How To Choose A Camera For Vlog To Make YouTube Videos Like A Pro!

You have passion, you have energy and you have the desire. All you have to do is invest in the right equipment for a quality result. No, we are not talking here about your new sporting resolution of the autumn, but of your future vlog!

With the rise of internet broadcasting platforms (YouTube in mind) and the emergence of image processing software ever easier to use, vlog is now the reference medium to share your ideas and your points of interest. However, the competition is tough, and if your audience will gladly forgive you some speech errors, it will be intractable on the quality of the image and sound.

Originally intended for occasional use, the video function of digital cameras today has nothing to envy the cameras in terms of rendering quality. Bestlife4us reviewed 5 cameras and cameras to make vlogs of excellent quality in a constrained budget. And if you do not find your happiness in this selection, consult our buying guide to buy a vlog camera adapted to your project!

The 5 best cameras to vlog on YouTube like a pro!

Focus: two tripods to stabilize your shots in a snap

Sony RX100 IV – A very good vlog camera

Our opinion on the Sony RX100 IV vlog camera
  • 4K features and slow motion
  • A manual mode easy to set thanks to the control ring on the lens
  • A large 180 ° swiveling screen
  • Questionable menu ergonomics
  • No audio and microphone output
  • The case has been identified as fragile by many users.


The Cyber-shot RX100 IV is the first Sony RX100 compact camera to shoot in 4K TV (3840 x 2160 px, UHD). Equipped with a high-speed Exmor CMOS 1 “stacked sensor, and a 24mm-70mm f / 1.8-2.8 lens, this camera also features ultra-fast 250, 500 and 1,000-record modes i / s. Perfect for slow-motion filming and slow motion, while maintaining a clear and bright image!

In video mode, you can choose between the customizable pre-recorded settings (PP1 to PP6), and the manual mode that allows you to fine-tune your shooting from the exposure of the image to the focus. We also note the presence of recording assistants such as zebra and focus peaking, to further optimize the rendering.

Recording in 4K TV at 25 fps is possible over a period of 5 minutes. The XAVC-S format is used to maximize video compression up to 100 Mb / s to increase detail, smooth movement and reduce moire. The High Frame Rate (HFR) mode, used for slow motion or motion decomposition effects, provides recording rates that slow down the speed of a scene by up to 40x.

Despite video features that meet the needs of an informed or professional audience, the RX100 IV does not have a headphone jack or microphone output. This represents a major handicap to realize vlogs in mobility, outside, or in a sound environment nonmaitrisable. Some users also note the difficulty of setting certain modes, which can discourage beginners in photography as in video. Finally, the shooting time in 4K may seem short and greedy energy for a result certainly excellent, but difficult to exploit in native format if you do not use a recent editing software.

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Canon G7X Mark II – A good choice of camera to make video youtube

Our opinion on the Canon G7X Mark II vlog camera
  • Optical performance stabilization
  • Optical performance stabilization
    Lens 24-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 bright
  • Wi-Fi and NFC connection
  • Adjustment ring around the disengageable lens
  • Touch screen up (180 °) and down (45 °)
  • Rendering of the image not homogeneous, in particular with the wide-angle
  • No sweep pan mode
  • Battery life a little weak
  • No UHD or 4K video

Unlike the Sony RX100 which relies on 4K for an optimal definition of the image, the Canon G7 Mark II does not rise higher than the Full HD, amply enough for a vlog on Youtube. It offers a grain of image similar to that which can be found on SLR cameras, which may interest videographers in search of a less “smooth”. The lens of this camera has an optical zoom equivalent to a 24-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 stabilized, allowing for varied plan values, from wide angle to very narrow zoom. Some weaknesses in the accuracy of the image at the periphery and border image are to be noted, from an aperture at f / 5.6 to 24 mm as 100mm.

In terms of ergonomics and robustness, the Canon G7X Mark II has some interesting assets as a pleasant grip thanks to the handle on the case, a touch screen tilting upwards to 180 ° and down to 45 ° to control the picture quality even when shooting in low-angle mode, as well as an adjustment ring around the disengageable lens in video and manual mode. You will be able to make adjustments in full filming, in the most absolute silence.

On the sound side, this camera offers a stereo sound, thanks to two sensors on the top of the camera. However, again, no output for a headset, nor for an external microphone. Be careful therefore shooting in a sound environment not manageable!

Finally, Wifi and NFC allow you to take control of your camera remotely once it paired with your smartphone, or store your data directly on your computer, without cable!

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Canon G9X Mark II – Another good camera to film on youtube

Our opinion on the Canon G9X Mark II vlog camera
  • Mini size, easy to transport, easy to handle
  • Clear and precise touch screen, which allows fine adjustments even with big fingers
  • Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth technologies
  • Low zoom range
  • Low aperture, which gives accurate but dull images
  • The screen is not steerable, making camera turns more difficult to frame.

Small cousin of the G7X Mark II, the Canon G9X Mark II stands out of it not by technology but rather by its format. The case is slightly larger than a playing card, with a fixed touch screen and 4 controls to navigate between the different settings in addition to the mode dial. It is therefore an ultra portable camera, optimized for photo and non-video shooting.

On the lens side, this one presents possibilities of variation of shots smaller than its cousin (28mm-84mm f / 2-4.9 against 24mm-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 for the G7X Mark II) , and lower image quality in low light conditions. Focusing and adjustments can be made from the touch screen or the adjustment ring around the lens. Caution: This unit does not allow you to adjust the focus or other setting after you start shooting. In terms of image definition, the G9X Mark II is equipped with a 1 ” CMOS sensor and DIGIC7 technology, identical to those of the G7X Mark II, which makes it possible to shoot in Full HD, but not in 4K or UHD. Same observation for sound recording: you will have to trust the audio inputs integrated into the case, lack of headphone jack and microphone.

In terms of connectivity, the G9X Mark II has a mini USB port to charge the battery and transfer data, as well as a mini HDMI. It also benefits from Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth technologies, useful to complete the use of your smartphone and share your shots quickly. Regarding this last point, the function Short clip movie, which allows the shooting of mini video clips up to 8s seems a good idea for those who are addicted to social networks and snapshots of daily slices.

Due to its technical capabilities and ergonomics, this compact is positioned rather alongside high-end amateur cameras, and not range environments for experienced or professional users. It is recommended for beginners who wish to become familiar with the various modes of setting shooting, or to a public aware mobility, or, in addition to a more sophisticated device.

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Nikon Coolpix A900 – A camera for youtube cheap

Our opinion on the vlog camera Nikon Coolpix A900
  • Simple to take in hand and use
  • Rotatable screen
  • Possibility of filming in 4K
  • Multiple connections (Wifi, Bluetooth, Snapbridge)
  • Non-touch and non-orientable 180 ° screen
  • Clean image but a bit dull
  • Can not adjust the picture setting during recording.

Compact and easy-to-use, the Nikon Coolpix A900 features a hinged, adjustable screen, easy-to-set menus, a 20.3MP CMOS sensor, 24mm-840mm optical zoom with an aperture of f / 3,4-6,9 and the ability to shoot in 4K if desired. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low-power connections and Snapbridge connectivity (to pair the camera with your smartphone) are also integrated. Many assets that facilitate filming and ensure a good quality of rendering on the screen.

It should be noted that the Coolpix A900 does not offer a mode specifically dedicated to video, but a simple button for recording disengaged PASM modes. An interesting feature for taking photos while shooting without having to re-set your camera. A slide show mode of clips, which assembles several small clips of a maximum duration of 30 seconds, is also integrated, perfect to spread quickly a teaser on the social networks.

The presence of a vibration reduction system, which allows sharp images in all circumstances, as well as wide diaphragm aperture range, make it a recommended device for vloggers looking for sharp shots whatever the situation, at the expense however of the brightness of the image. For indoor shooting, additional lighting will be needed to avoid spending too much time in post-production.

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Yi 4K + – The perfect vlog camera for adventurers / sportsmen

Our opinion on the Sony RX100 IV vlog camera
  • Many definitions and rates available (including 4K / UHD 60p).
  • Simple interface, accessible from the touch screen
  • Ability to connect a microphone adapter via USB (Type-C).
  • Capturing her perfectible
  • Tendency to overheat and autonomy a little weak
  • The completeness of the video settings can frighten amateur videographers.
To complete this selection, we chose the action cam YI 4K +, presented as a serious competitor of GoPro in the field of video mobility and sports.

With a 155 ° shooting angle opening at f / 2.8, an Exmor R 1 / 2.3 “12MPx CMOS sensor, pocket size (42 x 65 x 30 mm) and many customizations possible to shoot in 4K, this camera can become your best ally whether you are fans of extreme sports or just happy to show your latest shoes, unpretentious artistic rendering.

An advantage over other models offered apart from its ease of use and transport? Two accessories: a Type-C to RCA adapter, to connect the camera to a TV for example, and a Type-C to 3.5mm female jack adapter, to connect an external microphone to the camera. An essential take because the quality of the audio capture is a weak point of this camera, more quick to capture the breath of the wind than your voice.

In addition to the many image definition variations available (from 480px to 4K HD), the camera offers the following settings: video shutter speed, sensitivity lock, exposure mode, white balance, sensitivity, exposure compensation, color profile, timestamp, choice of quality, choice of the maximum file size. All listed in clear and ergonomic menus, which will satisfy both beginners and advanced users.

The stabilization of the image remains perfectible from the point of view of users accustomed to amortization of the GoPro, but greatly improved compared to the previous version of this model. Also note that this camera heats quickly, and that the battery makes it difficult to reach the 70 minutes of filming without interruption promised by the manufacturer.

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Focus: two tripods to stabilize your shots in a snap

The stability of the image is the second concern of aspiring videographers (the first is the quality of sound). Nothing worse than a video that causes seasickness after 3 minutes of viewing, because of a flickering shot. To help you overcome this difficulty (or if you are looking for a more creative alternative to the selfie pole), we offer 2 small tripods that do not lack flexibility!

J by Gorillapod JB01503 – The best tripod for vlog cameras

Our opinion on tripod for camera vlog J by Gorillapod JB01503
  • Swivel feet in three positions: stand (set on a table), grip (hand held) and wrap (wrapped around a stand)
  • Light, small and easily transportable
  • A 90 ° adjustable fixing system
  • No smartphone attachment
  • Some users have found it relatively fragile under sustained usage conditions

A pioneer of its kind, the Gorillapod of the Joby brand is an all-terrain tripod that can support any type of camera or camera equipment weighing less than 1kg. The three flexible feet, plastic and rubber for more grip, allow a stable image in any conditions: placed on a table, a rock, wound on a branch or folded at the end of your arm for a selfie … Light and short (197g, mounting system included, for 26 cm long), this small tripod table knows how to be discreet in a travel bag. A 1.4 ” 90 ° swivel allows you to fix your camera securely in the position you want. Failure ? Without the purchase of the appropriate accessories, you will not be able to fix a smartphone on it. A little less for videographers who have opted for this type of camera.

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Fotopro RM95 – The best cheap tripod for smartphone

Our opinion on the smartphone tripod Fotopro RM95
  • Unbelievable price / quality ratio on the market of flexible tripods
  • Supplied accessories to fix a smartphone or a small camera
  • Flexibility of the feet
  • Not designed to support heavy devices
  • Feet a bit fragile for sustained use

For those looking for a stand-up tripod that can support both smartphones and GoPro-type cameras, the Fotopro RM95 flexible tripod is a good compromise between light weight and modularity.

With 3 flexible feet with a length of 12cm for 80g, the Fotopro RM95 stands out from the Gorillapod by its “pliers” with an adjustable jaw with a maximum width of 8.4 cm to secure the phone securely. A 1.4 ” thread is also proposed to fix more traditional cameras, or compact digital cameras. It is also important to note that the tripod head rotates 180 ° to give you more freedom in choosing the viewing angle.

Although practical and discreet, this tripod is not designed to accommodate very heavy digital devices, at the risk of breaking or not being rigid enough to support a camera position a little exotic (hanging on a branch for example). In addition, some users noted a certain fragility and a small lack of flexibility of the feet. It is therefore a tripod rather reserved for occasional use or extra during a shoot.

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Choose Your Vlog Camera: The Few Things To Check

The devices presented above tempt you, but you do not know which one is right for you? No problems, find below the list of questions to ask you to optimize your investment while producing quality vlogs!

1.What Is Your Project ?

Videographers doing critical reviews of the latest box office films do not have the same hardware needs as hiking fans who discover the most beautiful corners of a country. The first will focus on the quality of the sound return and the image in the lighted studio, others will bet on the lightness of the device and perhaps the various options of stabilizing the image, for example.

So, before you even start browsing hardware catalogs, take the time to set the most recurring shooting conditions for your vlog project: will you still be indoors or outdoors? What is the brightness of your location? Will you be mobile or will you go to your audience always face camera? According to your answers, some technical criteria of your future camera will hold your attention more than others, when choosing.

2.HD? Full HD? 4K?

Your project will allow you to evaluate the degree of definition of the image you need. The unit of measurement is the pixel. To put it simply, the more pixels you have in an image, the more it will appear on the screen. You will find below the number of pixels according to the different names of the so-called “high definition” formats:

– HD (high definition or 720p): 1,280 pixels per line × 720 lines

Full HD (1080p or 1080i): 1,920 × 1,080, or about 2 million pixels per image.

– UHD (or ultra-high definition, in 16: 9 screen orientation): 3,840 × 2,160, which is 4 times more pixels than in Full HD.

– the 4K: 4,096 × 2,160, a little more than the UHD, but with a cinema format. Thin black bands will appear at the top and bottom of the image.

Many will tend to say that the higher the definition is initially, the more the image will be clear allowing a qualitative final rendering. But, is it really necessary for a youtubous beauty to film in 4K, and thus give the opportunity to each spectator to count the pores of his nose? Also, keep in mind that a movie shot in 4K is not only greedy storage space, but will also require a much more powerful computer and a recent editing software for editing your videos. These settings can weigh heavily on your initial budget.

3.Size Matters … For The Sensor

The size of the sensor is crucial in your choice, perhaps more than the definition. Indeed, the larger the sensor, the more it is able to store light and therefore, the more the image is likely to be bright, even if the place in which you turn is not particularly. Attention: this size is expressed in millimeters or fraction of inches, according to the manufacturers. For example, a 1 / 2.5-inch sensor is smaller than a 1 / 1.6-inch sensor, and a 24 × 36-mm sensor is larger than an APS-C sensor.

4.Focal And Zoom

Are you going to film great landscapes or the details of your porcelain collection? Your answer to this question will determine the desired focal length for your future device. Focal is the “angle of vision” of your device. It is expressed in millimeters. The smaller the focal length, the wider the angle of view, the larger the number, the narrower the plane. Thus, a focal length of 24 mm allows you to make wide shots and film the floral park or the whole family at the wedding of your cousin in one take, without moving. Conversely, a focal length of 100mm or more will allow you to highlight the fine cracks of this painting by Monet, even if you are 3m from the board.

We have presented in this review compact digital devices, so the goal is not changeable. All are equipped with a lens with variable focus, that is to say, a lens that offers the ability to make camera zooms. In addition to the magnification capability of the image, check the following two data before you make your purchase:

(4-1).Choose an optical zoom and not a digital zoom. The digital zoom magnifies part of the image while keeping the initial definition of the image, unlike the optical zoom, which brings the captured subject closer by moving the lenses of the lens. At equivalent magnification, the optical zoom maintains an optimal definition of the details of the image unlike the digital zoom, which may appear more pixelated.

(4-2).The more powerful the zoom, the more the camera’s stabilizer must be, so you can easily frame your image and avoid unwanted motion blur effects.

5.Depth Of field: Open Your Diaphragm

Complementary to the focal length, the aperture value of the diaphragm (expressed by the sign f / followed by encrypted values) allows you to evaluate the capabilities of your camera to restore the depth of field of the scene filmed (or more simply, the blur effect behind the framed subject).

When the diaphragm is wide open (f = 1.4, a lot of light enters the lens), the depth of field is reduced. This makes it possible to isolate a net subject in an environment, during a portrait or a macro shot for example. Conversely, a very closed diaphragm (f = 32, little light enters the lens) increases the depth of field, useful to integrate an action or a character in a setting, or to capture a landscape in its entirety.

6.What About Sound?

Although the devices on offer are all equipped with audio sensors, they may not be enough to get a quality sound mix for your vlog, especially if you have positioned your camera in autofocus mode, or if you turn on the camera. outside. The ability to connect an external microphone to your device (as the YI 4K + allows) can be a decisive detail for the success of your future videos. Remember this adage of vloggers: the audience easily forgives the poor quality of the image, but not that of sound.

7.An Adjustable Screen To Control Your Shooting  —-NEIRONG

If you plan to make videos in front of a camera, a swiveling screen will prove to be a considerable asset to control what is happening on the screen during the shooting, without moving from your chair. With a 180 ° orientation, the Sony RX100 IV and Canon G7X Mark II cameras are excellent students on this criterion of choice. This will save you the time you need when pulling out your shots to eliminate all those where you were out of the field.

8.Small Details On Connectivity And Connectivity

These small details can quickly become necessities when you use your camera to shoot videos.

Side connectivity, check the compatibility of your device with a wide choice of SD cards on the market (like the YI 4K +) Discover here the best micro SD cards. This will prevent you from interrupting your shooting in 4K every 10 minutes due to an undersized memory card. An HDMI port is essential to connect to the choice, an external hard drive to store your files, a monitor screen to control the quality of the image if your camera does not have a screen or an external microphone, if your case does not have a specific output for the latter. Make sure that this output does not apply data compression, to preserve the quality of the image as much as possible before editing.

On the connectivity side, more and more cameras are integrating a Wifi connection or NFC technology, Just like the gps tracker technology to couple your smartphone to your camera and turn it into a remote control for example. The Nikon Coolpix A900 is a good example of connectivity by bringing Wi-Fi, low-power Bluetooth, and Snapbridge functionality into one box. About these technologies, check on the packaging the uses recommended by the manufacturers. For some devices, WiFi is only a facilitator for transferring data from the camera to your computer, while others allow you to browse the web directly from your camera.

You now have the keys in hand to peel the data sheets of your vlog cameras and choose the happy witness of your future video exploits! To conclude, be aware that if you decide to postpone such an investment, most recent smartphones offer video recording solutions of excellent quality, if you take the time to properly set the video function. A rather interesting solution if you want to optimize the purchase of a product by multiplying the uses!

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