Crocodile Skull Is Also An Evil Animal Bone Carving

I didn’t expect Crocodile Skull to be an evil representative.Most of the carving art we usually use is made of wood, stone, various metals, and paper or other composite materials.

Have you seen art objects carved with animal skulls?

Perhaps most people have only seen decorations made directly from horned animal skulls such as cows and deer.but today we are introducing these complex patterns on the skulls of these animals.The effect is really Quite strange and charming.

Most of these decorative patterns:

crocodile skull for sale
nile crocodile skull
crocodile skull anatomy
saltwater crocodile skull
crocodile skull sale

First draw a pattern on the skull

crocodile monitor skull

Then engrave it a little bit according to the pattern

petrified crocodile skull

Does this feel like a horse’s skull that a friend who knows biology?

giant crocodile skull

crocodile skull diagram

This should be wild boar

fossil crocodile skull

There are also religious themes

largest crocodile skull

Dragon is really everywhere

Such a big antler,it feels better than not carving it.

skull crocodile

It looks like a long time,the colors above have changed.

crocodile skull replica

The skull sculpture of the crocodile is the most impressive.

Crocodile Skull

The world is big,there are always people who like these alternative art.but most people don’t expect to buy these artworks home.

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