with a capacity of 160 W, this semi-professional juicer allows you to easily prepare tasty and unctuous natural juices. It is suitable for both domestic and professional use.

The operation of the orange juicer is very noisy to extract your juices without disturbing others. Another advantage is that the body is made of stainless steel that is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Strong and resistant, it guarantees a long life. Its stainless steel finishes offer a touch of modernity.

The Vitamix 5200 Orange juicer has a colander that allows you to make quality juices without pulps or pips. It offers you the opportunity to prepare ready-to-serve drinks. For safe use, it has an anti-gout system and non-slip feet. It has an integrated handle for easy handling of the device.

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9.BELLA BLA13694 13694 High Power Juice Extractor

Among the most original and the best orange juicer the most popular market is this model of the brand BELLA. This is probably due to its asymmetrical appearance which gives it modern lines and even more reinforced by its clean side.

The orange juicer has a power of 80 W and it is even possible to make more consistent drinks with its filter of good quality.

Equipped with an anti-drip and splash-proof system, the BELLA BLA13694 orange juicer will not bother you with the possible releases that may occur during extraction. Even the most clumsy can use it.

Also, resistant to lemon juice, this orange juicer is dishwasher safe and does not make it difficult if you have to clean it by hand. No need for a suitable equipment: a sponge is more than enough.

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10.Tribest Slowstar Vertical Slow Juicer and Mincer SW-2000

Under the simplistic look of the orange juicer A Tribest Slowstar SW-2000 hides a power of 63 W. Due to its Italian manufacturing, robustness and ease of use are also born. Its engine is all the more quiet so as not to disturb all your home in the desire of freshly squeezed juice.


Its stainless steel coating adds a plus to the extent that it guarantees long-term use without the risk of rust. In the same way, everything is easy to clean both by hand and in the dishwasher.




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What is an orange juicer?

Currently, there are a multitude of household robots that everyone can use in their kitchen to facilitate certain tasks. While many admit the utility of a diving blender, few people seriously consider getting an orange juicer. However, the latter could be useful for the preparation of fruit juices and some dishes, just like a citrus juicer.

Modern orange juicers were born in the early 1980s in the United States. At that time, the American middle class used to drink a good orangeade before going about their business. Noting this, some manufacturers wanted to offer a useful tool to simplify the preparation of this nectar. The first models saw the day and they allowed to prepare a few glasses of fruit juice in a minimum of time.

Over the years, these devices have been improved. Then more and more specimens appeared. In any case, the improvements were aimed primarily at making their use less tiring. Indeed, it was necessary to have a lot of elbow oils to get a maximum of juice with the first copies. Under these conditions, the designers had to review some points to present more practical models.

Nowadays, there are several variants of orange juicer. Depending on your needs, you will need to focus on one type in particular.

Automatic orange juicerElectric orange juicerOrange juice extractorManual orange juicer

The automatic squeezer makes it possible to obtain juice without having to cut the citrus fruits. It will be enough to put the fruit directly in the orange juicer so that it juicers them. These specimens seem the most practical in terms of use. Their use requires no preparation of oranges in advance, the user can enjoy an orangeade as soon as possible.

Due to a complex juicering system, these devices give you excellent performance. Some manufacturers claim that their models would extract more than 90% of the juice of an orange. That's why some restaurants use it to offer their client a tasty fruit nectar. The device can also prepare more than one liter in a few minutes. This makes this type of device indispensable for restaurant owners.

The main disadvantage of these variants however remains their price. They are the most expensive orange juicer because of their high degree of perfection. Moreover, the orange juice obtained can sometimes be pulpy, which is not to the taste of everyone.

Orange juicers are cheaper than automatic models because of a simple detail. It will effectively cut in half each orange. Subsequently, it will squeeze each portion on the cone of the device to extract the juice. These devices advance a decent yield and are suitable for both individuals and restaurant owners.

Their design is also highly appreciated by buyers. Most of the items on the market are neat and modern. Thus, they become true decorative accessories for the kitchen. Because of their compact size, they do not take up too much space on the worktop and can be stored with ease.

The only downside of these orange juicer variants seems to be the noise they emit to use. Discreet use is unlikely. When you prepare an orange juice when you wake up, you risk waking up your loved ones if you live in a modest flat.

The orange juice extractor is without a doubt the most popular orange juicer model currently for a simple reason. It has been designed to preserve nutrients from fruits. Unlike other specimens, the integrated "rasp" rotates at a reduced speed, which prevents the formation of bubbles that would oxidize vitamins. In these conditions, these devices are indicated to those who care about their health.

In addition, an orange juice extractor is as practical as an automatic orange juicer. You will not usually have to prepare the citrus fruit to use before juicering. It will simply slip into a conduit for this purpose to get a nutritious nectar in minutes. These specimens also stand out for their versatility. Most can be used to get juice from many fruits or vegetables.

These devices are as noisy as an electric orange juicer. In addition, maintaining them can be more or less difficult depending on the model.

Today's manual orange juicers are comparable to the models used by our grandparents. It will take a bit of elbow grease to get some juice with it. However, some builders have tried to make them a little more convenient with some modifications.

Indeed, there is now on the market of so-called levered juicers. To use them, it will be a question of having a slice of orange before juicering on the lever. In this sense, you will not have to squeeze for several minutes to have a maximum of nectar.

Just like a juice extractor, these devices preserve the nutritional virtues of juicered fruits. They  aim at athletes who pay attention to what they eat or women who want to keep their line.

Consult our buying guide dedicated to manual citrus juicers.

How did we select the orange juicer?

Before presenting the list of the 3 best orange juicers, we tested several models. During this stage, it is clear that several devices do not keep their promises. Despite the assets touted by manufacturers, many devices like this have disappointed us.

Only the three references presented have passed their test successfully. Moreover, we also looked at their reputation on the Web. We then noted that these orange juicers are very popular not only because of their quality-price ratio, but also because of their performance.

Why trust us ?

orange juicer Breville JE98XL Our goal has always been to provide Internet users with objective opinions on different household appliances. To this end, our site already has some comparisons and buying guides that have already helped some people. This page is not likely to be an exception to this. If you want to know more about citrus juicer, go to our page dedicated to citrus juicer.

The editorial team brings together professionals and individuals from all walks of life. They are able to advise you the best in your approach of purchase. Thanks to their expertise, you have the means to find a specimen of choice.

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Should I buy an orange juicer?

Should we buy an orange juicer? In short, it is up to everyone to decide to have an orange juicer. Anyway, it is a household utensil convenient for everyone. There are many variants on the market to meet several types of needs. Manufacturers often offer multi-year warranties to buyers. In these conditions, everyone can enjoy his orange juicer for years.

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