Best Fitness Tracker

Best Fitness Tracker
Fitness track is a trend product pursued by technology enthusiasts who hold Iphone. The fitness tracker is technologically innovative and progressive. That makes it compatible with mobile devices and accurately monitors human health data.

At present, there is a IOS bracelet that can connects to the iPhone. These products all play a very good role in monitoring everyone’s health. But at present, new technologies for connecting iphone wristbands and other products are not popular. Some people still regard it as a gadget. The best example is the Apple Watch. Although it has a lot of usability, it is still an extension tool for mobile phones.

How about the IOS bracelet connection?

Unlike the connected watch, the iPhone’s connecting bracelet is especially suitable for those who want to take care of their health every day. In fact, their main feature is measuring heart rate. Track your athletic performance and assess your quality of life. So you can stay in top shape.

Which people are worth paying attention to the shopping guides ?

Professional athletes: You need to check out our shopping guides carefully. This will prevent you from being hurt in sports. According to several authoritative media reports, there are millions of people who die from sports every year.Because they use the inferior fitness tracker. These products provide incorrect cardiac load data. Let professional athletes ignore their own true situation !

Amateur users: You don’t need a lot of professional features! But you need to check out “What do you mainly do with it?“. This will help you find the targeting products.

Bestlife4us provides you with a complete shopping guide. Help you choose the best iPhone connection bracelet. You will find this guide immediately after reading the IOS bracelet and functional descriptions. You will master all the features to get healthy accessories that can change your daily life!

Top 5 Fitness Tracker

Best Connected iPhone Bracelet : 5 Product Reviews 2019

We choose 5 high quality connected Iphone bracelets. For each of them, you will find the difference between its features and competitors.But for dental health issues, you can check Best Electric Toothbrush article.

9/101.Iphone FitbitCheck Info
9/102.IOS BraceletCheck Info
8/103.WillfulCheck Info
9/104.LETSCOMCheck Info
8/105.LintelekCheck Info

1.Iphone Fitbit – Charge 2 Special Edition Connecting Bracelet

best fitness tracker

Iphone Fitbit Fitness Tracker

FitBit brand connected iPhone bracelet. Suitable for those who pursue high precision. because of its excellent performance that was recommended as our first product .

First of all, its design quickly attracted us. The bracelet is in a minimalist style. But once worn around the wrist, the effect it shows is amazing. Be cautious and even use it with your everyday outfits. It can be used for professional sports purposes as well as for health monitoring at any time.

Its wristband is designed to fit the majority of adult wrists. The size is designed to be 9.9 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches. the unisex wear standard is carefully thought out by the designer. Its special endurance is due to the use of high-end lithium polymer batteries.

What provides this iphone connection bracelet into the high-end market?

FitBit’s fitness tracker is designed to give you precise, professional results. After verifying with a number of experts in the medical field, we confirmed that there is no difference between the value of the test and the medical device.

Accurate measurement capabilities ensure that you can keep track of your heart rate directly from your wrist. You can also get a perfect count of daily steps, walking distance, number of calories burned, and number of climbing floors. Also, for people who are inactive for a long time. This device will focus on reminding you. because of the functional design that this designer has ulterior motives. In order to accurately monitor your daily exercise volume, always remind you need more exercise!

In another feature of FitBit, there is a very useful sleep monitoring feature. By wearing a bracelet at night, it will analyze your sleep quality. After analysis it will wake you up at the right time. With a slight vibration, you won’t disturb the person who is in bed with you. In use, this feature will make you healthier every day!

In addition, this IOS connected bracelet can receive data from your iPhone. You can see notifications for calls or text messages on the small screen, as well as calendar reminders. For example, when you are running, don’t take the time to open your phone!

Finally, FitBit‘s fitness tracker has a slight anti-sweat function. But in this price range, we need it more to be used by swimmers! But beyond that, this IOS bracelet in everyday life can easily meet the style and performance you are looking for.

What we like
  • A very beautiful bracelet
  • Notification from Iphone, very practical
  • The results given are professionally accurate
What we regret
  • High price

2.IOS  From Willful Brand Bracelet For Sportsmen

waterproof fitness tracker

IOS Fitness Tracker
The sencond Willful brand IOS connection bracelet will be dedicated to athletes. it’s relatively inexpensive.

The bracelet has a big glance screen. But be careful! Because of its size, it seems to solve the problem of women (and children). Despite the widest range of adjustments, our oversized people still feel uncomfortable pressure.

In addition, Willful’s fitness tracker has a good sporty design. Mainly recommended to sports practitioners. In addition, its function will be played to the extreme in useing! For hard non-slip materials, please refer to our introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case.

Willful’s connected Iphone bracelet is the best choice for athletes. Let’s start with the simplest features: in addition to having activity tracking. It also includes measuring your heart rate, the number of steps and calories burned per effort. These professional features ensure that you are not exposed to any sports injuries. In addition, you can record the performance of your exercise. A feature of this product is that can set a maximum value that does not exceed the heart load. If you exceed this value, you will receive a warning!

In addition to the functionality of these activity tracking. Accurate and complete 4 sport modes make this bracelet stand out from the list. Depending on the type of exercise (moving on the carpet, skipping, sit-ups…), you can set the correct mode to get the most accurate results of these movements.

But that’s not all. It has a bicycle mode that allows you to record your course data on a bicycle. Speaking of swimming mode: It must be mentioned that the bracelet connected to this iPhone is waterproof (IP67 standard). You can swim, surf, bathe or wash dishes!

Its sport-related features are well designed to provide accurate results for all activities.

When you receive a call or text message, a message on a social network. This IOS-connected wrist strap also facilitates receiving (vibration) notifications. Every time you call, you will be satisfied by seeing the name of the correspondent on the screen. In addition to this, the bracelet also has some advantages in connecting the watch.

Finally, our two favorite small features: The first is to find the phone mode. When you don’t know where to put your phone, you can quickly find its location by remote ringing. Another nice feature is the remote control feature, which allows you to remotely control your smartphone’s camera or camera. Suitable for group photos!

Is it a perfectly connected bracelet?

There are two things to improve: first, the visibility of the screen under strong light (still difficult). Second, sometimes the disconnected Bluetooth feature is broken. But in general, the lifestyle tracker connected to this phone is great value for money. The athletes will be satisfied with their purchase.

What we like
  • Low price
  • Bracelet is waterproof
  • Many sports functions
What we regret
  • Not compatible with Windows phones

3.Willful That Works With The Pphone 4, 5 and 6 Connecting Bracelet

best fitness tracker for women

Willful Fitness Tracker
As with the bracelets of the Willful brand, we differentiated by a more diverse range of motor functions.

Let’s start with his style and design. Exquisite and also suitable for women, it is a very good choice for female athletes. But it doesn’t work well with everyday clothes. Because it’s born for sports! Wear it while exercising and you will forget its presence on your wrist.

In addition, it stands out for its many sporting modes. Can support no less than 14 projects. These include: dancing, running, riding, treadmills, yoga, hiking, fitness, playing basketball or badminton, playing tennis or playing football. The Willful brand sports bracelet provides you with real-time follow-up for each sport. Lets you follow the numerical prompts to switch the rhythm of the movement.

In this way: you will know exactly what your heart rate, steps, calories burned or distance per walk. In addition, you can view all motion data on the screen of this IOS connected bracelet or on the VeryFitPro app.

It is worth mentioning waterproof.

You can bathe with this fitness tracker. Avoid the damage to your sports bracelet by forgetting to take it off! Of course, as a professional product. It must have a very advanced sleep monitoring function. After a few days of use, you will be able to follow your sleep cycle. Accurately judge the quality of your sleep. After adjusting the data, you will be in good shape every day.

In any case, the Willful brand sports bracelets are used for 5 to 10 days. And just charge (via USB) for about 2 hours. This endurance is relatively satisfactory! In addition, Willful also allows you to control professional cameras or remote phones. Very convenient, you can take a group of photos from a distance without any adjustments. In addition, you can use it to connect your iPhone as a remote control to change the music!

Finally, the call and SMS notification feature avoids disturbing the moving user. You will also be notified of any activity on the social network via a vibration notification. In addition, this notice will warn you when you are constantly moving!

The price/quality ratio of this IOS-connected bracelet is very satisfying. It will make women or children who use it happy. We regret the rough translation of some of the patterns in the app! But beyond that, this model will be a healthy ally that keeps you in shape!

What we like
  • Precise results
  • Value for money
  • Sedentary reminder
What we regret
  • Not suitable for big wrists

4.LETSCOM – Bracelet connected iphone cheap

letscom fitness tracker

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker
This is one of the cheapest connection bracelets on the market. But it does not reduce performance.

The LETSCOM brand’s fitness tracker is a connecting bracelet for all wrists use. Because it has a pin closing system (the small hole we clip). In use, we will be troubled by the falling off of the bracelet. However, this defect does not appear on LETSCOM. In addition, we must admit that its light weight (23.8 grams) and optional 8 colors are very attractive!

The sports practice bracelet provided by LETSCOM has many functions. Its main functions include: pedometer and calorie counter. Allows you to track data for daily activities. Although there are occasional uncoordinated data, the results seem quite accurate. Note that his heart rate monitoring is quite accurate!

On the other hand, bracelets can easily monitor the quality of sleep.

Analyze the stages of mild sleep and deep sleep. Based on the data results, you will be able to define the best time to go to bed and wake up. After a few days of use, keep you at your best every day.

In addition, even in sports activities will not affect your use of it. It will notify you of calls or text messages received via the Vibrate Discrete feature, as well as notifications on Facebook or Whatsapp. For connectivity, pair with your smartphone with simple Bluetooth.

Note: IP67 water resistant, you can wear the tracker when running in rains and washing hands, but do not wear it when showering, swimming, or diving.

All in all, we give priority to those who want an optimal budget. But the more athletic, the more worth buying the second fitness tracker we recommend.

What we like
  • Mini price
  • Various functions
  • There are eight colors
What we regret
  • Can affect screen readability when the light is too strong

5.Lintelek – Siamese Bracelet Iphone Aerobics

cheap fitness tracker

Lintelek Fitness Tracker
If you are looking for a complete bracelet model for your iPhone, you may be interested in the Lintelek branded products.

The sturdy look and adjustable buckle are very practical. Lintelek’s products can be adapted to different types of wrists. It offers different colors to make this bracelet model look great: if the red doesn’t suit your preferences, you can also choose a black bracelet, blue, lavender or light green. Of course, choose what color bracelet to connect, depending on the clothing you are pairing!

But its design is not everything. Next, let’s see what provides in terms of functionality. It has a heart rate sensor on the wrist that provides accurate results. After comparing with Fitbit, we got very similar results. But in terms of price, Lintelek has taken over the advantage. This is an outstanding advantage that can optimize your daily activities. Also, follow the distance you walk each day and the number of calories you consume. You can create tailored health plans.

There will be reminders when you are still standing for a long time.

This is an essential feature for those who don’t want to stretch their legs often.

The bracelet can be connected to a smartphone to use the GPS function. It also gives you a visual overview of the trajectory. You can also remotely control your phone’s camera and the music records inside. In the games, it is not only enjoyable! You can also play your selected music while you are exercising!

On the touch screen, you will also see the caller’s name. Of course, SMS or event notifications on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp are essential features.

Finally, there is a sleep tracking feature that automatically analyzes your sleep quality and optimizes it. Long-term use of this bracelet to connect the data provided by IOS, you will find that your vitality has been improved.

However, it is a recommended Iphone connection bracelet. Great value for money! It will appeal to users who want to monitor their health every day during work or physical activity.

What we like
  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Accurate heart rate sensor
  • Manage music and cameras remotely from your smartphone
What we regret
  • Weather function improved

Shopping guide: the standard to buy the best iphone connection bracelet

As you can see, the choice of IOS connection wristbands is very wide. For this reason, we have compiled this purchase guide. Allows you to choose the best fitness tracker to connect to your phone, depending on the purpose you want.

What do you mainly use for it?

How do you choose the right fitness tracker for people who just want to observe their health every day?

In any case, those who want to improve their pace of life without participating in sports. This demanding connection bracelet includes at least one activity tracker and sleep tracking mode. This makes it easy to track your day and night physical condition.

Also, how can you follow up on your data more accurately if you are a sports enthusiast?

In other words, it is very important for professional athletes to choose the right connected bracelet. The quality of products often affects their training results. For professional athletes, we recommend the second product in our list.

In addition, for athletes. The ability to monitor heart rate is critical. Monitoring of this data helps to improve its performance. However, depending on the individual profile of each person, the recommended bracelet may vary.

Finally, in both cases. Those who like to follow what happens on their phones. they must choose a bracelet that can receive notifications from their smartphones via Bluetooth. All of the models we reviewed above have this capability.


Associated with previous standards, the characteristics of various bracelets are often very similar.

Among the most interesting optional features: there is a sedentary reminder that tells you when to stay too long. As well as various sports mode reminders, the results are adapted to specific sports (biking, swimming, yoga…).

We also appreciate the remote control function of the smartphone, which can be found on some iPhone-connected bracelets. For example, they allow you to change the music of your device while you are exercising, or to trigger the camera. Not an essential choice, but very practical!


Because you will always wear it on your wrist, the IOS bracelet you choose to connect must look beautiful! It depends on the taste, but we prefer the fitness tracker that leaves the color options for a better fit.

Some models are very sporty but can’t be paired with overalls. The other are only for women. We need to study it carefully in the dimensions of the design: take this into account when you buy the bracelet connection!

Screen quality

A key criterion, because the screen you use most often with this bracelet must have good brightness. Unfortunately, the inferior products on the market are doing very poorly at this point. Especially in the case of too much light, the inferior fitness tracker is difficult to quickly read the displayed information.

Also check that the display has enough large characters for the same reason that it is easy to read. And don’t hesitate to open the IOS to set the touch screen permissions for your bracelet. For example, when you run, just touch the screen to change everything you need.


For the sake of convenience, we have learned a few elements.

First, consider the equipment that the bracelet supports. Depending on the phone model you have (IOS, Android or Windows Phone) and the version of the operating system. It must be ensured that the connected bracelets are properly paired with them. Also be sure to support the latest smartphones and their links. However, if your device has been around for a few years, please check it in advance.

There is also battery life. Under normal use, the bracelet can be used for a long time (1 week / 15 days). It takes only 2 hours of simple charging to meet long-term use. Some models that use GPS/Bluetooth streaming coupling have a much longer standby time.

Finally, the most practical connection to the iphone bracelet will also be a bracelet that fits the wrist. They must be comfortable to wear and easy to use.


The waterproof option is a real challenge for the fitness tracker. Waterproofing is a very important feature for swimmers or surfers!

In fact, when you are violently exercising. You will have a lot of sweat, and if you don’t have good water resistance, you will easily damage a bracelet. Also, is it better to wash your hands or shower without removing them?

For these reasons, we prefer a waterproof wristband. But if you only use bracelets to monitor your daily health without professional sports, this option can be ignored.

Linked application

The application compatible with your fitness tracker will provide you with the data .

This is the best way to track your performance and create a custom training plan. But not all connected wristbands are compatible with these apps!

Fortunately, the wristbands we recommend for you are compatible with many applications, giving you a choice of tools.

Link bracelet price

According to the quality of the fitness tracker, the reaction speed of the bracelet is different. The price difference in the market will be very large.

If you have a small budget, you will find a link bracelet with less than $20. But for those who don’t need too much functionality, this is still practical. For prices between $30 and $100, you can choose a more full-featured fitness tracker.

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