Giantess Culture


Experts said, the giantess culture is a culture with female giants as sexual fantasies.this “female giant” varies from person.some fantasy female giants are high.Some fantasy dozens of meters,hundreds of meters,some fantasy is bigger than the planet.

This is a very cold question,Its existence can only be regarded as dust in the fire pit.the giantess (referred to as gts) culture is a hidden sexual culture.its existence is very low-key .it seems that humans and animals are harmless.

At the same time, gts is a fantasy culture which regarded as a kind of secondary culture.GTs enthusiasts will not be a social problem person who is troubled.But its characteristics are doomed even if others know its existence. Its observation and research value is too low.

teen giantess

However,on the other hand that gts is hidden.but it is not closed.

Due to its low-keyness,it is not easy to uncover its secrets.

For the academic research of gts culture,there is only a little piece of knowledge to analyze.This means that only entertainment can be enjoyed.

In Japan,there is such a term “size fetish”.experts can not get the comprehensive information in Japan.

But this term represents a deep understanding of the giantess culture in Japan.

Because this term can already get some conclusions.

ebony giantess

Focus on “size”, giantess is a female giant worship.

Why is this name “size fetish”?

Because the type of this fetish is not one.but divided into several types.

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After summing up these kinds,we get the common point “size”.

There are two basic types of “size”: worship the giant, play with the villain.

The huge women belongs to the former.

Another kind of sexual fantasy culture: the shrinking women (sw) is the latter.

black giantess

But is that all right?

This is not the case.”Dimensional fetish” is not exclusive to men,but also for women.So there are two more: huge men and narrow men.

japanese giantess

Of course,the image of the latter two seems to have little difference from the former two.

Because the huge women = shrink the male, shrink the women = huge male.

It’s just that men and women have different status and perspectives in sexual fantasies.

giantess planet

The performance of the previous few attributes is huge women + shrink the male and huge male + shrink the women

Then… huge male + shrink the male and huge women + shrink the women~


Experts believe that when men’s “size fetish” combined with homosexuality.The huge male + shrink the male’s sexual fantasies will appear.

This fantasy group does exist and has its own circle.But There is not enough clear positive information to prove whether they are gay.

growing giantesses

But the side information still points to this.

In addition, the gts group extremely disgusted with this attribute (supplement: gts is a circle where males are the main members)

They can accept the sw culture to a certain extent.but they are extremely disgusting with this expression.

giantess girl

As for the huge women + shrink the women.That relatively complicated.

Because the lily culture is still not small in the male group.

Therefore, the huge women + shrink the women in the gts circle is not small.

In addition, no information about lesbians can be seen at all.


In addition,is there a “size fetish” rot woman who keen on huge male + shrink the male?

After finishing the basics,let’s talk about another feature.

Everyone knows “fetish

This is the satisfaction with items that worn by the opposite sex.

giantess productions

But the object of “size fetish” is “size”!

This is not a specific object,the biggest difference between “size fetish” and other fetishes.

“Dimensional fetish” is not an independent sexual desire.

It is an additional attribute built on sexual desire.It is essentially a seasoning thing.

giantess mom

Male heterosexual desire + size fetish = huge women or shrink the women.

Female heterosexual desire + size fetish = huge male + shrink the male

Gay desire + size fetish = huge male or shrink the male.

anime giantess

In addition to the general, there are details:foot fetish + size fetish = trample, love hand + size fetish = grip

So it can be seen that the size fetish is adding an attribute to a common sexual desire.

Make an ordinary sexual desire produce a dimensional change effect

The gts culture is the more mainstream culture that it shows under its influence.

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