How To Choose The (Best) Fitness Tracker For IPhone?

Owners of Iphone are often lovers of technology, anxious to stay on top of the technical innovations and progress that is made, both in terms of telephony, but also accessories that come connect to the Iphone.

The latest major innovation is connected watches and IPhone connected fitness tracker, which will gradually be installed at the wrists of most users. But for the moment, this new technology is not widespread, and some still consider it a gadget. The best example is the Apple Watch offered at 400 which, despite its many possibilities, remains an extension of your phone, for the moment.

But what about IOS bracelets connected? Unlike connected sports camera, fitness tracker for iphone are especially for those who want to take care of their body, their health, on a daily basis. Indeed, their primary features are to measure heart rate, monitor your athletic performance and evaluate your quality of life, so you can stay at your best.

Bestlife4us offers you here a complete shopping guide, which will help you select the best fitness tracker for iphone. You will find this guide right after our selection of IOS bracelets and descriptions of their features. You will have all the cards in your hands to acquire a health accessory which will change your everyday life!

The best Fitness Tracker iphone: 5 products reviewed

Here is a selection of 5 connected bracelets for Iphone, which we have chosen for their qualities. For each of them, you will find here his specialty and what differentiates him from his competitors.

Fitbit – Connected Bracelet Iphone

IOS Connected Bracelet From Willful Brand For Sportsmen

Willful – The Connected Bracelet

LETSCOM – The bracelet connected iphone cheap

Lintelek – The connected bracelet iphone cardio

Fitness Tracker iphone Fitbit – Charge 2 Special Edition

bracelet-connected-for-iphone-fitbit-charge-2Those who are looking for precision in the results obtained through their bracelet will be able to take a close look at this model of bracelet connected iPhone brand FitBit. The latter is not his first test of the quality material related to smartphones and it is not this bracelet that will make us say the opposite.

First of all, it’s its appearance and design that seduced us quickly. The bracelet is quite minimalist but once around the wrist, it is the most beautiful effect. Discreet, it will even be possible to combine it with your daily outfits for sports use but also for health monitoring at any time.

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IOS Fitness Tracker From Willful Brand For Sportsmen

bracelet-connected-iphone-willful-sportThe Willful brand offers here an IOS connected bracelet dedicated to athletes, at a relatively low price.

The bracelet is pretty, with a screen large enough to be readable at a glance. Be careful, however, because of its size, as it seems to address the wrists of women (and children) above all else. Those of us with too wide wrists felt uncomfortable pressure, despite the broadest adjustment.

Apart from that, this activity tracker has a nice sporty design, which mainly reserves to the sportsmen of activities rather than to a use of every day. Moreover, its features leave no doubt about this use.

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Willful – The Fitness Tracker That Works With The Pphone 4, 5 and 6

bracelet-connected-iphone-4-5-6In the same range as the previous bracelet of the brand Wilful also, we have this model which is differentiated by more varied sports functions.

Let’s start with his style and design, fine and very feminine, which reserves it to an audience of sportswomen. It will be quite difficult to combine it with a civilian outfit because it is clearly oriented sport! It is comfortable to wear and is quickly forgotten when you practice your favorite sport.

But where it stands out is its many sports modes. It is indeed not less than 14 disciplines that can be performed and whose results will be adapted. You can go dancing, running, horse riding, treadmill, yoga, hiking, fitness, play basketball or badminton, play tennis or football and practice. climbing or cycling. The bracelet, for each of its sports, offers you a follow-up of specific activities and will allow you to follow the evolution of your performances.

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LETSCOM – The Fitness Tracker iphone cheap

LETSCOM is one of the cheapest connected bracelets on the market, yet it is far from skimping on performance.

This model by LETSCOM is a connected bracelet suitable for all wrists, since it has a pin closure system (small holes that we clip). In use, we must admit that the bracelet sometimes tends to come off, which is annoying. But past this defect, we must admit that its lightness (18g) and the 3 colors of interchangeable bracelets provided (black, blue and pink) seduce quickly.

LETSCOM offers here a wristband for sports practice, with many features. Among its main functions, there is the pedometer and its calorie counter that allow you to follow the evolution of your daily activities. The results seemed quite accurate, despite some incongruous data once in a while. We turn off, turn on again and you’re done. Be careful, he does not have heart rate monitoring!

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Lintelek – The Fitness Tracker iphone cardio

bracelet-connected-iphone-cardio-lintelekIf you are looking for a complete model of connected bracelet for iphone, you might be interested in this model of the brand Lintelek.

Of solid appearance, with an adjustable clasp very convenient to adapt to different types of wrists, this model of bracelet is in addition very pretty. It is offered in different colors and if the red to our preference, you have the choice between a black bracelet, a blue, a mauve or a pale green. What to have a bracelet connected original visually and adapted to your outfits!

But its design is not everything, so see what it offers in terms of features. There, too, he does not disappoint. It has a heart rate sensor from your wrist that delivers truly accurate results. After comparison with very high-end models, we had very similar results. A good point, which optimizes your daily activities. Follow the pace of your steps, the distance you walk each day, and the number of calories you spend to create and maintain a tailored health program with a connected wristband.

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Shopping guide: the criteria to buy the best iphone connected bracelet

As you’ve seen, the choice of connected wristbands for IOS is quite extensive. For this reason, we have concocted this buying guide that will allow you to choose the best bracelet connected Iphone depending on the use you want to make, and the most important selection criteria.

The main use you make of it

You are not a great sportsman but you want to take care of your health, everyday? Or conversely, you are a sports fan and would like a more precise follow-up of your performances? So choosing a connected bracelet can be a good solution. But depending on your profile, the recommended bracelets may vary.

For those who wish to improve their lifestyle, and their health in general, without engaging in a sport, the good bracelet connected will include at least an activity tracker and a sleep tracking mode, so optimize your rhythm day and night.

For athletes, monitoring the heart rate is essential, to improve its performance.

Finally, in both cases, those who like to keep an eye on what is happening on their phone and the social networks they subscribe to will have to choose a bracelet that can receive notifications from the smartphone via a Bluetooth feature. This is the case of all the models that we have reviewed above.


Linked to the previous criteria, the features of the various bracelets are often quite similar, so it is often a particular function that will make you opt for this or that model, at the same price.

Among the most interesting optional features, there is the sedentary reminder, which tells you when you stay still for too long, as well as the various sports modes that adapt the results to a given sport (best electric toothbrush,cycling, swimming, yoga …) .

We also appreciate the remote control functions of a smartphone, which can be found on some iphone connected wristbands. They allow for example to change the music of your devices while you perform a sport, or to trigger the camera or the camera. Not essential options, but very practical!


Since you will wear it on your wrist all the time, the connected IOS bracelet will look pretty! It depends on the tastes, but we like the models that leave the choice of color and those that are everywhere, in order to be worn even in civilian clothes.

Some models are very sporty, and can not be combined with workwear, while others are only for women. We see it in the design, but also in the dimensions of the bracelet: take this into account when you buy a bracelet connected!

The quality of the screen

A crucial criterion, because you will most often use this bracelet connected to the outside, the screen must be readable and have good brightness. This is unfortunately a point that is lacking a lot of models. Too much sun exposure, some make it difficult to quickly read the information displayed.

Also check that the display is in large enough characters, for the same reason of ease of reading, and do not hesitate to privilege the touch screens for your connected bracelet IOS. When you run, for example, just touching the screen rather than doing big things changes everything.


By convenience, we understand several elements.

First, the connectivities of the bracelet. Depending on the phone model you have (IOS, but also Android or Windows Phone) as well as the version of the operating system, it must be ensured that the connected bracelet will be adapted. For most recent smartphone models, there is no problem. However, if your device is several years old, check beforehand.

There is also the battery that must be taken into account. If in general, bracelets can last a long time (1 weeks / 15 days) with a simple charge of 2 hours, do not neglect this point. Some models, with a coupling use GPS / Bluetooth streaming lasts … much less.

Finally, the most practical connected iphone bracelet will also be the one that attaches well to the wrist, which is comfortable to wear and use.


An option for some, but a real challenge for others. Waterproofing is not only important for swimmers or surfers!

Indeed, when you practice a sport, you will sweat and it can damage a non-waterproof bracelet. Also, is not it better not to have to remove it when you wash your hands or shower?

We love waterproof bracelets for these reasons, but this option is not essential if you only use the bracelet to monitor your daily state of health, without engaging in too intense activities.

The application that is linked

All the results you will get on your wristwatch will be available on compatible apps with your connected wristband.

It’s the best way to track your performance and create a custom training program. But not all are equal!

Between poorly translated applications and those that do not work with all phones, it is sometimes difficult to know what to choose. Fortunately, most wristbands are compatible with several sports applications, so you can choose your tool.

The price of the connected bracelet

There are bracelets connected to very variable rates, depending on the quality of the connection materials, but especially in relation to the proposed features.

If you have a small budget, you will find bracelets less than 20 that do the minimum, but that remains practical for those not wishing too much follow-up. For rates between 30 and 100 , you pass a range, with much more accurate and complete models.

Finally, beyond, you will have a bracelet connected iphone upscale results and accuracy close to what a professional galaxy s7 edge offers.


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