How To Find The Best Hair Clipper?

To choose the best hair clipper, you need to pay attention to the overall quality of the device. For men with long hair it is better to choose a hair clipper, whose combs will oscillate between 4 and 9 mm, and for shorter hair can turn to hair clipper, with combs adjustable below 6 mm.

Thick or frizzy hair will choose models with very sturdy and sharp blades to achieve a net result. I recommend a multifunctional hair trimmer for those looking for a trimmer to cut hair and also maintain their beards and paws. In any case, think carefully about your end use.

There is no need to pay for a device that does not meet all your needs, or on the contrary will offer too many features for your use …

The top 10 hair clippers of  this year:

1. The Panasonic Hair Clipper Pro : ER-GP80

The Panasonic ER-GP80 is a hair trimmer pro. Its design, performance and power make it better than others. In addition, the Panasonic brand is recognized worldwide as the brand with the highest quality and launches the best products. But what differentiates this mower from others? You will know it!


Panasonic ER-GP80: the best quality product

Panasonic ER-GP80 has very distinguished characteristics compared to others. Its design is very elegant with different colors. Its dimension is very fine which makes it easy to handle and hold in the hand. It is also covered with rubber, the latter helps your hand to hold it without slipping during handling. You see ? Panasonic has thought of everything to make your life easier.

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The power of its engine is really amazing. He can do 10,000 rpm even if his battery is flat. It’s incredible ! With such power, it can cut any type of hair regardless of the density of the hair. It automatically controls the movement of the blade to obtain a very good haircut.

Regarding its battery, it is composed of Lithium-Ion which is really powerful and which respects the environment. Its life is also very long. Other than that, the mower has two LEDs that illuminate red if you plug it into your electrical outlet, and green indicating the level of your battery if you use it in wireless mode. When you charge your mower, it must be done for 1 hour, like that, the charge is complete and you can use it up to 60 minutes. What power !

Other than that, the Panasonic ER-GP80 is equipped with a knob that allows you to adjust the height of the cut according to your preference which varies from 0.8 to 2 mm. You can also adjust this height during use without stopping the unit. It’s very sophisticated, is not it? It is also accompanied by 3 different combs that you can use according to your needs.

The most amazing is that with the Panasonic ER-GP80, you can achieve all the trendy cuts these days. It is very practical and easy to use thanks to the angle of cut that is 45 ° which gives you an excellent cut, but also designed to realize your dreams with ease.

Finally, it is very light and small. Like that, after using it, your hand feels no fatigue. For cleaning, it is accompanied by a brush that allows easy cleaning, in addition, its accessories are detachable, which facilitates cleaning.

In short, the Panasonic ER-GP80 is the professional hair clipper ideal for your needs. It is a product of very high quality on the international market. Its remarkable characteristics distinguish it from others and make it better than them. Its design, power, capacity and the result is very impressive. So, what are you waiting for? Try the Panasonic ER-GP80 and you will see that it’s the best. Do not hesitate because you will not regret it!

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2.Remington Hair Rem Hair Trimmer:

Remington is a brand renowned for the strength of its products and the hair clipper is no exception. It has indeed Advanced Ceramic blades that allow it to ensure a very long life while ensuring a very nice haircut. They are indeed impregnated with silica. This material is known to make the metal much stronger and this is evident when using Remington’s REM-HC5810 hair clipper. Its design allows it to combine professional performance with a resistance to any test.

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A very powerful engine:

In addition to its robustness and the high quality of its blades, Remington has a powerful motor. Thanks to it, you can enjoy all the power needed to cut all types of hair, whether short or long, thin or thick, stiff or frizzy.

But this engine is not only efficient, but it is also very quiet, which allows you to enjoy a haircut of the most enjoyable. The engine performance does not prevent the device to offer a very good autonomy. Indeed, for 1h30 of charge, you can use it for 40 minutes. This gives you plenty of time to make a haircut. You can also check the battery level of your mower by observing the series of LEDs on the handle of the device.

A complete box and a perfectible design:

The only flaw in Remington’s hair clipper is perhaps its lack of finesse. It is indeed a bit heavy and not necessarily pleasant to handle. However, this defect is largely offset by the power of its blades. As for its accessories, you will be able to enjoy a complete box since your REM-HC5810 hair clipper comes with 10 cutting guides, which will allow you to choose precisely the length of your cut, but also a base a hair comb, a pair of hair scissors, three hair clips, two cleaning brushes and a storage case. The latter will allow you to carry it easily during your various trips and to store it without losing all the accessories. Moreover, its price is very attractive since you will find it on Amazon for only 49 Euros.

Despite its small ergonomic problems and lack of finesse, the Remington RE-HC5810 hair clipper is a product of the highest performance. Indeed, in addition to having Advanced Ceramic blades ultra resistant and very high quality, it also offers a powerful engine and a very good autonomy. It also comes with many accessories and offers a great value because you will find it on Amazon for 49 Euros.

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3.Testing the Wahl Professional Hair Clipper:


The Wahl professional hair clipper is an electric cordless clipper that can be used for hair or beard as well. It is also suitable for both adults and children and can be used in private settings or for professional use. To use it more easily, you can use 4 combs with a length of 3 millimeters to 12 millimeters.

Elegant and easy to use design:

The professional hair clipper Wahl offers indeed a design of the most elegant. With a black and red handle, it is easy to handle and you can easily handle and cut your hair or beard with great precision. It is also equipped with a very strong ceramic blade that can be adjusted to heights of 0.8 millimeters, 1.1 millimeters, 1.4 millimeters, 1.7 millimeters and 2 millimeters. It is also very easy to use, since you only have to press the on / off button to use it and since the hooves are easily changed and easy to handle. The clogs are four in number and can cut your hair or beard to a length of 3 millimeters, 6 millimeters, 9 millimeters and 12 millimeters.

A performance superior to its price:

The Wahl professional hair clipper offers high-end performance at a very affordable price. For this price, you will find a better lawnmower with high-performance ceramic blades, an ergonomic handle that will allow you to easily handle your mower and a very good autonomy.

Indeed, after an 8 hour recharge, you can use it for 70 minutes continuously or 2 hours if you use it punctually. So, even though the charging time may be a little long, you will have plenty of time to cut your hair or beard. In addition, if you run out of battery, you can still use the Wahl Professional Hair Clipper by plugging it into the mains or using the second battery delivered with your lawn mower. Finally, please note that you will be informed of the battery level of your lawnmower thanks to the charge indicator. Regarding its accessories, it comes with its charger, two batteries, four combs, a bottle of oil and a cleaning brush. Its cleaning will be facilitated by the use of this cleaning brush.

It is not necessarily mandatory to spend a fortune to have a high quality product. This Wahl professional hair clipper is the perfect example.  In addition, it is easy to use and will be delivered with a large number of accessories such as a cleaning brush, two batteries or additional hooves.

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4.The hair clipper: Panasonic ER-1611

Among the best lawn mowers on the market is the Panasonic ER-1611 which is a marvel. Simple, classy and efficient, it has been specially designed to offer a good grip on the user.

Equipped with a linear motor capable of 10,000 revolutions per minute, it has X-Taper Blade technology.

For those who do not know it, this new technology allows to have a perfect cut, that is to say a measured millimeters for an excellent result.

Its height is adjustable between 0.8mm to 2mm. Regarding the autonomy of its battery, it can reach up to 50 minutes of non-stop use. The advantage of this model is that it comes with three hooves each offering heights of different cuts. The Panasonic ER-1611 hair clipper can be used wired or wireless depending on the user’s choice.

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5.Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper

For less money, or 2 cuts at a hairdresser, you can afford a quality hair clipper that will justify the investment you have made. It is manageable, light, not very noisy, its reloading during use allows you to unplug it for the finishes of your hair … It is perfect … Because you are worth it!

less money, that’s what the mower Philips for men … Honestly, the value is excellent when you know that this mower is among the most robust, most manageable and that its life is among the best in the market …

We can not really say that design is the first thing we are looking for this kind of hair clipper, but I admit that the finesse of the device and the aesthetic appealed to me. In addition, the power button is quite discreet even if it is on the top. An important thing is the implementation of a grip “anti-slip” which remains discreet because it is molded into the shell of the device.

Perfect performance, that’s what I can say to summarize this hair clipper, because it comes with clogs adapting and clipping easily, but most importantly, it can be used without a hoof, so that we can can be used for both hair and beard. Another plus is that the cut without hoof is very good, so you do not risk leaving small hair behind the neck, and sliding is perfect. Not to mention that there is no burning sensation, even after 20 minutes of mowing.

Its lightness and finesse give a very good grip. In addition, it must be added that the handling is above my expectations. The fact that it recharges during cutting allows you to leave the charging wire for finishing, and this adds to the quality of the product. A significant comfort and a unique ease of use.

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6.Trim and Style Multi 6 in 1 Kemei Hair Trimmer:

By using the Trim and Style Multi 6 in 1 Kemei hair trimmer you will enjoy optimal cutting conditions. that offers blades with a titanium coating, a large choice of cut sizes or a very long autonomy. It is the ideal product for men who want to take care of their body and their appearance. there is also versatile because it allows you to cut your hair, but also the hair you have on the face, including the beard and hair in the nose and ears, and on the body. Finally, it is completely waterproof, which will allow you to use it on dry skin as well as on wet skin, and even in the shower. In addition, its waterproofness will also allow you to clean it more easily since you simply pass under the tap to clean it.


Superb mowing conditions:

By using the Trim Hair Trimmer and Style 6 in 1 Kemei, it will be nice to use it. Indeed, you can enjoy the comfort of mowing provided by blades covered with a titanium coating. They allow to enjoy a clean and durable cut and a good life. In addition, the engine power of 6500 rpm allows you to cut all hair or hair in one pass. Finally, the Trime and Style Multi 6 in 1 Kemei trimmer has several interchangeable heads. These will be essential for cutting your hair and your beard, but also the hairs of your body, your nose and your ears. It also has a precision blade of 7 millimeters to take care of the finishes.


A better hair clipper convenient and easy to use:

This Trim and Style Multi 6 in 1 Kemei is really handy because it is completely waterproof, so you can use it without any problem in the shower. Its tightness will also allow you to easily clean it since you just have to go under the tap. Another of its advantages is its very good autonomy. You can use it 60 minutes for a recharge time of 8 hours. Finally, for even easier cleaning, you can enjoy an even easier cleaning, you can also enjoy oil and a cleaning brush. It also comes with a charging stand that will also allow you to store your mower.

The Kemei Trim and Style Multi 6 in 1 hair trimmer is an extremely versatile and efficient mower. In addition, it is sold for a very affordable price for a product as versatile and powerful. It is a high-end product that will finally offer you the shaving and mowing conditions that you have always wanted without ruining yourself.

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7.Opinion On The Philips QC5130 Hair Clipper:

Philips also offers an excellent hair clipper. Designed especially for people on a budget, it’s perfect for men who want to cut their hair easily and avoid problems. Featuring an extra wide blade of 41 mm, it offers 10 cutting heights ranging from 0.5 to 21 mm. You will have a wide choice for the length of your hair. Compared to other models of lawnmowers, this one is composed of a mechanism of locking of the height in order to avoid you to do anything. Philips QC5130 / 15 also offers a rounded edge shoe that allows easy adjustment. Even a beginner can perfectly use it without risk of making mistakes

With the Philips hair clipper, you will be able to cut your hair according to your desires and your mood. Thanks to its performance and its cutting levels, you will be able to cut your hair very short or a little longer and even make a nice ridge that you will then color to be fashionable. Very simple to use, not expensive and very pretty.

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The Philips hair trimmer is a better trimmer that I recommend to everyone because it is cheap and very easy to use. I am very satisfied, because it is me who shaves the hair of my father and my two children and I find it very well. For the price we bought it, I never had a problem with this hair clipper. I use it regularly, about three or four times a month.

This hair clipper is very pretty. Its color is discreet and it does not take up space in the closet. It takes the shape of the hand thanks to its shape and size. Which is handy when you have small hands like me.

With this hair trimmer, I admit that I use it for many different hairstyles. My dad and my kids love fashion and in terms of hair I can tell you that I know a whole ray. Whether it’s brushing, shaving or teaktonik cutting, I use it a lot. It is very easy to use and thanks to its different positions you can go from shorter to longer. My dad has a tattoo in his head so I shave it at least once a week. One of my sons is very fashionable like the crest of the “tecktonik” so of course it is necessary that the crest is always well cut. The youngest of my boys has a brush cut. So when I tell you that I use it for all kinds of cuts at home you can notice that it is the case.

This hair clipper has a good grip, it is light and flexible. It is very easy to use and very easy to maintain. She does not take any space. I never had a problem with this mower. Its price is within the reach of everyone. It is guaranteed one year, which proves nevertheless that it is a product which is of good quality.

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8.PRO Lithium FX  Hair Clipper

The hair clipper BaByliss for men PRO Lithium FX . Among the Top of the Top! Super easy and spectacular result. I thought galley at first, but not at all! Very complete, innovative, powerful model that I particularly recommend.

Very good grip. Easy to use for a beginner like me! Personally, I bought the E774 XDE hair trimmer (2012) (but the mower is identical to the E764 XDE model) with the accessory “nose hair trimmer” and the precision blade, all in a leather bag . So very interesting price.

Beautiful color, nice, modern, metallic. The shape is very pleasant and ergonomic. Black leather briefcase well designed, all accessories are in place. The look is rather luxurious and professional.

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First impression: it’s solid! The guides look sturdy and are easily put in place, but with a firm hold. First use after 16 hours of charge: the guides (sabots) with their patented system are very practical for a non-initiate like me not very adroit. You can do your cutting yourself without risk, because regardless of the inclination of the mower, the set length remains constant. This argument put forward on packaging holds its promise.

The cut is straightforward, fast, no need to iron several times. No blockage in the hair. She is silent.

less than an hour and I was shorn (length 15 mm) as well as if I had gone to the hairdresser (according to my wife who made the final inspection). I think I can do the same thing in a lot less time next time, because on the one hand, I had rather long hair and on the other hand, to avoid taking risks, I started with the big hoof at 36 mm, then I gradually reduced the length seeing that the result was very conclusive. Finally, with the small shoe at 15 mm and 9 mm in the neck.

I also bought this hair trimmer to keep a beard of 3 days (0.5 mm), and again, not disappointed. It’s very efficient, fast and the result is definitely better than with my old beard trimmer.

The nose / ear trimmer is simple, it works with a battery (not supplied) and is very effective for the nose (I do not have hair in my ears!).


I really recommend it because it is convenient to use. In addition, you can vary the cutting height with the wheel in use without changing the shoe, unless you have a hairstyle with very large differences in hair lengths (in this case, you have the choice between two clogs).

The precision blade (17 mm wide) is very convenient for the legs and the ear around.

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9.SURKER Hair Trimmer – Test and Reviews

Whether it is to eliminate split ends of hair or simply to cut hair, the use of a hair clipper is indisputable.

The hair clipper SURKER has a lot to offer its users. It combines all the features and strengths sought by devices of this kind. We really appreciate this model of hair clipper, not only for its outstanding appearance, but also for the quality of cuts it offers.

The hair clipper SURKER advances a more convenient job. Its handle ensures a pleasant grip. Equipped with titanium ceramic blades, it provides a very neat haircut. Note that not all models of lawnmowers that include this material. Ultra-strong, strong and strong, these are the advantages of titanium. Its use is also adapted to all types of hair.

In its working process, the length of the blades can be adjusted according to its needs. Indeed, the blades are retractable with a length variation between 0.8 to 2.8 cm.

SURKER is a professional hair clipper. Ergonomic, practical and compact, it can be used in wireless mode. This powerful instrument enjoys impressive autonomy thanks to its lithium battery. It just takes one hour of charge to be useful for 60 minutes. On the other hand, even without any power, it is still possible to use it with a docking station or with an adapter.

Its high-resolution LCD display provides data display. When used, it is possible to see the remaining operating time, the length of the blades. The built-in cleaning and charging reminder feature makes the unique SURKER hair clipper on the market.

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Advanced features

Compared to other models on the market, the hair trimmer SURKER benefits from very innovative features. This instrument offers a precise cut. Even with the thickest hair, you can always count on the effectiveness of this device. In addition, it has the ability to make a long enough cut.

Hair trimmer SURKER, which privileges of use?

Although the hair clipper SURKER is easy to use, its maintenance is also less restrictive. Its design follows international standards. Its noise level is also not likely to damage hearing.

This apparatus is accessorized with a load support allowing the mower to place in a vertical position. The blades are also washable. A cleaning brush, a comb and a bottle of oil give to the user at the time of purchase.

Due to its robustness, the SURKER hair clipper can use for 10 years. About the price, there is for all purchasing powers. Its acquisition adapts perfectly to all portfolios.

Main disadvantage

Most users claim that replacing the combs frequently may make the mower tip less effective.

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10.BaBylissPRO High-Frequency Pivot Motor Hair Clipper


To cut the hair as it should, the use of the use of a hair clipper is unavoidable, hence the interest of Babyliss – High-Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper . This model is the most popular and sought after on the market.

Even if the hair trimmer Babyliss – High-Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper belongs to the ranking of mid range, it does not matter to its functionalities more practical than playful. By providing such an instrument, one no longer oblig to visit beauty salons. She advances her own characteristics to take care of her hair in an optimal way.


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Very practical and very convenient, it handin a very precise and easy way. This model electric mower incorporates a motor and blades of excellent quality. Indeed, getting this device is nice to cut the beard, without attacking the skin of the face. The blades operate in a more delicate and precise way. In addition, the blades  specially design in stainless steel to ensure a healthy and hygienic use.

This device offers a lot of useful accessories everyday. His cabinet equip with 8 hooves of various sizes, a maintenance brush, a comb, a pair of chisels. Clogs have a cutting capacity ranging from 3 to 25 mm.

It can also use with or without a wire. The autonomy of this instrument  favore by its rechargeable lithium battery.

Its instructions for use

Handling the Babyliss High-Frequency Pivot Motor Clipper hair clipper is very easy. It operates on mains or connect to the adapter. For the first use of this mower, it must ensure that it well charge for 16 hours. The full range of this unit will only reached after 3 full charge cycles. In order to optimize the use of this Babyliss E95E6 hair clipper, only the supplied adapter must  used.

His advantages

The stainless steel blades momentarily cut the hair without tearing or damaging it. In addition, the grip is also nice. In addition, this mower can finalize and make some retouching of the cut.

The hair clipper Babyliss E95E6 fits perfectly for domestic and professional use.

Its price on the market is also affordable and suitable for all purchasing powers and tastes.

Its disadvantage

The robustness of the device can be reduced if the adapter and the mains supplied in the box are not used.

His interview

The lawnmower blades must be maintained regularly to maintain the optimum operating condition of the appliance in the long term. Rinse with clear water and completely dry the cut to remove residual hair.

For the blades to work more effectively, you need to add a few drops of lubricating oil in the mower. It would better if the device turned on. An excess of oil will slow the operation of the blades. In this, it is necessary to mop the mower with a dry cloth. Above all, the manufacturer basically recommends the exclusive use of Babyliss oil.

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How to choose the best hair clipper?

No longer want to spend hours waiting in line at a hairdresser, here is the solution for you! A hair clipper. And yes, thanks to its high-tech devices, you can now limit or even cancel your visit to your hairdresser. You can through some practices become a cutting expert. No need to go to a hairdresser, you can now do everything yourself. This is also a good investment since you will no longer have to pay your hairdresser.

There are different types of hair clippers but like any device, you have to know how to bet on the good to completely satisfie with its cut. For this, certain criteria must take into account. To start the height of the cut. Usually, it is mostly hooves that decide the nature of the cut. There are two types of clogs. The first directly associat with a height and therefore is not adjustable unlike the second. For beginners, it  strongly recommend to opt for non-adjustable height shoes.

The power of the engine as well as the types of blades also make the criteria to take into account when buying a hair clipper. If you have hair a little thick, know that it is important to choose a powerful engine, that’s why we must always check the number of laps per minute. Regarding the quality of the blade, it must  well chose for a precise result. The best is to always opt for titanium or ceramic blades. The stainless steel blades are not too bad either but require regular maintenance.

Note: is a blog that aims to assist you in buying the best hair clipper, the best deals and flash sales and inform you of current trends. A selection of the best promotions, cheap products or flash sales found during research on the net are offered.Example: If you are interested in range hood, read Top 10 Range Hood Of  This Year – Must To Know Buyer’s Guide as a comparison


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