Top 5 Best GPS Watch (New Arrival) – Reviews & Comparison

Choosing The Best GPS Watch

Sport and health are becoming priorities for more and more people, and it’s a great thing! And to achieve the best performance and have optimal fitness tracker, owning a Gps watch can be a great idea!

However, it is not easy to navigate. The models are more and more sophisticated, more and more numerous, and everything will depend on your use and your needs. If only the GPS function interests you, then no need to buy a complete sports watch! Take a look at the best gps and you will certainly find your happiness.

But if you are a seasoned sportsman, anxious to have the best of technology available, then choosing the best Gps watch is a crucial step. It could be a complete model, intended for the practice of several sports, a Gps special running watch or a cardio model that will serve as an assistant.

We know that the choice is far from simple. That’s why Bestlife4us has made a complete buying guide that you will find after reviewing 5 quality GPS watches.

Best GPS Watches: 5 GPS Watches Passed in Journals

In your quest for the best GPS watch, you will see that there are models each with their specificity. Some will be more suitable for athletes concerned about their health, others focus on performance monitoring. The key is to choose well, according to your daily life.

To help you, here are 5 Gps watches each with their own characteristics.

Garmin Fenix 3 Silver – The Best GPS Watch (Multisport)

TomTom Runner GPS Watch – The Best Running Gps Watch

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch – The top of the cardio watch without a belt?

Garmin Forerunner 235 – Best Cardio gps watch without belt

Parnerme Sports GPS Watch – The Best Gps Watch at a Low Price

Guide to buying a GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix 3 Silver – The Best GPS Watch (Multisport)

The Garmin brand is well known among sports-related technology enthusiasts, as it has specialized in this field. She offers us here a Gps multisport watch which is among the best models of this range.

We will begin with its appearance, elegant and discreet that allows to wear during the practice of your various sports activities, but also to be able to associate with your clothes on a daily basis. Its silicone strap is the most beautiful effect and its black color (for our model) gives it truly a look of quality watch.

As such, it is provided with a screen of very good invoice, readable easily with a resolution of 218 × 218 pixels. This screen is also customizable via the Connect IQ store. By connecting the watch to your smartphone, you can create your custom dials, add widgets and organize them as you see fit. You can add navigation screens, to have a maximum of data and results, and thus have around the wrist a real small computer performance monitoring!

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TomTom Runner GPS Watch – The Best Running Gps Watch

Tom Tom is a famous brand for its GPS navigation system among the most efficient on the market. What’s more logical than finding this know-how on a GPS watch?

This gps running watch is intended for all racing enthusiasts, who take their performance seriously. The goal is to offer its users a condensed system that allows at a glance to see its results and thus adapt pace and objectives easily. Quickly, we realize that it is very simple to use and particularly practical.

In the first place, it is its superb extra large screen that seduces. At a glance, you can have access to your performance in real time: you can easily check your activity time, race speed, distance traveled, course layout and the number of calories burned. . A simple way to control your pace and keep your motivation intact.

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Polar M430 GPS Running Watch – The top of the cardio watch without a belt?

The running watch Gps Polar M430 is a model with Cardio wrist mainly for racing enthusiasts.

Pretty enough (maybe a little flashy orange), this watch has a large, very readable screen on which all the results are displayed. It is thus easy to consult the number of daily steps, the ingenious distribution of your positions (sitting, standing, lying down), a monitoring of the sleep which makes it possible to optimize your nights as well as to see or are the objectives which you are set for your training.

All this is possible thanks to an integrated Gps able to follow your performances live, and trace the course followed. It’s ideal for those who want to improve with each new race. If the Gps is permanently activated, the watch has a range of around 4 days. A little light, but it rises to a week in use without Gps.

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Garmin Forerunner 235 – Best Cardio gps watch without belt

best-watch-gps-4If you are looking for the best gps-free gps heart rate watch, it is possible that the model that we offer here Garmin catches all your attention.

Hard to do better in terms of design! This watch is simply beautiful, very close to the classic watch models, with a large color screen of 1.23 inches, a soft touch rubber strap, airy, which makes the watch very comfortable to wear. Around the dial are the 5 buttons that allow you to control the menus and the display, for intuitive use. In sports mode or in everyday life, this Gps watch will accompany you without denoting.

To avoid spoiling, this Gps watch from Garmin is very light (42g) and will never bother its users. It is confirmed that during our various races, we never worried about having it on our wrist.

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Parnerme Sports GPS Watch – The Best Gps Watch at a Low Price

best-watch-gps-5For those who want the best Gps watch at a low price, we have selected this model of the brand Parnerme.

The watch has a very sporty design, which will not allow to associate with everyday clothes but will give a certain style to runners, both men and women. Although a bit big on the wrist, we find it relatively pretty!

Its large touchscreen (3.3 cm in diameter) displays the information in a very readable way and you can, at a glance, have the desired results even when practicing an activity. Moreover, if it will be perfect to accompany fans of jogging or racing, this model is also very suitable for those who practice hiking, cycling or even indoor sports as an indoor mode is available.

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Buying Guide: Know All to Buy the Best GPS Watch

Now that we have taken a look at the Gps watch models that can be found on the market today, let’s look at the features you will need to watch to buy the best Gps watch.


The GPS mode of such a watch is its primary function, and it must therefore be the most efficient possible. It can be seen via the reaction time of the location as well as the accuracy of the received data (course, course of race, accuracy of the number of steps, good calculation of the distance …).

Among the Gps watch models, it is more and more often specified that the watch reads the Gps and GLONASS signals. What does it mean? To put it simply, Gps coupled with Glonass signals offers a little more accurate results.

It is above all a marketing argument, because the difference is quite small, but even choosing the best Gps running watch, as much to know to opt for the model that offers the most accurate results to best video camera for sports.

The screen

It should allow you to view the desired information at a glance. Because of this, it must be large enough that you do not have to wear your wrist in your eyes every 5 minutes and it must be legible.

This therefore requires a fairly large screen size, a large character display and a number of unsaturated information. The best is when it is possible to organize the data displayed on the screen, via an application.

You will be able to show only what is essential to you. Some Gps watches even have a graphic rendering, which allows to understand the results via images rather than having to read them. Convenient.

Heart rate calculation

Sports watches need to raise your heart rate, in the easiest way possible. And to avoid having to worry about a belt, some do it directly from your wrist.

Practice this measurement of your pulse should be accurate to be useful. This allows you to adjust your pace and effort to the results that are displayed, and to have a daily monitoring of your performance.

Be aware that the heart rate sensor is sometimes used to track your sleep. Those who keep their watch during the night will be able to understand their sleep cycles (light and deep) and optimize their nights.

What to have a complete monitoring of his health.

Connected features

The best Gps multisport watch should not only provide you with your sports results and performance. It must go beyond, offering you the opportunity to use it for other things.

We appreciate the watches that can read emails or SMS, trigger the camera of your smartphone remotely, read the news or the weather and even sometimes answer calls from the watch!

The must, with the best watches Gps, remains to be able to create a complete training program online and share it with other users to compare and motivate between sports!


Among the appreciable details on the models of recent gps watches, one finds the numerous modalities of customizations of the screen or even of the watch.

Via Widgets, like a smartphone, you can display a lot of options on your watch!

It is also possible to change the appearance of the watch, with models with interchangeable straps that can vary the colors and adapt the watch to your style of dress.


Very subjective, this criterion of choice will be ignored by some, when others will give it a particular importance oral b electric toothbrush.

Having a watch that fits your civilian clothes can be interesting if you want to have a very complete monitoring of your daily activity, both at work and during your sports activities.

Also, be sure to check that the watch fits both women’s wrists and men’s wrists.


The batteries of Gps watches have extremely variable autonomies. It is important to check their durability.

so as not to end up with a watch that empties in no time.

Among the models that we reviewed, some batteries last 5 hours in Gps mode.

while others can hold more than 20 hours in the same mode.

The price

Let’s finish this buying guide with the prices of Gps watches. Very variable, the prices of watches oscillate between 100 and 350 euros, in general. They will depend on all the criteria previously seen.

with watches that will be more expensive if they have long-lasting batteries, touch screen.

built-in heart rate monitor or Gps + Glonass functions combined.

The investment will also depend on your degree of sports practice:

beginners or dilettante practitioners will not have the same expectations as seasoned athletes.

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