Top 10 Spartan Helmet New Arrival – Buyer’s guide

First of all, when choosing Spartan Helmet, you should think about what kind of Spartan Helmet is right for you. Spartan Helmet According to the naming method, it is divided into Full Face, Jet, Semi Jet, Half, and Off-road. But most of the more popular terms are Spartan Helmet,full-face helmets, 3/4 helmets and half helmets, and off-road helmets.

The full-faced helmet is a common racing helmet by definition, which encloses the head and has the highest protection; while the 3/4 helmet is the most common in terms of protection and comfort; the half helmet has the worst protection, but Has the best comfort and convenience; off-road helmets are common in motocross, and the styling is very popular. Half-helmets are mainly used to dress up and look stylish.

Top 10 Spartan Helmet New Arrival:

NameScore(Total 5)Satisfaction levelPrice
1.Design Toscano Greek - Spartan Helmet
5ACheck Price
2.300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand - Spartan Helmet
5ACheck Price
3.Medieval Armour KING 300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand
5ACheck Price
4.Ancient Medieval Armor Knight Spartan Replica Helmet with black plume
5ACheck Price
5.Greek Corinthian Helmet Warrior Replica
5CCheck Price
6.Medieval Roman Spartan Helmet with black Plume & Black
4.8BCheck Price
7.THOR King 300 Leonidas Black Plume - Spartan Helmet
4.9ACheck Price
8.King Spartan 300 Movie Helmet Larp,Role Play
4.9CCheck Price
4.6CCheck Price
10.Medieval Spartan Helmet King Replica - Role Play Helmet
4.5BCheck Price

1.Design Toscano GreekSpartan Helmet 

spartan helmet tattoo

The concept of spartan helmet in everybody’s impression is for children or infants. Adults rarely buy spartan helmets. In fact, the spartan helmet can play, play cool, participate in a masquerade, etc., and has many uses:

✧ Whether it is summer or winter, you can dress up as a spartan helmet in any environment at night. The recommended spartan helmet can prevent redness, eczema, lice, and even breakage caused by airtightness.

Therefore, especially those who are slightly chubby and those who are big in the chest, it is recommended to look at them more and make them feel comfortable.

The recommended spartan helmet has a hygroscopic function. Khan’s many friends can clearly contrast with each other before they wear it. Whether it is day or night, you will feel very dry.

✧ This also has oil absorption function, you are too lazy to shampoo every day, or suddenly found your hair is too oily, or you are the kind of fine black hairpin, and no time to wash your hair, you can use this helmet, short hair With a handkerchief, it’s best to use a hair dryer to blow the long hair.

✧ Many children in the family feel comfortable with their hair, but often wearing a poorly airtight helmet can make the hair become oily. At this time, you can also use the recommended helmet to smooth your hair. You can bathe your child a few days later.

Therefore, it is recommended to give more than sweaty friends, in addition to smooth hair, so that those who are too fat to avoid the trouble of sweating, but also make them smell good.

Of course, it is best not to let the helmet take too long, everyone is the same, if you do not take it down for a few days, these problems are still inevitable.

✧ It is said that the spartan helmet also has an insect repellent function, and there will be obvious bodies in the outdoors. It is estimated that these insects are afraid of this helmet, on the other hand, they can avoid the bugs coming in.Bite you, but I haven’t tried this yet.

✧ There are other uses, such as: Can be used as a test object, but also as a photo props.

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2.300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand Spartan Helmet

spartan helmet logo

300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand – Spartan Helmet is the 2018 new helmet designed by giro. It uses giro’s transformair technology to reduce the airflow on the helmet and reduce drag.

Four large vents help to dissipate heat. Combined with the MIPS system, it provides better protection when the head is hit. It uses a special structure made of a variety of foam materials, so it is relatively light in the same type of MIPS helmet.

In addition, Vanquish MIPS is also equipped with magnetic Zeiss goggles, antibacterial lining and lightweight straps. In this year’s finals, both BC and Martha play as team players using Giro’s new Spartan Helmet helmet.

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3.Medieval Armour KING 300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand 

spartan helmet drawing
The Medieval Armour KING 300 Roman Helmet on Wooden Stand is a wild show helmet. The helmet uses MIPS protection technology inside to reduce the impact of the outside world on the head. It uses Bell’s Float Fit system to adjust the width of the helmet to 22mm depending on the type of head. Helmet has a total of 18 air vents, weighing 275 grams, is a light and comfortable helmet for wild show catwalk.



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4.Ancient Medieval Armor Knight Spartan Replica Helmet with black plume

halo spartan helmet

The Ancient Medieval Armor Knight Spartan Replica Helmet with black plume passed Giro’s wind tunnel test, has excellent aerodynamic performance and efficient inflow system, is their home the best aerodynamic helmet.

In addition, the Ancient Medieval Armor Knight Spartan Replica Helmet with black plume is also equipped with the MIPS system. It uses In-Mold polycarbonate shell, can reduce the weight of the helmet, combined with the EPS main structure, can reduce the impact from outside. From the standpoint of security, aerodynamics and comfort, it is a helmet for road competitions.



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5.Greek Corinthian Helmet Warrior Replica

spartan helmet clip art

Greek Corinthian Helmet Warrior Replica is a helmet designed for role-playing. The large size of the vent is a big feature. The special color makes the audience actor feel very eye-catching, it is also a kind of safety protection.

In addition, Octal uses EPS liners of different thicknesses, which can provide multi-faceted protection and reduce the overall weight. The mid-size helmet weighs only 200g.





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6.Medieval Roman Spartan Helmet with black Plume & Black

spartan helmet png

Medieval Roman Spartan Helmet with black Plume & Black released this helmet during this year’s series of filming. It is the kask’s most aerodynamic helmet. The helmet was tested through a wind tunnel and based on feedback from many actors and stars. .

It glues the EPS foam to the housing so that it can better absorb external shocks. It has 37 vents and uses a more breathable liner. At the same time, it is also the lightest helmet released by their company. The small code weighs only 180g.



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7.THOR King 300 Leonidas Black Plume Spartan Helmet

spartan helmet front view

The THOR King 300 Leonidas Black Plume – Spartan Helmet is the lightest and most breathable helmet in their home.

It uses an innovative combination of EPS and EPP foam. This is a dangerous problem that is often encountered in roadshows. Bumpers are widely used materials that can effectively reduce external impact. The MIPS technology is also used inside the helmet to provide double security for the role players. In terms of comfort, the new A2’s vent area has increased by 25%, which can effectively reduce heat accumulation.

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8.King Spartan 300 Movie Helmet Larp,Role Play

spartan helmet front view black and white

King Spartan 300 The Movie Helmet Larp, Role Play is designed with an internal cushioned MIPS cover. The 37.5 pad absorbs moisture from the surface of the skin, helping to improve the comfort of long-playing helmets.

With the Boa knob on the rear of the helmet, the player can easily adjust the elasticity of the helmet strap with only one hand. The internal embedded channel of the helmet allows the airflow to smoothly pass through the helmet, keeping the head dry, and the hole in the front of the helmet can also be inserted into the riding glasses.

If the normal use of the King Spartan 300 Movie Helmet Larp, Role Play within the first year after the purchase of the helmet damage, the company also promised free replacement




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300 spartan helmet

This company had been producing a series of sports helmets before, and HELMET CORINTHIAN ARMOR – Spartan Helmet was their first real design role-playing helmet.

The spartan helmet was designed for poor road performance in the wild. It uses the Boa closure system to help the actor adjust comfort, and the slot on the side of the helmet allows the actor to secure the glasses securely when not in use.




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10.Medieval Spartan Helmet King Replica – Role Play Helmet

spartan helmet vector

Medieval Spartan Helmet King Replica – Role Play Helm has added many aerodynamic designs to the role-playing helmet shape. It is no exception in movie helmets. Ambush uses In-Mold technology shell shape, making the helmet smooth and fluid appearance.

The company added a fine-tuning structure to this helmet’s brim to quickly and steadily adjust the brim angle to make room for the goggles.

The helmet uses a multiple-density EPS structure to help control the energy generated during the impact absorption. The built-in aramid fiber skeleton provides sufficient support for the EPS. The aramid fiber skeleton is equivalent to the steel in the building and can increase the helmet. Longitudinal protection.

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Article summary:

Everyone said: Life is alive, only live once. In the past, we may be more cost-effective in life. However, one day, when you discover that there are so many good spartan helmets in the world, are you living a quality life or will you just do it? Look at your friend Keller’s recommended spartan helmet, a little expensive, but worth buying.

There are so many things in life that supermarkets can buy and use. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to compare them before. Everyone is using it, and they are all buying them. They are cheap and full, they don’t feel bad, they don’t want to change one, and they can’t buy a dozen. That’s not much money.

The prices I had previously written are not cheap, but they are still much cheaper than those big name brands. After all, there will be a lot less marketing expenses, and most of them are from origin. This time we want to write little things that are easily overlooked in our lives. Many of them are necessities of life, just like many ordinary things.

After I wrote a lot of general things, I heard a lot of remarks: Like the mountain bike recommendation written in the previous post, interested friends can look at the article: Top 10 Mountain Bike Reviews .What are ordinary things and why are they so expensive? Why do you need to buy so many expensive toilet paper covers?

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