Australia’s Top 10 Strange Things For Different Living Habits

The meat products are the most strict

I have to admit that the difference between East and West is too great. Although I try to abandon the traditional concept to see things in Australia.I still find it very interesting.

1. The meat products are the most strict

Australia has strict control over entry quarantine. If you use the bread box to carry prohibited items:such as excessive alcohol and tobacco, food, animal and plant products.especially meat products must be declared truthfully, and discarded after inspection. If you intentionally hide it, you will be subject to high financial penalties or even be sued.

2. the high quality of livestock

the high quality of livestock

Australia, a country with a population of less than 24 million.That is very developed in agriculture and animal husbandry. It is known as the “country riding on the back of the sheep”.which is the world’s largest exporter of wool and beef. The number of sheep is close to 200 million, the population is eight times.the number of cattle is more than people. Therefore, happy Australians can enjoy high-quality and rich dairy products such as milk, meat and wool.

3. the government does not have a traffic police

There is no traffic police in Australia. Everyone relies on traffic lights and instructions on the road to indicate traffic. The traffic is in good order. Before the location of the road with the speeding and xenon lamp probes.the sign warning driver set up.otherwise,it  regarded as illegal law enforcement.

4. The Mercedes-Benz bus

the government does not have a traffic police

Australians do not link the car’s grade to the social status of the person.the price difference betweengrades is relatively it is not surprising that the tens of thousands of Australian dollars parked in millions of luxury homes.

The public transportation vehicles that serve the public are not low.generally based on the Mercedes-Benz brand.use natural gas as fuel for environmental protection.Fuel pressure tester does not come in handy.

5. the supermarket fully self-checked

The Mercedes-Benz bus

Australia has a sound integrity mechanism and a good social atmosphere. There are both manual toll channels in the supermarket and self-service paying machines. Choose the type of product, weigh, and scan the barcode on your own. It is very convenient to pay for a trial credit card or cash.

6. the blue-collar mechanics

the supermarket fully self-checked

Not only will the blue-collar technicians not despised.but the income is high, even higher than the white-collar workers in the office.the working hours are still very free.They are like soldiers wearing spartan helmet that are very popular among Australians.

7. the Capitol Building can enter and exit

the blue-collar mechanics

The Federal Parliament is Australia’s highest legislative body.That also known as the National Assembly.which composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Any major event in the country passed through the parliamentary discussion and implementation. In the process of holding the two sessions, as long as the security checking passed.anyone can enter and listen to the experience and participate in politics.

8. recycling syringes everywhere

the Capitol Building can enter and exit

Drug trafficking in Australia is illegal. but drug use is legal. Because drug trafficking is harming others.drug abuse only harms is as if suicide is not illegal. In order to prevent the needle from discarded.the small yellow iron box for recycling the needle can often seen in the bathroom or on the roadside.

9. the store off work at six o’clock

recycling syringes everywhere

Shops basically closed early.some do not open on Sundays. They can only open until 9 o’clock on they called Shopping Day on Thursday.

Banks and other service facilities closed on weekends. To be able to do things on weekdays, you need to develop habits to adapt.

10. The government does not have a notary office

**JP, Justices of the Peace is the title of the free service public, with the right to witness and sign statutory declarations and well as copies of notarized documents.

When there is no notary office in Australia and you need to do any procedures related to notarization.

you can find a police officer, pharmacist and JP. They all have the right to authenticate and serve the public free of charge.

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