Comparative of the Top 10 Electronic Cigarettes For Fat Smoker

You have decided to stop smoking, but you still can not completely forget this habit. The electronic cigarette will be your best ally. It can indeed allow you to smoke without damaging your health. It has even become so popular that there are many on the market. Making the right choice is not always easy. You need to focus on ease of use in comparison to your smoking profile, and the accessories accompanying your electronic cigarette. However, whether you choose to reduce your smoking or quitting altogether, you may feel confused the first time you take an electronic cigarette. I invite you to find in this shopping guide for the best electronic cigarettes to buy the right product and save your time and money.Some e-cigarettes can also be charged in the wild with solar chargers.

Smoker of menthol cigarettes for almost eight years, I decided one day to stop because of my multiple visits to the hospital due to these cigarettes. It was not easy despite the support of my wife, because I always returned to the cigarettes which harmed more and more to my health. It’s my wife who one day comes to talk to me about electronic cigarettes and manages to convince me to go to a specialized store to find out. I go with a priori rather negative about it, and I meet the manager who makes me taste different liquids and I end up taking what suits me. The same evening, I no longer felt the need to smoke and since then I am less breathless and I no longer feel the smoke all over the house.

The best Aspire electronic cigarette

Its use is simple with a maximum power of 50 Watts, its battery allows a relentless use of more than one day.

It has several modes of use, temperature control, Bypass, Ni – 200, and its LED screen gives you access to all the information necessary for your use and temperature control.

A USB charger is provided with the kit to recharge your box on mains or computer. Even if it has a capacity of only 2 ml, its design is optimized with its resistance placed very low for optimal use even with very little liquid.

You can use its temperature control mode for a more gentle and stable use of an aromatic point of view, which will give you different sensations.


  • Super 2500mah battery
  • Several modes of use
  • Leakage after 2 days of use

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The best Nutrovape electronic cigarette

You can COMPLETE NICOTINE FREE AND 100% VEGAN with this electronic cigarette since a There is absolutely ZERO nicotine, ZERO calories, and this products are 100% vegan friendly!

NutroVape is the perfect way for vegans to get the relaxation they need, with a tasty flavor to boot. The delicious relaxation vitamin vapor helps keep you calm!

Nutrovape’s oils are proudly made in the United States with USP natural ingredients in a FDA-approved facility, which follows strict GMP guidelines.

Each batch of this brand products are third party tested to ensure the highest quality and purity possible.

If you have any inquiries their Customer Service team will always be available to take care of your needs!

  • Sustainable pleasure
  • Very economical
  • With charge level indicator
  • A little fragile

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The best beginner electronic cigarette

Product without nicotine, delivered with a complete kit that allows you to benefit from the use of an electronic cigarette in a better condition. It provides you two Box mode batteries and through its performance you can choose between two modes of operation.

You can adjust it to suit your vape habits, because its power is adjustable between 7 and 50 W and the temperature between 212 and 60 ° F, but its battery is long lasting and stays alive as long as possible . Thanks to its HD OLED display, it allows you to have a quality display, helping you to comfortably view various useful information such as power, temperature, and battery status. To stay in good condition long even with a power of 50 W, it has a stainless steel resistor.

  • Has different modes of operation
  • Easy to control device
  • Cigarette without nicotine or tobacco
  • Long charging time of the battery

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The best 0531™ electronic cigarette

This model easily adapts to the needs of different types of users, whether they are heavy smokers or not. It tells you when its component is low to plan to recharge it in advance.

It has a protection against overheating and voltage drop, this way, it is able to accompany you in good condition for as long as possible.

Its body is aluminum, which demonstrates its robustness, with in addition a battery of 2200 mah. It ensures your comfort with its non-slip structure so you can hold it in your hand, and its tip to be in contact with your lips is at the right size and does not heat.

It comes with a tank top, which makes filling your e-liquid easy to perform. Indeed, just divide the top cap and fill the e-liquid from the top of your e-cigarette.

  • High performance battery
  • Secure use
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Beautiful design
  • A little heavy

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The best MONQ electronic cigarette

It is especially appreciated because of its efficiency, its small and very small size and its elegant design. With it in your hands you can smoke discreetly while enjoying a nice draw.

this electronic cigarette has a transparent and solid glass with a capacity of 1.3 ml with graduation, so you can evaluate and control your consumption during the day.

It is also super waterproof and does not leak e – liquid for you to have good moments cigarette break. It can be filled easily by carefully removing the drip tip. The wicks are soaked quickly through the narrow size of this atomizer.

  • Refill in liquid possible
  • Beautiful design
  • Has a graduation
  • Battery life quite low

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The best electronic cigarette Clopinette

We have to make here a disposable electronic cigarette that is sold already ready to smoke, you no longer need to charge it or fill it with e-liquid.

You just remove the cigarette from its packaging and you can start smoking quietly and rediscover the pleasure of smoking by smelling the scent of tobacco without the risk of incorporating nicotine, tobacco tar and toxins.

It is very economical and you enjoy your cigarette longer, because it contains a quantity of liquids equal to about 40 traditional cigarettes. Its soft and soft tip ensures optimal user comfort and a LED light comes on at the end of the cigarette when you smoke it.

  • Disposable electronic cigarette
  • Taste of tobacco but without danger to health
  • Soft and comfortable tip
  • Not for heavy smokers
  • Battery life quite low

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The best NutroVape electronic cigarette

Because of its compact size, you have intense comfort while you smoke, you can even smoke it without tiring your hand, because its kit can be easily maintained in the palm of your hand.

It is therefore easy to use and very easy to take wherever needed. In case of need, its interchangeable Accus 18 650 power supplies allow you to change them quickly and continue without worry to enjoy.

Its filling in e – liquid is super simple, just do it from the top by removing the top cover of the Melo 3 mini. These different parts of the Melo 3 mini are detachable for easy cleaning and with its three functions. In addition it allows you to control the invisible airflow.

  • Easy maintenance
  • High performance
  • Practical battery
  • Battery life quite low

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The best Regin electronic cigarette

A traditional cigarette-shaped electronic cigarette that helps you easily get started with e-printing and still feels like you’re smoking a traditional cigarette. It is also powerful and produces a large amount of white vapor.

It is great for beginners because it is very easy to use. Its battery is automatic and starts as soon as you pull the cigarette. When you smoke, its LED ash placed at the end of the cigarette turns red and goes out when you do not shoot.

It includes a complete kit of a USB charger and 3 pre-filled cartridges of tobacco-free liquid tobacco without tobacco or nicotine. With a battery of 180 mah, you can recharge it using the USB charger or a wall outlet via an adapter.

  • Automatic activation
  • Beautiful design
  • Complete kit to purchase
  • Very delicate print

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The best KININ electronic cigarette

It includes a kit consisting of a NI200 Mini Triton resistor, a wall socket, a Micro USB charger, and a good replacement resistance.

It is very reliable as an electronic cigarette, because it does not leak, has an excellent rendering of flavors and its spare parts are very easily and cheaply. Its consumption of e-liquid is reasoned and controlled, its battery life of 2,600 mah can allow you to hold a whole day without problem thanks to its maximum power of 40 Watts.

This battery is charged by a micro-USB cable because there is no adapter for a wall outlet. You can control its power with its 2 modes of change, variable power W mode and NI mode to control temperatures.

  • Battery power
  • Possibility to control the power
  • Spare parts easy to find and at a lower cost
  • No mains plug provided
  • Pretty expensive

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The best VitaminVape electronic cigarette

Thanks to its ergonomics, its ease of use, and its giant tank of 8.8 ml, it is perfect for smokers who are much more than confirmed.

With its two resistance models JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) a unique method that will allow the liquid to be injected into the cotton of the resistance vertically and not horizontally bringing a rendering of unique flavors and a protection of improved steam, it can be used in direct or indirect vape which seduces most of the time several consumers.

  • Ceramic resistance
  • Large 8.8 ml tank
  • Product leak

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Thank you for reading this article

For those who have converted to the electronic cigarette, the choice of a cigarette kit depends on your smoking profile, but also on your motivation. After reading this guide you should first find out what is your smoking profile, heavy smokers or inveterate smokers, before you decide. If you think you need additional advice or a particular recommendation depending on your profile, please know that I can reply at any time to contact us.

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