Bird Skull Make High Society To Tragic Crime

Bird Skull

Some time ago media reports:Customs at the Indonesian Pontianak Airport  scanned by security screening machines.Some anomalies found in the two packages.The things in the package are strange in shape, bright in color, and have yellow spikes.Below the spikes is a bright red bottom. Everyone said they didn’t know these strange things.

skull bird

Have you seen this thing?

Do you know this thing?

Customs officers do not know what this is.The smuggler called this “the skull of the pheasant.”some experienced customs officers recognize it.These bright things are the raw materials of the expensive “Heding Red” on the black market!

skull red bird

Legend has a saying in the collection world, “one red, two black and three white.”

White is ivory, black is horn.

What is red?

Can it place in front of two rare things like ivory and rhinoceros?

The answer is “Heding Red”.This crane red is not a poison.It is a handicraft made from a helmeted hornbill skull.

bird skull identification

The helmeted hornbill is the largest of all hornbill birds.The body length is 110-120 cm.the two central slender tail feathers can be up to 50 cm in length.

The helmet has a bumpy change and associated with the skull.Unlike other hornbills, the interior  solid and constitutes the total weight of nearly 10% of the birds.Because the helmeted hornbill skull is has hunted and killed.Now, even a first-class endangered animal.

terror bird skull

For the helmeted hornbill,its helmet is a weapon of internal struggle.

In courtship,the male helmeted hornbills use the heavy “head lice” to attack each other.

Unlike the general hornbill,the helmet of the helmeted hornbill solid.

Made up of hard keratin,their lip glands secrete a red waxy liquid.which also favored a luxury by the upper class.

bird skull anatomy

It said that the process of removing the hornbill skull is very cruel.

When they still alive,the hunters directly cut off their captains.

The helmeted hornbill not only suffers from severe pain,but also loses the tools of foraging. It can only starve to death.

bird skull vector

Currently, in some of the more remote habitats in Southeast Asia.There are also helmeted hornbill populations that have survived.but they are still on the verge of extinction.

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