Best Hunting Camera

Best Hunting Camera

In a simple way, the best hunting camera is a device. That allows you to have valuable and important information on flora, fauna or animals (videos, photos). Solid and adapted to withstand the most difficult climatic conditions (inclement weather, humidity, etc.). Best hunting camera is a part of the hunting surveillance devices. It is most used by hunters, nature lovers and the owners for the protection of their property.

It still called a camera trap. The hunting camera looks like an old camera and a big mobile phone in its shape . But in the end, it is only a small box. That consists of a sensor or motion detector and a panel incorporating multiple LEDs. These are the latter that regulate the infrared of your camera and help to obtain a quality image, sharp enough and exploitable for your purposes.

Do you want to buy a best hunting camera?

So, you must know right away ! There are a multitude of different models on the market. And although this situation opens the field to several alternatives for the buyer. The fact remains that it can just as easily complicate the task to the novices. Thus, to help you choose the best model of hunting camera according to your expectations. There are 6 quality products carefully selected and reviewed. In addition, Bestlife4us offers you a buying guide that will allow you to further secure your investment. Sports camera and hunting camera will be a bit different. To see the specific differences, please read this article on best sports camera.

Top 6 Best Hunting Cameras 2019

Whatever the use for your hunting camera is intended. (For vlog bloger,you need to find the answer in this article about Best Vlogging Camera.) There is no doubt that you will find what you need in the following selection:

1. Campark14MPCheck More
2. ENKEEO12MPCheck More
3. APEMAN16MPCheck More
4. Wansview16MPCheck More
5. Victure20MPCheck More
6. Crenova16MPCheck More

1. Campark – 14MP 1080P Waterproof Hyper Functional Hunting Camera

14MP 1080P Waterproof Hyper Functional Hunting Camera

For a hunting camera that has a fast trigger speed. Well, there is plenty to marvel at its very affordable cost. After activating the motion detector. It will only take a very small second to take beautiful snapshots of wildlife in a 120 ° angle.

Its powerful 12 megapixel PIR sensor ensures high quality images day and night. The photos and HD videos (1080p with sound) obtained are very clear. The resolution is just perfect. The photos filmed in the night will obviously be in black and white. This device is an excellent photography tool. It has the advantage of being equipped with a sound recording system that offers a level of quality and more.

You will also be very impressed.That make the various settings on this infrared hunting camera. You will find options for a single recording or multi-recording. Whether timed, timelapse, interval or any other option. There is a large basket of possibilities that will open up to you. Convenient and comfortable, this hunting camera has a LCD screen very easy to handle. Because the information in it is very explicit.

Features to note:
  • 12 megapixels
  • 6 months with 8 AA batteries
  • IP66 design that ensures its tightness
  • Photos and HD videos (1080p with sound)

This device has an IP66 design. Therefore, ensures its tightness and resistance to the different weather. In other words, it has been designed to meet the requirements of an indoor and outdoor application. The needs of home security: surveillance of animals, property and objects …

In terms of its autonomy, it remains in very good proportions: very low consumption standby. And 6 months with 8 batteries. But these batteries are not supplied. In order to enjoy an even longer battery life. You just need to connect this cheap hunting camera to an external power supply.(More Info about Best External Battery Click Here) Finally, videos and photos taken can be saved to an uncompleted memory card of up to 32 GB.

What we like
  • Robust device
  • Very affordable cost
  • Several configuration options available
  • Films very well during the day and at night
What we regret
  • There is nothing to say on this point

2. ENKEEO – 12 MP Hunting Camera Very Discreet Night Vision

12 MP Hunting Camera Very Discreet Night Vision

From the first test shot, we quickly realize that the ENKEEO 1080P hunting camera is an excellent product. That perfectly meets several performance criteria. The sensor used by this device is a 12MP PIR. It guarantees in particular an effective control over the noise. That can make it possible to have a rate of shooting optimized in 3 modes: photo, video and photo + video thanks to a detector of movement and a function of time delay. The super fast trigger speed is in just 0.2 seconds. We are really above what other competitors are proposing. Such a speed allows him to record all the least facts and gestures of animals …

The timer function is provided for capturing images. And recording videos according to time intervals defined in advance. The same goes for motion detection.

Features to note:
  • 12 megapixels
  • 2.4 inch screen
  • Screen 42 IR LEDs
  • Trigger Time: 0.2 – 0.6 s

The device also has all the features needed to shoot. Its infrared technology ensures perfect motion detection in the dark. Likewise, its 42 IR LED screen guarantees you to obtain accurate. That can get clear images for both photos and videos at a distance of 65 feet / 20 meters. The detection is done in particular at an angle of 120 °. which largely ensure a capture of movements without disturbing animals and flora.

This hunting surveillance camera also has a night vision. That allows automatic switching between infrared and regular color images. It depends on whether it is day or night. Ideal for watching animals, plants, and even sunrise and sunset. This camera also offers an optional storage mode for all your data.

What we like
  • Good autonomy
  • High level of sensitivity
  • Impressive trigger speed
  • 3 capture modes supported
  • High performance infrared technology
  • PH730S camera with a very nice resolution
What we regret
  • 32GB Micro SD memory card not included

3. APEMAN – 16MP Hunting Camera Compatible Phone and High Performance

16MP Hunting Camera Compatible Phone and High Performance

If you’re looking for a high-performance outdoor animal monitoring device. Then you have what you need. The hunting camera APEMAN is simply a technological gem of pure wonder. It offers results of extreme precision.

Its advanced 16 MP sensor can take breathtaking photos over a range of 65 ft. Especially at an extremely fast firing rate of 0.2 seconds. Your camera will start immediately as soon as the shutter releases. With such a fast reaction, it is clear that you will not miss any part of the action. Whether slow or very fast !

Even more, APEMAN is able to record beautiful 1080p HD videos day and night. For a device sold at a low price. You are entitled to really top in terms of quality. The camera emits no flash or light while capturing images to avoid disturbing animals. As a result, we can get really striking details and a correct quality in real time. It will be the perfect ally for an optimized study of the fauna and flora.

Features to note:
  • 16 Megapixel
  • 2 inch ergonomic LCD screen
  • LED infrared technology 950nm
  • Waterproofness guaranteed by IP66 certification

This night vision hunting camera features a 2-inch ergonomic LCD screen. That allows you to easily adjust the camera and view photos instantly. For example, A simple configuration will allow you to stamp your images with the date, time and temperature in degrees Celsius. Its time-lapse feature ensures that photos and videos are captured at specified time. While maintaining a high level of quality. This hunting camera comes with a USB cable. That will allow you to connect directly to your phone if necessary.

The 950nm infrared LED technology of the hunting camera makes it possible to take nocturnal images in complete discretion. It ensures a wider field of view and longer in the night. Captured images are very clear, without imperfections and very pretty. Waterproofing is guaranteed by the IP66 certification. It allows a high resistance to water and dust. Finally, it is possible to secure the use of the camera. And preserve the data by setting a password.

What we like
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Accessible price
  • Very good quality product
  • Suitable for internal and external use
What we regret
  • Power batteries not included

4. Wansview – 16MP Hunting Camera Infrared And Very Economical

16MP Hunting Camera Infrared And Very Economical

Hunters and great wildlife lovers will not be bored with Wansview hunting camera. Equipped with 3 PIR sensors, which immediately impresses with the latter. Its super fast firing speed of 0.2 seconds. At the slightest movement, the camera starts immediately.

It provides high quality images and videos of everything. That moves at a range of 20 m: animals and individuals included. This means that you have an excellent monitoring system for hunting. Observation of flowering and home security. In addition, all data can be stored in an SD media of up to 32 GB, which is not supplied.

Features to note:
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • 16 Megapixel
  • Waterproof design (IP56)
  • 850 nm LED technology

This device offers a sharp picture at 16 MP. With a resolution of 1080p for Full HD video with sound. It has a large 2.4-inch LCD screen with a simple keyboard for easy configuration. Control of this camera that benefits from the same IP56 technology. This technology guarantees a waterproof design for an efficient and durable outdoor use (resistance to moisture, rain, dust, etc.). But also for securing your home (surveillance of property, objects , animals and the scouting game).

This hunting camera also has night vision. Thanks to its 850 nm infrared LED technology. That captures very clear black and white images in the night. It is powered by 4 or 8 AA batteries. A battery life that lasts a very long time (up to 8 months in case of full battery). It will consume a lot less energy.

Finally, the Wansview Hunting Camera can be very well used as a home monitor at the front door. As an outdoor tree, or a tool for monitoring flora and fauna.

What we like
  • Very good autonomy
  • Best quality price report
  • Very fast triggering speed
  • Ideal for securing a home or a farm
What we regret
  • Nothing to say

5. Victure – Hunting Camera 20MP

Hunting Camera 20MP

The Victure hunting camera is an animal and floral surveillance device with a high technology. Adapted to the needs of the most demanding users. It offers an impressive image capture of 20MP and HD video with very detailed sound with a resolution of 1080p. All this, at an angle of 70 ° and a distance of 21 m or 70 feet. This is the perfect device to miss anything that happens in the world of wildlife.

Even more, you can use it to monitor the evolution of plants, home, objects and property. The captures are particularly at an impressive speed of 0.2 seconds.

This digital trail camera has many adjustment features: real-time playback, time lapse function, timestamp, hybrid mode, timer, sensitivity adjustment … all features that will allow multiple shots, up to 3 modes (photo, video, photos + video) in real time stamped date, time and moon.

Features to note:
  • 20 Megapixel
  • 2.4 inch LCD screen
  • Waterproof design (IP54)
  • 3 infrared filters of 42 LED 100% automatic

This device equipped with a highly sensitive technology. It has 3 infrared filters of 42 LEDs. 100% automatic for night vision of excellent quality. Do not emit an intense flash of light. It will allow you to have clear images and videos in dark.

The outdoor efficiency of hunting camera with night vision. It is perfectly guaranteed by waterproof design (IP54). It will resist very well to water and dust. That will remain functional even during the bad weather. Its 2.4-inch LCD screen is very easy to read. That allows a fairly simple configuration of the device. The latter is also compatible with 32 GB Micro SD memory cards for storing photos and recorded videos.

What we like
  • Good value for money
  • Excellent quality of results
  • Provided for mounting on the wall
  • AV cable provided for connecting the H4 Wildlife camera with the TV
What we regret
  • SD card and batteries not included

6. Crenova 16MP Hunting Camera Very accurate

16MP Hunting Camera Very accurate

Camera hunting motion detector allows you to know everything. It can be clearly recorded what happens in the world of fauna and flora. This device has 3 PIR sensors. That allow you to obtain beautiful 16 MP images and 1080p HD video.

Even it under a detection range of 120 ° and distance of 65 feet or 20 meters. Images are clear during the day and night. However, the results are no less precise. Its speed of triggering utra fast movements guarantees impeccable shots in real time. This is 0.2 seconds !

Highly sensitive and benefiting from an infrared technology (46 LED) without optimized flash. Crenova hunting camera offers you a very beautiful and wide night vision. Ideal for the detection and capture of super clear images in the dark. You will likewise love its ergonomic predispositions. Indeed, it is equipped with a threaded tripod and a mounting belt. That facilitate installation and handling.

Features to note:
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • IP56 Waterproof
  • Infrared technology (46 LEDs)
  • 16 MP images and 1080p HD video

Certified IP56 Waterproof and Sturdy. It is robust and has great impermeability against falls and dust. This device has been designed to survive the most difficult weather conditions. As a result, it will adapt very well to outdoor use.Such as the observation of flowering, animals, goods.

Several settings options will ultimately allow you to take full advantage of this hunting camera: real-time playback function, timer, hybrid mode, timestamp (date, moon, temperature, time).

What we like
  • Good autonomy
  • Available at a relatively low price
  • Robust and resistant hunting camera
  • Photos and videos of excellent precision and quality
What we regret
  • Not much to say

Shopping Guide – How to choose the best hunting camera

The usefulness of a hunting camera is well established. Perfect for immortalizing your hunting exploits in photos and videos. Moreover, it can also be used in a family. Setting to secure the home and monitor animals, goods and objects during the night with its infrared technology … Overall, the choice of this device should be done simply in s’ based on your needs. Among the most important, we can mention:

The quality of the image

Of course, the perfect hunting camera can guarantees you shooting in Full HD. The images that you will actually get with this type of surveillance device. It will be very detailed and sharp, with a high level of resolution. By checking the characteristics or the sensor of your camera during the purchase. You will easily know if it has a recording system in Full HD. As a reminder, all the hunting cameras reviewed above are capable of shooting in Full HD.

CMOS sensors are highly recommended at the moment. Because they are more efficient and offer a better detection angle. however, HD resolutions are very large. So you will need to have an external memory card. That can make sure you keep enough space in the internal storage .

The autonomy of the camera

Hunting cameras for the most part work with batteries: either 4 or 8. But the aspect that counts at this level is mainly the battery life of your device. In this sense, it is necessary above all to distinguish between standby mode and active mode. The first allows indeed to have a longer autonomy than the second. You even have hunting camera models. That indicate a battery life of up to 6 months in sleep mode.

Subsequently, it should be kept in mind. That a cheap camera may require more batteries. However, given the number of batteries to buy and the cost. An apparently smart purchase can quickly become an expensive investment for you.


The level of resistance is a determining factor in the choice of a hunting camera. It must be robust enough to fulfill its mission well in both normal and difficult weather conditions (high heat, wind, rain, humidity, negative temperatures, etc.). It will be better to move towards a model that has a secure and solid housing. The IP66 or IP54 certified hunting cameras are fully guaranteed.

More than talking about sealing. Note that the supply of a strap by the manufacturer. That is equally important. Rest assured that It is strong enough and armed to deal with the passage of time. This is it, which will allow you to securely attach your device to the tree for external use. The fact that the camera also has a security lock. It will also be a good thing to guard against flight eventualities.

Night vision

This criterion is most essential to ensure the hunting camera optimal level of performance. Hunting is not only done during the day. There are game that are waiting for the night before they manifest. Therefore, We must ensure that the model is adapted to this situation of darkness. In this case, you have the choice between two types of technologies: the infrared with red LEDs, or the invisible light with black LEDs.

Infrared technology provides a light lighting of the monitored area. But there is no risk that such visibility frightens the animals furrow there. So, you can count on her to hunt well during the night at long range.

The black LEDs allow you to obtain clear night images. Thanks to the invisible lighting system. It allows the hunting camera to go completely unnoticed in the eyes of the animal. Even the human emit no brightness. Only downside, they have a very small reach.

Available setting options

Depending on the brands, even the price. You have hunting surveillance cameras that offer different modes of capture. For example, You will see that have just a photo mode. Others are video mode. There are still some who have a hybrid mode to take both photos and videos. Some have an accelerated mode or a lapse-time function. That allows you to configure snapshots and video. Of course, you can enjoy all these features on the best hunting cameras.

Finally, You need to check the angle of detection or view of your camera before making your choice. The larger it is, the better the quality of the images obtained. Do the same for setting the speed. Rest assured if the device is indeed equipped with a motion detector (even if it’s rare, there are some who do not have it). What is trigger speed? It will also think about the price of the camera. To have a good quality, it goes without saying that must provide a budget to meet your expectations. But the cost remains very accessible for the rest.

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