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With the development of ultra-high-definition video technology.from the previous 1080p to the current 4K resolution.In the era of network technology development,people are inseparable from technology products.

Large-screen ultra-high-definition 75 inch 4k tv are slowly becoming popular.Each ultra-high-definition display device comes standard with one or more HDMI interfaces.When people use multimedia TVs, computers, mobile phones, etc..It is inevitable to use the hdmi splitter.

The hdmi splitter seems to be a thing that doesn’t seem to doesn’t usually to be noticed.but the Hdmi splitter acts as a connection.In some shopping malls,multimedia centers, monitoring rooms, etc..One video signal needs to be synchronized to one or more other digital media player.

At this time,the output interface of the video signal host is not enough.the device using the HDMI splitter is needed.The Hdmi dispenser is very strange to some people.It often does not know which brand to buy when buying.Let’s take a look at our hdmi distributor and purchase considerations.

Hdmi Audio Splitter

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What Is A Hdmi Splitter

HDMI – the full name of English is High Definition Multimedia Interface.

In addition,The HDMI splitter is a device that can split a high-definition video signal into multiple channels.

That can realize a synchronous playback of audio and video on multiple display devices.

What Is A Hdmi Splitter

In other words,In order to purchase a truly guaranteed hdmi need to check the strength of the company in the early stage and must pay attention to the following five points:

The first point:Does the hdmi dealer have a formal production base?

1.1×2 4K Hdmi Splitter Amazon

Hdmi Splitter Amazon

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The second point:depending on the company’s establishment time.The company’s professionalism,it is impossible to choose to buy Hdmi Splitter from a company that sells fire pit table.there is no need to consider the newly established sales companies.because they do not have the ability to take is even more impossible to do the best after-sales service.

2.Cable Included Hdmi Splitter 1 In 2 Out

Hdmi Splitter 1 In 2 Out

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The third point:To see a seller’s case customer.if a seller can not provide their user list that can also fully explain their lack of strength.if possible,it is best to let the seller provide a customer case contract.

3.Low Heat 4K Hdmi Splitter

4K Hdmi Splitter

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Fourth point:depends on whether the hdmi dispenser provided by the seller has a qualified test report or certificate.This is the quality of the product you want to does not include related after-sales service.

4.3D Support Hdmi Cable Splitter

Hdmi Cable Splitter

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The fifth point:It is also the most important is possible that you need to go to the seller to conduct on-site inspection and testing.If you can’t go,don’t forget to let the seller send you their office video and product test video together.You will find a satisfactory product when all the information is qualified.

5.IR Signal Transmission Wireless Hdmi Splitter

Wireless Hdmi Splitter

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The above recommended products are qualified products that have been checked by our engineers:daily products are designed to be simpler and more practical.the more complicated they are,the more likely they are to be damaged.For users with relatively simple requirements,there is no need for too many interfaces.two-in-one-out Hdmi Splitter are more suitable.

How To Setup Dual Monitors With Hdmi Splitter

1 Step :Here you need to use the HDMI cable to connect the input interface of this switch to the HDMI signal source, and keep it from being connected.

2 Step:Use the HDMI cable to connect the relevant output port of the switch to the display device corresponding to HDMI.

3 Step:Power up the 4×1 HDMI.

4 Step:Use the infrared remote control to switch the four-way signal source according to its own needs.

5 Step : It has the same function as the remote control,as well as the RS-232 control system.They can also achieve free switching of four sources.

In the field of application,HDMI splitters can be used in HDTV, related digital set-top boxes and various DVDs.

However, such devices can be used for teaching and conferences.

How Does An Hdmi Splitter Work

When the HDMI input port absorbs the video input signal of HDMI.

it converts to the Y/Cb/Cr signal embedded in the line sync and sends it to the HDMI transmit chip.

The HDMI transmitter chip converts the Y/Cb/Cr signal into HDMI and sends it in.

At this time,the four HDMI ports have signal output at the same time,with signal copying and enhancement.

But The MCU controls the initialization of each chip and the change of the state machine through the I2C bus.

Complete EDID reading and HDCP verification.

How To Use Hdmi Splitter

First,connect the host signal to the Input ID interface using a standard HDMI cable.

Secondly,use the standard HDMI cable to connect the display device in the Output identification interface.

Then,connect the matching power supply in the place marked with DC.

Finally,turn the machine’s control panel standard Power switch to ON.

However,the HDMI splitter has started working normally.

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