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Best GPS Watch

Healthy sports are becoming the first choice for more and more people, this is a good thing! For best performance tracking, having gps watch might be a good idea!

However, it is not easy to navigate. Gps watch is getting more and more complicated. everything depends on your use and needs. If only fitness features are of interest to you, then you don’t need to buy a full gps watch! Look at our recommended fitness tracker will surprise you!

What crowd really needs gps watch?

If you are an experienced athlete and eager to have the best technology, then choosing the best gps watch is a crucial step. It must have a complete functional system that can be used for several exercise exercises, easily for special runs or as an assistant for aerobic training.

There are many inferior products on the market that bother you. That’s reason why Bestlife4us makes a complete purchase guide, which you will find after reviewing 5 quality GPS watches.

Top 5 GPS Watch

Garmin Fenix 3 Silver - The Best GPS Watch (Multisport)10/10Check Info
TomTom Runner GPS Watch - The Best Running Gps Watch9/10Check Info
Polar M430 GPS Running Watch - The top of the cardio watch without a belt?10/10Check Info
Garmin Forerunner 235 - Best Cardio gps watch without belt9/10Check Info
Parnerme Sports GPS Watch - The Best Gps Watch at a Low Price9/10Check Info

Best GPS Watches: 5 GPS Watches

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When you search for the best gps watch, you will see that each model has its own particularity. Some products are more suitable for athletes who care about their health, while others are more concerned with performance monitoring. The key is to make a choice based on your daily life.

To help you, there are 5 gps watches, each with its own characteristics.

Garmin Fenix 3 Silver – The Best GPS Watch (Multisport)

garmin gps watch

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch
The Garmin brand is well known among sports technology enthusiasts because it specializes in this field. Here they provide us with a gps multi-function watch, one of the best models in the series.

We will start with its look and elegance.Fenix 3 can be worn in the practice of your various sports activities, but it is also associated with your daily clothes. Its silicone watch has the most beautiful effect, and the black model gives it a truly high-quality watch look.

Moreover, it has a very good screen and easy to read with a resolution of 218 x 218 pixels. This screen can also be customized through Connect IQ storage. By connecting your watch to your smartphone, you can create custom dials, add widgets, and organize as needed. You can also add a navigation screen for maximum data results. so there is a real small computer performance monitor around your wrist!

The interface is also very clear, not lined (this is a recurring defect on some GPS watches). it will soon become a natural ally for your shopping.

Let’s take a look at its functional details. This Gps watch is very versatile, and the precise Gps is the perfect compromise between the connected watches, perfect for everyday training.

It provides heart rate monitoring directly from your wrist measurement using Garmin Elevate technology. You can easily track the results of your game, or you can measure your heartbeat at any time of the day without wearing a bulky waistband. You will also follow up on your fitness day after day.

In addition, its GPS function is very advanced. The system captures GPS and Glonass signals so you won’t get lost in mountain trekking or forest excursions. The Gps Garmin watch also features an automatic climb to meet the needs of mountaineers.

We have a model that is truly designed to provide the best performance for mountain and mountain climbers. Fenix ​​3 technology includes an altimeter, barometer and compass to give you the best performance safely. The precision of these tools is admirable in use.

Finally, a little extra feature is a very useful activity tracker. You can control the number of steps taken each day, the distance traveled, and the number of calories burned at a glance on the screen.

If you wear it at night, this GPS watch can provide you with information about sleep quality (by analyzing the sleep stage and your night sports).

Basically, Garmin Fenix ​​3 is our best multi-sport GPS watch here. Especially with an impressive battery life (20 hours incubation mode, 50 hours in tracking mode, more than 6 weeks of benefits if you only use it as a watch). For natural sports enthusiasts who want performance and safety, this is the best model for you.

What we like
  • Very nice design
  • Precision of heart measurements
  • Gps at the forefront of technology
  • Easy connectivity and customization via apps
  • Solid
What we regret
  • A bit heavy for runners
  • Application on unclear Iphone

TomTom Runner GPS Watch – The Best Running Gps Watch

tomtom gps watch

TomTom Runner GPS Watch
Tom Tom is a well-known brand of the most powerful GPS navigation system on the market. What is more logical than finding this proprietary technology on a GPS watch?

This gps running watch is suitable for all racing enthusiasts who take their performance seriously. The goal is to provide users with a simple system that can see the results at a glance, making it easy to adjust speed and goals. Soon, we realized that it was very simple to use and especially useful.

First of all, it has a strikingly large screen. At a glance, you can access your performance in real time: you can easily check your event time, race speed, distance traveled, course layout and number of calories burned. This is an easy way to control your pace and keep your momentum.

In terms of design, we appreciate the design of the watch is very thin and the bracelet is interchangeable. You can change the color of your watch to suit your needs. However, everyday wear is hard to match. This is a product specially designed for athletes!

In addition, we can change the data on the screen very simply. There is only one button on the TomTom runner gps watch, which makes it easy to operate the watch. Even when you’re running, you can achieve perfect navigation with just a single button touch.

This watch is a product that has been carefully selected. You can define your own goals, set personal challenges, and display signals for vibration alarms.

When you’re done with a certain percentage of tasks, it will show graphical effects and accurately figure out how you reach your goal in seconds. I feel unsatisfied that the heart rate monitor is not standard!

TomTom runner gps watch has other high-quality performances, which is something that every member of the sport feels happy. The indoor function, especially the racing car, can reach a water depth of 50 meters, and a fast GPS function that allows you to get your position quickly.

The performance seems to be optimal because we used it for about 10 hours before charging. It’s great with TomTom’s application compatibility, MySports and many running apps give it more power: you can sync data online, view it without connecting, compare results to other sports and customize you Watch.

The TomTom runner gps watch is the perfect gps running watch with the most accurate and perfect fit for the most sporty needs!

What we like
  • Its extra large screen
  • Its motivational training functions, via graphics
  • The precision of the Gps
  • Waterproof and solid
  • Multiple compatibilities with the most popular sports apps
What we regret
  • Requires a cardio belt to measure heart rate
  • System update quite common and long

Polar M430 GPS Running Watch – The top of the cardio watch without a belt?

best gps watch

Polar M430 GPS Watch
The running watch Gps Polar M430 is the model of the Cardio Wrist and is mainly used by racing enthusiasts.

Very beautiful (orange may be a bit gorgeous)! this watch has a very large screen and all the results are displayed on the screen. It’s easy to see the number of steps per day, the clever distribution of your position (sit, stand, lie), a sleep monitor to optimize your sleep quality, and you can see your daily training goals.

All of this is due to an integrated GPS that tracks all your trajectories. This is the ideal choice for those who want to improve every time they start a new event. If the Gps is permanently activated, the watch’s battery life is approximately 4 days. Slightly brighter, it can be used for a week without Gps.

In the same interface, you can receive notifications from your smartphone, alerting you to previous workout data, but they are consuming too much power. We finally disabled them.

This Gps running watch also measures heart rate directly from the wrist. A very significant advantage is that it avoids wearing a belt. The results were very accurate, and after comparing them to the results obtained on various heart rate monitors, we found them to be identical. So you can easily adjust your pace and breathing to suit your performance.

For those who practice indoor sports, they will be satisfied with the indoor function with acceleration in this model. Convenient indoor competition.

In addition, if the goal you set is improved, please use this gps watch brand Polar called Running Program mode, which can define a complete program. Used in conjunction with the Polar Flow virtual platform, this mode ensures that you have the best track of all matches and lets you keep track of the progress made. This is an effective way to never forget the goal and keep the momentum unchanged!

Small additional features make it easy to set up, including restoring the current state. Indicate how long you should rest before the next session based on your health metrics. We also found a well-designed polar fitness test model: it’s about defining your resting heart condition to adapt your workout to your current health.

Finally, this product is one of the best gps watches. Accurate and practical. Organize your training sessions and monitor your performance, which will delight jogging, racing and people who want to do sports in a smart way.

What we like
  • Heart rate directly on the wrist
  • The accuracy of its GPS
  • The customization of his racing program
  • His mode Indoor
What we regret
  • The battery that is discharging a little fast
  • The bracelet a bit bulky

Garmin Forerunner 235 – Best Cardio gps watch without belt

garmin watch gps

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Watch
If you are looking for the best aerobics watch, Garmin Forerunner 235 will get your attention.

It’s hard to do better in design! This watch is simple and beautiful, very close to the classic watch style, with a large 1.23-inch color screen, soft touch rubber strap, ventilation, which makes the watch very comfortable to wear. There are five buttons around the dial that allow you to control the menu and display for intuitive use. In sports mode or everyday life, this Gps watch will be easy to accompany you.

To avoid damage, the Gps watch from Garmin is very light (42 grams) and will never bother its users.Its weight is similar to an electric toothbrush. We confirm that in our various competitions, we never worry about having it on our wrists.

If we talk about the GPS function of this model, the results it provides will be very interesting. You will be able to see your heart rate in real time to suit your performance, and once you connect which can enjoy many features.

The Gps function reads GPS and GLONASS signals for impressive positioning speeds.

Compatible with Connect IQ programs and Garmin Connect software, you can download training programs, import results to better track data, and receive audio feedback and sound notifications on your watch. You can even customize the screen and add useful applets.

To help you track your daily performance, this GPS watch counts the number of steps you take, the number of calories you eat each day, and the distance you walk.

You will be able to set your daily or weekly goals and easily see your progress. It can be used by everyone because the watch and the Garmin brand’s proprietary technology simplifies its use.

It is also good to use it even in the training room. Therefore, its accelerometer function is very useful for indoor sports enthusiasts. In addition, we like the notice that he has no exercise for a while: practice not to be idle, stay healthy!

This Gps Garmin watch model has tempted us, and its sleep monitoring performance is optimized to optimize your sleep quality and measure your heart rate very accurately. It may lose some buyers for it’s price, but we can assure you that the most rigorous athletes will be happy with their purchase.

What we like
  • Impeccable design
  • Many connected features via Garmin software
  • Autonomy of 15h in GPS mode / 10 days in watch mode
  • The quality of its GPS
What we regret
  • Its price, high
  • Problem of Bluetooth connectivity with some smartphone (Huawei in particular …)

Parnerme Sports GPS Watch – The Best Gps Watch at a Low Price

gps running watch

Parnerme GPS Watch
For those who want to buy the best Gps watches at a low price, we have chosen the model of the Parnerme brand.

This watch has a very sporty design and is not suitable for everyday casual wear, but it will provide a certain style for runners as well as men and women. Although it looks a bit big on the wrist, we found it very beautiful!It can lead the fashion trend with outdoor sports camera.

Its large touch screen (3.3 cm in diameter) displays information in a very easy-to-read way, and you can get the results you want at a glance even during practice activities. In addition, if it is not only suitable for amateurs who are jogging or racing, this model is also very suitable for those who practice hiking, cycling or even indoor athletes, because the indoor mode is available.

Its main features are as follows. It has accurate Gps that record your route in real time, the distance traveled, the number of steps taken per day, and the calories burned. that makes it easy to track activities and follow your sporting goals.

It has a heart rate sensor on the wrist that not only provides real-time effects, but also monitors your heart rate weekly and continuously monitors your sleep. What follows your healthy development, adapting to your night and the results of your efforts? A few weeks later, thanks to this watch, we know more about our physical reactions.

It is a Gps watch compatible with the latest IOS and Android and can be connected to many sports apps. We recommend using hitfit, which allows you to download route maps and compare the results to other users.

In addition to the Gps function, this running watch has many additional features that make it a very complete Smartwatch model. Directly from the watch screen, you can view incoming text messages and emails, as well as remotely control your smartphone’s camera. A very good feature!

With this app, you can download different applets to customize your watch. So you can access your phone book, have the weather, use the calendar to define your goals… you can use this watch and it works well, which makes us particularly enjoyable.

However, some minor flaws are worth noting: the battery is often out of power quickly, especially if you are using GPS and Bluetooth mode continuously.

You can use it in Gps mode for 5 hours… it’s very light, but fortunately it’s an emergency charger to give a little energy when the watch is tired!

In addition, there is a small gap between when the event starts and when the watch starts the account. This will only prevent you from becoming a perfectionist, but it’s best to correct its data because it will distort some of your results.

Finally, the Hitfit application is still in beta, which sometimes causes some errors. It should be stable soon.

We can say that Parnerme Sports GPS Watch is a great help for those with limited budgets.

What we like
  • A pretty man / woman model pretty
  • Multiple features and Widget
  • The emergency battery charger
  • The high-performance GPS function
  • Its low price
What we regret
  • The battery life, too weak
  • A slight lack of precision when triggering the account at the beginning of activity
  • The Hitfit app not yet perfect

Buying Guide: The Best GPS Watch

Now that we have seen the Gps watch models available on the market today, let’s take a look at the features you need to watch to buy the best Gps watches.

GPS Mode

The GPS mode of this watch is its main function and therefore must be the most effective. It can see from the reaction time of the position and the accuracy of the received data (route, track, accuracy of the steps, good calculation of the distance…).

In the Gps watch model, it is often pointed out that the watch reads the Gps and GLONASS signals. What does it mean? In short, the combination of Gps and Glonass signals provides more accurate results.

This is primarily a marketing argument because the differences are small, but even if you choose the best Gps to run the watch, you need to know the model that provides the most accurate results.


It should allow you to see the information you need at a glance. Therefore, it must be large enough and must be fast and readable.

Therefore, this requires a considerable screen size, large character display and a lot of unsaturated information. Best of all, the data displayed on the screen can be organized by the application.

You will only reveal content that is important to you. Some Gps watches even have a graphics rendering that lets you understand the results through images without having to read them.

Heart Rate Calculation

Sports watches need to extract heart rate data in the easiest way.

This measurement of your pulse is accurate and useful. You can adjust your pace based on the results displayed and monitor your performance on a daily basis.

Please note that heart rate sensors are sometimes used to track your sleep. Those who lose sleep at night will be able to understand their sleep cycle (light and depth) and optimize their sleep. Comprehensively monitor your health.

Connection Function

The best Gps multi-sports watch should provide you with athletic performance. But it must go beyond giving you the opportunity to use it for other things.

We appreciate that watches can read emails or text messages, remotely trigger a smartphone camera, read news or weather, and sometimes even answer a watch call!

Must have the best watch GPS, still be able to create a complete training program online and share it with other users to compare and motivate the sport!

Custom Made

In the considerable detail of the recent gps watch model, people have found numerous modes of watch customization.

With Widgets, just like a smartphone, you can display many options on your watch!

It also changes the look of the watch, with interchangeable shoulder straps that change color and adapt the watch to your style.


Very subjective, some people will ignore this selection criteria, while others will pay special attention.

If you want to have a very comprehensive monitoring of your daily activities during work and sports, it is interesting to use a watch that suits your casual clothes.

Also, be sure to check that the watch is suitable for women’s wrists and men’s wrists.


The battery of the Gps watch has an extremely variable automatic device. It is important to check their durability so that you can find a watch with continuous endurance.

In the models we reviewed, some batteries lasted 5 hours in Gps mode, while other batteries lasted more than 20 hours in the same mode.


Let us complete this purchase guide with the price of a Gps watch. In general, the price of a watch varies greatly, between $100 and $350. They will depend on all the criteria previously seen, and if the watch has a long-lasting battery, touch screen, built-in heart rate monitor or Gps + Glonass combination, the watch will be more expensive.

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