Best Vlogging Camera

I want to choose the best camera – this is a very difficult thing for many people. What is the best camera? You have passion, you have energy, you have desire. All you have to do is invest in the right equipment to get high quality results. No, we are not talking about your new sports solution for the fall, but your future video blog! Ok, we admit – this is an impossible question to answer. With the rise of the Internet radio platform (mainly YouTube) and the emergence of image processing software, it is getting easier to use.

Top 15 Vlogging Camera

9/104K kicteck Ultra HD
9/10Canon PowerShot SX530
9/10Sony a5100 16-50mm
8/10Panasonic DMW-SFU1-VLOG
9/10Nikon Coolpix S7000
8/10DIWUER WiFi Digital
8/10SEREE Camcorder 1080p
9/10MELCAM YouTube Vlogging
8/10AMKOV CD-R2 Digital
8/10Weton Full HD 1080P
8/10YI 4K+ Action Camera
9/10G7 X Mark II
9/10Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II
9/10Nikon Coolpix A900
9/10Sony RX100 IV 20.1 MP
9/10JB01503 Tripod
9/10RM95 Tripod

We are not all looking for the same features and Features. But we will do our best to ensure that you will eventually buy the right camera for you. Vlog is now a reference medium for sharing your thoughts and points of interest. However, the competition is fierce, and if your audience is happy to forgive some of your speech errors, it will be difficult to understand the quality of the images and sounds. After all, the camera that works best for you depends on how you plan to use it.

Best Budget Vlogging Camera


Here are the best vlogging camera you can buy for $90 - $150:

Panasonic DMW-SFU1-VLOG

DIWUER WiFi Digital

SEREE Camcorder 1080p

MELCAM YouTube Vlogging

AMKOV CD-R2 Digital

Weton Full HD 1080P

Updated on 01/22/2019 by New: changed 6 new top pick and 5 new under $100 pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

Best Vlogging Camera $200 - $300
Best Vlogging Camera $300 - $450

Originally used for the video function of digital cameras that are used occasionally. But for professional photographers, the best camera is one million miles away from the best camera. It is the most affordable alternative for enthusiasts. Today, there is no quality in terms of rendering quality. The camera is envious. Bestlife4us evaluated the best cameras to produce quality video blogs with limited budget. If you can’t find your happiness in this choice, you want to choose a suitable sporty sporting nut or novice shot. The best camera for beginners or people with tight budgets. Please refer to our purchase guide to purchase a video camera for your project! What we do is pick out the best cameras we think are in their field.

Best Vlogging Camera $500 - $650
Focus: 2 Tripods

1.4K kicteck Ultra HD

4K kicteck Ultra HD
  • Good shape and feel
  • Video range is well controlled
  • Video mode limit
  • Microphone port problem
4K kicteck Ultra HD

The original kicteck caused a sensation among photographers. Although this compact camera does not have a lens mounted, it is smaller and lighter than many digital SLR cameras. But it is really popular in video blogs. From the kicteck series. Despite its compact construction, it has a fast f / 1.8-2.8 zoom lens. Now, this second-generation update seems equally important. With a powerful 24-100mm effective range, it provides a relatively large 1.0-inch sensor for a compact camera.

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2.Canon PowerShot SX530

Canon PowerShot SX530
  • Video quality is great
  • AF pixels are worthy of praise
  • Recording has permission restrictions
  • Microphone port needs to be improved
Canon PowerShot SX530
Although the previous Canon has been equipped with high-quality 4K video recording function, portable Canon brings some important progress to the cameraman during live view and filming. Digital SLR cameras are very poor at autofocus. Like a digital SLR camera like this one, Canon solves the problem of dual-pixel CMOS autofocus. But the most important addition is the phase detection AF pixel on the sensor. This allows for faster, more efficient autofocus in movie capture. This allows the camera to better capture the subject while recording.

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3.Sony a5100 16-50mm

Sony a5100 16-50mm
  • Camera focus is great
  • Easy to connect with other devices
  • 4K option not found
  • The lens angle is not wide
Sony a5100 16-50mm

Sony uses a flip screen and a microphone port. This mirrorless camera body is very compact. It is only 40 mm deep and has an excellent dual-pixel CMOS autofocus system. A5100 can keep all the focus during shooting with optional 15- The 45mm kit lens remains very fiber Thin.the lens has a retractable design and power zoom. That is ideal for video shooting. This is a good choice for those who want to keep their settings compact and portable.

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4.Panasonic DMW-SFU1-VLOG

Panasonic DMW-SFU1-VLOG
  • Good screen continuity
  • Microphone is praiseworthy
  • Inconvenient to cut
  • Video is not soft enough
Panasonic DMW-SFU1-VLOG
Due to the lack of an optical low-pass filter, Panasonic has previously produced this list. Panasonic has a large number of features, weathered sealed body and clear image quality. But now we have the opportunity to use the updated (Sony a5100) model for testing , we know that it is well worth having its place in this list.

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Best Budget $200 – $300

Here are the best vlogging camera you can buy for $300 - $450:

4K kicteck Ultra HD

Canon PowerShot SX530

Nikon Coolpix S7000

YI 4K+ Action Camera

Updated on 01/22/2019 by New: changed 4 new top pick and 3 new under $250 pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

5.Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon Coolpix S7000
  • LCD screen is highly adjustable
  • The lens kit is great
  • 4K support is incomplete
  • Specifications are very general
Nikon Coolpix S7000

Nikon is a recommended, unobtrusive entry-level digital SLR camera. It may be just a compact Nikon that is particularly compact and lightweight. It is suitable for all kinds of digital SLR cameras and is easy to carry. Especially the retractable 18-55mm VR kit lens. For video blogs with limited budgets, it makes sense. When using a “pulse” autofocus motor, the kit lens also has a mute when shooting an animation. In addition to recording the full HD option of 60p, you can also get 24.2MP.

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6.DIWUER WiFi Digital

DIWUER WiFi Digital
  • Great audio
  • Focus function is praiseworthy
  • Specifications are not mainstream
  • 4K video screen is not highly restored
DIWUER WiFi Digital

In fact, with its 24MP sensor, dual-pixel CMOS autofocus, full HD video to 60p.DIWUER is simple, stylish and effective, turning many cameras into very slim packages. When added with the 14-42mm EZ Pancake kit lens, it is still very compact and features a cinema-friendly power zoom. The flip-type touch screen and microphone port have very similar specs. The camera has a three-axis sensor shift image stabilizer that can be stabilized with any additional lens to capture movies and still images.

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7.SEREE Camcorder 1080p

SEREE Camcorder 1080p
  • The lens quality is great
  • Strong noise reduction
  • Image sensor is unstable
  • Battery life is not good
SEREE Camcorder 1080p

If you need to bring your video blog to the most advanced level, although SEREE is very small and light, this sports camera has a stylish design. The 4K GH5S is undoubtedly a way for you to do this. No mirror camera. Reminiscent of a miniature camera. But the manufacturer has narrowed its focus, making it a stronger competitor in the series and the stable version of Blackmagic. Not a digital matchbox. Olympus is a tough biscuit with up to 240fps in full HD shooting.

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8.MELCAM YouTube Vlogging

MELCAM YouTube Vlogging
  • Double pixel is worthy of praise
  • The lens collection is very good
  • Full HD video screen is a bit troublesome
  • Inconvenient function selection
MELCAM YouTube Vlogging

Full-frame MELCAM is another model. The cheapest series of cameras are used for sports flip LCD screens. If it is still yours, it also provides a lot of extra content for novice photographers. 4K video captures 30p. Microphone input. But if your main focus is on video blogs, it suddenly looks more attractive. Autofocus during recording and scattering of focus peaks and attachments such as zebras. Probably not what you need, full frame sensors will allow you to control shallow depth of field better than ASPS-C based models. Of course, you probably won’t use all of this for vlogging itself, but if you want to add self shots and other For editing, MELCAM is happy to help. Not providing 4K video is equally embarrassing for this level of camera. It is not a key to video blogging.

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Best Budget $300 – $450

Here are the best vlogging camera you can buy for $300 - $450:

Sony RX100 IV 20.1 MP

Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

Nikon Coolpix A900

Updated on 01/22/2019 by New: changed 3 new top pick and a new under $400 pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

9.AMKOV CD-R2 Digital

AMKOV CD-R2 Digital
  • Choose more video specifications
  • More lenses and models
  • Not ideal in low light
  • Bulk body
AMKOV CD-R2 Digital

Until the designer’s new design of AMKOV. makes the new AMKOV compact and compact, it is the power of the compact camera. It has been a flagship mirrorless video focus camera for about a year. Equipped with a built-in zoom lens, the effective zoom range is 24-70mm, fast f / 1.8-2.8 aperture level. In fact, for some people, if you need to record this level of control with video, this is not just a fast shot.

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10.Weton Full HD 1080P

Weton Full HD 1080P
  • 4K video quality is great
  • 60p option is commendable
  • Front camera function is indeed
  • Battery life is not strong
Weton Full HD 1080P

Although the company has not ignored every front camera. The latest Weton series may not be as fancy as the recent full frame (previous AMKOV). Its variable angle screen makes it a viable candidate for this list. But if vlogging is your main focus, there are a lot to recommend. A dual camera setup is introduced here, and the secondary camera has a 2x zoom. The design philosophy is that it is significantly smaller, cheaper and lighter than other cameras.

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11.Sony  RX100 IV

Sony RX100 IV
  • 4K features and slow motion
  • A manual mode easy to set thanks to the control ring on the lens
  • A large 180 ° swiveling screen
  • Questionable menu ergonomics
  • No audio and microphone output
  • The case has been identified as fragile by many users.
Sony RX100 IV

This camera can be expensive. But in video mode, you can choose customizable pre-recorded settings (PP1 to PP6) but it’s great. Sony offers an amazing 42.4 megapixel camera sensor that delivers the sharpest, clearest images you’ve ever seen. The Sony RX100 is the first compact camera to shoot on a 4K TV (3840 x 2160 pixels, UHD). The camera can also shoot at excellent 4K resolution. With its amazing 42.4 megapixel camera, unlike most other cameras, 4K footage can be shot in full 35mm format, which is a big problem if you want a blog. Ideal for slow motion shooting and slow motion while maintaining a clear and bright image!

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Best Budget $500 – $650

Here are the best vlogging camera you can buy for $500 - $650:

Sony a5100 16-50mm

G7 X Mark II

Updated on 01/22/2019 by New: changed 2 new top pick and a new under $600 pick. Updated formatting and adjusted prices.

12.Canon  G7X Mark II

Canon G7X Mark II
  • Optical performance stabilization
  • Optical performance stabilization
    Lens 24-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 bright
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connection
  • Adjustment ring around the disengageable lens
  • Touch screen up (180 °) and down (45 °)
  • Rendering of the image not homogeneous, in particular with the wide-angle
  • No sweep pan mode
  • Battery life a little weak
  • No UHD or 4K video
Canon G7X Mark II

Unlike the Sony RX100, which relies on 4K for optimal image clarity, the G7 has excellent image stability. The viewfinder tracks objects at speeds up to 8 fps, making it easier to take elusive photos or shoot great material. The Canon G7 Mark II has a rise of no more than Full HD, enough to meet the needs of video blogs on Youtube. The touch screen makes the autofocus function easier to use than ever. Attention should be paid to some weaknesses in the image accuracy at the peripheral and boundary images, with an aperture of 100 mm from f / 5.6 to 24 mm. Whether you’re taking a photo or shooting a video blog, this is a very handy feature.

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13.Canon G9X  Mark II

Canon G9X Mark II
  • Mini size, easy to transport, easy to handle
  • Clear and precise touch screen, which allows fine adjustments even with big fingers
  • Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth technologies
  • Low zoom range
  • Low aperture, which gives accurate but dull images
  • The screen is not steerable, making camera turns more difficult to frame.
Canon G9X Mark II

As the little cousin of the G7X Mark II, the G9 X has amazing features, making it the best choice for those who take seriously the Youtube Career and want to make professional-looking videos. The Canon G9X Mark II does not stand out through technology but through its format. Zoella, the famous Youtuber uses the same camera in her professional settings, which will guarantee the quality of this camera. The best feature is autofocus, making all your videos super sharp and not blurry. It is therefore an ultra-portable camera optimized for both photo and non-video capture.

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14.Nikon Coolpix  A900

Nikon Coolpix A900
  • Simple to take in hand and use
  • Rotatable screen
  • Possibility of filming in 4K
  • Multiple connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, Snapbridge)
  • Non-touch and non-orientable 180 ° screen
  • Clean image but a bit dull
  • Can not adjust the picture setting during recording.
Nikon Coolpix A900

The Nikon Coolpix A900 is small and easy to use, and another outstanding feature is the 5-axis dual anti-shake. This helps reduce motion blur for clearer, clearer photos and videos. This is especially useful when recording yourself while moving, as it helps keep your face clear and legible. It also integrates Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy connectivity and Snapbridge connectivity (pairing the camera with a smartphone). The camera is also weather and dust resistant, making it easy to watch and shoot even in inclement weather. Many assets help capture and ensure high quality rendering on the screen.

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15.Yi 4K +  Sportsmen

Sony RX100 IV
  • Many definitions and rates available (including 4K / UHD 60p).
  • Simple interface, accessible from the touch screen
  • Ability to connect a microphone adapter via USB (Type-C).
  • Capturing her perfectible
  • Tendency to overheat and autonomy a little weak
  • The completeness of the video settings can frighten amateur videographers.
Sony RX100 IV
To complete this selection, we chose the action cam YI 4K +. The camera shows an awesome 1.0-inch, 202,000-pixel sensor lens and a DIGIC 7 image processor that provides improved autofocus and amazing image stabilization Sex and excellent image clarity. This camera can be your best ally. The camera offers excellent full HD video quality, but the lack of 4K support may be a problem for some people. However, it can shoot up to 60 fps for nearly half an hour, which is really good. You are a fan of extreme sports, or just happy to show off your latest shoes, unpretentious artistic rendering.

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Focus: 2 Tripods

A.J by Gorillapod JB01503

J by Gorillapod JB01503
  • Swivel feet in three positions: stand (set on a table), grip (hand held) and wrap (wrapped around a stand)
  • Light, small and easily transportable
  • A 90 ° adjustable fixing system
  • No smartphone attachment
  • Some users have found it relatively fragile under sustained usage conditions
Gorillapod JB01503
A pioneer in its class. If you’re looking for flexibility, the Joby brand’s Gorillapod is an all-terrain tripod that can support any type of camera or camera device weighing less than 1 kilogram. Its legs are basically a series of interconnected spherical joints that allow them to articulate in any direction. Three flexible feet, plastic and rubber, provide greater grip and maintain a stable image under all conditions: Place it on the table, on the rock. So the tripod can grab almost anything.

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B.Fotopro RM95

Fotopro RM95
  • Unbelievable price / quality ratio on the market of flexible tripods
  • Supplied accessories to fix a smartphone or a small camera
  • Flexibility of the feet
  • Not designed to support heavy devices
  • Feet a bit fragile for sustained use
Fotopro RM95

For those looking for a vertical tripod that can support smartphones and GoPro cameras, the Fotopro RM95 is a lightweight tripod that can be done without any additional decoration. The Fotopro RM95 flexible tripod is lightweight and modular. The perfect compromise between the two. Each of the three legs has four extendable portions. This should be sufficient for a heavier digital SLR camera that is connected to a standard zoom lens.

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Small Details On Connectivity And Connectivity

These small details can quickly become necessities when you use your camera to shoot videos.

Side connectivity, check the compatibility of your device with a wide choice of SD cards on the market (like the YI 4K +) Discover here the best micro SD cards. This will prevent you from interrupting your shooting in 4K every 10 minutes due to an undersized memory card. An HDMI port is essential to connect to the choice, an external hard drive to store your files, a monitor screen to control the quality of the image if your camera does not have a screen or an external microphone.

if your case does not have a specific output for the latter. Make sure that this output does not apply data compression.

to preserve the quality of the image as much as possible before editing.

On the connectivity side, more and more cameras are integrating a Wifi connection or NFC technology, Just like the gps tracker technology to couple your smartphone to your camera and turn it into a remote control for example. The Nikon Coolpix A900 is a good example of connectivity by bringing Wi-Fi.

low-power Bluetooth, and Snapbridge functionality into one box. About these technologies, check on the packaging the uses recommended by the manufacturers. For some devices, WiFi is only a facilitator for transferring data from the camera to your computer.


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