20,000$ Go Back To 1970 Fashion:Your Mother’s Bag At 40 Years Ago

1970 Fashion

Whether it is a hundred years ago or a hundred years later.women’s love for bags will never change.

women’s love bags

However, compared to 50 years ago, the new bag is getting harder to buy.the new bags will be snapped up when they are listed. If you are in the same place, it is hard to find a package.

After several times I couldn’t grab my favorite bag, I silently opened the inventory mode… I don’t know if I didn’t know that these bags were actually returned from decades ago!

decades ago

It’s really not a joke. This season, several hot bags are the “re-engraving” version of the brand official.

hot bags

Taking advantage of the retro trend, rekindle this retro soul!

retro trend

Louis Vuitton Dauphine

Vintage postman

It doesn’t need to be said that the LV home’s classic messenger bag is so popular. We have also done some inventory before. Today is the 19-year-old new postman Dauphine. Although it is a new style, more than half a century ago it was as popular as the baja hoodie.

Vintage postman

The Dauphine series is an explosion of the LV family 50 years ago. Because of its classic and elegant design.it is also a rare package in the middle of the store.

Louis Vuitton Dauphine

Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director of the women’s department.smashed the medieval bag while wandering around the brand museum and decided to improve it. The 19-year-old Dauphine in front of us was born.


The main material of the new retro messenger bag is canvas.so its weight is lighter and the price is better.

retro messenger bag

Ordinary models: 25.0 x17.0 x 10.5 cm 2,180€

Mini models: 20.0 x 15.0 x 9.0 cm 1,980€

The color is a classic old flower and an anti-color old flower colorblock. the edging is calfskin which is very comfortable to touch. Equipped with a gold LV logo lock.the chain has two chains and belts.

LV logo lock

Dauphine also introduced the color matching of grained cowhide and smooth calf leather.but it is far less than the classic style of the old flower.

classic style

It also has a waist bag that you can do such as shoulders, lumps, and squats.

waist bag

Pocket old flower: 19.0 x 12.0 x 5.0 cm1,780€

Compared with the original version 50 years ago. this bag completely renewed the classics except for the old flower color, logo and subtle changes in the shoulder strap. Although it was from the 1970s, it was super hard to buy in 2019. It’s hard to find a pack. Sisters who want to buy only rely on brushing the character!

brushing the character

Left: new version right: old version

flower color

Celine Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe tofu bag

Celine Triomphe

Celine Triomphe is the second box bag designed by Hedi to Celine. This bag is inspired by the Celine medieval bag from half a century ago. Every detail in the design is very good.

Arc de Triomphe tofu bag

This bag is placed there as if “the appearance is unremarkable”.but after the upper body.it gives people a retro charm. You can see the one behind Liu Wen’s body.which is like a bag that comes out directly from the medieval store.

a bag that comes out directly

The first is the reverse double C buckle that looks a bit “not pleasing to the eye”.

double C buckle

This double C was the original logo of Celine. When the brand founder Celine Vipiana passed the Arc de Triomphe,it found that the chain on the Arc de Triomphe was very good. It was similar to the brand initial “C”.so he applied to the city government to apply the chain to Celine.

This reverse double C logo has been used in the Phoebe Philo era. After she left Celine, Hedi decided to bring back the classic Celine logo.

Phoebe Philo era

Right: Vintage Celine Buckle

The shape of the Arc de Triomphe tofu bag is similar to the famous classic box.but it is flatter and slightly longer.ensuring the stability of the bag itself. The overall weight is lighter than the classic box and the strap is more comfortable.

Vintage Celine Buckle

Triomphe has two sizes.the small and medium, the material is smooth leather.the color is consistent with the consistent Celine gentle version of the cool gray, simple with an adjustable shoulder strap.

adjustable shoulder strap

Left: Small 17x 14 x 5 cm 3,450 USD

Right: Medium 22x 16.5x 7 cm 3,850 USD

The medium-sized Arc de Triomphe bag and the classicbox are similar in size.the trumpet is not very practical. If it is not very petite, you can choose the medium!

very practical

Triomphe bag

Dior Saddle

Saddle bag

Saddle bag

The Dior family made an amazing move on the 2018 show: bringing the bagged saddle bag that was created in the millennium back to the runway.

Dior Saddle

Dior Saddle Bag

Dior Saddle Bag was founded in the hands of John Galliano.the first of its kind in the spring and summer of 2000. This handbag received great attention at the time: this streamlined D-hand bag can be carried on the shoulder. that is with a delicate D-shaped metal buckle.which is called “the last it bag at the end of the 20th century”.

handbag received great attention

2000 Dior Saddle poster

The probably Kelly of “Sex and the City” was a faithful saddle bag fanatic. (These names are not younger friends who don’t know…)

Dior Saddle poster

Hollywood actress “American Sweetheart” Jessica Alba, Bellow, Paris Hilton… These first-generation socialites also carry this ingenious saddle bag.

Dior poster

The good old days…

In the 2018 show, Maria Grazia Chiuri brought it back to the runway. The show was created with the inspiration of the rise of the feminist movement in the 1960s. This rigid and soft saddle bag is also just right here.

soft saddle bag

20 years later, the charm of the saddle bag is not diminished. When it launched, it quickly captured the eyes of everyone.

saddle bag is not diminished

From the East to the West, from the stars to the net red,

360 degree no blind spot full coverage

The biggest change made by the 2018 saddle bag compared to the original version is that more adaptable to the current trend. A long shoulder strap added to the original strap.the slung or back is very fashionable!

2018 saddle bag

In the color, Maria Grazia Chiuri inherited the monogram Oblique canvas fabric originally used by Galliano.Which with the golden D-shaped pendant and the retro force max.

monogram Oblique canvas fabric

25.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm 2,300€

There are also a number of beautifully woven models. This kind of fairy color is just like weaving a dream.

woven models


There are also 9 low-key leather models.but you can also choose a beautiful woven shoulder strap.

woven shoulder strap


The 18-year-old saddle bag gives two sizes. the mini version based on the Galliano version.which is more suitable for modern girls.

18-year-old saddle bag

21 x 18 x 5 cm

1,900€ Presbyopic version 2,100€ leather version 4,500€ woven section

Little cute people who tempted by the Dior saddle bag

the Dior saddle bag

This season’s retro bag is far more than that, Fendi’s baguette bag

Presbyopic version

To Saint Laurent’s 61, Burberry’s TB Bag, Gucci’s Zumi, Le Tanneur’s seamless shoulder bag, the fragrance’s pearl version of the classic flap, etc.

Gucci's Zumi

Burberry's TB Bag

This is my favorite Burberry TB Bag

favorite Burberry TB Bag

a century-old classic Le Tanneur’s seamless patented shoulder bag

patented shoulder bag

If you are the ashes collector of the bag.don’t miss this wave of re-enactment! I missed it, but I have to wait another fifty years! [smile]

classic Le

Please go back to 1970: Your mother’s bag 40 years ago which want to sell you for 20,000 dollars today.

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