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With more people than ever trying to find the best hot pants,Bestlife4us has emerged as content creators
for a fashion hot pants to see how engaged our fans really are.

Today I’m going to delve in to some of the hot pants and share some of the most fashion hot pant found.

Fashion Trends In Hot Pants

Summer  is upon us, as well as some of the greatest fashion trends in designer clothing yet. What clothes
and accessories are you stocking your closet with now? We’ll give you some insight on some of the
summer’s must have pieces.

hot pants wear

Hot Pants. That’s right, and the shorter hemline the better! Want a longer, leaner look with
your shorty  shorts? Pair these with some killer heels and you will be sure to slim your figure.

We’ll even see these in the fall worn over a great pair of tights or stockings. Not short enough? Good news! Bodysuits are hot
right now and sure to show off more leg!

best hot pants

There is nothing more comfortable than wearing hot pants in summer day. They are not only worn on
vacation, but also anytime since they provide simplicity and hot look!It’s also good match with drug rug
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Article Contents
Fashion Trends In Hot Pants
Comparison Table: 10 Best Hot Pants of 2018
Hot Pants Design And Color
The History Of Hot Pants
The Origins Of Hot Pants
The Big Hit Of Hot Pants
Why The Hotpants Is A Part Of Performers
Hot Pants In 1970s
How To Choose Basic Models Of Hot Pants
When Hot Pants Return In The Fashion World
Style Of Hot Pants
Women's Wear Daily For Hot pants

Comparison Table: 10 Best Hot Pants of 2018

NameMore ClourRecommended(total 5)Check Price
1.Metallic Booty Shorts, Shiny Bottoms for Dancing, Raves, Festivals Hot Pants
YES4.8Check Price
2.Women's Perfomance Running Yoga Gym Workout Athletic Sport Hot Pants
YES4.7Check Price
3.Women's Juniors Body Enhancing Denim Hot Pants
YES4.9Check Price
4.Women's Juniors Perfect Fit Mid-Rise Denim Hot Pants
YES4.8Check Price
5.Premium Ultra Soft Hot Pants With Pockets
YES4.7Check Price
6.Womens Super Comfy Bermuda Walking Hot Pants
YES4.8Check Price
7.Women's Juniors Vintage Denim High Waisted Folded Hem Jeans Hot Pants
NO4.6Check Price
8.Women's Lace Hot Pants
YES4.9Check Price
9.Womens Ripped Hole Bandage Denim Hot Pants
YES4.9Check Price
10.Women's Solid Color Stretch Fitted Low Rise Hot Pants
YES4.8Check Price

1.Metallic Booty Shorts, Shiny Bottoms for Dancing, Raves, Festivals Hot Pants

Metallic Booty Hot Pants Silver

Basic Information:

100% Polyester
Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low
Designed for a sexy and comfortable fit
Get the trendy wet look with these colorful bottoms
These skin tight bottoms for women are both sassy and comfy


Show off your best assets! Whether you want to dress up or dress down at your next festival, costume or event, you can’t go wrong with a pair of our Metallic Booty Rave Shorts. These shiny bottoms are both sassy and comfy, and will perfectly accentuate any outfit. Dance the night away in these metallic short shorts!


Color information:


  • Too cute
  • Many colors choose
  • Fit perfectly
  • Enough elasticity
  • Wrinkle easily

Construction on all their shorts are great, and only wish is that the larger sizes were a tiny bit higher in the rise, only because a slight cameltoe may ensue. Not terrible though! And flat lock stitching would be great, but now  just being particular. These metallic black have a great look!

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2.Women’s Perfomance Running Yoga Gym Workout Athletic Sport Hot Pants

Women's Sport Hot Pants

Basic Information:

70% Polyester /18%Nylonand 12% spandex
Hand wash cold
An innovative fabric
Waistband offers a smooth fit that stays in place
Sporty fold-over waistband provides versatile wear
Spandex offers excellent stretch
Mini length


UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY SYNTHESIS THAT ALLOWS YOUR SKIN TO BREATHE: This unique pair of exercising shorts  made of 70% cotton /18%Nylonand 12% spandex.This synthesis allows your body to breathe and protects you from the uncomfortable feeling of rubbing sticky skin.Its unique synthesis allows your skin to breathe and saves you from the unpleasant feeling of sweating.

Color information:

  • Very sexy
  • The fabric is soft and comfy
  • Fits amazingly perfect
  • The price is a steal
  • A little faded

Use them for yoga, Pilates, dancing, skating, gym or anything else you want to do.If you wanted some nice booty shorts for the gym, these are perfect for that.

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3.Women’s Juniors Body Enhancing Denim Hot Pants

Basic Information:

Mid -Traditional 5 pockets and zip fly closure construction
Machine Wash Cold
82% Cotton 16%Polyester 2% Spandex
12″/30 cm Top to Bottom 2.25″/6 cm Inseam
Size Info: Small – 1, 3 / Medium – 5, 7 / Large – 9, 11


I would say they are true to size, if you are looking for a snug fit, but if you are wanting something more comfy, go up a size. Also perfect length, almost fingertip length.They are stretchy so they fit comfy on the waist and legs and do make your butt look great. So you could wear them all day and they felt almost like spandex shorts.

Color information:

  • Super stretchy
  • Fits perfect
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • More colors
  • Size up one size

TIP: After pulling shorts from the dryer make sure the fold at the bottom is properly aligned and that they cool down that way. This will help keep the fold looking crisp and straight.

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4.Women’s Juniors Perfect Fit Mid-Rise Denim Hot Pants

Women's Mid-Rise Denim Hot Pants Light Denim

Basic Information:

Mid rise denim shorts
Machine Wash Cold
75% Cotton/23% Polyester/2% Spandex
10.5″/27 cm Top to Bottom
Designed in Los Angeles, California


Great shorts! They are really comfortable because they are stretchy! These shorts will be your favourite now because of how comfortable they are, and as claimed, they do make your butt look good. you will love the fit and the look of them as well so I think you will purchase more colours! The black looks awesome. These are great for girls who have a butt because of the stretch and fit.

Color information:

  • Fit perfectly
  • Quality is great
  • Soft fabric
  • A bit stretchy
  • A bit tight around the bottom

Hugs your figure but isn’t constricting. Has a nice ability to stretch if you ate a big meal. you don’t need a belt, you also don’t need to unbutton or unzip them to put them on. The color is very nice and the to what is depicted. Makes your butt look nice!

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5.Premium Ultra Soft Hot Pants With Pockets 

Premium Hot Pants Pockets Mocha

Basic Information:

92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Style shorts are trending this season
These shorts have side pockets


These shorts are so comfortable. The wait part does NOT squeeze your belly- which was everybody worst fear because who likes a bulging belly? They are the perfect length. Not too short but not long that you look awkward, just right. They dont ride up as you walk around- use ladies with big legs know that struggle is REAL with this issue. But nope. No issues there.

Color information:

  • Very soft
  • Stretchy
  • Perfect length
  • On trend
  • White ones see-through

But honestly these things are great and the price can’t be beat. Very attractive, visually appealing. They wash and hang dry easily,quickly. The pockets are big enough to hold your phone and keys. However, I wish there were drawstrings to tie because if I put anything in the pockets, the added weight will pull the shorts down a bit.

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6.Womens Super Comfy Bermuda Walking Hot Pants

Walking Hot Pants White

Basic Information:

98% Algodon Cotton 2% Spandex
Breathable cotton
Perfect match for button-downs or tees
Zip fly with button closure
Machine Washable


Super comfy & a great length for my pear shape. The faux back pockets are kind of weird but overall these are nice shorts that seem to be well made. I highly recommend these shorts. They are true to size and the material is just the right thickness to not show dimples, yet not feel heavy. These shorts look sharp and clean cut enough to wear while golfing, yet can be paired with a casual tank top.

Color information:

  • Fit perfectly
  • Super comfortable
  • Perfect length
  • Breathable
  • Pockets aren’t deep

Decent quality and they seem to fit well. The issue are the pockets. They’re on the small side and your phone easily falls out. They also do that weird pocket gap which makes the shorts look like they don’t fit well and add to the stuff falling out problem. So if you’re going to get these don’t keep lots of things in the pockets or bring a purse.

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7.Women’s Juniors Vintage Denim High Waisted Folded Hem Jeans Hot Pants

Folded Hem Jeans Hot Pants

Basic Information:

100% Cotton – No Stretchy
High Waist Types
Blue Material
Fashion Fit Type
Hand Wash/Machine Wash


Stretchy, soft and comfortable. True high waist!Very roomy, not too short, and even though the button hole is small if you put a little elbow grease in the first few times it works well. Perfect high waisted shorts. Lots of stretch and hold their fit well.Size up if you want a looser fit, but normal size will likely fit fine because of the stretch in them.

Color information:

  • Great quality
  • Stretchy
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • True high waist
  • The waist was pretty big

Being a short girl with an hour glass figure and thick thighs was impossible to find high waist shorts! They wouldn’t be stretchy enough or they would stretch enough to get over the thighs but then leave that dumb gap in the back! These are stretchy.. ahh perfectly stretchy!

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8.Women’s Lace Hot Pants

Basic Information:

Pull On closure
Styles: Crotchet, Diamond, Scalloped and Floral
Materials: 100% Polyester
Sizes: S-XXXL
Colors: Black, Coral, Fuchsia, Mint, Off-White, Royal and Taupe


Beautiful, lacy material you can dress up or down.These are a great pair of shorts with a perfect balance of cute and casual.The waistband initially seemed small, but stretched to fit. They don’t really ride up in front, which is awesome. The quality seems pretty great, but probably prone to snagging if you aren’t careful.

Color information:

  • Shipped quickly
  • Easy to wear and wash
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • So cute
  • Unpacking has a little odor

One note of caution: if you have fleshy thighs you will not want to wear these as long-distance walking shorts, as the lace rubs together and isn’t the most free flowing experience. For casual walking or lounging around, they are great.

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9.Womens Ripped Hole Bandage Denim Hot Pants

Basic Information:

denim cotton
Machine washable, hang dry
Zip fly with button , five-pockets styling


Super sexy shorts! Love these shorts got them In White and Black the only thing is when you ordered them they did not have small of extra small so you had to go with medium. So you had to tie the strings really tight which leaves No gap if you’re under 120 pounds go for size small.Great for beach or on top of swimsuit. Or cute with high boots !Other than that the fabric is really good material the strings could be upgraded but they are decent. The best thing about these shorts is if you want to loosen them up you totally can.

Color information:

  • Stretch
  • Super sexy
  • Fabric is really good
  • Adjust from the strings
  • A little shorter than expected

They came unlaced but were easy to lace up on my own. They fit perfect around the waste and are just the right length to still be sexy.

Buyers Show:

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10.Women's Solid Color Stretch Fitted Low Rise Hot Pants

Basic Information:

95% cotton 5% spandex
Button closure
Machine wash cold on gentle with like colors
Low-rise, stretch denim short shorts
Button-fly with zipper


These shorts are a summer must-have, because no one wants boring bermuda shorts covering their legs when they're on the beach, walking down the boardwalk, or relaxing poolside. Soft denim fabric contains spandex for a bit of added stretch, though don't let that fool you: these are some skimpy shorts, so don't get too crazy with the smaller sizes!

Color information:

  • Great quality
  • Good price
  • Not too tight
  • Fit perfectly
  • Less stretchy

These shorts are SUPER comfortable. They’ve been great for walking around the city comfortably without digging in. Putting them on straight out of the dryer they feel very form fitting but as they stretch out get a little bigger but not too big.

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Hot Pants Design And Color

Hotpants, hot pants, or booty shorts describe extremely short shorts, which may worn by women and
, to a lesser extent, by men.

Vintage hotpants class

Hot pants were a trend in 1980s and they are now coming back! They are a development of mini skirt.
Historically, the mini skirt raised in 1960s by a French designer named Andre Coureggas. He was even
called "Father of the mini".

Denim cutoff jeans are one of the most provocative pieces of women clothes next to high heels and little
black dress. The only disadvantage is that they fit only to slimmer girls with properly built bodies and the
most important properly built rear end.

hot pants trends

The spring collection for the next year is both unusual and special, as most of designers used a hot pants
and denim cutoff jeans in many variations of design and color.

The History Of Hot Pants

The term was first used by Women's Wear Daily in 1970 to describe shorts made in luxury fabrics such
as velvet and satin for fashionable wear, rather than their more practical equivalents that had been worn
for sports or leisure since the 1930s.

hot pants history

The hot pants has since become a generic term for any pair of extremely short shorts. While hotpants were
briefly a very popular element of mainstream fashion in the early 1970s, by the mid-1970s they had
becomeassociated with the sex industry, which contributed to their fall from fashion.

However, hotpants continue to be popular as clubwear well into the 2018s, and are often worn within the
entertainment industry, particularly as part of cheerleader costumes, or for dancers (especially backup

hot pants cheerleader costumes

Performers such as Britney Spears and Kylie Minogue have famously worn hotpants as part of their public
performances and presentation.

The Origins Of Hot Pants

Whilst the term "hotpants" is used generically to describe extremely short shorts, similar garments had
been worn since the 1930s. These garments, however, were designed mainly for sports, beachwear and
leisure wear, while hotpants were innovative in that they were made from non-activewear fabrics such as
velvet, silk, crochet, fur and leather, and styled explicitly to be worn on the street, for parties, or even as
bridal wear.

Origins Of Hot Pants

At that time, skirts become much shorter and underwear was exposed easily. Hot pants built an idea of
making a sort of formal short pair of shorts which are called short shorts.

Women's Wear Daily, a popular fashion magazine, named them hot pants. These new kind of shorts
became favorite since they were considered shocking and naughty. It was nice wearing something so
short without exposing underwear!

Ruby Keeler hot pants

Dorothy Tricario, a fashion curator at the Brooklyn Museum told The New York Times in 1971 that
hotpants were part of a greater nostalgic revival of 1930s and 1940s fashion, specifically the short posing
shorts worn by Hollywood stars like Ruby Keeler, Deanna Durbin, and Betty Grable.

However, Tricario also observed that shorts had never before had such widespread acceptance as street
or business wear as they did in early 1971.

The Big Hit Of Hot Pants

Actually, hot pants had been seen before as far back as the 1920s and 1930s, especially in Europe. At that
time, they are worn by nightclub performers and prostitutes.

1920s hot pants

Denim cutoff jeans and hot pants are good in any crazy combination but the most viewed is the one in
combination with hot tops and really short T shirts.

Next, they are shown in The Blue Angel, a German film. For this film, Marlene Dietrich who played Lola
Lola, wore an extremely short for her role as a seductive nightclub singer. Since then, she was called
ancestor of hot pants.

hot pants Marlene Dietrich

The big hit are cutoff jeans in combination with spotted tights and leather hot pants.

hot pants hot

However, there are some factors that differ hot pants from other ordinary shorts, one of them is the
materials. They are usually made of formal fabrics such as satin, velvet, or leather. Nowadays, you can also
find the ones made of denim, which creates more casual look.

Both of the models are meant for evening and both of them are suggested to be worn by girls with solid
body line. Some designers recommended high heels to make a figure longer and hot pants to fit better visually.

Why The Hotpants Is A Part Of Performers

Hotpants can also be part of a uniform worn by cheerleaders and performers, or required wear in certain
service industries. Southwest Airlines became notorious for the hotpants uniform they supplied for their
stewardesses (nicknamed "Love Birds") in 1971, as featured in an ad campaign with the slogan "Someone
Else Up There Who Loves You.

southwest airlines hotpants

"The tangerine-coloured uniforms (designed by Juanice Gunn Muse, the wife of M. Lamar Muse, the
Southwest Airlines president) were worn by girls who were chosen for their good looks and friendliness.

Lamar Muse boasted that having beautiful attendants in hotpants ensured that male passengers would
fight to sit on the aisle rather than by the window.

cheerleaders hot pants

However, feminist organisations such as Stewardesses for Women's Rights protested and lobbied against
such indignities.Also in 1971, the Hot Pants Patrol was introduced as an elite corps of female ushers for
the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, with the intention of attracting greater audiences for the games.

baseball hot pants

While the majority of "Fillies" wore white microskirts as part of their uniform, the 36 members of the Hot
Pants Patrol wore a red hotpants jumpsuit with white vinyl go-go boots.After pressure from feminist
organisations, the Phillies retired the Hot Pants Patrol in 1982.

Hot Pants In 1970s

In 1970s, a comic book Wonder Women also took part in making them popular. Wearing these short
shorts with high boots, this style inspired many people to dress the same way.

After that, hot pants became the best way to keep up to date and be considered fashionable. They
became a part of the official flight attendants' uniform, although for not a long time. A song entitled
"Hot Pants" was created in 1977 by James Brown-a rhythm-and-blues singer. No need to question
how this song was helpful in "spreading" hot pants.

Wonder Women hot pants

In a short time after their popularity, they put into rubbish since they consider out of
fashion. They  even thought as a fashion mistake. Although they sometimes worn in fashion
magazines or films, but people were no longer interested. In 1980s, a television show The Dukes of
Hazzard brought their popularity back since Daisy Ducks, one of the characters, like wearing those
short shorts.

How To Choose Basic Models Of Hot Pants

The basic models of hot pants- the medium cut and high waist for extremely skinny girls. Medium
cut will profoundly show off the good parts and hide unwanted ones. Really nice and convenient for
Latino ladies customers with lush curves.

The basic models of hot pants

The only imperative is to be aware and not show too much of belly and if it is prominent camouflage
it stylish sport shirt or cover up with likable accessories which will drove curious eye in another direction.

hot pants style

Also there are two types of cuts, lower which covers hips and usually is good for normal and average built
girls and ladies and high V neckline that hugely reveal hips, usually ware by vamp female types, provocative
and energetic and of course equipped with well exercised rear end.

hot pants neckline

Denim cutoff jeans are in fact very common piece of clothes and every woman can wear it by applying
some basic common sense regarding fashion and understanding her own body.

When Hot Pants Return In The Fashion World

Now, hot pants are making a return in the fashion world, just like bell bottoms and platform shoes. They
now are available in many materials, such as satin, chiffon, silk, leather, and velvet. They are no longer
made of heavy corduroy, denim, or cotton. To get the best look, combine them with sandals, boots, or
high heels. Each will give you unique look!

hot pants Fashion World

The return of hot pants is influenced by what the stars are wearing. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera,
Gwen Stefani
, and Jessica Simpson (who played Daisy Ducks in a new version of The Dukes of Hazzard)
could be those who return them!

hot pants Return

Show your legs! Throw away your mini and maxi dresses! Set up your confidence. Do not think that God
only creates hot pants for those who have beautiful legs.

Style Of Hot Pants

Stripes. It's all about the navy and blue bold stripes. Use these as layering pieces, or a dominant navy and
blue piece. Try not to just make your outfit nautical only. Pairing stripes with toned down pieces is a great
way to go.

Stripes hot pants

Future Warrior. Find your inner tribal fashion and sprinkle a dash of military. A great way to get this look is
a leather dress or tunic, metal and chain accessories, and tribal motifs. The future warrior is great for bold,
creative ladies who aren't afraid to take risks.

Future Warrior hot pants

High Dress Splits. High dress slits are the ultimate in sex appeal. Ready to turn heads? Slip on a pair of
fabulous heels, tone those legs, and find the highest slit possible. A great dress to wear to that special

High Dress Splits hot pants

Jumpsuits & Rompers. One of my favorite trends of the season. You can get jumpsuits for evening, day, or
just playtime now. They can range from hot pants to mid-calf length. Have those great curves? Pair your
jumpsuit with a belt to really show off your great figure!

Jumpsuits Romper hot pants

Women's Wear Daily For Hot pants

Hotpants or booty shorts remain a popular costume for cheerleaders and dancers, particularly hip hop
performers, and are frequently worn by backup dancers.The Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad has a
particularly recognisable uniform featuring hotpants and midriff tops.

hot pants fashion weeks

According to the fashion publicist Eleanor Lambert, the term "hot pants" coined by Women's Wear
Daily (WWD) in 1970 to describe fashions innovated by the French ready-to-wear company Dorothée Bis.

The WWD claim to have originated the term is also backed up by 1971 articles in The New York Times and
the African-American magazine Jet.

black hot pants

Jet's fashion editor, Audrey Smaltz, suggested that because hotpants were best suited to Black women,
they should be called "Knockout Shorts" as that name was more "relevant to Blacks", expressing the
fashionable African-American Black woman's pride in her "knockout body" as well as paying tribute to
Black identity and recent struggles.

Other alternative names included "les shorts", "short cuts", "cool pants", and "shortootsies", with "booty
shorts" as an early 21st-century term.

winter wear hot pants

Today, the term hotpants can  use for casual as well as fashion-wear short-shorts made in any fabric, or
worn by any gender.

While hotpants principally market to women, men also target, and the hot pants can
describe very short men's shorts.

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