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Hot Pants

Though the benefits of dancing are for everyone, the majority of dancing practitioners in the United States are women. It isn’t surprising then, the enormous variety of options in hot pants clothing designed for the female audience. The vast amount of choice in hot pants for women, in particular, can be overwhelming.

Especially for women new to the practice of dancing, the abundance of options may actually be more of a burden than a blessing. It’s easy to get lost in figuring out what looks best on you or what will help you blend in or simply express your individuality. It’s also easy to get lost in the plethora of styles and kinds of hot pants as it can be difficult to know what will be most amenable to your practice before you’ve actually done it for a while.

Tips: As dancing is intended to bring us back into the present moment and help us let go of our attachments to how things should be or how we’d like them to be, here is some guidance on what to look for when trying to match drug rugs.

The truth is, dancing and traveling can be practiced in any comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. That is not to say that indulging in a pair of hot pants that you just love and feel good in because they are just so darn cute and comfy is a bad thing. On the contrary! Feeling good in what you wear is good in travel, too.

Top 10 Hot Pants

NameMore ClourPrice
Metallic Booty Shorts
YESCheck Info
Yoga Gym Workout
YESCheck Info
Enhancing Denim
YESCheck Info
Mid-Rise Denim
YESCheck Info
Premium Ultra Soft
YESCheck Info
Super Comfy For Walking
YESCheck Info
Juniors Vintage
NOCheck Info
Lace Style
YESCheck Info
Ripped Hole Bandage
YESCheck Info
Solid Color Stretch Low
YESCheck Info
Women’s hot pants can be expensive. Finding a pair under $75.00 is considered a good deal in some circles. In others, spending even half of that amount is completely out of the question. So, the first step in finding the best pair of hot pants for you is to identify the amount you are willing and able to spend. Read reviews of products that fall in your price range to be sure they have the desired quality (material that holds its shape, stitching that stretches) and durability (fabric that lasts through multiple wearings and washings).

1.Metallic Booty Shorts

sequin hot pants

Metallic Booty Hot Pants Silver

iHeartRaves’s Metallic Booty Shorts offer everything you need in a good pair of dancing pants: They fit true to size, come in a range of size options, are breathable, offer a comfortable fit, are made with durable fabric, and stay tight to your body no matter what dancing pose you’re attempting. Because they’re so versatile and they don’t slip, these pants will work well for coser and hikers, too.

Tips: In our matching skills. hot pants can be paired with a colorful sports bracelet. Make your taste more unique. It is recommended to read this article about Best Fitness Tracker for more information. By understanding, the style you will become different from others.

The iHeartRaves hot pants are high-waisted, reaching up above your belly button, which keeps you feeling covered and compressed during the most active dancing classes. We liked the pants’ wide waistband, too, which doesn’t cut into the stomach, and we felt like the polyester/elastane fabric was flexible and comfortable against the skin. We also added points for the fact that these pants are bluesign approved, which means harmful chemicals were kept out of the manufacturing process.

Fashion Trends In Hot Pants

We wore the iHeartRaves hot pants to a hot dancing class (90 minutes of dancing in 110-degree heat) and found them to be quite breathable and odor-resistant. We also wore the pants multiple times in a row in the Mexico heat without concern. And even if you’re not doing dancing, these pants are just plain cozy, making them perfect for long travel days or evenings at home. The iHeartRaves hot pants come in several colors, including black.

Pro & Info
  • Too cute
  • Many colors choose
  • Fit perfectly
  • Enough elasticity
  • 100% Polyester
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • colorful bottoms
  • sassy and comfy
  • Wrinkle easily

“I love the iHeartRaves hot pants. I own several pairs,” said one customer. “Here’s what I like: Thick material and not see through. [They] stay in place with bending motions. [There’s] no rolling of the waistband. Good for workouts or going anywhere while being comfortable. And they fit snug in place.”

2.Yoga Gym Workout

hot yoga pants

Women's Sport Hot Pants
The IUGA Women’s Yoga pants are very comfortable while being supportive at the same time. They will hug your body and contour to your shape while wicking away moisture.

Perfect for when you’re doing an active Yoga workout or doing Hot Yoga. They are made from a blend of 84% nylon and 16% spandex for durability and comfort.

Tips: The fabric of this pair of trousers is very much in the garden to carry out water warfare with children. In order to let you experience different sports fun, we recommend you to read this article about Best Water Guns. The recommendations inside will perfectly solve the troubles of you and your child.

And if you are looking to find a pair of Yoga pants to make you look slimmer, I think the IUGA are the best yoga pants to hide cellulite.

The wide waist band will hold them in place no matter how much your moving around or poses you are doing. These Yoga pants also work great for just wearing around the house or other fitness activities.

Pro & Info
  • Very sexy
  • The fabric is soft and comfy
  • Fits amazingly perfect
  • The price is a steal
  • Hand wash cold
  • An innovative fabric
  • Spandex offers excellent stretch
  • Mini length
  • A little faded

3.Enhancing Denim

hot pants shorts

Womens Denim HotPants Medium Denim
This Wax Women’s Juniors Body Enhancing Denim Shorts turns function into style with the contrasting stitching highlighting Outdoor Voices signature 10-panel design, which is intended to give you great comfort and fit.

They are available in cool-looking gray to black colors and sizes from extra small to extra large. They have a convenient waistband pocket.

Pro & Info
  • Super stretchy
  • Fits perfect
  • Super soft and comfortable
  • More colors
  • Mid -Traditional 5 pockets
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • zip fly closure
  • Size up one size
TIP: After pulling shorts from the dryer make sure the fold at the bottom is properly aligned and that they cool down that way. This will help keep the fold looking crisp and straight.

4.Mid-Rise Denim

denim hot pants

Women's Mid-Rise Denim Hot Pants Light Denim
If you like a silky feel, slip into these Wax Women’s Juniors Mid-Rise Denim Shorts. They feel light and smooth against the skin, while still offering a flexible fit. Even better, you can opt for a vibrant design to brighten your next studio outfit.

One reviewer says, “Whether in a dancing class, hiking errands, or sitting to brunch, these [Mid-Rise Denim Shorts] are both functional and fun. I am mostly a size 3x and order smalls or mediums. The small in these fit perfectly, with room to stretch a little, yet hold it all in!”

Pro & Info
  • Fit perfectly
  • Quality is great
  • Soft fabric
  • A bit stretchy
  • Mid rise denim shorts
  • Wash Cold
  • Designed in Los Angeles
  • A bit tight around the bottom

Hugs your figure but isn’t constricting. Has a nice ability to stretch if you ate a big meal. you don’t need a belt, you also don’t need to unbutton or unzip them to put them on. The color is very nice and the to what is depicted. Makes your butt look nice!

5.Premium  Ultra Soft

hot pants shorts

Premium Hot Pants Pockets Mocha
Often beyond the means of many a dancing practitioner, Conceited’s Women’s Premium Ultra Soft Harem Shorts may be within reach for those looking for a low-rise pant with a wide waist-band and bottoms.

It made from 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex. Known for their breathability and elasticity, women enjoy a cooling effect while practicing Hot Dancing (or any style of yoga in the summer months) as well as a large range of motion in these pants.

Pro & Info
  • Very soft
  • Stretchy
  • Perfect length
  • On trend
  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
  • trending this season
  • side pockets
  • White ones see-through

But honestly these things are great and the price can’t be beat. Very attractive, visually appealing. They wash and hang dry easily,quickly. The pockets are big enough to hold your phone and keys. However, I wish there were drawstrings to tie because if I put anything in the pockets, the added weight will pull the shorts down a bit.

6.Super Comfy For Walking

white hot pants

Walking Hot Pants White

Why you’ll love them: The HyBrid are a great pair of hot pants that help reduce muscle pain during and after exercise.

The HyBrid help improve blood circulation during workouts, which allows you to exercise longer with a decreased recovery time. Walking Shorts work great for every type of workout including yoga, running, cycling, and circuit training. They are also great to wear on long flights.

These Walking Shorts are made of a four-way stretchable fabric that is easy to clean and will retain its shape even after multiple washes. The fabric also features moisture wicking technology that helps discourage the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

The HyBrid hot pants have more than 500 Amazon reviews with 42% of reviewers giving them 5 stars. Multiple buyers commented that they love the pants so much they bought several pairs. But some shoppers did mention that the leggings can run small.

Sizes range from 1 to 24, and the Walking Shorts come in classic black.

Pro & Info
  • Fit perfectly
  • Super comfortable
  • Perfect length
  • Breathable
  • 98% Algodon Cotton 2% Spandex
  • Perfect match for button-downs or tees
  • Zip fly with button closure
  • Pockets aren’t deep

Decent quality and they seem to fit well. The issue are the pockets. They’re on the small side and your phone easily falls out. They also do that weird pocket gap which makes the shorts look like they don’t fit well and add to the stuff falling out problem. So if you’re going to get these don’t keep lots of things in the pockets or bring a purse.

7.Juniors Vintage

Folded Hem Jeans Hot Pants
These hot pants from Haola Women’s Juniors Vintage Denim High Waisted Folded Hem Jeans Shorts are so comfortable. My first thought when I put these on was that they feel a lot like the “buttery soft” Haola Jeans Shorts .

While the term “buttery soft” grosses me out, they really are so soft and honestly buttery is the only term I can think of to describe them. Please don’t hold it against me.

Don’t like HyBrid, these shorts are 100% Cotton. They have the one size fits most claim that leaves consumers (including me) boggled. Somehow, it works.

Customers ranging from U.S. sizes s to xx have great success with the fit of these leggings. They look tiny when they first come in, so don’t throw your hands up in exasperation and curse me under your breath.

If you’ve followed the above recommendations for fit, you’ll be just fine.

These seem pretty durable at first glance, but since they have the same make as Conceited, my guess is they will eventually pull apart at the seam if you don’t follow the directions on your care tag. Machine wash them on gentle with cold water. Hang to dry.

Pro & Info
  • Great quality
  • Blue Material
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • True high waist
  • 100% Cotton
  • No Stretchy
  • Fashion Fit Type
  • The waist was pretty big
Being a short girl with an hour glass figure and thick thighs was impossible to find high waist shorts! They wouldn’t be stretchy enough or they would stretch enough to get over the thighs but then leave that dumb gap in the back! These are stretchy.. ahh perfectly stretchy!

8.Lace Style

black hot pants

Womens Lace Hot Pants
ToBeInStyle’s Lace Shorts is making high-performance, modern clothing that retains a connection to dancing’s ancient style roots. The seriously technical fabrics are eco-engineered shade of black that’s uber dark, opaque, and incredibly flattering.

(But its probably too thick for workouts on 90-degree days.) With this look-good technology also comes a feel-good message— A foundation that benefits economic, health, and education in the remote villages of the Himalayas.

Pro & Info
  • Shipped quickly
  • Easy to wear and wash
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • So cute
  • Pull On closure
  • 100% Polyester
  • Sizes: S-XXXL
  • Unpacking has a little odor
One note of caution: if you have fleshy thighs you will not want to wear these as long-distance walking shorts, as the lace rubs together and isn’t the most free flowing experience. For casual walking or lounging around, they are great.

9.Ripped Hole Bandage

sexy hot pants

Ripped Hole Bandage Hot Pants Black
A Ripped Hole Bandage Pants model created for the modern woman by Tengo, The Now Pants is both form-fitting and relaxed. Featuring a lightweight 4-way stretch knit fabric with tapered legs which you can leave down or push up above your calves, it moves effortlessly through every pose you make.

Its stretchable waistband has integrated drawstring for a customizable and adjustable fit, as well as pockets featuring ventilated bags. The pants have flatlock seam build for improved comfort and reduced chafing. Furthermore, its full-length gusset ensures a broader motion range than most hot pants would.

Pro & Info
  • Stretch
  • Super sexy
  • Fabric is really good
  • Adjust from the strings
  • 73%Cotton,14%Rayon
  • denim cotton
  • five-pockets styling
  • A little shorter than expected

They came unlaced but were easy to lace up on my own. They fit perfect around the waste and are just the right length to still be sexy.

10.Solid Color Stretch Low

best women’s pants for hot weather

White hot pants
To the untrained eye, these are regular denim booty shorts . But coming from arguably the most trusted sports clothing brand in the world, it’s no surprise there’s much more to these cosy-looking pants. They’re made from a soft denim fabric, but the real magic is in the big, roomy gusset (where else?) which allows you to move freely and shift into positions without getting in a tangle or hampering your flexibility.

True to the name, HDE’s low rise technology keeps you dry, comfortable, and sweat-free. And as well as standard slash pockets, there’s an “internal media pocket”. Somewhere to stick your phone in other words.

Pro & Info
  • Great quality
  • Good price
  • Not too tight
  • Fit perfectly
  • 95% cotton 5% spandex
  • Button closure
  • Low-rise
  • But Less stretchy
These shorts are SUPER comfortable. They’ve been great for walking around the city comfortably without digging in. But Putting them on straight out of the dryer they feel very form fitting but as they stretch out get a little bigger but not too big.

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