2018 Best Solar Chargers – Buying Guide

Fans of nomadism and high-tech devices are well aware: the autonomy of battery-powered devices is a crucial point. While some highly energy-hungry mobile phones do not hold the charge for more than a day, it’s hard not to miss an outlet. Yet alternative solutions exist to keep your device on for as long as possible. If the best external batteries are successful, another equally interesting alternative exists and is starting to gain momentum: the solar charger.

Besides its very ecological side – since it does not require any source of energy to operate while creating – this device allows to produce electricity in an unlimited and completely free way. Solar energy and battery technologies have made a huge leap forward in recent decades, this device is very reliable and environmentally friendly.

Functioning exactly like the traditional solar panels found on the roofs of buildings, the solar charger integrates photovoltaic cells that capture the sun and are responsible for converting light into electricity. Result: it is quite possible to go hiking, camping or picnic while being sure to have juice for your electronic devices completely independently. Best of all, the solar charger can help you out if your home is out of power.

Thus, there are two categories of solar chargers: dishes and powerbanks. The flat loaders consist of several panels that can be folded on themselves for easy transport. Once unfolded, they are fixed absolutely anywhere (on a backpack or a tent for example) to capture each ray of the sun. Equipped with USB ports, they can usually charge multiple devices at once. Tidy, they do not take up more space than a magazine in A4 format. Powerbanks, on the other hand, are boxes that can be related to external batteries. The latter host photovoltaic cells on their upper surface to draw light and turn it into energy. Also equipped with USB ports (or Lightning for owners of Apple devices), they can also charge multiple devices simultaneously. Generally compact, they also offer other functions, such as the flashlight. An excellent solution for budding adventurers.

So, if you have decided to take the plunge and opted for a sustainable and free energy to recharge your high-tech items, Bestlife4us has reviewed for you the 5 best solar chargers.

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RAVPower 16W / 5V – Best Solar Hiking Charger

Our opinion on the solar charger RAVPower 16W / 5V
  • Lightness
  • The yield
  • Sealing
  • The two built-in USB ports
  • For the price, none

Specializing in the battery industry, especially in the manufacture of external backup batteries, mobile phone replacement batteries, adapters and chargers, RAVPower is one of the world leaders in this market. Created in 2011, the company has sold millions of copies of its products around the world. That’s why the brand is essential when it comes to evoking the best solar chargers. Indeed, this portable model of 16 watts is particularly powerful and adapted to nomadism.

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Thanks to its high efficiency solar cells, the RAVPower 16W / 5V offers a total solar conversion ratio of up to 23.5%. Thus, it is sure to always get the most power possible, be it a sunny day, or under a cloudy sky. Its two built-in USB ports allow you to connect up to two devices at once and let nature do the rest. Off-road, it delivers the ideal current of up to 2.4 A to fit the load requirements of the devices. Small but powerful, the RAVPower 16W / 5V is portable and ultra-light, features that allow you to go anywhere without weighing you down. Indeed, with its 450g only, it remains one of the lightest compact solar chargers on the market. Moreover, once folded, the magazine is no bigger than a magazine (24 x 15.5 cm). Thus, it is quite possible to hang it on the backpack, the tent, or the nearest tree to be sure to draw maximum sunlight. It remains the ideal asset for camping, hiking, biking and other outdoor activities without worrying about the power outage.

In addition, the advanced combination of iSmart technologies and intelligent ICs can detect all individual input voltages of connected devices. Thus, it is able to distribute all the energy in order to guarantee the optimum load for everyone.

Another plus of size, the device is waterproof. Here, a sturdy polyester canvas tightly surrounds the panel so that it resists water and the whims of nature. In addition, the RAVPower 16W / 5V is equipped with 4 eyelets very practical to get the maximum possible sunlight. Also, its two iSmart USB cables allow to connect a large number of electronic devices. Smartphone, camera, tablet or any other USB device can be powered without fear of seeing their battery go out.

Thus, with an unrivaled lightness, its two USB ports and its performance, the RAVPower 16W / 5V widely wins the palm of the best solar charger hiking market.


RAVPower 25000mAh – Best Solar Charger for iPhone

Our opinion on the solar charger RAVPower 25000mAh
  • The large capacity/strong>
  • The three simultaneous uploads
  • The strength of the whole
  • Integrated LED light
  • Recharging time of the battery with the solar cell

Falling out of battery while on a call is something that is not desirable to anyone, especially in an emergency. To recharge your mobile in all circumstances without worrying about having a plug nearby, RAVPower offers an ultra-convenient and very robust charger. Equipped with an integrated solar panel, it transforms the sunlight into available energy to recharge the external battery. However, the manufacturer advises against using solar energy as a source of primary recharge but to opt for it as a secondary solution. Indeed, the loading speed will depend on the intensity of the light and the conversion rate of the panel. Plus, it takes a week to get a full charge when sunlight is used alone. This is why RAVPower has equipped its charger with two ports: a Micro-USB and a single USB to accelerate the charging of the battery. In addition, the device has three outputs to power three smartphones or tablets at once with the ports “Fast Charge”, USB-C and iSmart. Perfect for large families and connected.

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Also, its large capacity gives it impressive performance since at full charge, the battery provides 9.3 recharges of an iPhone 8, 5.6 recharges of a Samsung Galaxy S8 or 3.3 refills of an Ipad Mini 4. What to anticipate any untimely breakdown and enjoy its mobile devices to the maximum in any environment. Also, the charger is fully designed for the outdoors. Indeed, it proves extremely robust thanks to a dust-proof, shock-proof and waterproof case. Features that allow it to be carried everywhere, camping, hiking or at the beach. Also, its weight of 551 g (for a dimension of 18.1 x 8.9 x 3 cm) supports this impression of solidity foolproof. And thanks to its integrated suspension ring, the RAVPower charger is hooked almost anywhere to enjoy its energy in all circumstances. Practical, the solar battery is also equipped with a very powerful LED emergency light that works in three modes: continuous, strobe and SOS. Perfect for hikers venturing at dawn or at night. Delivered with two Micro-USB cables, the battery ensures the charge of two devices from its first use without having to resort to the purchase of additional cables. Ideal to take advantage of the battery as soon as it is unpacked.

With impressive charging capacity, incredible ruggedness and simultaneous charging of three devices, RAVPower’s portable battery is without a doubt the best solar charger for iPhone.

Poweradd Solar External Battery Appolo 2 – The best solar charger USB

Your opinion on the Poweradd Apollo 2 solar charger
  • Solidity
  • Autonomy
  • The lighter function
  • The LED function
  • Recharge time with solar alone

Founded in 2010, Poweradd has since built a solid reputation as a manufacturer of high-end electronic products. With the desire to give a large place to the ecology in its range, the brand has developed quality solar panels but also powerbanks very well designed. This is the case with his model Apollo 2, a nomadic battery that keeps all its promises. Indeed, just look at its performance to find that it is quite possible to go hiking with its mobile devices without worrying about the battery failure. Proof of its high capacity (12000mAh) Poweradd powerbank provides three refills of an iPhone 7, two refills of a Samsung S8, and a refill of an iPad Air 2, a tablet known for its battery of great autonomy . Equipped with two outputs of 5V / 2.4 A, it is possible to recharge two smartphones or tablets simultaneously.

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With a solar panel, the Appolo 2 can be recharged by solar energy when it is under the light rays. Note, however, that the charging time depends on the intensity of the light, and you should not rely solely on this process to recharge the device. Indeed, it would take more than 36 hours of full sun to charge its battery 100%. However, the function is very convenient on long trips. Proof that the battery is designed for the most adventurous situations, it is equipped with a lighter. Perfect for lighting a fire in nature and sleeping under the stars. A function that can not be found elsewhere on any nomadic accu. Resistant to rain thanks to robust construction and IPX7 level sealing, the battery also has a dust and fall protection to barudate without fear. Very complete, the Appolo 2 also has two LED flashlights. The latter offer three modes: constant light, strobe light and SOS for distress situations.

With very good dimensions for its range (17.6 x 11.2 x 2.5 cm for a weight of 400g), Poweradd’s Powerbank is designed for long trips thanks to a convenient integrated carabiner. Thus, it is possible to hang it on the back of a backpack to recharge when walking and enjoy the sun. Supplied with a short Micro-USB cable, the battery can be used right out of the box.

Thus, thanks to a rock solid, an excellent autonomy and additional surprising functions, the Appolo 2 of Poweradd ensures everything necessary to go on an adventure with its mobile devices. It serves as the best USB solar charger in its class.

BigBlue Foldable Solar Charger – The Best Solar Charger

Our opinion on BigBlue foldable solar charger
  • Resistance
  • The power
  • Integrated ammeter
  • The practical storage pocket
  • No port for a laptop


Very practical when you go hiking or camping, collapsible solar panels become quickly unavoidable when one is equipped with mobile devices and that one wants to travel serenely. The brand BigBlue has understood and offers here one of the references in the field. Beyond an unbeatable value for money, the solar receiver offers great charging performance. With a featherweight of only 400g, and a folded thickness of 2.8 cm, the charger offers a power of 28 watts. Its energy efficiency of 21.5 – 23.5% is provided by SUNPOWER solar panels mono-crystalline reinforced PET.

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Equipped with two USB ports, it offers the user the ability to charge two devices at the same time. Also, its digital ammeter can gauge the amount of amperes generated. A rare option for this price range, and is very practical when you want to orient the panel optimally. Also, its smart internal chip ensures a stable charge of the device. In addition, its pocket with zipper makes it possible to put mobile phone and tablet out of the sun during the charge. Very appreciable when we know that the panels of this range usually only offer useless velcro pockets that open unexpectedly.

Thus, the BigBlue solar panel is primarily designed for modern adventurers and high-tech. Perfectly suited for outdoor activities, it is ideal for camping, trail running, climbing, fishing, hiking or family picnics. And to draw all its benefits, just hang it on his backpack or tent with clever loops and let nature. Proof of its high resistance, its IPX-4 PVC fabric ensures reliability and imperviousness to any event during inclement weather. Note however that it is not completely waterproof and must be kept away from aquatic areas so as not to damage the mobile devices present in the zipper pocket. Thanks to its high compatibility, all Android devices and some cameras are welcomed thanks to the micro USB cable supplied with the solar panel. Once unfolded, its large exposure area of ​​28.2 x 84 cm allows it a fast charge of two simultaneous devices. However, with such a power delivered, the solar panel is not equipped with an 18-volt laptops.

Highly resistant, perfectly designed for the outdoors and with built-in ammeter, the collapsible Big Blue Solar Panel is the perfect companion for your mobile devices when you’re on the go. Its advanced technologies allow you to enjoy clean, natural energy with no limits. Features that make him the best solar charger on the market.

Power Bank 24000 mAh Bernet – Best cheap solar charger

Our opinion on the solar charger Bernet 24000 mAh
  • The power
  • The very smart charge indicator
  • The presence of a Lightning port for owners of mobile devices Apple
  • Fans included
  • For the price, nothing to report

With a growing reputation in the solar products market, Bernet offers a solar charger with very interesting properties. First feature that challenges: the enormous power of 24000mAh that can simultaneously charge three different devices. Thanks to the impressive delivery of 5 A, the powerbank provides 9 refills of an iPhone 6, 7 refills of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or 3 refills of an iPad Air. Result: a full charge ensures 9 days of continuous use, all with incredible speed. What to anticipate any battery failure in any circumstance. Thus, its high-density li-polymer battery withstands more than 500 charge cycles. It is also secured by protections against overloads and overvoltages.

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Thanks to its high compatibility, the Bernet device can be recharged using Lighning or Micro USB cables thanks to a fast 2.1 A input. Equipped with mini polycrystalline solar panels, the battery is fully chargeable. natural and clean. However, as on many products in this category, it is better to favor this process in case of extreme urgency because the load is very long. Another interesting feature: the charger is equipped with small USB fans that ensure its cooling when it is hot and humid outside and that it is impossible to find other sources of power. Light and compact (165 x 85 x 20 mm for a weight of 350 g), it can be taken absolutely everywhere for maximum nomadism without fear of running out of power. Convenient, its user is constantly informed of the amount of energy remaining thanks to an ingenious system of blinking color LEDs: White for a load of 80 to 100%, blue for a load of 40 to 80%, and red for a load from 0 to 40%. So, no bad surprises in use. Strong and sturdy, he can slip into a backpack to enjoy all his mobile devices for hiking, camping, or any outdoor activity.

Thus, thanks to its incredible autonomy, its lightness and its versatility, the Power Bank 24000 mAh of Bernet completely ensures its function for a mini price. Features that make it the best cheap solar charger on the market.


Buying Guide: How to choose the best solar charger?

All solar chargers do not meet the same needs and their uses can be multiple. Everything will depend on your ancillary equipment and its characteristics. This is the reason why there are two families of solar chargers to adapt to all situations. And if each brand has its own strengths, there are many differences depending on the model. That is why it is imperative to be well informed before making a choice. To help you see more clearly, here are the main criteria to consider when choosing the best solar charger.

Solar panel technology

There are three types of solar panels: monocrystalline panels, polycrystalline, and CIGS cells. Monocrystalline panels are usually black and are energy efficient. Also, they can work with low light but are more expensive. We find them for example on the foldable solar charger Big Blue. Polycrystalline panels are blue in color and are less expensive to manufacture. Disadvantage: their performance is less important and their thermal tolerance lower. CIGS cells offer excellent performance but are more fragile.

The power

This is obviously the nerve of war because it is she who will determine the charging time, the number of possible recharges and the type of device accepted. Thus, to ensure a correct and fast charge for the latest generation phones and tablets, you can opt for a charger from 15 watts as the RAVPower 16W / 5V.

Built-in battery

There are two types of solar chargers. Those with built-in battery, like the RAVPower 25000mAh, and the simple ones like the collapsible solar charger Big Blue. The first category allows you to store more energy and store it for later use. Only drawback: the integrated solar panels are not big enough to ensure a fast charge. Single chargers are composed of much larger solar panels but do not store energy. They are optimal to take full advantage of the sun’s rays. Small tip: it is quite possible to pair with an external battery to enjoy the benefits of both devices.

USB ports

Their number will obviously depend on that of your devices. Generally two in number, such as on the Poweradd Appolo 2 Solar External Battery, the USB ports allow to efficiently recharge simultaneously mobile devices, tablets, and any other device with this technology. In addition, some brands have not forgotten the lovers of Apple since their models have a Lightning port, as the Power Bank 24000 mAh Bernet.

The accessories

Some solar chargers are cut for adventure and have practical accessories such as an integrated LED light that can illuminate or launch an SOS in case of difficulty in the wild. Others go even further by adding a lighter, such as the Poweradd Solar Battery Appolo 2. No excuse, therefore, not to go to the discovery of sunny far away while being sure to operate its mobile devices. hours.

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