Home-Made Meatloaf, I Will Do It 7 Times A Week !

What is the happiest memory of a child? Everyone’s answer may be different, but for me, the happiest memory has a place for meatloaf. When I went to kindergarten, there was a layer of meatloaf on Tuesday lunch. The outer skin was soft and crisp. The meat inside was tender and fragrant. I don’t know how the canteen master adjusts the stuffing, fat but not greasy, but it is oily and tender. . Even after the teacher finishes, the teacher wants me to finish the vegetables I don’t like, I will not be unhappy. But I didn’t seem to have ever tasted such a succulent patties again.

But today, this homemade patties have recalled the memories of my childhood. The meat is full, the material is full, the layers are full, the oily flavor of the cake and the meat is too good. The carbon water + fat is really too Satisfy. After eating, I patted my belly. The next day, I went to the gym to practice vomiting blood.

In the tips of the recipe, you also attached a method of mixing dough and filling, don’t forget to see it~

Home-Made Meatloaf

Home-Made Meatloaf

·· Material ··

  • Pork
  • Seasoning with flour
  • Water vegetable oil (putting on pancakes)

··How To Do ··

1 | Prepare medium flour and water. In winter, you can use 30 degrees of warm water, usually with cold water.

Prepare medium flour and wate

2 | Face must be soft. Water is slowly added to the basin.while stirring, stir with chopsticks. This step that I can’t take pictures alone, only describe. Stir constantly until the flour in the pot is agglomerated.there is no dry powder, see figure! The dough is not very smooth at this time.then continue to stir with chopsticks for a while. This step of the dough is mixed with chopsticks. Do not use your hands.

Face must be soft

3 | This step is very important. It directly affects the thickness and texture of the meat patties. Cover the dough with plastic wrap. let it stand for more than 30 minutes. I usually do it before going to bed in the winter. then put on the plastic wrap (no heating). the next morning, the pancakes are in good condition. The awake dough is very soft but shaped with chopsticks. See picture.

This step is very important

4 | Prepare the meat. Pork fat and thin ratio: 3, 7 or 4, 6 can be. but not too thin, not fragrant. Cut the meat into small pieces with a knife and then a few times. Fine and rough. Of course, you can also use the meat stuff you bought. but you don’t have the fragrance of your own.

Prepare the meat

5 | Scallions Cut Into Small Pieces.

Scallions Cut Into Small Pieces

6 | Add the simmered meat filling and seasoning. Adjust the meat stuff according to your own habits, just don’t hit too much water inside. Don’t be too wet with meat. the stuffing of patties and dumplings is different. Mix the green onions and the flavored meat.

Add the simmered meat filling and seasoning

7 | Suede stuffing. Take a small piece (depending on the size of your pot) . place it on the chopping board to make it look like a square. The powder board must be sprinkled in advance to prevent sticking! Then spread the meat evenly over the dough and leave a small piece in the lower right corner. Use a knife to cut two knives on the top and bottom of the dough. the lower scissors should not cut the joint of the dough.

Suede stuffing

8 | Then, see the picture. roll the patties in turn, and finally pinch the interface.

roll the patties in turn

9 | Open the wrapped cake. Look at the picture, as long as the dough is soft and awake. you can pack a lot of meat.the stuffing inside is faintly visible. After the pan is heated, brush a thin layer of oil and put the cake into the pan.

Open the wrapped cake

10 | Cut out after the pan

Cut out after the pan


1 | The surface is soft.the dry powder should be used for anti-sticking on the chopping board and hands.

2 | If the novice starts with less meat, prevent the broken stuffing.

3 | You can refer to the method of adjusting the meat filling.That do not need to add so much water to beat the meat. Other spices unchanged.

··Cooker’s Work··

Home-Made Meatloaf, Fragrant!

he surface is soft

It was really delicious~

really delicious

Very fragrant and delicious, the first time I did it very successfully.

fragrant and delicious

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