Best 10 Electronic Cigarettes For Fat Smoker

best electronic cigarettes
The best electronic cigarette will be your best ally. You have decided to stop smoking! But you still can not completely forget this habit. It can allow you to smoke without damaging your health. It’s even become so popular that there are many on the market.

Making the right choice is not always easy. You need to focus on ease of use in comparison to your smoker profile, and the accessories accompanying your electronic cigarette. However, whether you choose to reduce your smoking or quitting altogether. You may feel confused the first time you take an electronic cigarette. I invite you to find in this shopping guide for the best electronic cigarettes replacement product to buy the right product and save your time and money.

Is e-cigarette the most suitable for heavy smokers?

In the present view, e-cigarettes are not the best alternative. Many countries have banned the sale of such products. For heavy smokers, there are better quit smoking aids on the market. These aroma inhalers can greatly improve smokers’ addiction. It will not cause any side effects on the body.

After many hours of research and examination of about 40 electronic cigarettes replacement product, we selected the 10 best models of the moment, among which the MONQ wins our preference.

This kit offers an excellent price / quality ratio. It has the great advantage of being very versatile: Thanks to its ergonomics and ease of use. It also satisfies many users more experienced through its multiple features and its high compatibility with many resistors.

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Discover on this page the most popular electronic cigarettes replacement product in 2019. These are the best sales of e-cigarettes replacement product over the last 3 months. So these are popular models of the moment, rather recent models that work well and have proven themselves.

If you are not sure what to buy to start with the electronic cigarette replacement product we advise you to choose from this list, you will not be disappointed.


Top 10 E-Cigarettes

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9/101.OLD SCHOOLCheck Info
9/102.Nutrovape electronic cigarettesCheck Info
8/103.ITSONCheck Info
9/104.0531™Check Info
7/105.MONQCheck Info
9/106.Aura InhaleCheck Info
9/107.NutroVape Check Info
8/108.ReginCheck Info
9/109.KININCheck Info
9/1010.VitaminVapeCheck Info



Best Electronic Cigarettes

OLD SCHOOL electronic cigarettes
OLD SCHOOL are relatively new on the market but they quickly managed to build a solid reputation. These devices are available in 5 different flavors. You can select Tobacco,Mint, Refresh, Coffee, Lemon.

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The OLD SCHOOL are ultra-compact, easy to use and incorporate the latest and best technologies. No Nicotine! No Harmful Material! It contains with steam, collagen, vitamins, natural aromatherapy and organic plant ingredients to protect your health! The battery is powerful enough to deliver vapor till the last puff.

  • However, Super battery
  • Several modes of use
  • But, thet dont last long

2.The Nutrovape electronic cigarette


Premium Electronic Cigarettes

The Nutrovape electronic cigarettes
Nutrovape disposable pods are easy-to-use, portable vaping devices. They are pocket-size and come individually wrapped. All Nutrovape is completely 100% organic, and is 100% vegan friendly!

Nutrovape Sleep, on the other hand is absorbed through the lungs, which allows our natural blend to avoid being broken down by digestion and get to work helping you sleep. The devices are small, have a flattened mouthpiece, and have no buttons. The whole unit is breath-activated.

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Users do not need to charge the device or fill the pods. We take pride in your Nutrovape, so we manufacture all of our oils in the United States, which are Pharma USP Grade. We don’t believe in cutting corners. The best part of Nutrovape is we’ve revolutionized the delivery of nutrients to your body. By breathing in your vitamins as opposed to consuming them, the vitamins can directly enter the bloodstream, greatly increasing the speed of the effect!

  • Sustainable pleasure
  • However,Very economical
  • Good tasteful
  • One maybe 2 nights of use



Unique Electronic Cigarettes

ITSON electronic cigarettes

The Itson is of the best disposable e-cig replacement equipment devices on the market, in large part thanks to the Itson Aromatherapy Inhaler. The advent of Itson devices has changed a lot in the industry, and it’s given a new lease of life to disposable e-cigs replacement equipment in particular. The Itson No Nicotine! No Harmful Material! 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC & whole-plant extracts of wild-picked fruit, citrus & florals. Say No to tobacco and “passive smoking”!

The Itson doesn’t really look like a cigarette, but they are basic devices. So, you use it in basically the same way as you do a cigarette. There are 5 flavor options for the XPod Mini: Coffee(Straight Energy), Better Sleeping, Orange, Mango, Green Apple. Coffee and Mango are basically must-haves for a line of disposables, but the Orange option is a great addition, especially for already-converted Itson.

  • Has different modes of operation
  • Easy to control device
  • Cigarette without nicotine or tobacco
  • Tasted good but didn’t last very long

4.The 0531™


Markten Electronic Cigarettes

0531™ electronic cigarettes
0531 is another company that has been making waves in the disposable e-cig replacement equipment market. Their line of throw-away electronic cigarettes replacement equipment are designed to accurately mimic the look, feel, and sensation of smoking an old school traditional cig.

Each one of these high-quality disposables is rated to last up to 500 puffs with normal use. That is significantly more than a lot of their competitors. Besides, the nutrient will be absorbed by your mouth cavity when the temperature up to 60℃! Each disposable product is designed to last about as long as 2 packs of combustible cigarettes.

  • High performance battery
  • Secure use
  • Convenient adjustment
  • Beautiful design
  • But A little heavy

5.The MONQ


Electronic Cigarettes Amazon

MONQ electronic cigarettes
The MONQ is a disposable e-cig replacement equipment for 10 blends which feel the way you want + feel nature .

This MONQ system is small and extremely easy to use. Made from 100% organic and natural ingredients. The MONQ is draw-activated so you do not have to worry about pressing any buttons, priming, charging or refilling, etc. According to our tests, we found that the capacity of its e-liquid is easy to support you throughout the day if you vape with short internals.

So If you’re looking for an effortless vaping experience, then the MONQ is definitely the best device for you.

  • Aromatherapy without bothering people
  • Beautiful design
  • Has a graduation
  • But Battery life quite low

6.The Aura Inhale


Zoom Electronic Cigarettes

Aura Inhale electronic cigarettes
Crafted to look much like a regular tobacco cigarette, the Aura Inhale is a popular option favored by many. It’s soft to the touch and feels much like the paper that traditional smokers are accustomed to using.

The packaging also has a great “old-school” appearance, likely to attract smokers who are looking to make a switch. The long-lasting battery, great flavor, and easy draw make these a #1 contender, even if they are priced higher than other available brands.

  • Disposable electronic cigarette
  • Taste of tobacco but without danger to health
  • Soft and comfortable tip
  • But Not for heavy smokers

7.The NutroVape


Best E Cig

NutroVape electronic cigarettes
The NutroVape is a high-quality pod vape with absolutely ZERO nicotine, ZERO calories, and all our products are 100% vegan friendly!. The device is designed well and it has a rubberized finish that makes it feel secure in the hand.

The NutroVape quietly with no leaking or spitting, and the battery is better-than-average at 350 mAh. Nutrovape’s oils are proudly made in the United States with USP natural ingredients in a FDA-approved facility, which follows strict GMP guidelines.

  • Easy maintenance
  • High performance
  • Practical battery
  • But Battery life

8.The Regin


Top Electronic Cigarettes

Regin electronic cigarettes
While REGIN does get its fair share of criticism from vaping purists due to its relatively high cost and the fact that it’s now owned by Big Tobacco , it still remains at the top of the heap.

Among all disposables we tried, REGIN consistently ranked near the top in terms of vapor production and useable life. While there are cheaper options out there, all seem to have some type of issue, whether it’s poor battery life, meager vapor production, or off-putting flavor.

While we don’t recommend REGIN’s rechargeable cig-a-like, its disposable line is definitely a top choice. You should figure to get at least two to three days use out of REGIN’s disposable if you’re a pack a day smoker. It’s a great option for smokers too who may be in situations where smoking is a no-no. Dense white smoke for easy viewing of air flow and leaks.

  • Automatic activation
  • Beautiful design
  • Complete kit to purchase
  • But Very delicate print



Electronic Vapor Cigarettes

KININ electronic cigarettes

Now KININ doesn’t have an official line of disposable e-cigs replacement equipment, but their deluxe kits are inexpensive enough for us to lump them under the same category. Their extremely popular deluxe kit comes with revolutionary, pocket sized personal essential oil diffuser delivers pure essential oils via a nano-mist, which absorb.

Disposable essential oil pens are poor value and damaging to the environment. The KININ Eco aromatherapy inhaler is a more eco-friendly, long-lasting investment. So even though it’s technically not a pack of disposable e-cigarettes, it could function as one nonetheless.

  • Battery power
  • Possibility to control the power
  • Spare parts easy to find and at a lower cost
  • Price

10.The VitaminVape


Pure Electronic Cigarettes

VitaminVape electronic cigarettes

VitaminVape is one of the leading e-cigarette replacement equipment brands. VitaminVape leads the way with some of the best Inhaler such as the B12 Series. Few companies can keep up with their constant innovation and ability to push the boundaries of what’s possible for an e-cigarette replacement equipment.

The VitaminVape wins the award for best e-cig replacement equipment for high end budgets. STUDIES show inhaling B12 can be hundreds of times more effective than sublingual, liquids, and pills. With just 5-10 small puffs you can consume over 5000% of your daily B12!

  • Simple, easy, and maximum absorbancy
  • Pretty cool
  • High quality resistance
  • But Price

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