Experts Say: You Must Understand Cantaloupe


Cantaloupe, also known as snow melon.It is a kind of excellent melon variety.Its fruit shape is round or oval.Cantaloupe is a favorite fruit of many people. It tastes sweet but its magical effect is often overlooked.

Cantaloupe not only can lose weight, sunscreen and preventive effects on coronary heart disease and it has the reputation of “king of the melon”.it has the effect of eliminating heat,relieving polydipsia and benefiting urination.

However,people with vomiting blood, hemoptysis, duodenum and stomach ulcers, chronic enteritis, spleen and stomach deficiency, cold bloating or abdominal pain, diarrhea, frequent urination, etc. are not suitable for cantaloupe.

Normal and healthy people should not eat a lot of Cantaloupe.because the cantaloupe has a lot of water,too much in the stomach will dilute the gastric juice.the stomach will cause indigestion or abdominal pain and diarrhea.


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Calories In Cantaloupe

Answer: A piece of cantaloupe (300.0 grams) contains 102 takes 70.3 minutes to walk.

Carbs In Cantaloupe

Answer: Each 100 grams of it contains: 7.70 grams of carbohydrates; 0.10 grams of fat; 0.50 grams of protein.

How To Cut A Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is the most common fruit in our lives.It can be beautifully placed in the bread box.If the family comes to the guests,how can we cut the cantaloupe to look good?Today,we will teach you three ways to cut cantaloupe which is simple and beautiful.

The First Method:

how to pick a cantaloupe

First we cut the cantaloupe vertically and dig the seeds inside

how many calories in cantaloupe

Then cut half of them horizontally

how to pick a good cantaloupe

Then cut it into 4 equal portions and cut the peel and flesh with a knife,leaving 1/4

is cantaloupe good for dogs

Cut the peel from the outside

how to ripen a cantaloupe

Finally,put the cut peel on top and put it on top

This kind of cantaloupe fruit plate is very beautiful,it is very good to bring guests to face

The Second Method:

how to ripen cantaloupe

First of all,we want to cut the cantaloupe

is cantaloupe good for you

Then separate the peel from the pulp

calories cantaloupe

Then cut the flesh,about 1 inside and around

health benefits of cantaloupe

Finally,put it in the fruit bowl and put it on the toothpick.It is very beautiful and convenient.

The Third Type:

ripe cantaloupe

First we also cut it into strips and separated its flesh from the peel.

cantaloupe melon

Then draw a knife in the middle of the flesh

can you freeze cantaloupe

Then cut it off,about 2 cm

how to pick cantaloupe

Finally put it in the bowl

cantaloupe juice

You can eat it by inserting a toothpick.This method is the easiest and most convenient.

How To Tell If A Cantaloupe Is Ripe

The ripe cantaloupe is fragrant and sweet.the flesh is soft and juicy.It is very tasty to enjoy or eat directly.Share tips today,just look at these places and get to know them right away!

1.Netting:The denser the netting,the sweeter it is.The process of cantaloupe growth.the internal growth is will squeeze out.The process of repetition causes the lines of the network to be seen the netting represents a good growth of the fruit.If the netting is sunken,the fruit growth process may be poor.

2.Pedicel:The more dry the Pedicel in T shape, the more cooked.

3.melon umbilical: the other end of the pedicle is the melon umbilical.when the fruit is ripe.the melon umbilical will become soft and can be squeezed and examined.At this time,it is also the softest and most delicious moment of flesh.

4.Peel color: When ripe,the whole fruit will be pale yellow by green.

5.Aroma: ripe will give off a light fruity.

Can Dogs Eat Cantaloupe

Yes,but the sweetness is is recommended to feed the dog less.

Some fruit problems about dogs eating:

Banana: Contains sucrose to promote the increase of beneficial bacteria in the intestine than F. faecalis.It help the intestinal peristalsis.especially to push the constipation or easy diarrhea of ​​the dog.

Apple: Rich in dietary fiber.pectin has an effect on the elimination of toxins in the body.Note that it contains a lot of sugar and should not be eaten in excess.

Avocado:contains a lot of protein, vitamin E, and lipids.The unsaturated fatty acids in the lipids help the dog’s hair skin to remain shiny and beautiful.Dogs with allergies are highly recommended.

Watermelon:It can replenish the water.but if the dog eat it,your dog will always run the toilet and pee.Watermelon seeds are not digested and will appear in the stool.It should be noted that it should not be eaten too much.the watermelon is high in sweetness.

Orange grapefruit: rich in vitamin C, supplement physical strength.but also very helpful digestion,constipation dogs can be eaten.but the same should not be eaten too much.

Sugar cane: The sweetness is quite high and is not recommended.

Strawberry: Sweet, not good! Strawberry pesticides are not recommended.

Papaya, cantaloupe: high in help digestion.constipation dogs can be eaten. but not too much.

Bale, guava: it is not recommended.because it will constipation.

Aloe: If you have more water, you will always pee.but pay attention to sweet intake.

Durian: Eat fat.

Cantaloupe Nutrition

Cantaloupe is not only sweet, but rich in nutritional value.According to the analysis, melon dry matter, containing 4.6% -15.8% sugar, 2.6% cellulose 6.7%

There malic acid, pectin, vitamins A, B, C, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other elements.Wherein the content of iron than chicken more than two or three times, 17 times higher than milk.

But they are all sweet.they are famous for their popularity.Among the many cantaloupe varieties.the quality of “red heart crisp” and “golden dragon” is the best.Cantaloupe is not only delicious,but also rich in nutrients and high in medicinal value.

Cantaloupe Benefits

1.Beauty: cantaloupe is rich in vitamins and antioxidants.It can effectively prevent sunscreen, reduce the formation of skin melanin, skin care and beauty effects.

2.Blood: eating cantaloupe has a significant role in promoting human hematopoietic function. that can be used as an acupuncture treatment.For women,it has the effect of blood.

3.Vitamin supplements:eat half a cantaloupe every day can add water-soluble vitamin C and B vitamins.To ensure that the body maintains normal metabolism needs.

4.Benefit:cantaloupe sweet, cold, with the effect of healing hunger.clear lung heat and cough, suitable for patients with kidney disease, stomach disease, cough, asthma, anemia and constipation.

5.Summer: cantaloupe can also cool off the heat in addition to annoying heat and thirst.

Cantaloupe Recipes

This absolutely stunning cantaloupe smoothie derived from traditional French production methods.

Marinate cantaloupe, mango,kiwi in syrup, and make smoothies with cantaloupe pulp.

Finally,it packed in melon.

which is not only delicious,but also into the heart and spleen.

it is exquisite that giving people a wonderful enjoyment.

Cantaloupe Smoothie

First prepare cantaloupe: Choose a ripe, small cantaloupe.

Half cut into a zigzag shape,use a small ball spoon to dig out the flesh and set aside.

The remaining pulp removed to make a smoothie.cantaloupe placed in the refrigerator for storage.

cantaloupe fruit

Take 70g of cantaloupe pulp, cut into cubes, pour into the blender.

add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and stir the mud.

Put the water and sugar into a small pot, boil it into syrup.

let it cool, and mix it with the puree. (If you have ready-made syrup,you can add it directly.In the picture.we use homemade passion fruit syrup).

It placed in the refrigerator for about four hours to make a smoothie.

Remember to stir it from time to time to avoid ice crystals.

cantaloupe ripe

1. Cut the kiwifruit off the skin,cut into pieces and cut the mango into a hedgehog shape.

which is easy to cut into pieces.

Mix with spare cantaloupe balls and set aside.

2. Cut the lemon and orange into the outer skin, taking care not to cut the white flesh.

Put the cut skin together with cinnamon, star anise, fennel seeds, sugar

and water into a small pot to boil and turn off the heat.

Pour all the fruits, let them cool and put them in the refrigerator.

cantaloupe for dogs

Remove the cantaloupe, pour the sugared fruit.

then take a large spoon of smoothie on the fruit.

finally insert two mint leaves to embellish and immediately enjoy the table.

how to tell when a cantaloupe is ripe

Tip:If it is a larger cantaloupe,cut a third to make a can see the number of people to decide the size of the melon.Other parts of the flesh used to make smoothies.

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