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A convertible sofa is a furniture that can be used for both sofa and bed.Modern living room layout is simple and versatile and multi-functional furniture is becoming more and more popular choice.The sofa bed is one of them.

In a small family room,a sofa bed is necessary to meet the occasional visitor’s needs.

Usually,the convertible sofa can be placed in the living room or study room to function as a seat.

On the evening of the coming,unfold the sofa bed and lay a bed to be a bed.In the common size of the three-bedroom and two-bedroom, the sofa bed can also be used outside the guest bed to help the owner to cope with occasional visits from multiple guests.Choosing a suitable sofa bed is elegant.The convertible sofa should meet the functions of sitting and lying.It must be firm and durable and its materials and crafts should be guaranteed.

Convertible Sofa Bed

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Best Sofa Bed Shopping Tips

Key point 1: The size of the sofa bed

When choosing a sofa bed,don’t just consider the appearance and color of the sofa bed.Comfort is also very important. this is reflected in the size.The size of each part of the sofa should be adapted to the curve of the human body’s physiological structure and it is ergonomic.

so that it is more comfortable whether it is sitting or lying.The height of the sofa bed is preferably between 35 and 42 cm which is about the height of the person’s calf.Too high or too low is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles.The seat depth is preferably between 48-55 cm.

When the back is placed against the back of the sofa as much as possible,the knee should still be outside the seat.From the ground up,the height of the sofa bed back should be between 68-72 cm.the comfort is the strongest in this range.

In addition,the inclination of the backrest is preferably between 100 and 108 degrees and the height of the handrail is preferably between 62 and 65 cm.

EX:Pull Modern Convertible Sofa Bunk Bed

Convertible Sofa Bunk Bed

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Point 2: The structure of the sofa bed should be firm

Whether the frame structure of the sofa bed is strong is the most important standard for measuring the quality of the sofa is also the basic guarantee for the firmness and durability of the sofa bed.This standard was previously mentioned in the introduction of bread box wood products.

If the sofa bed has a wooden frame,it is best to uncover the base lining to see if the wood is clean and the good wooden frame should be free of insects,scars and ruin.

The “variant” mode of the sofa bed mainly includes “flip type” and “push-pull type”.Regardless of the method used,in the “variation” process,the hand should be smooth.the resistance is moderate and the various parts are stable after being in place.

EX:Navy Linen Hammondale Pin Tufted Convertible Sofa

Hammondale Pin Tufted Convertible Sofa

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Point 3: the spring pad of the sofa bed should not be too soft

Because the sofa bed takes care of both the sofa and the bed.the quality and comfort of the sofa bed spring pad is essential.

Moreover, when choosing the spring mattress that is not softer is better.The standard of the floor chair is also suitable for this type of product.

the mattress with moderate softness and hardness can evenly disperse the weight of the human body,strengthen the support ability of the spine and relieve the body fatigue.

EX:Dream Convertible Seville Serta Convertible Sofa

Serta Convertible Sofa

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Point 4: Fabric sewing should be meticulous

Most sofa beds on the market are fabric when choosing,it is best to choose a thicker sofa bed which is more durable.The warp and weft of the fabric should be fine, tight and smooth without the appearance of jump wires and joints.

In addition,the stitches of the adjacent fabric sewing are preferably uniform and straight.The color fastness of high quality fabrics will be very high.the antistatic and flame retardant properties are good.

EX:Chair Leather Convertible Sleeper Sofa

Convertible Sleeper Sofa

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Point 5: The cloth should be naturally fitted

The cloth which is the texture between the fabric and the contents.A good cloth should be flat.the transition between the armrest and the seat and back should be natural, smooth and free of wrinkles.

Especially if the sofa bed has some curved positions in the should be carefully checked to see if the cloth is smooth and can’t be made with drug rug linen.In addition,the splicing of the cloth on the flower color should also pay attention to check .

whether the splicing of the pattern at two different positions is coordinated.If it is a stripe pattern,pay attention to whether the stripe is distorted and tilted.

EX:Convertible Sectional Convertible Sectional Sofa

Convertible Sectional Sofa

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Why do some people like to sleep on the sofa?

From a psychological point of view, this is due to the need for self-protection.Because at the beginning of life,the environment in which it is active is the narrow female physiological organ,the uterus.

Therefore,some people do not like to sleep in a big bed.but prefer to sleep on the sofa.because the space of the sofa is relatively small which can give people a sense of security and the big bed is usually very spacious.although the atmosphere does not give us enough security.

Futon Sofa Bed – Material

The bracket sofa bed is generally hard wood or metal bracket.When selecting,it should be observed whether the bracket weld is smooth and no gap,and the coating is uniform and soft.In order to experience whether it is firm,you can use your hands to shake the sofa bed back and forth.if you feel stable and no noise,the bracket is firm.

A spring-sized sofa will be fitted with a spring at the bottom of the bed.A sofa bed with only a plastic frame and foam as the main material is prone to deformation and is not suitable for purchase.The spring of the sofa bed should be soft and moderate.the elasticity should be balanced.You can lie on the sofa bed and feel comfortable when you are lying on your back,lying on your side,and turning over.

Queen Sofa Bed – Advantage!

No space,easy to carry,saves time and effort,more than one thing,the price is more reasonable.

In addition,a good spring should support the weight without sound.Most of the sofa beds need to open the folding bayonet or pull out the chute when the sofa is “transformed” into a bed.Some sofa beds are also equipped with pulleys at the bottom to facilitate the owner to easily transfer the position,so the “joints” of these activities are also the key parts of the sofa bed.

When you purchase,you should push or pull the sofa bed many times and feel that it will not be stuck when changing at different angles.The cushion sofa bed is responsible for the function of the sofa in most cases,so the quality of the cushion is very important.

The cushion fabric should not be too slippery and the elasticity should be moderate.The sofa cushions and cushions with better quality are usually made of nylon belt and snake spring cross-web structure,layered and padded with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton and light foam.This cushion rebounds well and feels comfortable.

Sectional Sofa Bed – Multifunction Note!

The details of the multifunctional sofa bed are exquisite,children should not sleep on the sofa bed.The child’s body is in the growth stage,the bone is soft.The sofa bed is soft.If the child sleeps on the sofa bed for a long time,the spine will be abnormally bent for a long time.The state will affect its normal development and bodybuilding.

The fabric of the bed cover sofa bed is usually made of cloth which should be thick and wear-resistant and not easy to pilling.Some professional manufacturers produce sofa bed special fabrics with good quality, anti-fouling treatment on the surface, anti-static and flame-retardant.And other functions.

When selecting a fabric sofa bed, it is necessary to carefully observe whether the fabric is fine and smooth,without jumping wire, and it is also possible to use a force to rub the seam to see if it is tight.It is best to choose a sofa bed with a detachable bed cover which is convenient for cleaning.but also in the future.Replace the new bed cover to increase the sense of change in the living room.

In addition, from the appearance,the sofa bed in the market has a wide variety of colors.whether it is shape, color or pattern.It should be selected in combination with the original style of the order to make the overall style of the room coordinated.

Pull Out Sofa Bed – Kind

The sofa bed on the market has two folds and three folds.It can be divided into a fold that flattens the back of the chair and a drag type that is dragged and stretched by the slide rail. The folding and unfolding process of the bed frame is easy to operate.

The sofa bed after the disassembly is very delicate and not clumsy.It is generally nearly one-half smaller than the area used as a bed.The comfort of sitting on it is no different from that of a real sofa.

The design of the sofa bed is also varied.For example,with a storage sofa bed,one side of the sofa can be used as a storage box,and the cushions can be taken down and placed in a storage box.that is combined into a sofa bed.

Some sofa armrests can be placed 90 degrees flat on the bed.the mattress is pulled directly from the chair.Some are double sofa beds formed by flipping the sofa seat.I believe there is always a suit for you.

Leather Sofa Bed – Fabric Sewing

Buy leather sofas to choose leather.Leather sofas are divided into full leather sofas and half leather sofas.Each set of leather sofas consumes 10 cows of cattle.The value is very high, and the ventilation and environmental performance are good.

The half-skin sofa replaces the cowhide with PU leather or artificial leather PVC on the back,bottom and other hidden parts of the sofa.but the direct contact part of the human body is still a higher value cowhide which reduces the cost of the sofa and is more economical.

Sofa Cum Bed – Frame Quality And Skin

Both hands will shake the whole piece of the sofa back and forth and shake it vigorously. If it feels better, the frame is firm.Uncover the corner of the lower base fabric.if there are no bad、 insects、scars、 bark or wood wool and made of hard wood,the joint between the material and the material is not nailed.This product is qualified.

The sofa skin is divided into yellow cowhide and buffalo leather.It is divided into top layer skin,second layer skin and three layer skin by layer.It is divided into domestic skin and imported skin according to the origin.

Imported skin imported from Italy and Germany with the best quality of the top layer of yellow cowhide.It meets strict environmental requirements,high color fastness,good elasticity and permeability,high mechanical strength,especially high tear strength and tensile strength.

The high-quality leather sofa must be the first layer of yellow cowhide.When purchasing the leather sofa, the leather surface should be rich and lustrous,no scar and the texture of the texture should be fine.Use a fingertip to pinch a place to go up and squat.It should be soft and powerful.After the wrinkles trimmed or disappeared,such leather is fine.

Loveseat Sofa Bed – Cushion Quality And Fabric Sofa

At present, the high-grade sofa seat and the bottom of the back mostly made of a nylon belt and a snake spring cross-web structure and the upper layer layered with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton and light foam.

This kind of cushion rebounds well and the comfortable mid-range sofa is mostly made of rubber fiberboard as the seat and the bottom of the back.The upper layer is layered with medium density foam and sprayed cotton.This cushion has a harder sitting feel and a slightly less resilience.

When purchasing a fabric sofa,it noted that the seat and back cover of the sofa should be a looper structure.The high-grade fabric sofa generally has a cotton lining and other stain-friendly parts  replaced.The sofa fabric should be thicker and its weight is 300 g/ More than square meters are more durable and must ensure that the surface do not rubbed more than 12,000 times.

The sofa fabric divided into domestic and imported.

The special fabrics produced by professional manufacturers are of high quality with very small color difference.

high color fastness, no weft in the fabric,especially some high-grade fabrics to improve anti-fouling ability .

the surface has also carried out.

Special treatment.High-grade fabrics also have anti-static,flame retardant and other functions.

Buy fabric sofas should choose fabric latitude and longitude fine and smooth,no jump wire,no exposed joints,feel the tension.

Sewing depends on whether the stitches are even and straight.

the two hands are hard to see the seams are tight.

whether the teeth are round and plump.

Small Sofa Bed – Wrapped

The cloth seen whether the fabric tightly attached to the inner filling.

whether it is flat and flat,especially the two handrails and the joint of the seat.

the back should be natural and without creases.

If it is a round and semi-circular is necessary to see whether the arc is smooth, plump and beautiful.

The fabric of the floral pattern or the checkered pattern depends on

whether the flower shape of the splicing is consistent.

whether the square is horizontal and vertical.

there is no inclination or distortion.

Finally,sit down and try it.

I feel that the inclination of the seat and back or the curvature of the back seat are consistent with the waist, back,buttocks and leg bends.

Is the height of the occiput and the back suitable

whether the height of the armrest is consistent with the natural extension of the two arms?

Whether the sitting feeling is comfortable or not.

is it free when standing up?

Stand up and look at the fabric on the buttocks,backrest and armrests for lashes

that are noticeably slack and can’t recover for a long time.

Sofa Bunk Bed – Foam sponge

High-grade sofa cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 30 kg/m3 or more.

The back cushions should use high-elastic foam sponges with a density of 25 kg/m3 or more.

In order to improve sitting comfort.

some foams still guaranteed not to lower.

Under the premise of density,soft treatment  carried out.

some vertical springs arranged in the seat cushion to make the sofa have higher resilience and anti-aging performance.

Under normal circumstances,the sofa cushion is preferably sunken after about 10 cm.

Bed Sofa – Precautions

The height of the functional sofa bed is preferably between 35-42 cm

which is about the height of the human calf.

Too high or too low size is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles .

That prolonged use can easily cause body aches.

The seat depth is suitable between 48-55 cm.

when the back placed against the back of the sofa as much as possible.

the person’s knee should still be outside the seat.

The height of the back of the sofa bed should kept from the ground.Between 68-72 cm,

within this range,the comfort of the human body is the strongest.

In addition,the inclination of the backrest is preferably between 100-108 degrees.

the height of the armrest is between 62-65 cm.

Lazy Boy Sofa Bed – Maintain

On weekdays,you should use a brush to remove dust or concentrate the dust and then use a vacuum cleaner.

Do not force it to avoid unnecessary weight load,so as to extend the life of the sofa bed.

Most Comfortable Sofa Bed – Cleaning And Maintenance

1.First of all, it is necessary to vacuum regularly.

If it is best to do it once a week, the armrests,backrests

and gaps of the sofa must also take into consideration.

Of course,it also wiped with a towel.

However,when using a vacuum cleaner.

do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the woven

thread on the woven fabric to make the cloth fluffy.

It is also necessary to avoid suction with a large suction force.

This may cause the thread  to turn off.

2.Secondly,clean the sofa once with detergent for one year.

but the detergent washed off thoroughly afterwards.

otherwise it will be more susceptible to dirt.

As for the choice of detergent,special detergents containing antifouling agents selected.

Some ketone sprays have a dust-proof effect and sprayed once a month.

3.the jacket fabric sofa generally cleaned.

The elastic sleeve washed in a washing machine at home.

the larger cotton or linen jacket taken to the laundry.

When ironing the sheath,it noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free.

Even if you want to iron,you should consider the appearance of the fabric.If the jacket is cotton.

it is not suitable for ironing.

4.If it is a movable mat,it turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed.

The general fabric sofas are all sponge cushions.

Therefore,it recommended not to sit in a position for a long time and often sit in a different position.

In this case,the sponge do not deformed and it will be difficult to see.

Summary – Sofa Bed Sectional

I remember reading a story:”There is a person who refuses to talk .

That has a negative attitude towards all the uncertainties in the world.he no longer accepts any blocky food.

only drinks food and fears that blocky food will catch the trachea.

Not accepting any objects that may cause harm,preferring smaller and smaller spaces,

getting darker and darker, in a small ward in a nursing home.he will have a sense of security.”

That is the initial performance of returning to humanity.

It is the warmth and safety that obtained in the mother’s womb.

Yes,this is the initial performance of returning to human beings.

the warmth and security that can only obtained in the mother’s womb.

According to the classification of the main needs of the American-based psychologist Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

we can know that in addition to being a primordial physiological need.the need for security ranked second.

it appears as a requirement.Stable, safe, protected, orderly, and free from fear and anxiety.

For example,people want a safer job and are willing to buy a variety of insurance

which is a manifestation of their security needs.

Because of the inability of infants and young children to cope

with the threat of various insecure factors in the environment.

their safety needs are particularly strong.

In fact,whether it is children, adults or the elderly.we all need this sense of security.

This feeling makes us feel comfortable,relaxed and comfortable without any pressure or restraint.

So we prefer to stay in a small space similar to the mother’s womb,looking for a reliable warmth and security.

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