How To Judge A Person Is Really Rich

In today’s society, people are more concerned about matter and vanity is heavier. In life, many people with poor economic conditions like to pursue the trend, wear famous brands, buy equipment and are filled with the breath of money.

On the contrary,some rich people always keep simple.They do not value the outside. So, how can we judge whether a person is really rich or loaded? On this issue, psychologists offer the following three ideas.

rich or loaded

Not discussing

First of all, people who are really rich often do not deliberately disclose that they are rich.they do not actively participate in discussions on related topics. What they prefer is that their own economic level is felt by others.

For example, When a person uses a vlog camera to record his recent purchase of luxury goods and where to go.then he is likely to be loaded with money. they tend to exaggerate their level of consumption while ignoring some interesting details.

For those who really have money, they will feel where they have gone.what they have played, not worth boasting.they will be more willing to share with you the interesting things. what they have experienced and talk about the feelings of the time.

Not discussing

Just like a classic discourse, “A true lady never boasts about where she has been, how many things she has, and what books she has read.” By the same token, real rich people will not emphasize how much material and wealth they have.but rather Pay attention to the enjoyment of the spiritual level.

Do not care

Secondly, people who are really rich will not be too much about money.those who pretend to be rich will often bring you money-related topics.

From the psychological nature analysis, this is caused by the “scarcity mentality”. For people, when they lack something.their attention will be more concentrated on this matter.

Do not care

Take two images and simple examples. When you have a meal that is not full, you will concentrate on your howling belly and have no mood to do other things. When you lack one, you can understand When you support your close lover. you will always be eager to fall in love.

By the same token, when you pretend to have money. rather than really having money, your attention is more likely to attract by money-related things. So, when someone often talks to you about money-related topics. it means that he is not really rich at all.

really having money

Always Maintain A Modest

Finally, you can observe the person’s words and deeds. If he is polite and open-minded, it means that he is not pretending. As long as we pay attention to it, we will find this interesting phenomenon: those who are really rich and powerful often show modest and open-mindedness.

On the contrary, those who only pretend to look like a lack of real skills.

but prefer to pretend to be a self-important, unintentional, rich man.

Always Maintain A Modest

Analyze this phenomenon with the psychoanalytic genre.

Those who love money are essentially lack of self-confidence.

They hope to fill the inner lack through the external material and the envy of others.

so they pretend to have a sense of superiority and arrogance.

This is a kind of “compensatory psychology” for people. When they lack the capital of true self-confidence,

they want to work hard to compensate for this deficiency through other aspects.

so they pretend to have a rich look.

pretend to have a rich look

Those who are really rich are confident .

That do not need to gain self-worth through this external and superficial way.

so they are extremely humble and easy to get along with.

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